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1(1/2)months knee weakness, now not bad but knee swollen for 5 days and 2 of them i've tried taking care of it. not much money to see doctor, advice?

12 months ago I had a fall & left knee collapsed was told I need reconstruction still waiting but the last week I had more fluid build up should I wor?

14 weeks post acl surgery went to see my doc about my knee feeling loose he said it is loose but nothing to worry about is he right can i play sport?

14 year old sister wants to bronc ride but has former knee problems such as plica in the meniscus i'm concerned that she may aggravate this injury ?

15 y/o son may have hip bursitis, what would a recovery time table look like?

1week ago my knee popped out went to ER doc placed knee back & took ex-rays when can I take the long brace off go swimming or exercise on it?

3 mo. Since surgery of torn meniscus. Cleared back to work as flight attendant. During flight ok, on layover knee swells up. Will this improve w/time?

30fdiagnosed with osteoarthritis, severe crack noise in knees, done treadmill walk a lot before i got diagnosed w oa, is it better to use eliptical now?

35 year bad osteoarthritis in both my knees they say i'm to young for surgery trying to loose weight pain is unbearable what else could i do?

3rd sprain in 5 months.Occurrred month ago.Mri done. Everything ok according to it. When i put weight on ankle it starts to shiver.What now ?

7 yr/0 getting corticosteroid injections in both knees. Rheumo says can't go to school or play needs stay off them for couple days why ?

Achilles Tendon Rupture, I am 8 months since surgery and I cannot do a single leg calf raise. When I try this knee bent I get about 3 cm then it gets stuck and I can't push any higher, but straight leg with no weight bearing I can get full range. ?

After a knee operation when i walk too long, i get a wet feeling inside my knee. Can you offer any explanation?

After a lateral release how long does your knee usually stay swollen? I'm going in three weeks so far

After doing pt for bad flare up of torn meniscus twisted it during a workout been painful since. Wait how long before considering other treatments?

After getting a sports injury, what steps should you take?

After having 3 knee surgeries still I have a inflamed tendon and wondering what the next steps would be?

After having bent my knee for only a minute, it takes around 30 seconds for me to be able to fully extend it again. Any certain cause?

After having scfe, will i be able to start jogging again after getting my pins taken out?

Am a 20 year old male. Have knee problems where kneecaps are purple, limited range of motion, and problems with feet going numb. Sports player.?

Anybody had hip bursitis? Were you able to return to running eventually?

Are calf implants safe & successful? What happens when the person goes running?

Asking if running affects knee joints. i've heard it degrades and causes pain in future. I run a few times a week w/o pain, but what should i look for?

Both my kneecaps track to the outside & make nearly everything painful.Have done pt, braces&cortisone.Surgery is next option, is it likely to solve it?

Both of my ankles keep giving out. What could be the cause? I had surgery on my left so I know why they gives me problems but why do they both?

Boyfrienfds hip keepd going out. No insurance need free crutches until we can get to doctor. In a lot of pain.

Broke kneecap feb8. How long should I wear brace and use crutches. Unable to follow up with ortho. N vacation and no insurance.

Calcification on side of foot from sprain 3 wks ago. Can anything be done to make it go away? My doctor says its something i'll have to live with

Can a displaced menical root cause a person not to be able to straighten their knee? I have been to see a second opinion ortho. Didn't get nowhere

Can a person with an infected hip implant removed be able to walk again?

Can a tear in the meniscus be treated at home since I don't have money to go to the dr?

Can an orthopaedic surgeon please tell me if getting my 5 yr old sons wrist reset from a 30° out heal will be better than letting it correct itself?

Can antibiotics be given to clear infection post knee replacement surgery? My dad had a knee replacement in july. The pain has never went away. The doctor is saying it is possibly infected but wont give antibiotics. He says the knee will have to come out

Can having a sprained ankle when you're young affect you in the future?

Can i continue to work as a massage therapist if i dislocated my shoulder today but was able to put it back in?

Can i get a knee scope while 2 months pregnant?

Can I get a temporary handicap sticker after having a knee arthroplasty?

Can I get surgery for soft tissue damage on ankle-injury from 5yrs ago.pain can be 9/10,been to orthopaedic doctor and no relief.Thanks for your time?

Can sodas destroy your joints, i quit 4 yrs ago but had to have 2 hip and a knee surgery, wondered if thats why i had so many surgeries like that?

Can u get painkillers for a busted knee?

Can yoga fix knock knees? I've heard a lot that if you are committed to it and perform the right moves correctly, it can work. Mostly when it's mild.

Can you ask for knee surgery or does a doctor have to reccomend it? I dropped a heavy shelf on my knee and it's been a yr and has only gotten worse..

Can you get trochanteric bursitis if you're not pregnant or an athlete?

Can you tell me how long to wait to go back to sports after hamstring injury?

Can you tell me how to get control over my shin splints and be able to run with no problem?

Clicking and popping in ankle area. had surgery to shorten bone and did not help. Did shots and P.T getting worse. what is next step?

Could I have damage to my knee? I was a dancer for 12 years. And now when i lift my leg up or put pressure on my knee it dislocates. I have had xrays done, however nothing was found. Sometimes it will lock up, also goes numb when i sit for too long or sta

Daughter has popping behind knee with pain. An ortho appt can take over a month at our hospital. What should I do to care for it besides icing it?

Do I need surgery or would working out heall knee pain from sedentary life?

Do knee problems run in the family? My mom is having a full knee done. Her brother and sister both have had it done. Is knee problems genitic? Should i worry i will have to have knee surgery in my future?

Do you have a second opinion on a knee problem? I had knee surgery 2 years ago to remove a plica band. It has been all fine and dandy until lately when i started exercising it more. I have been back to my ortho that operated and knows my knee pretty well

Doc and nurse say it takes about 10 days for recovery, I want to get back to high school cheerleading. After arthroscopy, when is it safe?

Doctor did not reccommend physical therapy after surgery what should I do? I had ankle surgery on feb. 8, and was released to walk on it again on the 4th of april. I am walking on it now, but I am constantly in pain and it stays swollen. My doctor did not

Does a hand arthrogram hurt? And is there a precaution to take if someone's clusterphobic? My sister is 13 and has to get one done.

Does a month long knee and hip flare up warrant a doctor's visit? This has never happened before.

Does patella tendonitis go away if you strengthen your quad muscles? Or is it there for life? Son 18 is go in military needs to know what to expect ?

Dx: moderate arthritic changes in knee, had two surgeries. Very painful at times to walk. What's the next step for me? Meds not working

Elderly dementia pt had broken knee cap surgery 3 weeks ago. Found walking a little w/no walk aid. Is it possible? Would there still be pain? Aware?

Elderly dementia pt not excessively sleeping prior to going to a SNF but now is. Reasons? Had surgery for broken knee cap. On pain killers.

Every since I was small one of my knees always cracked, now that i'm 22 it still bothers me and my balance is off. How can I fix this?

Fell 2/14 direct blow to knee. MRI chondromalacia. Hurts constantly with no relief. Bwc thinks preexisting. If let go will it get better/worse. ?

Fell on my knees&hands 3months10days ago.Need physical therapy for both.Need to go on trip abroad for 3 weeks.Should I schedule the initial appt. for PT now&start the PT sessions after the trip or schedule the initial appt. after the trip&start PT?

Fine.Just wondering what sorta physical therapy I should be considering or repeated sprained ankle?

Fluid in bone/line threw knee cap.Dr says nothing can be done.Knee hurts. Should i get second opinion?

For some reason my knee hurts if i don't have it stretched out as far a it can go and locked in place is there any possible reason for this? Thanks

For the pressure test for compartment syndrome is the test supposed to be done with the patient keeping their legs straight or with the knee bent?

For two week my legs have become sore and my knees are startng to lock up when i walk, wht is this? I have had no prior health issues.

Found out I have bone spurrs in both heels they gave me lifts. Are they permadent ? Am I gonna be able to run again?

Found out that I have a loose acl in my left knee. What exactly does that mean? I am seeing a physical therapist next week. Do i need ortho referral?

Going to my family doctor to get my ankle checked. It could be bone spurrs or pulled/torn muscles. What should I expect? Do I need a parent? I'm 16

Got discal clavicle resection surgery w/ bicep tendon tear. How long out of work?Gotta go back full duty an able to lift 75 lbs. Thank u for the help

Got medial epicondylitis, how long does it take to heal?. Struggling to rest as work in a nursery so have to carry and change nappies.

Grade 2 knee sprain. . Started using brace 10 days later.. been using brace for 7 days and pain recedes but recurs randomly. How long will it take?

Grandma going to go in for a hip replacement. How long before will she be able to walk again?

Had ACL surgery and am 7 weeks out and have a warm knee and was trying to find out if that's bad?

Had ankle microfracture 2 years ago. Still have some swelling and significant pain. Dr keeps saying wait and see. What can be next for me?

Had ankle surgery for debridement and modified brostrom. Im doing PT 3 times a week. How do I help get rid of the limp? When does it usually go away?

Had knee microfracture surgery 6 months. My knee still gets swollen. Should i make an app with my ortho or wait till my next app in january?

Had knee surgery 4 years ago. Still hurts-can't put weight on it for more than a few seconds. Is this common or should I have it checked out again?

Had patella tendonitis 2weeks ago..Feels better.Start police academy 4 days..Should I use patella straps for support or not? Only gonna be doing 6mpw?

Had patella tendonitis 3weeks ago.Used rice method.Now started police academy and got through 1st week wit no pain if i wear strap. Should i keep on?

Had tkr now I have to have revision on 19th what pt should I do to make sure i don't get stiff again and keep my knee straight now it is bend ?

Had tkr twice doing pt it has been six months still can not straighten my knee completely also have numbness in foot is this going to get better?

Had two scopes with no relief. Just gets worse as day goes on knee swells up. One md wants to do replacement and other prp. Want relief before 9/19?

Has anyone ever heard of luekotape for patella pain?

Have Achilles tendinopathy dr talked about surgery because its been a yrs struggle but said i would have to stop drinking 3mths in advance. Why?

Have arthritic knees take methotrexate get steroid shots in knees to walk got them 2 1/2 mos ago how often for how long safely hurt now trouble walkin?

Have had ankle impingement for 5 months, is surgery now the only option? I want to get back to sports fast not take off months for PT & rest

Haven't been able to move thumb and it's swollen for a week, prednisone not helping. Is surgery an option for help?

Having a lot of pain in my knees while playing sports. I'm 17 and when I step, my knees crack. Should I be concerned or take meds , etc.?

Healing time for below knee bk amputation? Want to get to rehab asap

Hello Doctor, I have a problem from birth. I have my knees bent inwards a little. When I try standing in attention, my knees collide. This doses not cause any discomfort otherwise. How can I fix this without a surgery? Please guide..

Hello doctor, my daughter is 2yrs old she is having genu valgum how to find the exact degree of it through x-rays or by taking the photos of her leg?

Hello sir..i am sameer from india(23 years old). i am suffering from knocked knees, i tried many exercises to correct them but didnt able to correct ?

Help! need to know if there's a point going hospital 3 months after i tore my hamstring?

Hey docs, just wanted to know if I will be able to walk after day surgery on my great toe?

Hi I have a quick questions my dad has his right leg that has been amputated above the knee. he is going into surgery now within the hour he is not?

Hi i i am a very fit 55 yr old , but i have a calcification on my hip joint and need key hole surgery , how long to get back to full fitnessthank you?

Hi just had acl/menisuc surgery and im in mt 4 wk after. I feel like im not getting better fast and still can't walk on my own yet. Should i worry?

Hi, i have a knee issue and am seeking advice. I unfortunately don't know exactly what happened but it seems when intoxicated i bashed my knee on some?