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Getting back to exercise, swam face out of water (2 days ago). Neck pain and discomfort. How long should this last?

Got back pain for many years. Left side near Scapula (probably Rhomboid major muscle).Doing stretching every day. IT job (lot of sitting).Any idea?Thx

Groin, hip, thigh, pubic bone and low back has been hurting for 8 months straight. Took some robaxin (methocarbamol) relaxed for a week and feels 80% better. Why?

Had a ingualhernia surgery with epidural, days later my lower back is hurting so bad I can even sleep Is it normal. It's been 4 days ?

Had a ingualhernia surgery with epidural, days later my lower back is hurting so bad I can even sleep Is it normal. It's been 4 days ?

Had epidural 9 mos ago from pregnancy. 5 minutes of slouching, mid part of my back hurts. Also, its like the last part of the spine near buttocks hurts?

Had microdisectomy(l4-l5) 2 years ago. As such no issues (apart from some stiffness in lower back ). Is it safe for me to use elliptical machine ??

Hat can I do to prevent back pain when on an airplane?

Have a slight click in my neck (am late 40s and an exerciser for 33 yrs). Even tho I've now modified and cut WAY back the click is still there.

Have back paid?

Have back pain from lifting patients and am looking for jobs in baby care. Any reason I cannot do that?

Have been 3 PT sessions since upper rt.low back strain..Still gets cramps when I twist and turn. Advice for safe exercise at gym and how long to heal?

Have been exercising 2 mi run / 18 mi bike and making sure I stretch and foam roll. I woke with ache lower back. How should I treat? can Iexercise?

Have occasional lower back pain & sciatica. Choosing a bicycle to buy. Better position for my back? Road (lowered position) vs hybrid (upright)

Have upper back pain when i take break from Bikram yoga. What should I do?

Have you ever heard of anybody with really bad posture from a lower back sprain ever overcome it?

Having back problems. My dr says they believe its back spasms. I realise it even hurts if i hold my urine for a few min. What are this signs of?

Having pain in outter left hip since finishing first 5k in sept. Have cont to exercise with not much change have done yoga and stretching and rest?

Having strong back pain (mainly shoulders, spinal cord) after sleeping on the floor for a few hours tonight. What to do against it? Does aspirin help?

Head laid way..Back while having dental fillings. 2 hours dental work. Next day.Pains running up back of neck when move certain ways. Should i see dr?

Hello about 7 month ago job accident as me whit pain in low back also a pain goes to left side of body also thru my leg any recomendation?

Hello doctors. I am a 23 year old male (1.9m&92kg). My posture is okay but i want to improve it and widen my shoulders. I also have little back pain.

Hello, i have been having back pain for about 2 months now. At first i thought it could be my bed but i got a new one and no change. I also slept in a chair and a couch and just flat on the floor. But nothing changed. The pain is more at night. The pain

Help im having neck and some back pains. What's the best low cost office chair I should get (not the $400 ones)?

Hi I picked up a heavy weight thing. I have lower back pain . Mostly when i try to wear shoes . What to do? Is needed massage? Thanks

Hi , I have really twisted my back and i'm just mobile. What can I do to ease the pain and get mobil again. I'm 20 weeks pregnant ?

Hi doc i m a 19 yo n also do gym. .My sholders, back and neck also sometimes legs gets cracked often automatically ...Wat to do?.Bone cracking safe?.

Hi docs, would the back disease kyphosis stop you from getting into the military?

Hi doctor Yesterday while lifting weights my back is cracked feeling too much pain .. Can u suggest any medicine ?

Hi Doctor! I am 40 years old. On trying to bend down, it feels like something will "break" in my lower back. MRI 4 months back showed mild-moderate intervertebral disc space loss in lower back. And just last week a few new sysmtoms started. There are some

Hi I have scoliosis and find it painful to be walking more than 20 mins.. Will i ever be pain free if i strengthen my lower back and legs. Hav flat ft?

Hi, I have aching muscles after a work day especially the back. Is there a remedy? I have a desk job.

Hi, I've been experiencing some lower back tightening/spasms when I run now. It starts after about 10-15 minutes and my back gets really tense ?

Hi, im a senior, my lower back bothers me what can I do to help?

Hi,my left hand gets weak for periods, I have costochronditis & ruptured a disc in my back 3 months back, I also use a computer a lot. General advice?

Hi. I pulled a muscle in my back while deadlifting and powercleaning. I'm in so much pain I had to stay home from school today. What can I do to ease ?

Hi... I done bodybuilding in 1998 for 6-10 months. One day i was doing my exercise and i suddenly felt some pain in my back bottom which is still on?

Hip is in large amount of pain from excessive running. What might this mean? Will it go away over time or do I need to see a chiropractor? On Track

How can an architect student avoid lower back pain?Thank you

How can giving back help someone with a disability?

How can I at age 64 increase my ability to stand straight, run straight, and sit straight without my back hurting. To the surprise of my physician, i was diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 40. Ever since then, i've taken medication to build bone; dependin

How can I avoid back pain in the am? Can't afford new mattress but joined a gym. Toss and turn all night. Been a couple of years, worse lately.

How can I avoid back problems when I bike?

How can I get rid of lower back pain? Sit at table using computer all day. Wrong height.

How can I perform the energetic remedy for my back ache?

How can i stop back ache which alternates from right to left just above lumber ps i play golf or is it my age 65?

How could I make scoliosis back to normal like could I exercise to fix it?

How do I crack my back in bed, alone iv'etried streching and twisting of the back

How do I deal with low back pain while driving?

How do I get therapeutic massage for my sciatic lower back/leg pain and stress covered by my health insurance?

How do I make my back more flexiable?

How do you handle back aches in school or work?

How do you remove tension and pressure between friends to get them back on good terms again?

How far back can a family medical history extend back?

How long after septoplasty can I sleep on my side? That's my normal position, and I have trouble spending the whole night on my back. Also, even if i start on my back, i usually end up on my side by morning. Would that be bad for getting good results afte

How long should I wait to lift weights after I have recovered from a hurt lower back?

How long to have sex after pulled muscle in right upper hip. PT on Monday -dry needles/ cupping. Better but still cramps especially when sitting long?

How long will my lower back pain last? I strained it lifting weights a few weeks ago. And it still hurts. Thanks in advance.

How often can I use steam sauna for neck and lower back pain?

How to deal lower back spasam, my weight is 103 kg?

How to get my back better? Have scoliosis and I hit nerves constantly!

How to I stop back pain while at desk working?

How to prevent back pain from working on a computer all day?

Hurt my back working out. Now I have spondylisis. Will that more than likely turn into spondylolisthesis one day?

Hurt my lower back just above tail bone lifting weights on Saturday. Really tightened up as day went on. Sunday morning was really tough getting out out of bed. Loosens up with activity. I notice a strain in buttock and little below when I drive.

I always experience pain at my back waist every morning when i wake up or sit for too long in the office. What should I do to mitigate this problem?

I am 28 week pregnant. I feel lot of pain in my back. I am not sporty. It would be nice if you also advise me the exercises to reduce the pain.

I am 28F. I am unable put hands straight forward some time, my muscles are ache a lot . in nights my thighs also ache very heavy. what is reason?

I am 32 wks, we just moved but theres no bed. Is it safe to sleep on the hard wooden floor. I have excuriating pains under my belly, back & pelvic.

I am 39 and had resurfacing op 2 years ago my surgeon said i'd be able to get back running no prob however I get severe pain in lower back during run?

I am 5'1" and my hip measurement is 38"! I have back pain a lot, could this be a cause? How can I get rid of this big butt?

I am a below the knee amputee and recently I have been dealing with lower back pain when sitting for extended periods could they be related?

I am a growing teen(girl)with a large chest and if I walk around or do work at a desk for to long I get horrendous upper back pain and it burns help?

I am a healthy 40 yr old who likes to exercise. I have recently developed a tightness from the very back of my neck?

I am a very active person.. Helped brother move furniture for bit..then lower back pain after... Light ache for few days now... How to heal faster??

I am active duty military n sleep on a bad barracks bed, I have a lot of lower back pains, how can I relieve my back and new bed is not an opition?

I am cna, recently i had a larger woman fall, caught her as best i could and lowered her, now lower back pain reoccurring during lifts, what is it?

I am curious if anyone has any tips that would help reduce back pain?

I am facing a health problem for years regarding with shortage of breathe. I always have a heavy breathe with tight belly and sometimes back pain. ?

I am getting a tight, tingling pull in my lower back every time i stoop or bend down, should I check this out? 23yrs, female

I am having a chronic back pain & neck when sitting i use computer a lot .Right now i cant see a doc. Please tell me how to cop it?

I am having fairly mild lower back pain. I am an it professional. So i spend a lot of time on the PC in a chair. A good chair help for a while.

I am having pain in my groin since I took a long flight 4 days back as I was sleeping leaning forward putting pressure on that area. Please help?

I am having problem s with my back I think it is a disc problem .it hurts when bending or working .what can be done so I can keep working as landscap?

I am marketing executive. min 8hrs bike travel. now i feel so much of back pain leg pain daily. what is the solution?

I am pregnant and had one of the large hand held chiropractic back vibrating massagers used on my lower back the other night. Should i be concerned?

I am suffering from an arched back which makes my stomach stick out and makes me look fat, any ideas on straightening my back?

I am thinking about purchasing the total gym fit machine. I have chronic lower back pain from bad posture. is it safe if I use properly?

I am trying to recover from a herniated disc in low back. I am riding my bike but after a few minutes i get a stabbing pain should I stop riding?

I am using laptop for a long time. from 2 days i am experiencing continous pain behind my neck .i corrected my posture&suggest exercises to fit muscle?

I am working in an Software Firm and use to work for 7 to 8hr everyday. From last 2 weeks feeling pain in my back and neck. Please suggest?

I broke by back almost a year ago and still in a lot of pain from doing normal things how important is it to loose weight for me?

I did some stretching including a sitting twist/compression stretch of back/abdominal area while 10 weeks pregnant. Could I have harm my baby?

I do a lot of yoga and aerobics. yoga involves bending, I try to keep neutral but sometimes I end up feeling soreness n pain in neck. Should I stop?

I dont lift any weights but a couple of years back i felt on the stairs hitting my back directly since that time a have a little pain which increases?

I face lower back ache every morning when i get up and also after.Working out ..Plz suggest exercise n cure?

I fall down from bike 2 yrs back.Doctors said no fracture no problem in leg. But I am facing heavy pain in knee daily. Consulted many doctors, no use.

I frequently have a very tight lower back why is this and how do i make it better?

I get back pain.I exercise,stretch,eat well and don't sit for too long in a day.It's not severe but moderate.Is there anything I can do?Thank you!

I get gas trapped in my lower back and can hardly bend over to tie my shoe. What causes this and how can I eliminate this issue?