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I have joint pain and weaknesses in my left hand from the wrist to the small joint the pain is episodic but mostly in the morning my sis had RA ?

15 years old female, mild joint stiffness in morning that doesn't last too long, constant fatigue, mild reynauds, chronic knee pain, could it be RA?

Acute onset of severe stiff neck for 6 weeks now. Stretching doesn't help. No other symptoms. Xrays OK. Didn't strain it. Bilateral. ?

After measles now suffer joints pains, is it normal?

All my joints are painful. Is my lupus back?

All my joints are sore and i'm only in my late 20's.Burning/stiffness. What could this be?

Any advice, for 6 years i've had various symptoms of fatigue, muscle and joint pain, swelling, etc?

Any ideas? Joint/muscle pain, low fever, chest pain, fatigue, swollen ankles, red nodes on shins. Heading to a rheumatologist in 4 weeks

Are all my symptoms related-abnormal upep, heel pain, fatigue, joint, pain , stable bone lesion on tibia also sensory neuropathy ?

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Are joint pain and clicking linked to pantoprazole or sinusitis?

Are joint pain and stress related?

Are joint pains, weakness, and pain associated with anything other than fibromyalgia?

Are the symptoms of septic hip bad?

Are there diseases that would cause joint and muscle pain as well as excessive sleepiness?

Are there other diseases besides RA and lupus that could cause severe morning stiffness, joint pain, bone pain, muscle aches? Prednisone does not help

Are there ways to help ease the symptoms of painful joints?

At what age does one usually start to experience joint pains?

Been having joint pain and inflammation in all joints. Also been very fatigued. Have vitiligo for over 5 years now.

Body aches and pains and joint pain. Depression.. Is this stress or something else?

Both arms joint pain, no chest pain, sinus infection and neuropathy?

Can a bite from a brown recluse cause joint stiffness & pain?

Can a flu shot trigger a migraine and severe joint pain?

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Can allergy lead to muscle/joint pain?

Can being a vegan cause joint pain?

Can bone pain be a sign of allergy?

Can bone/joint pain be the only symptom of leukemia a person has? What would the pain be like?

Can chronic joint and muscle pain be a symptom if multiple sclerosis along with weakness?

Can chronic salmonella typhoid cause migratory joint pain? I never had acute illness. Joint and muscle pain comes and goes and is migratory.

Can constent joint pain be from a std?

Can dermatomyositis cause nerve pain, joint pain i know for sure! i'm a derm nurse and thought is was just joints, not nerves?

Can fibromyalgia manifest as joint pain? Or is it mostly non-joint pain?

Can fungal infection cause joint pain or loose legs?

Can gluten cause joint pain? Or is this a myth? Have lots of gas and joint pain too.

Can hornome unbalance cause joint pain?

Can hypothyroidism cause joint pain?

Can hypothyroidism cause joint pain? I have hypothyroidism and have been experiencing severe arthritis-like pain in my shoulders and hips.

Can i still be having muscle and joint pain from EBV in november?

Can issues with bone marrow or nervous system cause widespread severe bone/joint pain morning stiffness? Arthritis ruled out

Can it be that a calcium deficiency cause joint pain?

Can l tyrosine cause joint aches?

Can low iron cause joint pain?

Can oral thrush cause headaches and joint/muscle pain?

Can overall joint pain, "double jointedness", and TMJ pain/clicking be from some sort of arthritis or other joint disorder?

Can prenatal vitamins cause joint pain? Or Breast pain?

Can sjogren's syndrome cause tightness in joints with no swelling and only mild moving joint pain?I have full range of joints but just feel tight.

Can someone with Lyme disease have symmetrical joint pain on both sides?

Can the herxheimer reaction cause joint pain?

Can there be anything i can do to relieve chest and joint pain from lyme's disease?

Can there be such a thing as traveling joint pain?

Can whiplash contribute to fibromyalgia pain?

Can you come back from chronic joint injuries?

Can you give me some ideas to deal with joint and muscle pain fatigue?

Can you have joint swelling and pain from influenza b?

Can you tell me what you suggest if there was damage in the jaw joint there's must be pain or not?

Chronic hives with joint pain: what do I do, are the related?

Chronic pain syndrome. What is it? Info on it? Rheumo refer to pain doctor. Have ms. Bad joint pain stiffness. Same as another chronic pain on site

Cough, neck rash and knee joint pain. What could these symptoms indicate?

Could doxycycline cause minor joint pain, and does it go away?

Could influenza cause joint pain and, more specifically, pain in a single joint? I woke up with normal flu symptoms and aching right ankle.

Could menopause cause bone pain, painful joints etc.?

Could severe neck pain and stiffness that has now lasted for a month be related to my sle?

Could the flu and bronchitis cause si joint pain?

Diagnosed w/mono 4 yrs ago, lymes a yr later. Still have symptoms and now experiencing joint pain, muscle pain, hair loss. Can it be something else?

Diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome, pain in joints including ribs hips knees sometimes excruciating. Constant fatigue, always cold, normal?

Diagnosis for nausea, lethargy and joint pain?

Do u get joints pain if u have prostatitis?

Does a kidney infection cause symptoms such as joint stiffness and pain?

Does acid reflux sometimes cause joint aches in addition to neck pains?

Does Amoxicillin cause joint pain? Should i worry if it does?

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Does arthritis cause severe itching within the joint?

Does continuous stress and fear for one month cause joints pain and bone pain ?

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Does knee pain have a neurological origin?

Does rainy weather cause lupus joint pain to worsen?

Dylan is paralyzed in most of his body. His joints are really stiff and it seems to be causing him pain. Is there anything I can do to alleviate this?

Extremely easy-to-get joint sprains are a sign of what joint problems?

For about a month now every evening I am experiencing moderate to severe joint pain. The pain is literally in every joint. What are some possibles?

For that last 8mths i've had symptoms simular to fibromyalgia. Stiffness tenderness and pain all over. Isn't that also symptoms of hiv?

Good sign that joint pain is less severe on some days? Or could it still be lupus? Pain always there but some days better than others

Had a spider bite and now have joint pain. Is this related?

Have Crohn's and experience bad stomach pain, muscle stiffness, & joint pains. What's should I do?

Have sudden joint pain and diarrhea, what could be causing this?

Headaches always tired joint pain and stiffness bloaty stomach pos ana. What could be wrong ? Any connection w/ joint pain headache?

Hello. I have CRP 16.6 & suffering from joints & bones pain, and numbness of forehand. Could it be RS?

Help identifying joint pain & swelling with raised rash over the joints?

Hematospermia, joint pains hips stiffness foot and finger ache are symptom of what?

Hi I have PVNS. 2 surgeries over 3 years. I now have constant pain in all Joints of the body. Very painful and becoming debilitating. auto immune?

Hi.I have chronic stabbing burning pain swelling around joints less mobility. Frequently shoulders knees fingers. It lasts 2 to 3 days.

Hip problem and pain, early arthritis?

Hives, skin tenderness, joint pain, fatigue, joint swelling, and shortness of breath?

How can excessive joint movement cause back pain?

How can I alleviate chronic muscle and joint pain and pain anytime my skin is touched?

How can I deal with joint pain/muscle cramps from hypothyroidism?

How can I differentiate between joint pain and pain from tendons when a doctor or asks for my symptoms?

How can I handle joint pain from Lyme disease?