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I had lower back pain since long which use to get better and often come back.the pain never travel towards legs or no weakness is felt. I play golf?

1 month ago I was lifting heavy wardrobe for 10 minutes straight, today morning started getting back pain, herniated disc ? I'm 18

1 mouth ago, I aggravated my low back,while bending down to put groceries away. I'm slowly getting better. Why does it affect my hips at times?

1 week ago i fall on my butt And today in gym i had a pain in the lower part of back The pain is shallow and not sustained Is that lumbago ? Wht ttt

11/21/13 pain low l back runs down butt 2 leg. Mri last wk. Dr nxt wk 2 go over. Hard muscle or nerve where pain starts. T1/t2 hyperintense focus. Ms?

14yrs old already have back pain everywhere constantly. Worst in back/joints. Not overweight. Suggestions?

15 months ago i had my child via c-section he weight was 10.10 lbs ever since then from time to time i get pain on my lower back is this normal?

16 year old boy with continuous back crack. ?

2 days ago i pulled my lower back which i strained & was in pain.Im fbb & decided 2 try wearin my weightbelt.How long can I wear it ?It helps me.

20yr(m).Back n neck pain. This is coz of wrong sitting posture nd lifting weights wrong way.But what is the permanent cure?

34 m. Have back pain in morning. Any recommendations on a pillow to try?

38.5 deg. C fever after stuck in singapore airport for 8 hours and not enough sleep. Feel muscle pain on the spine on lower back area. What cause it?

4 days ago I was out partying and dancing a lot and I think one move made my lower back heart right above the base of spine and side muscles. I had a shooting pain there too while walking back home. The next day I didn't get much rest and at night my bad

4 mnts ago, was doing back exercises and kinda tweaked it, hurtful when bending then after a month it was gone and transferred to my left leg. Problem?

45-year old male. Low back pain for a few years, although seldom have pain. What kind of exercise is allowed, and what kind of bed, firm or soft?

68 stone I'm obese times 3 I have a very bad pain in my back and I can't breath properly ?

7m.O. Can roll in either direction when starting on her back but only rolls to the right when starting on tummy. All else normal. Just a quirk?

7months pregnant, 5'5 and all belly. Standing, walking is very hard due to pain and extra weight. Front & back is killing me. How can I stay active?

A 50lb rack fell on my back I am having an MRI of the lower spine but I am also having hip problems should I also try to get an MRI of the hip also?

A month ago my low back went out. After I saw a chirop I was able to stand up straight, but there is still pain - not getting better. What is next?

After 10 years I still get tight ot tingles in the back and legs. I practice gym stretching and got accupunctor yet.?

After 2 weeks, i think I've recovered from knee swell n lower left back muscle spasm. What are the concerns if i want to continue cycling?

After a run i did sit ups with my feet elevated on the gate. After that night my lower back was never the same. How can I fix this?

After doing back squats with weights above 250lbs, I have minor pain in my lower back the next day. Is this normal or a sign that something's wrong?

After few weeks pain down arm returned. Pectorial muscle very tight and movement lost again. Should I get another MRI or keep going with physio?

After my routine daily exercise, i developed constant twitch in my back of left thigh (at rest). I worry, it lasts 24hrs now. What could be the cause?

After physical therapy 3days ago for back problem have severe burning pain in top of one butt cheek cannot straighten real effort to bend any ideas th?

After the sugery tyroid how many days you rest before you back to work ?

After working an 12 hour shift, I came home to realize that when I bend over the left part of my breast plate and back hurt extremely bad, any ideas?

Am having severe back pain while bending forward. And sometimes severe blood coming in the motion. Please give some tips to get rid of this. Married?

Am overweight, but losing and exercising. Just had thr. Having achy low back pain both sides. An issue for my ortho?

Any tips that would help reduce back pain while driving my truck?

Are roller chairs bad for low back pain?

Are there some exercises to cure a neck disk? Can it be moved back to its position through exercising?

At 30 weeks pregnant what could the possible side effects be using a tens machine on the hip and lower back areas?

At what point should I go to doctor for a cystic pimple on my back? It's big and painful to sit back in my chair! at home cures available?

Back ache my back has been hurting me for the last 2 weeks and my doctor says it is nothing and wont give me anything and tylenol and ibeprophin isnt helping. I have to lift my handicapped brother multiple times a day, he is 80+ lbs. I wear a back brace,

Back went out sat. Now i'm leaning to the side. Shoulders are at different heights.Never happened before, I have sciatica. Will body straighten out?

Bad to use a back massager if you have curvature?

Basically I dislocated my jaw yesterday and had to put it back in myself due to the pain it was out of place for about 3 minutes before I managed to pop it back. The discomfort around the joint is quite bad what should I take for it?

Been to doctors, chiropractor and nothing seems to be working. I have bad arm pain took muscle relaxers, done exercises not sure what else to do?

Been tossing & turning all night with mild middle & lower back pain. Mostly gone during the day. Just my mattress? I try to stretch. What else?

Better to focus on stretching or building muscle for back pain? New job turning, changing and lifting adults killing my back. Need quick results!

Both sides of my hip are tight. It is not painful but it just wont go away. I have tried stretching and foam roller. I do running.

Brace tightening, but no pain? When i get my braces tightened, i hardly never feel any pain, especially like i did when first getting them placed on. Does this mean the braces aren't working? Oh and got braces on november 3, 2011 (about 5 months ago). Co

Bulg disc t2 annual tear 5 months. Diagnose: overloaded back. Doc says wait pt aleve (naproxen). Back pain not get better. Feels like knot low back. What to do?

Buying a preg belly belt that straps up to shoulders to help support belly. Getting very big, hip/back pain unbearable when up. Will it hurt baby?

C7 facet fractured healed my left arm still not good was wondering will i get extension back in it cannot raise it that high?

Can a back injury you recovered from as a child later make you have extreme back pain as an adult?

Can a chiropractor readjusting my back cause pain to shift to my knees? Its been four days and they both hurt with exertion of the least effort.

Can an arched back be treated with yoga?

Can back brace limit back pain while working and if yes what types r the best?

Can herniated l5/s1 cause moderate upper back pain? I haven't done any strenuous activity and my entire top half of back is very sore and achey!

Can i chiropractor ask me to pull down my so my back and half of my butt is exposed? Chiropractor

Can I just use a brace to take my low back pain?

Can I just use a brace to take my low back pain away?

Can I just use a brace to take my low back pain?

Can i occasionally take an extra melodicam 7.5 for bad hip / lower back pain when i can't get to doctor?

Can I run or jog wit degenerative disc in the lower back. And how long should I be sitting down for without moving when am working?

Can jumping rope cause more lower back problems if you already have sciatica, or is it safe to jump rope? I dont want to make things worse.

Can low back pain affect your knee? I find that if i sit my low back hurts all the way to my knee? Please explain thanks for answering all my question

Can prolotherapy make you worse or cause harm? Is it safe for the lower back?

Can rsi in the upper back have prickly burning sensations. ? Going through physio to strengthen upper back but keep getting relapses.

Can the same lower back nerve (or muscle?) bother you for months? Mine acts up at times but then there are periods when I'm 100% fine. Began 1 yr ago

Can tight back muscles cause trouble breathing or could it be anxiety? curious because all my tests so far from specialist came back normal

Can using a back brace a lot make your lower and middle back worst or more weak?

Can using Accutane cause low back pain?

Can UTI medication cause misled spasms in back and legs?

Can you get sport related injuries in your back from not wearing back support?

Can you tell me how to fix my knee and back pain and breathing problems for running cross country?

Can you use lido patches on lumbar bfore/during an MRI (no contrast) ? Can not lie still on back very long, legs will start jumping by themselves...

Chiropracter 5d ago put me on my side (facing away), put pressure on sacrum, then dropped his weight on. Discomfort & pain since. Normal? Wat do I do?

Could a bumpy ride on the bus caused back problems to start again?

Could back pain as in curve spin lead to headaches ? I had a kid eight yrs ago and serve back labor it's been with me ever sense but getting worst ty

Could backpacking for a long time cause any back issues for me later on?

Could driving a stick shift aggravate my lower back injury?

Could I have permanently damaged my back? I was playing soccer and as i slid for a pass i jarred my back it hasent been right for 2 weeks, my parents say its just muscle problems but I am seriously worried about my lower spine

Could I potentially damage my back by having someone light walk on it.?

Could wearing a back brace really prevent injuries to the lower back ?

Dad has pmr controlled w/ 20mg prednisone. Has bad back spams (feels lower back is being pulled). Okay when walking but bad when gets up from sitting.Rheum doesn't think d/t pmr.What could be cause?

Developed lower back nerve pain (at waistline) about 6-8 weeks ago. I walk/exercise daily. Could a new chair I bought and use possibly be the cause?

Disc issues/frequent back pain. Need new bed, most say firm is best, but they hurt. Too soft can be bad too. Best type of support for sensitive back?

Doctors say that I should get injection in my back bone, iz this a right way for treatment? I cannot sit and bend ..? Plz tell me solution ..?

Does Accutane cause back problems? Tolerable lower back pains for 4 months now back feels stiff from moving boxes in apartment. 3rd box of accutane.

Does bad posture cause scoliosis? My daughter is always sitting with her back hunched over and i'm worried it's going to cause scoliosis. Is this possible? .

Does being out of shape cause spine pain when picking up heavy things?

Does epidural in back during childbirth cause back problems in long run?

Does going to gym aligns the two shoulders if one is higher than the other ?

Does the pro-form ab glider really work? My back hurts when im on it, does that mean I shouldnt use it, or is it just the muscels being worked

Does y knee twicthing mean thst theres a problem? Someone rear ended me bad the other day and i have a bunch of back muscle spasms.

Doing 60 push-ups and 90 abs crunches per day every day. In long term 10 years, should I be worried about joints, lower back, other parts?

Exercises from book "Back Rx" help erase my low back pain, but I still wake up with pain in middle & upper back. Suggestions? X-rays clear.

Fall 2 days ago resulting in complete splits w R leg fwd, L leg strait back. X-ray neg, got toradol IM. Pain still 8/10, no position feels good. Help?

Fall on head from nearly 20ft high, lost 2n1/2 inches in height over the last 2years started getting pain in neck and upper back, what could be wrong?

Fell down the steps 5/13 and have had severe back pain no matter what I do. Just a pulled muscle or possibly something more?

Fell on a timber slab, hit my lower back. Very little improvement after 2 weeks. Pain killers don't really work. Need to get back training asap-how?

Fixing up house myself to save money. Lifted heavy lumber, have back spasm. Is icy-hot good?

For last several yrs i've had random inabilities breathing. It gets slightly easier when i crouch down & arch my back upwards. Is this anxiety prob?

For running , My back gets a little cramp like and sore & using leg press for squats. Is a foam roller good for stretching the back? Any safe tips?

Get intense back pain every time I try to lift something even moderately heavy. What does this mean?