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I had surgery 15yrs ago on my ankle it's possible to get loose body's in the ankle . How do that happen in the joints after 15 yrs .

I had surgery on my acl and meniscus, it feels like it has popped out of place and back in multiple time but this time didn't go back in. What is this?

I had X-ray on knees, results were normal. I still have heavy stiff . Find it hard to walk. Not sure what to do?

I have 8 month foot sprain now. I didnt have a complete rest and treatment due to schedule but did go to see doctor and use brace.What should I do now?

I have a bucket handle tear in right knee. I also have little knee join effusion. What would be the avg surgery cost in us without insurance?

I have a choice of fulkerson o or the arthescopic lateral. Idon't know what to do; 36 healthy woman who cannot handle the pain anymore?

I have a hair fracture on my ankle.... I had it since 2006. Is there a chance that it can get worse...And what can I get done about it?

I have a meniscus tear. I also have osteoarthritis. What can be done to remedy the situation?just curious as I am waiting for orthopedic consult.

I have a rash on my leg after my knee surgery that took place december 20?

I have a really stubborn hamstring strain that just refuses to go away. I've had two sessions of physical therapy. The first lasted for about 8 weeks and the second was about four months. Yet, it still is not even close to being recovered. Is this som

I have a slightly torn labrum (hip), no real pain. Should I get arthroscopic surgery or wait and see how it feels? Or some other course of action? Ty

I have a tear legment and a dislocated knee cap n the surgeon wont help n i saw one last year n this year . can a regular er doctor make the call for surgery or do i have to go see a surgeon again?

I have a torn ligiment in my left knee. What is the treatment. I have been ref'd to a sports orth doctor but appt is not til late next week. What should I do until then?

I have a vitamin B12 deficiency with leg cramps and anterior shin splint .Will it get cured forever or not .Will I be able to jog henceforth?

I have an ACL surgery coming up - concerned about being able to walk a trade show 4 weeks later-what might be the likelihood I am in great shape.

I have avn in both my knees my left knee is the worse of the two will my boyfriend be able to stay with me in the hospital after my open knee surgery?

I have awful thigh pain 3 months post op hip replacement and still have to walk with a stick. I can not get dressed properly or get in the bath, ?

I have bad knee pain and some swelling 10 months after my operation. Should I use crutches/brace or go to hospital??

I have becker's md and i was wondering if there was a knee brace that could keep my knees from giving out so often.

I have been diagnosed with floating knee caps after a car accident where I toe some muscles around my knee. It was recommended that I get surgery at 14 and that I'd never run, jump or do anything fun. I'm now 31 but my knee locks sometimes. I'm usually ap

I have been diagnosed with labral tear of right hip. Going for first injection soon. Do patients do well from these?

I have continueous left knee that stiffens and sometimes buckles MRI is clean, tried so many things and the doctors say theres nothing wrong help!

I have discomfort, swelling and patella mal trekking from a swollen plica (1st doctor prognosis). Is having the plica removed now going to save my cartilage in the long run orshould I do ice pt and wait?

I have done all the things dr exercise shots stretch boot splint ect cant take asprin my planters facetious still hurting what can i do ?

I have extreme knee pain in the center of the patella I've seen 7 doctors already in two months. Hoping someone can throw out ideas as to what it is. ?

I have got CRPS and my knee keeps dislocating. Should I get a knee immobiliser? How long should I have it on for and do I need it all the time? Thanks

I have had a "frozen shoulder" since february, once it finally gets back to normal, should I exspect to have full extention and range of motion as I had before this problem? I am a golfer so should I exspect to have my same swing capability?

I have had a below the knee amputation recently, will I be able to go to pt soon?

I have had frozen shoulder for 9months it isn't getting any better, what can be done for it?

I have had knee surgery an i had a busted bakers cyst .. I need some therapy things i could do to get me back to working out?

I have had what a doctor told me was a torn lat but I have had this problem for 7 months now and it does not wanna get better I have had what a doctor told me was a right torn lat but I have had this problem for 7 months now and it does not wanna get bett

I have inflammation in my knee and was recommended therapy for six weeks. However, i did not go. Will ignoring this make the clicking in my knee worse?

I have knee effusion, got it drained last weel, seems to be returning. How do I stop it and relieve it?

I have knee pain with extra bone growth due to growing issues at the bottom of my kneeShould I get a knee brace for it before my next basketball game?

I have knock knees!And the effect is more in right leg!And it bothers me a lot!How can i correct it without surgery!Suggest an effective & fast method?

I have medial meniscus tear in posterior horn do I need bed rest doc gave medicine for 15 days .I am a flight attndt should I fly? Or take rest

I have one on my knee and i'm really worried! do you have to get surgery?

I have ra. I got several achilies tendon tears. Supposed to start pt dec 31. Alot of pain and numbness. Should i go to er? Use crutches or wrap?

I have runner's knee now , and i wanted to know how to treat it?

I have scar tissue outside of my knee where i had an ACL surgey is there anyway to break that down also how can I get full range of motion back?

I have spinal stenosis, balance problems and need a cane to walk? I have fallen twice, once i broke my wrist. I am now going for physical therapy (3 times) and see no results so far. Could i go for laproscopic surgergy?

I have tb in knees ....I am not able to walk right knee is swelled...after consulting doc I have started medicines of tb so is it curabl?

I heard a pop in my achellies. I did not get surgery. I can rotate and slightly bend. How long till full recovery? And will I be able to stand on toes

I heard an extremely loud pop when I sprained my ankle playing sports. Can completely bear weight w/o pain though. Should I see a doc?

I how long does it take an femoral nail to heal? I had one done on 10/22 and i can't find anything. How long on pt ?When will i be able walk unaided?

I hyper extended my knee this past weekend and have a follow up appointment with my ortho doctor next week. my leg is swollen from the knee cap down, ?

I injured my knee a month and a half ago and have been unable to work or receive care due to not having insurance. Two days ago my knee gave out twice?

I just been diagnosed with chondromalacia paletta. It's severe enough that after 6 weeks of pt more likely surgery. If so, how long before able to drive?

I just got diagnosed with mild patellar tendinitis after getting an MRI. Doctor said I should pretty much FOREVER avoid lunges and squats? agree? . 

I need surgery for a dislocated shoulder and have been meaning to get my knee done as well. Can i get both at the same time? How much rehab is there?

I recently got shoulder separation surgery, and I'm curious as to how soon I can return to active sports. 6 weeks, 8 weeks?

I recently tore my Achilles tendon. I haven't gone to the doctor but it doesn't look like a complete rupture. Can I heal it without seeing a doctor?

I sprained my MCL exactly one week ago. Is it to early to start working on knee motion? What steps can I take to rehab my knee?

I started walking 3 weeks after microfracture knee surgery. I was suppose to wait 5 weeks before weight bearing but i didn't. Is that bad?

I suffered a knee injury so difficult to pray .Percy my knee heal. How much the cost. Thank you.

I think I pulled a groin muscle, but my hip flexor hurts as well. How long should I wait to see improvement before seeking treatment?

I think i tore a couple of muscles above my knee. What kind of tests need to be done to figure out what's wrong?

I think i tore something in my knee but i can't see a doctor for a few day. What is a good home treatment in the mean time?

I thought i had strained my cfl on my right ankle so i home remedied it with an injection of dexamethasone 4mg. How bad could this be?

I took a bad fall on healthy knees im 52 years old and I have bad pain its been over a year I've had surgery and nothing helps what can it be?

I tore my meniscus toward the end of last fall. I wore a brace for a while and it ended up getting better on its own. Is is possible to relapse?

I twisted my wrist while trying to climb a window. There is no pain at the moment. But it returns later when i lift heavy, what is the permanent cure?

I visited lewis orthopaedics last year for a knee surgery. I am fine now, no complications ...But do I still need to get my knee checked regularly?

I visited lewis orthopaedics last year for a knee surgery. I am fine now, no complications ...Do i need to get my knee checked regularly?

I want someone to show me how to get rid of a knee joint contracture without surgery yet I have not had any luck. I need help.?

I was told I have a build up of scared tissue in my knee. It has been very sore lately. What should my next step me to fix it. ?

I was told I have an lcl strain and a tight it band. I was going to physical theropy but I am in leave until my next base. Should I get a hinge brace to help me run?

I went through ACL reconstruction a month ago and I am exercising now but it still hurts without medicines and swelling is not getting any lesser.Help?

I went to an orthodontist a while ago for the clicking in my knee and he told me it was inflammation under the knee cap (i think- i can't remember where exactly in the knee area). He recommended therapy for six weeks and then a follow up. I have not gone

I will begin dancing next week and i had my right hip replaced 3 yr ago is it ok to considering I've had a liver transplant and cannot take inflam meds?

I'm 17 and have bow legs, i've recently been getting a lot of pain in my knees, should I see a doctor? Is surgery needed to cure this?

I'm 7 weeks postop LTKR I still need to use a crutch when I'm not at home. Is that normal or am I behind in recovery? Would using a cane be better?

I'm afraid I have periarthritis to the arm and shoulder. How to recognize it and how i take care of?

I'm an otherwise healthy young male, but my knee painlessly pops when walking up stairs. Should i get it looked at to avoid long term problems?

I'm bone on bone in the kneecap. Pretty bad osteorarthritis. Will need a TKR in the future. Can going to have PT help delay having a TKR 6 months to 1 year or even longer?

I'm getting a lateral release and chondroplasty in a few weeks. How long is normal to be able to put wait on that knee?

I'm having adult growing pains in my knees. It's normally one knee at a time and it's random. I used to get them as a child, but now i'm 22.

I'm just found out I'm pregnant but I been had knee injury for 6 months. And now able to be seen by doc. Is surgery safe. My injuries got worse?

I'm wondering how soon can I fly after elbow replacement?

I'm worried because my knee has been killing me for at least a week what should I do, what do you suggest?

I've had 2 knee specialist opinion about my knee they said it's not urgent enough to get surgery done. But i'm is severe pain can't work, walk etc?

I've had ongoing bursitis in my knee near my MCL. My knee is structurally clear/fine. It keeps re-inflamming . I'm young & fit! What can I do?

I've has 4 knee surgeries in a year. One brink PkR and most recently patella alignment . After 5 week I begin to build fluid and constantly ice?

Iam 33yr old female, a physiotherapist with bilateral chondromalacia patellae with thinning of cartilage since 1yr. What precautions i need to take?

If I have an ACL tear in my knee, can I go skiing or will it make my knee worse? Thank you very much in advance

If I have my patella removed will I still be able to walk without a problem in the future?

If i have torn my meniscus and don't get it checked out by a doctor right away, is it unable to be fixed? say 2-3 weeks out from injury...

If I start and stop my pt after a hip fracture, is that a problem?

If my knee has been killing me for at least a week, what should I do?

If my rib cartilidge keeps popping out on a regular basis what would be the best treatment?

If someone gets his kneecaps shot, can they get a kneecap transplant and walk again?

Im 25 male, i hve bow knees, when i touch my feet together , there is a gap of 2 inches between my knes, is surgery the only solution or can I use braces?

Im a 32yr old female.I had micro-fracture surgery on the articular cartilage of the femoral bone a year ago in march. I still cannot go up steps without tremendous pain. What steps should I take next?

Im having microfracture knee surgery on my right knee next week; and I have to drive to school myself. Can my doctor to clear me to drive super early?

Im pregnant and have knee injury. Only health insurance I have is because I'm pregnant can the fix my knees. With that insurance?

In 2012, I fell on my knee and knocked the knee cap off to the side. I had a surgery for it. It didn't stay in place and this year, I had an open surgery for it. It's been several months. I have a bad pain while using the steps and while walking and stand

In week 3 of NWB after 2nd mtp surgery.1 month to go.Can't wait to walk! When able to FWB,what to expect:any balance issues, pain?Thank you

Injuredmy LCL about a week ago but It doesn't seem too bad , myquestion is what type of support product should I get for it just prevent any ftrinjury?

Is age 21 too young to begin running marathons? I've heard my cartilage may be affected in the future. What is an "appropriate" age?

Is energy therapy useful? Told to heal my knee pain with my mind instead of going to Dr.,to get an order for an X-Ray, & seeing if I need surgery.