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How long do docs recommend I should I leave a heating pad on a sore shoulder/tendonitis?

How long should one take motrin and apply arnica gel to neck jaw traps to treat pain and stiffness. Will body heal itself to not need it? Jaw problem.

How long to wait before seeing doctor for elbow pain? Elbow hurts when arm is extended and when fully bent. Does not hurt when at a 90degree angle. Trying rest, ice, compression. Taking Tylenol for pain. Been hurting for 7 days.

How to alleviate horrible kneey pain ice doesn't work. Just started medrol (methylprednisolone)?

How to heal an an/oblique strain & how long healing?Tried heat, ice, massage, meds.Nothing has worked its been 4 months. Super sore to move or touch.

How to relieve costochondritis?! Severe pain in left breast which has radiated to my back. Taken ibuprofen and using heat but it still really hurts??

Hurt my shoulder (trapezius area) 2 weeks ago lifting weights. Pain has not really gone away. Ibuprofen helps but hasn't taken down the inflammation. ?

Husband's groin area is swollen on right side. Constant pain when he moves. Could it possibly be a hernia? Been applying ice packs & taking tramadol.

I already use a gel and ibuprofen on knee bursitis, no help. No swelling just uncomfortable at times for nearly 2 weeks especially on standing. Why?

I am 34 weeks pregnant and suffering greatly from Pelvic Girdle Pain. Can I use Icy Hot on this area or any other suggestions for pain relief?

I am experiencing painful hand/thumb joints (little better by: nsaids (ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.)) (side: both) (time frame: moved to high altitude?

I am experiencing painful swollen joints (better by: nsaids (ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.), compressive wrap or dressing, rest) (quality: stinging or... and I have a vein like mass under my skin that itches and burns?

I am having leg pain in both legs i had back surgery a year ago I have diebeites I am wondering should I go to ER I've tried heat I have tried heat and ice i take my pain meds it is also unbearable to walk

I am having terrible back pain in my lower back. It is sharp and stabbing. Not following an injury. Advil (ibuprofen) heat and ice are not helping. What can I do?

I am on a prednisone pack. I am having so much burning pain in the neck and down both arms. I had it before I took them but now it is worse. Help?

I am on geodon (ziprasidone) and my joints and body are aching. Ibuprofen doesn't alleviate it. Can't hold up arms when laying down. What to do? Stop med few times

I am taking narproxn and tremadal for pain on sprained wrist that also has carpal tunnel. Well pain meds are making me so itchy I can't stop scratching?

I bruised my tailbone over 2 mos ago. How long before no pain? Had an X-ray and use a donut pillow w little relief taking ibuprofen. Anything else?

I feel pain and heat in my stomach. the heat runs on my hip and back. when i take pantoprazole the pain and heat stops but comes back the next day.

I fell over the weekend and am experiencing intermittent burning pain in my back/side below my waist. I am using ice and Aleve. what else can I do?

I felland hit my head at the right periteal area swelling persist ice pack applied and tylenol (acetaminophen) taken for pain. Should i go to the ER for an CT scan.?

I got "rug burn" on my stomach from bodyboarding. What can I do to relieve the pain?

I got an xray that shows a bunion. The pain is so severe tonight that my toes keep going numb. Iv tried heat ice pads tylenol (acetaminophen) . Help.. Dr can't help?

I got stung 8 hours ago on the top of my foot and I feel a burning pain. Advil (ibuprofen) did not help. Should I be feeling pain 8 hours later? Iced it all day.

I had 2 teeth pulled and the only relief i get is when i lay my face on a heating pad. Is it ok for me to do that? I

I had a d&c suction surgery on friday march 2nd. I am having severe pain and golf size blood clots. Is this normal? I would rate my pain an 8 on the pain scale. I have been taking ibuprofen and using a heating pad.

I had a joint injections near my tailbone ,my leg and lower back and tail bone hurts and it's numb, sick to stomach only taking advils (ibuprofen).is this normal?

I had a massage yesterday and way too much pressure was applied to my lower back.. It's extremely sore today. Would heat or ice be helpful?

I had my dislocated finger reduced 2 weeks ago. It is still swollen and bruised. Should i see a doctor or is this normal? I have been applying an ice and have been takin an Advil (ibuprofen) 600mg three times a day.

I had thoracic surgery 3 years ago. I am still having severe pain at night in shoulder and hand still swells. I use ice packs at night to help reduce ?

I have a bad hand / wrist sprain after a bad fall - had x-ray(fine)-splint, ice, advil, (ibuprofen) still having pain, numbness, tingling is that normal after wk?

I have a DVT in my left Illiac Vein and am suffering horribly from pain and swelling. Is it ok to talk half of Tylenol (acetaminophen) 3 in addition to Zarelto?

I have a inner lump between my groin and thigh and have no clue what to do? I've iced it, put heat on it and taken tylenol (acetaminophen)

I have a muscle that's sore on my right side just below my lower back. I've tried ice, massage, and motrin but nothing seems to make it go away. ?

I have a pain in my knee and calf all the time. I have done icey hot and off it for days ... Nothing helps. Any thing eles I can try?

I have a pinched nerve and I am having pain down from my knee down and sharp pains at the bottom of my feet what should I do to to keep the pain down ice and heat is no longer worker and im also on motrin and flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl)

I have a question about lupus pain. Which would be better, ice or warmth?

I have a really sore lower back thinking it was muscular I have taken 3 days of antiinflammatories and no relief.

I have a recurring sore area that alternates between shoulder blades. Applying pressure helps a lot . What causes it ?

I have a severe pain in my back on the left side right where my bra strap is. I've had it more than 2 weeks and have tried ice heat ibuprofenbut no hel?

I have a sharp pain in a very localized area near the top of my right gluteus medius. How can I make it go away, aside from rest, ice, and ibruprofen?

I have a swollen tissue in my shoulder blade and it hurts a lot. What can I do ? I take naproxen and it doesn't help.

I have acute plantar fasciitis. Why would applying ice to the area make it hurt worse? The pain is very sharp. Would heat be better?

I have an infection in my upper tooth that causes swelling, tension and pain. My tinnitus quietens when I take anti inflammatory like ibuprofen, does this mean anything?

I have been told i have tendonitis and ozgood but now im in my 20s & still always in extreme pain to where i cant sleep even with pain meds & heatpad?

I have burning pain in my ankles. Mild lateal sprain. Can walk around house 10 minutes at a time. Burn ing pain usually worse after applying ice.

I have constant burning pain along the insode of bother ankles. Ice is not helping. Should I be concerned?

I have discomfort in my knees, it comes and goes. Usually after I apply heating pad on the knee, it feel better the next day. What can be it?

I have extremely severe pain in my left shoulder and upper arm from bursitis. I've tried heat, cold, physical therapy and meloxicam with no success. ?

I have fever in my elbow hurts when i try to use it and bend it it really pains me. Kind of looks like i fell and hit it but i didn't. I helped lay sod grass yesterday. Put ice pack on it isome. It helps the pain. But only if i keep it on it. But the

I have gone to a doctor for right leg soreness and have fallen on my right knee 2 times in the past couple of months. I have used ice and aleve (naproxen).?

I have had armpit pain all day, relieved ater shower. What could it be?

I have had excruciating right inner knee pain since last wednesday. I have been limping and its painful walking and using the stairs. Would I have to alter tylenol (acetaminophen) and ibuprofen?

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 10 years and my foot on side when applied pressure has extreme pain. will ice or heat work? and will ibuprofen?

I have had severe aching in my back and joints ..No fever... Feel better with Advil (ibuprofen) ..Then it returns... Also have a rash like a sunburn this morn.. ?

I have inflammed left shoulder tendon. Should I use hot of cold compressions?

I have inner ear pain that seems to extend down the back of my throat. how can I treat this? Advil (ibuprofen) and alevehave not helped

I have intense right shoulder pain. I'm guessing possible bursitis. Advil (ibuprofen) and ice aren't helping. Will anything help before i see the doc in 3 days?

I have low back pain and left hip pain. I've had tests and gone to pt but no relief. I've even tried exercises, OTC meds, and warm and cool compresses. Ii even have a tens unit but still no relief. I am in severe pain when I walk, stand, sit and now lying

I have mild pain/discomfort on my left knee after wieght traning for my legs yesterday. How long should I rest? When should I apply ice/heat?

I have muscular pain in the cervical area, i try with a lot of painkillers and i still can not move my head. I need a piece of advise?

I have pain in my chest.A doctor said to use analgesic cream.After use,the area gets tender and painful,then subsides,but pain still inside chest.Why?

I have pain in my pelvic bones and the muscles in my legs are sore making ithard to walk I have taken Advil and tylenol (acetaminophen) that helps a little

I have pain in shoulder and scapula continuously for 2 weeks. Only right side. Bothering when I try to sleep. Should I go to take massage or see a doc?

I have pain in the back left side of my neck that radiates to above my left ear. I have tried ice packs & Advil (ibuprofen) but it has continued. Suggestions?

I have pain in the pelvic area but my x-rays came out clean. Doctor advised me to continue advil (ibuprofen). What could be the reason?

I have pain just above my right elbow and use a computer tablet all day long. Could this be similar to tennis elbow? What can I do to ease the pain?

I have ra. My hip started hurting on the front and side of right hip. Tried heat, warm bath, duexis and muscle relaxers doing nothing.Help?

I have sciatica and have been literally sitting on a heating pad for hours at a time. Could this be making the pain worse?

I have severe bicep pain. Hurts when i move my hand too. I have applied ice and taken motrin. Should i see a doctor? This has been in pain for 5 hours

I have severe lower back pain which caused my torso to twist. Should I use heat or ice? Should I visit a chiropractor? Steroid shot?

I have severe pain in my left abdomen as well as swelling. What should I do. I fell down the stairs last tuesday and the pain has worsened instead of getting better. I have tried Aleve as well as my prescription muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory. I am

I have sharp pain on my left temple area.It comes and goes repeatedly for a few secanything to make it feel better?I tried Advil (ibuprofen) but its not helping.

I have sores down past my tail bone from sitting on my couch on heating pad. How do I treat the sores?

I have swelling in my legs and feet along with pain. I have tried using ice but nothing is working. What else can I try?

I have symptoms of appendicitis. I was about to put a heat pad on the site of my pain, but my boy friend told me that could be dangerous. Is he right?

I have tightness and sometimes pain on the sides of my hips. Worse when turning corners while walking. Better with rest and/or ice. What could it be?

I hurt my toe, it's really swollen and I can't move it. My mom said to put ice on it and take Advil (ibuprofen). what should I do?

I hurt the back bottom of my neck slightly while exercising should I use ice or heat in first 48 hours please?

I hurted my neck when turning it fast and many times. It caused pain. Can i put voltaren (diclofenac) gel ? Will it help ?

I injured my back weight-lifting four days ago. I've had pain, minor spasms, and loss of appetite. Advil (ibuprofen) was giving me heartburn. What shoul I do?

I jammed my finger at school when i was at art class and now its throbbing in pain. How can I relieve it?

I just asked this and the doctor said it had to with working in heat. I think he mixed me up with someone else. Thyroid neck pain. Hurts to touch.

I lost a lot of weight and now my tailbone hurts when sitting. I use the wedge pillow, my dr says just take an advil (ibuprofen)? It has been like this for a year

I overstretched my shoulder 4 weeks ago & have moderate pain. Nsaids, ice, rest don't work. Doc says pain will go away. My question: when? Any advice?

I play softball and have moderate shoulder pain often. How can I reduce pain between practices besides taking anti inflammatories or pain pills?

I pulled my hamstring while playing basketball. It has been 5 days. It still hurts when I stretch. I have been applying ice/heat combo. It becomes really hard to sleep at night due to the pain.

I put deep heat on my neck and shoulders and immediately got a migraine.why would deep heat rub cause a migraine?

I slept off and now my neck is killing me. My chiropractor can't get me in for a few days. Anything i can do in the meantime to alleviate the pain?

I slipped & feel almost 2 weeks ago & landed on my tailbone.. But my knee got hurt & is getting worst. I ice it daily & take Advil & tylenol (acetaminophen) no help.

I slipped this morning right on my behind! it felt numb for a while now hurts a lot. Did some stretching&massages, took tylenol (acetaminophen). Any tips for pain?

I sprained my ankle yesterday and i've been applying ice and taking pain killers but its not really helping.

I strained a ligament in my left knee is it normal to be cold? I have not used Ice on it today.

I strained ligaments in my knee it's pretty much better but when I go to bed is there anything else IcoulddoBesidetaking Tylenol at bed tohelpwithpain?

I think had carpal tunnel syndrome few yrs back used wrap&pain relief gels.Still today can't do heavy things w/out pains coming back.How to strengthen?

I think I have "PAD" the pain feels like my legs are being crushed. My legs use to turn jet black. I also get bad chest pain I think because of "PAD"?

I trouble sleeping with my knee stiffness is there any way i can get rid of the stiffness I have tried a heat pack but it doesn't seem to help much ?

I tweaked my upper back/shoulder a week ago and it's really painful. I'm not sure what I did. Ibuprofen, ice, and heat aren't helping.

I was asked by the therapist to ice the sour area of my back using ice pack. That's good practice, right?

I was diagnosed with mono. how can l help my jaws & cheeks stop hurtn? Can a heatin pad or ice work? my jaws feel really stiff & tight