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Rhumotologist said I don't have fybomyalgia . Didn't do the pressure point test. What can I do. I feel I do have this?

.Legs feel achy and fatigue could this be due a lupus flare? Joints hurt a bit too but not much some musclefacculations too

+ ANA 1:320, Chromatin. Also have rashes, joint ache, oral sores, livedo, raynauds. Should I worry rheumatologist will call me a hypochondriac ?

+ ANA 1280 homogenous/speckled, negative ena. Thinning hair, sun rash, joint pain, fatigue, paresthesias. Have blau syndrome/eos-can this cause ^ana?

+ana of 1:320.Now 1:640 with distinct flares of joint pain, exhaustion, muscle aches, chest pain.Photosensitive, sicca.Complete workup neg.Common in ctds?

+ana speckled +rnp 2.4. Severe fatigue, raynauds fingers + toes. Back + hip pain. Gerd, insomnia low wbc, rbc, and mag.. Is this possible autoimmune?

+ana speckled, +rnp 2.4 sever fatigue, bad joint pain, raynauds, fingers +toes, insomnia GERD dr says 250mg of mag daily ?Will that fix my problems?

+ve ana, borderline+ve anti ds DNA , normal cbc, pain in some of the fingers of the hands with pressure for the last week, mouth ulcers, lower back pain?

13 wbc(8411 abs neutro) esr 45, dermatographia, hip bursitis, edema in lower legs. test neg for lupus, thyroid, rh arth.sent dr to dr. Feeling hopeles?

17 year old female. No health problems. Back pain on spine at bra strap. No radiating/tingling. Aso 400+. Crp 8.9. Wbc normal. Sed rate normal. She has no strep symptoms. Pain for 1 month. X-ray ok?

20 year history of recurrent mouth ulcers. I think when stressed. Dr wants to test for lupus. Arthritis. Chrons hepatitis do have slight finger stifness write type and ply hky. Is this all necessary?

21yof alternating aching throughout body and joint areas. Random onset. Neg. Testing for ra, lupus and lymes 1 year ago. What could this be? It's bad.

23 y/o w/ chronic swelling of the knee & stiffness after marathon training. Clean MRI and blood work except 1:320 ANA titer. No suspected ra. Ideas?

24, undiagnosed w jra-rhuematoid factor came back normal.Having horrible flare/swelling/pain.Would factor be normal still if tested during flare?

28 Caucasian female. high ck 200-800. muscle pain legs arm back for 6 months. sed rate normal 7. ana negative. emg prom fibrillation. possible diag?

2yrs ago started w/ joint pains, rash on and off , anemia. Ana test 1:40 speckled , CRP 6 .0mg/l, rf was normal , previous dr said it could be lupus .?

2yrs ago started w/ joint pains, rash on and off , anemia. Ana test 1:40 speckled , CRP 6 .0mg/l, rf was normal , previous dr said it could be lupus .?

30 yr female suspect of lupus, how a having a CRP of 6.0 mg/l affects me? Currently experiencing joints pains, anemia,

31M,both knee pain(1.5yr),MRI OK.Now lt elbow burning,proximal finger joints burning+swelling.Rheumatoid factor 8.6(ref. <12).ESR,CRP,Uric acid normal?

31yrmale.sjogerns negative(ana<1:40,RA -ve,CRP,ESR normal). Feel dry mouth&tongue always esp while talking/doing exercise&inturn fatigue N head press?

31yrold.dry/sticky mouth.Throat pain,tired while talking.ANA(<1:40),RA,ESR,CRP,WBC normal.Doc said no sjogern.Can these numbers change later

35 y.O. Female, I have rf of 97 and high esr, constant extreme fatigue, pain in joints, psoriasis/eczema on hands and scalp. What could this mean?

38y female seroneg ra. Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) not work. Bone scan show si joints & feet. Start 10mg mtx. Doc said may not be RA since si joints?4 relative w/ra. ?

42 female, acute onset swelling/pain leg,knee, ankle,feet, wrist. fatigue. eosinophil level 760. bit by tick 8 weeks ago. ELISA neg. for Lyme disease.

45+Sjogren's syndrome, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Im noticing my period is stronger and feel lots of pain. Shouldnt it b weaker at this age? Reason?

5 mo wait for rheum, is dermatomyositis w decreased lung vol a worry, or unikely w/ mild hand, eyelid rash, increasing prox muscle weakness, but neg c react, jo pos ssa, rf, ANA musc, joint pain numbness

5 mos of fatigue/joint pain, swelling of hands, wrists; is it possible to have lupus with a (-) ANA , (+) ds dna, (+) sed rate?

50 y/o male chronic neck & LBP, headache, shoulder pain, bilateral hip pain. Normal CBC, CK,CMP,ESR,CRP,Vit D,RF. ANA 1:40 speckled. More workup?

6y/o pain in knees and tops of feet slightly high esr, 1:160 speckled ANA MRI ok so rheumo says nothing wrong have any ideas on what could be wrong?

6yo pain in knees and top of feet speckeled ANA high ESR has enthesopathy legs r "tired" in am but rheumo says nothing wrong. Whst should I do now?

7 yr s of unexpland body pain rashes misscarraiges fatigue lung nodules. Now for 6 mos strait hip shoulder + chest pain. And a + ANA lab. Lupus?

Advice please symptoms: red rash & spider ang. On chest & face, cvi, raynauds, joint pain stiff.& muscle aches, diffuse hair loss. Rf & sr low ANA - ?

All my pain symtums are artheritise related. I had blood work done and it can back negative for artheritise. What is wrong with me?

All tests for lupus and arthritis come back normal each time. However, I have a lot of fluid retention everyday as well as joint pain. Other causes?

Ana +1:320 homogeneous&speckled. Anapanel all<.02 except dsdna was 4. Pain, extreme fatigue, mouth&nose sores.Dr said too young to have lupus? 27 yr old

Ana 1:160 hi IgG but dr told me fibromyalgia not autoimmune, tingling/vibration feelings in extremities pain in joints, elbows, wrists, muscle twitches?

Ana 1:160speckled, ESR 29, IgG 1710, low grade fever, flulike feeling, wrist and back ache (sometimes) blotchy areas on arms/stomach in heat, swollen nodes 1cm in neck, doc says lupus, do I trust her?

Ana 1:320, pain all over, mouth sores, nose sores, extreme fatigue. Pcp thinks lupus, but my dsdna was 1 point away from equivocal. Could it be lupus?

ANA 1:640, malar rash in sun, periodic leukopenia,pleuritic chest pain,photosens rashes,mouth sores,raynauds,muscle & joint pain;sed rate,C3,C4 normal?

Ana 1:80 homogeneous, sed rate 51, chronic post nasal drip, inflamed sinuses, osteo arthritis, fatigue, brain fog. What are some possible explanations?

Ana 320, anti ds DNA borderline 1:20, pain in the joints of both fingers and one wrist upon movement .Mouth ulcers every month, v. Active. Is it lupus ?

Ana 320, borderline anti ds DNA , joint pain upon pressure in the palms of the hands for three weeks .My dr said it is not lupus , can he be mistaken?

Ana C3 C4 ccp norm Severe joint pain hands/feet morning stiffness Am in shock that pregnancy can cause debilitating pain. will go away after deliver?

Ana pos 1:80 nucleola, fatigue, eyes hurt vision goes blurry, muscle and joint pain, daily headaches -pain meds don't work, ESR 24 other labs clean?

Ana test was positive took lupus test it was a 5, but still having pains, numbness, tingling in hands, feet arms, and legs told fibromyalgia ?

ANA was 1:320, nuclear coarse speckled. Anti-RNP 1.3. Likely scleroderma or MCTD or lupus? Only chest pain and mild acid reflux. 28 female.

Ana was 1:80 'borderline' with homogeneous pattern. What does this mean? I still have muscle weakness, fatigue, joint pain, & hair loss.

ANA/RF negative, dry eyes/mouth, dry peeling & vesicles on palms, widespread joint pain/crepitus, fatigue, cognitive probs, autonomic issues. Ideas?

ANA+ (1:160 homologous), all other titers NEG (Lupus, RA, vasculitis, etc) Rheum thinks seroneg RA. Morning stiffness, joint/spine/SI pain. Possible?

ANA+, RF 18.4, norm sed rate, mildly achy/weak joints but no stiffness in a.m. H/o neck pain improved with chiro and PT. Any insight?

Ana1:640 for yrs.Get chest pain, fatigue, dizzy, pain during flares despite all normal tests.Prednisne heips.Diagnosed w/uctd.Are normal tests common?

Anatiter1:640 x10yrs.Flares of jnt &muscle pain, fatigue, malaise, photosens rashes, constant sicca relieved by 10mg prednisone.+raynauds, partial dysautonomia. All other labs neg even during flares!dx?

Any explanation to why I am not feeling relief on 20mg daily prednisone for rheumatoid arthritis or lupus symptoms/pain?

Are there any autoimmune or rheumatic diseases that would have a sed rate of just 8? I have severe joint pain and swelling bilaterally that flare.

Are there any tests to determine if you have stiff person syndrome? I have constant joint pain, twitching muscles, elevated crp

Autoimmune symptoms (fatigue, joint/muscle pain, headaches, gastro issues, etc.)Tested for lupus. RNP was 2.5. No lupus. Rheum said restest. Thoughts?

Back pain numbness tingling hands feet nausea. Tsh 3.54. Ana + 1:40 speckled. Smith ab neg. RNP AB NEG. Rest titer neg. Meth acid 55. Diagnosis?

Been told i don't have RA or fibromyalgia by several different docs. All tests normal. But i've had muscle/joint pain in low back, arms&calves10+yrs?

Bilateral upper extremity weakness nerve damage in toes. Started 5 months ago progressing. ESR 31mml Ana 1:640 homogenous cardiolipin IgG 33gpl ?

Blood results come back ANA 640h, lymphocytecount 1.3 and iron 4, symptoms hand and arms weakness and joint pain, tired all the time.

Blood tests done negative x3, Mri no inflammation, xray 20+ no arthritis. Severe arthralgia in all joints accept jaw and spine. What could cause this?

Blood work came back GRAN# 6.6 & RDW 16.7%. Present issues include fatigue, pain in shoulders, arms, knees, hips, with weakness. for 10 months?

Bloods, bone scan nerve tests normal yet polyarthritis pain fingers twisting/bending, malaise fatigue temp 38C+ back pain all 2yrs+ Only diagnosis FM & OA?

Blotchy rash in malar pattern along with migrating joint/muscle pain, chest pain, fatigue. rheum says it's not lupus due to bloods. no idea what it is?

Bone scan normal except tracer uptake hot spots in both big toes. No pain here, labs neg for osteo + RA. Don't exercise, what else could explain this?

Both knee pain since 1.5 yr. MRI OK.Now left hand elbow and finger joints burning.RA factor8.6IU/ml.ESR/RPR/ASO/CRP/uric acid normal.Possible reasons?

Break out in hives in sun, migrating athralgia, rashes, fatigue, muscle weakness, neuropathy but neg ANA ENA fbc etc. Surely must be early lupus?

Can ANA be + (1.160) 2 yrs ago then - now ESR varies from 25-40 but normal now ccp 5<5 at the moment aching all over, ache &burning sens in hands ra?

Can axiety and depression cause joint and muscle pain.? Had bloodwork done from a to z all negative. Saw 3 rheumatologist all said anxiety n depressio

Can costocondritus cause a fibromyalgia flare? A&e said my hearts fine but my jaw and arm ache and inflammation showed in my bloods

Can gad antibodies cause stiff joints?

Can I have something else beside fibromyalgia? I am in constant pain, bw/labs normal. Please see profile and symptoms before answering, thank you. :-)

Can imuran (azathioprine) cause back; bone and muscle pain after intake for 1 month?? It's taken for SLE .. I have no symptoms other than red face ...

Can Lyme cause sinus tachycardia? Experiencing groin pain, joint pain, particularly hands & feet. RA screen pos, all other RA tests in normal range.

Can nerve conditions mimic lupus symptoms? I have high ANA but no other positive lupus test. Severe muscle pain and all over itchiness for 1 year.

Can osteomalacia be misdiagnosed I have pain all over body no swelling ra factor ana prof normal isotope bone scan normal CBp tsh normal what to do have extreme pain on weigh bearing everywhere?

Can RA hurt worse at night ? My joints hurt worse at night but more stiff in the morning. Have pos ANA and high ESR but negative rf family history of ra

Can stress increase lupus/sjogrens symptoms like fatigue and joint pain?

Can u name a few autoimmune diseases that can cause joint pain pos ANA fatigue and recurrent kidney infections?

Can untreated hypothyroidism cause excruciating joint pain, especially in the ankles. Can it cause sed rate and CRP to be high.

Can vitamin d insufficiency cause joint stiffness and joint pain Iam 18 vit d 6 months before was 12ng/ml at present 28 ng/ml.normal antinuclear test ?

Can you have RA or lupus with full rom? I been having pain for 8 yrs and doc said today i need to have lab work. Could it b do to double jointed?

Cause? Joints (fingers, shoulders, hip, knees) hurt for year+. Light headed, dizziness, losing hair are other problems. ANA negative. WBC 4.7 RBC 3.86

Causes of chronic enthesitis at heel without injury? Have had flares of SI pain for 7 yr, but also have high titre ANA. All other blood tests normal.

Chest pain x1yr. Hosp for 10d, prednisone x 8mo and plaquenil, (hydroxychloroquine) methotrexate. Dx serositis. Why can I not shake the chest pain? Better but still pain.

Chronic daily headache, joint pain, fatigue, anxiety, chest pain, tingling. Ana 1:640, homogeneous/speckled. No insurance. Wise to skip my rheumy ref?

Chronic intersitial cystitis, flares accompanied by joint pain(all over but wrist, thumb) muscle pain, high uric acid levels, blood in urine.

Chronic knee pain for 10 months on medial and lateral side of joint. Uric acid is normal, RA and ANA test negative. Pain better on piroxicam, reason?

Ck blood test is elevated again. Is my polymyalsia coming back or could be from my trigger thumb or because I dislocated my hip twice?

Considering 2nd opinion after rheum cons, ANA, ENA, ESR, FBC, Complement, CK, neg/normal yet still ill with malar rash, joint/muscle pain, fatigue ?

Constant pain in feet legs hips neck and shoulders bloodwork shows no inflammation neg Rh factor, and no lupus what's wrong with me or am i crazy?

Could degenerative disc disease (that causes pain) and osteoarthritis cause highly sensitive CRP blood test to be high?

Could knee, foot, calf, and leg pain be caused my Lyme disease or mono or ra? What types of tests should I have? I do have a back history

Could pain in my shoulder be due to anti phospholipid antibody syndrome?

Could you tell me why my hb is 10 and ESR is 82, have arthritis problem since last 10 yrs, i'm really stressed?

Crp-, esr- all the blood work is fine but still MRI shows I have mild inflammation in sacroiliac joints. Been 4 years like this. Plus I am hlab27+.

Daughter had HSP couple yrs ago and now has joint pain agsin no rash but pos ANA and moderately high esr. Is this connected? If not what else can be

Daughter has pain top of feet & knees rheumo says from flat feet even though she has pos ANA and high ESR can rheumo be wrong? Whst else could it be?

Daughter has positive ANA elevated sed rate joint pain dr says not arthritis cause no joint inflammtion could dr be wrong ? What else could it be?

Deep aches in my thighs and bones. Stretching, baths, Advil, (ibuprofen) &fluid don't help. I have lupus.Recent c3 & c4 were normal so rheum said not my lupus. ?