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Is having tendonitis at a young age abnormal and how long until it goes away?

Is it a bad idea to do nanny jobs if youve had 2 hip implants and a knee surgery? im not supposed to run but ive heard of people that cant walk do it

Is it common to have pain years after knee surgery? I was born "knock-kneed" and as a child had my knees and legs "reset" in an attempt to correct this. Now as an adult, my legs and knees ache tremendously especially with a drop in barometric pressure or

Is it ok to run to keep fit if I have mild arthritis in one knee ( +partial menec)?

Is it ok to use polar pack overnight 2 weeks after knee arthroscopy? It feels good. I just want to make sure I'm not over icing. Thanks

Is it okay to postone my ACL reconstruction to next year as I am busy this year? Or is there any urgency ? I don't feel much pain as of now. Thanks

Is it possible that my damaged cartilage (Right Ankle) will still regenerate? I am 17 yo turning 18. I take Genacol, Procosa and Piascledine.

Is it possible to gave patellofemoral for life? I've been in physio about 3yrs and still have it. Should i get better after my growth plates close?

Is it possible to get an injury on my other knee because of too much weight?

Is it possible to get big hips? I don't have that much of hips and im kind of short. I'm 5'3 or 5'5. I want an hour glass shape

Is it possible to have arthritis in your knee after getting surgery?

Is it possible to obtain crutches even if i don't have a legitimate knee injury?

Is it possible to push a dislocated knee back into place after a long period of time has passed?

Is it possible to re-injure my meniscus 10 days after a menisectomy from walking due to work? I am a phys Ed teacher but have taken it easy...

Is it safe to be working while having a swollen knee?

Is it safe to do a lachman test immediately after injuring the knee?

Is it safe to get an MRI of ankle when I have a ivc filter in?

Is it safe to wear make up when going for a bone scan?

Is it true that you will get arthritis in your knees if you wear shorts in winter?

Is peroneal tendon subluxation bad? What can happen from being untreated? I don't wanna end my tennis season early! Can it get worse?

Is possible to detect the problem with the knee by doing orthroscopy immediately after injuring it.

Is there a way for me to get taller with knee implants?

Is there a way to find out why did my doctor give me diazepam after a knee scope?

Is there any support to say that a pes anserinus transfer would keep you from having to have a tkr?

Is there any way psychiatric medication van cause someone to become bow legged or any other reason. Cartilage feels weak on inside knee. Hypertensio?

It's been difficult finding an orthopedic dr who can see my wife sooner than 2 weeks for torn ligaments in her knee. Is that way too long?

Its me again this is for the person that answered my knee question my other knee is starting to swell too what do I do I fell today my left knee started swelling first i used peroxide and iodine i know not to use a pressure bandage but i can bearley take

Its my knees, i can't walk easily, every step causes pain.I took vitamines & glocusamine with no use.Is there any cure other than surgery(plz see x-ray)?

Iv got a 3.5 CM grade 2 tear of my soleus with a full time physio how long can I expect to be back in full competition cheers?

Ive had a bilateral release, it never totally healed, would it hurt my knee if i took a walk around job? cant get SSI and other jobs dont work out

Ive had knee surgery 3 1/2 yrs ago that never healed, im on antibiotics for a gum infection, now my knee feels better, was my knee infected as well?

Just found out my knee fat pad is calcifying, what are the treatment options? I am a professional rugby player and want to be back playing ASAP.

Just had a jaw dislocation a couple of hours afo! what do I do to get it back aligned?

Knee hurts badly despite trying interventions my GP recommended (PT, supportive shoes, walking, stretching). Possibility of osteoarthritis?

Knee lateral release done a month ago, I am a cheerleader. when can I go back to at least stunting, and what risks do I have still being this early?

Knee pain - got 1 cortisone shot and knee got better. Got it 2nd time and can't walk anymore! They advising surgery. I don't want surgery can't walk?

Kneecap keeps dislocating out of socket. Have had 2 surgeries and they haven't worked, neither has physio. Some swelling when happens. Very painful.

Live on 3rd floor and worried that the strain from stairs will damage my knees. Will I induce arthritis or other big problems by daily stair use?

Meniscus repair on right knee 2/18 working out everyday now I'm just tired afterwards and knees hurt, why? Did I overdo it! Need to get weight offasap

Modifed brostrom done 8 months ago on left ankle now very painful, feels like its locked and tries to roll. Surgery or physical therapy?

Mom had a knee replacement surgery 8 days ago & got out of hospital 2 days ago. Sometimes she can't see(dark vision) when kneeling down. Any concerns?

More often than not when I take a step my ankle makes a pop noise sometimes so does my knee. Not sure if it because I'm young.

My 13 month old son has stopped being able to weight bear and is acting as if he has pain in knees this has been at the time as an ear infection he ?

My 15 year old daughter injured her hamstring in track practice last may (7 months ago). What kind of dr. Should she see for a diagnosis?

My 3 month old wrist will not straighten. Should we take him to get pt?

My buddy gave himself a shot of testosterone in the thigh for the first time, he almost falls to his knees when he tries walking. Any anwsers to this?

My calf and knee and thigh have been chronically sore for months, I have taken some long haul flights and had ultrasounds they were negative. ?

My child getting joint injections on both knees (jra) can she go to school the next day? Or does she need to rest so the meds have time to work?

My child is having knee arthroscopy tomorrow. What can I expect her knees to be like after?

My client's patella tends to dislocate her daughter has the same issue i've been giving her tri-planar stepping and reaching exercises whatelsecan ido?

My Daughter as a Patellar Malalignment of the knee Dr whats to do surgery he said nothing else can fix this issue my daughter is 21 yrs old what to do?

My daughter got thrown from her horse 15 feet ..Subluxcated her hip ...What is recommended treatment and recovery time ?

My daughter has a ganglion cyst on herwrist. She is a competitive gymnast? What can be done to mange pain or reduce swelling?

My daughter is 19 months old and has been struggling to walk for nearly 3 months. Her knee locks when she's asleep and has a lump. MRI and x-Ray clear?

My daughter is going to get corticosteroid injection in her knees and ankles and rheumo says she can't play or go to school 2 days after. Why?

My daughter pt eval said her tibias were bowed and pt probably wont help but bracing will. Ortho won't see her. What does this mean and what do we do?

My doc mentioned hip arthroscopy but hip traction scares me. Can you get foot problems from this? Thanks

My friend 58 yrs. She has knee joint pain. Doc wants to operate.She wants to wait. As she feels it's too early seeing her age.She is able to manage.

My friends 12 year old daughter has fluid in her knee, what kind of surgery can she get?

My grondmother is 62 years old.She got meniscus of the knee injury.She don't wanna operation.Something another advice? Thanks.She going to get massage

My heel damaged kindly suggest my what kind of treatment I need to do? I can't walk still on bed since last 25 days!

My husband has fluid built up under his knee cap as well as deteriorating cartridge how long can he go with out surgery?

My husband has hyper extent ion of his knee, what should he be doing. He did it 2 weeks ago?

My joints hurt and my knees make popping noise. Can i take vitamin d? If yes, when and how? I NEVER go in sun. So oral vit D is the only way.

My knee (patella ) does not function correctly I have physio on it but its not helping what would be the next step as it is often very painful?

My knee cap has went out of place twice now, but I don't want surgery. Other treatment options?

My knee continues to hurt if kneeling ..A doctor called it washing wife syndrome ..No xrays ..Should I go to a different doctor been to this one 3 time?

My knee has been driving me crazy. I work for a group of orthopaedic surgeons. Is it kosher for me to ask one of them to take a quick look at it, or is that weird?

My knee has been giving way for over a year now, I did see a doctor at the time and got told I had torn something. Is it a bad sign?

My knee is due for replacement though i suffer little pain so will delay the op for as long as possible. What exercise should I avoid?

My knee keeps giving way will i need surgery?

My knees ache for at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week, they also feel as if they lock or dislocate regularly but MRI shows nothing wrong, any advice?

My knees and legs twist 90 degrees in which causes knee pain. X-rays came back as 'no action required'. What can be the next step to identify problem?

My knees click with every step. Its not sore but very embarrassing. Do i need to c a doctor?

My life so bad since prosthetic shoulder: what should I do?

My MCL pops when i take a step. Is this a worrying sign?

My MCL pops when i take a step. Is this serious?

My mom is over weight & she has a problem. In knee joints , she feels difficult to even walk few doctors suggested her to take D-Rise?

My P.T. said chondromalacia can cause knee giving way feeling, happens sometimes. When do I know its safe to wear heels? Will I ever be able to wear?

My pediatrician says my child may have knee cap tendon rupture, but I don't understand. What does it mean?

My psysical therapist that was helping me w my ankle said they can't do anything else for me. what's the next step since my ankle still hurts?

My si joints will not stay in place.The dr. Is doing ablation.How can I fix for good?

My sister has weak cartilages since birth. When she kneels down it's painful n she cannot make free movements with her knees What can she do ? Is there any surgery r medication to strengthen them?

My son is 19 and bow legged. he has alot back,knee pain. is there something we can do to help like wear a special shoe or take pills etc?

My sons hands and feet keep locking up what is causing this his doctor is going to start him in pt what will this help also my son is 9 and ecmo at 7m?

My wife has a knee cap acch (pain) problem since long what natural remeady i can do.?

My younger sister is 13, turning 14 next year, is the same as me. Does she have to do leg braces? What type of treatment does she have to do?

Near full thikness cartlidge ulceration in knee what can I do im only 45 yrs old and extremely fit and active?

Need a gynecologist at age 62, but have arthritis which makes it hard to place feet in stirrups, recommendation in Towson, Md??

Need MRI for possible knee surgery. Doctor said will take over a week to get one. Can schedule quicker myself. Is there specific MRI or are all same?

Need to get 60 pounds off. Any suggestions. Knees are arthritic would love a food plan to follow.t?

Need to go to orthopedic for ankle but scared of outcome and scared to ask parent to make an appointment... Can't cheerlead anymore because of injury

No change in knee bursitis, over 2 weeks. Still no pain. Cant afford to limit my activity anymore. I need this to get better. Help!

Not sure if you can view pervious questions but I have hip problems griding poping worse morning and night doctor in afterhours said tendon problems?

Not sure why this happened, but doctor says I have joint sprain. Am trying to figure out what it is before I tell my boss.?

On 15 September I will start school, but ankle synovitis (occured two weeks ago-present) may impair my first day... Any chances to revoer before?

Orthopedic question: chronic knee pain how can that happen. How long after knee surgery can one get arthritis if it wasn't present during surgery?

Over pronation, knee damage. Waiting to see podiatrist, what is the usual treatment. I'm worried about further knee damage, should I go the gym still?

Persistently sore hip and knee on left outside after giving birth 3mos ago. See a chiropractor ? Or just stretch and wait it out?

R-hip pain after sleep? Worsens trough day with r-leg use. Goes away when i lift my l-knee to chest standing making my r-hip pop untill next morning.