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I Seemed to have torn the area above my anus and I would like to know ways for extended pain relief? Should I see a doctor about it?

Pain or tight weird feeling in calf few days after nasal surgery I'm taking ibuprofen paracetamol and arnica is this anything to be concerned about ?

use moist heat on tmj pain or ice pack for 30 min twice a day. i hoping this is just stress. could it just be temporary stress that is causing pain?

10 yr old has skin pain. Very itchy and stings. Extreme pain after shower or bath. She is on amitriptylin and gabapentin. Are meds causing pain?

16 year old girl is having severe lower stomach pain off and on, so bad it buckles her over in tears. Er gave her vicodin (500mg) and ibuprofen on 3/29 for four days didn't help hardly at all. The only thing that seems to help is a warm bath. Heating pad

1month ago I injuryed my shoulder.1trmt of Aleve (naproxen) w/heat its75%healed.I have continued trmt.But not much change.Feels better4awhie.What do u recommend.?

2 months out from thr. Walking 4+ blocks. Still having soreness in hip and thigh. Using moist heat/ice, tylenol (acetaminophen). Soreness normal?

2 weeks ago onset of gradual swelling under patella, stiff feeling. Thinking it was bursitis, took advil, (ibuprofen) swelling relieved, now feels like something is moving under patella getting caught/pinched

28 yo. Chronic left lower back pain. Stretching etc isn't enough. I don't like to take meds like aleve (naproxen) everyday....I'm only 28...should I? Long term?

3 yr old hep a shot said he doesn't wanna walk cause leg hurts. Normal? What to give him? Advil (ibuprofen)? 

34 weeks preg. Had Charley horse 2 nights ago still in horrible pain and can hardly walk!!!Tried walking out, heating pad, hot relieve!!!!

5 days ago I hurt my lower back, it's a bit swollen&strained. I apply heat & have been resting from sports, when will it stop and what else can i do?

8yr/o with JRA in middle of bad flare and says her liquid Lortab isn't helping with pain also Tryed warm bath and heating pad any suggestions?

A home remedy for knee joint pain for a Crohn's patient? (ice pack makes it worse for me)

A painful zit(pimple)inside my nose, what can I do to reduce this pain tylenol (acetaminophen)?

About a week I have mild chest pain on the left to the point I grab my chest try to massage area and take aspirin . It last 20 min.

After typing on the computer all day I have a lot of wrist and thumb pain, besides taking n'said what else can I do for pain relief?

All day my wrist has been experiencing pain, it hurts when i pick something put ice or heat on it?

All of a sudden last night i started experiencing knee pain.I have had no trauma and did not fall. I have used a heating pad but it is stillput weight?

Ankle pain for months. Keeps going and returning. Tried ice but only helped me temporary. It seems that there is a circular swelling. What to do?

Any advice for costocondritus? Being woken up with stabbing pains, I'm so tender, naproxen isn't doing much. Even wearing a bra is agony

Any thing i can do to help it like ice or heat . my back been pain full of and over ten years now?

At bedtime my ankles and calves burn deep in joints keeps me up most of night tried every over counter pain med.. ?

Back is really painful since car accident - over a year ago. Constant ache&in a lot of pain having to use a hot water bottle. What could it be?

Back pain between shoulder blades from playing on a trampoline. Should I use heat or ice?

Bad shoulder bursitis. Heating pad, ice, ibuprofen or cortisone pills not working. Any exercises to help? Very bad pain, cannot sleep from the pain .

Been two days j cant walk cus my leg muscles r tight.( i was dancin too much) i took aleeve and ibuphron and been putting icehot patches nothing works?

Being treated for blood clot in my arm. Forgot to ask my hematologist , is it ok to use either a heating pad or ice pack for the pain and swelling?

Besides hot water bottles, what is the best way to apply heat to the lower back to soothe nerve pain?

Between my shoulder blades hurt I have tried ice amd heat and nothing is working?

Bilateral meniscus repair 2/18/16.No pain, headaches& lower back pain?Only took Tylenol (acetaminophen) and walking. Do I need to keep ace wrap on it still?

Bottom heel pain . Especially in am . No swelling bruising . Heat ice rest epsom salt , ib profen have not been successful . Pain for six months.

Bottom/back of teeth on both sides are painful. Hot, cold water, chocolate, and mouthwashes cause the pain. Tried sensodyne with no relief. Cause?

Broke my 2nd and 3rd ribs 2 weeks ago and has not gotten better even with rest, ice and medication. Symptoms now include nausea. What is wrong?

Can a sesamoid fracture go from intense pain (relieved with stiff soled sandals and Aleve (naproxen)) to no pain at all (no Aleve (naproxen) necessary) within days?

Can a z pack cause joint pain?

Can antibiotics like amoxicillin alleviate joint inflammation? Nsaids, cortisone, and therapy have not with warm/swollen after 20 months post-op.

Can applying volterol, biofreeze etc, to your whole back help backache?

Can i be perscribed pain meds for having sore muscles/body because i workout/bodybuild? I've tried the over-the-counter stuff but i still have pain

Can predisone cause muscle pain? Finished the pack a few days ago, now legs very, very sore

Can putting asprin directly on a cavity help the pain?

Can putting ice on chest ease palpitations?

Can you crush up hydrocodone and put it on a burn to reduce pain and swelling?

Chronic lupus with tension headaches and knots. Warm compresses are not working. What can I do for relief ? Headaches are often. Tried heat pads.

Computer more than 14 hours a day. Shoulder and neck uncomfortable. What would be the way to relieve my pain at home?

Constant severe pain in right arm just below elbow and in the shoulder. No recent injury heat/ice and OTC meds not helping?

Continuing and severe ankle pain with areas of puffiness. I have fractured this same ankle twice, I have no insurance. Taking daily limit of ibuprofen/tylenol.Icing as well. Puffiness not going down/pain is not decreasing. Most recent fracture this past

Costochondritis, chest injury pain. Are narcotics better at healing it than motrin?

Could aspercreme be good to use for back ache?

Cyst on my back that the surgeon said was infected. On clindamycin, still have burning sensation after 5 days on meds, did warm compresses, advil (ibuprofen).

Day 4s/p extraction. Pain is intense/steady.see what looks like what tissue but feel something hard w/tongue.aleve, (naproxen)apap, help. Dry socket?

Do cold baths in the sea improve sciatica pain?

Do muscle relaxers or pain killers cause hot cold flashes?

Do the pain reliever creams or oils, that you can put on the outside of a swollen sprained joint, actually help the healing at all?

Does bengay help to alleviate tail bone pain? Is it safe near hemorrhoids

Does sitting in warm water help joint pain?

Doing hurdles I fell hard on my left leg. 2 hours after I have iced and taking aleve (naproxen) and the pain is still stopping me from doing anything in my hip ?

Dull Achy knee pain when not wrapped tightly or in brace. Feeling intensifies when something (pants, blanket, etc.) Rubs against it.

Dull, painful ache in shoulder blade going to neck. Tried epsom salt, volatren and ibuprofen. What else can I do? Doesnt seem to be better after day 3

Elderly pt w/broken knee cap. Sleeping excessively at SNF. Can use of pain killers cause excessive sleep? If so, what kind of pain killers are it?

Experiencing headache (no better w/rest, nsaids (ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.), stress management) (side: front, left, right) (time frame: gradua...

Fell off kerb 7 months ago. Pain bearable but not improved. Really hurts if pressure is applied to a certain point along 5th metatarsal what's wrong?

For about 1 mnth now i've had intense pain on my shoulder blade/back. I've tried icy hot and heating pads. Provide relief but no cure. Suggestions?

For shoulder bursitis, how much Advil (ibuprofen) and for how long? Should i stretch to the point of pain or is that counterproductive?

Got right ankle trauma which I have constantly doing R.I.C.E like I was told to do but it's still agony on tramadol and ibuprofen but doesn't help also using a support, injured back in June 2014?

Got tendonitis from lifting. Been icing and taking ibuprofen and haven't gotten relief in 2 weeks. Would heat or alternating be better?

Had a bilateral mastectomy weeks ago. I sleep on my back and get leg and foot cramps. Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Advil haven't helped. Other options?

Had a solumedrolshotfor hive on sun. Now in pain from shoulder to elbow I am 61 yr old female , is this normal and what can I take to relieve the pain?

Had an ingrown toenail removed yesturday. Now the pain won't go away. The toe is throbbing. Tylenol (acetaminophen) didn't relieve any pain. What else can I do?

Have pain in right knee appears swollen applied ice pack still paining is there a topical pain medicine I can use what i good for swelling ?

Have a muscle knot in my neck, right side. 1+ weeks. Flector patch, (diclofenac) Advil 600+ not touching it. Should i heat or ice it? Other strategies?

Have a small hydrocele. Little pain and discomfort. Dr said no surgery needed. Cold hip bath and icing helps discomfort. Why does applying cold help?

Have a stent in My uruter. In a lot of pain. Pain meds not helping. What else can I do? Heat or ice?

Have pain in my solar plex and in between shoulder blades. sort of feels like i am constantly hungry. have taken IBU and Tylenol (acetaminophen). Should I worry?

Have patella tendinitis...Feels a lot better only dull ache sometimes...Been 2weeks..Using rice method...Should i start using heat now or ice still?

Have RA and fibromyalgia, been having chest pain all day, hurts when active, better with rest, very uncomfortable, what is this?

Have severe ankle pain and cannot sleep. Is 4 Advil (ibuprofen) with food all right?

Have TMJ bad- taking anti-inflammatories. Still in pain- using heating pad. Pain in ear as well-- any suggestions to reduce pain? Am on soft diet.

Having pain in back of neck and shoulders. This is from being on laptop for 4 weeks for break. Had acupuncture, aspirin and ice. What else can I do?

Having pain in the middle of my back on the left side been having the pain for 3 weeks, have tried pain reliever, heating pad, massage, hot bath

Having severe leg pain. At rest I have to continue to move my legs I've tried massages hot n cold compress iron pills etc please help ?

Having tight muscles in upper back/neck For a month. meds are not responding well. Stretches help a little also Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Advil sometimes. Help?

Heard a pop in my neck 3 days ago. Lots of pain&swelling.No relief w/heat,ibuprofen,muscle relaxer. Hx: 3 bulged discs. ER?urgent care? Will they help

Hello docs. I was wondering can warm compress aleviate stomach pain?

Hello I have back spasms that flare up every now and then. I've done heat and ice rotate. Tried naproxen looked at my diet and take vitamins?

Hematomas in my buttox not healing after 3 months. Dr prescription hot compresses, tens unit, Aleve (naproxen) & 7days Loritab. Still much pain & trouble walking at time?

Hi I have pains below the left breast. Under the rib cage. Is it safe to apply heat pat or cold pad. Which one pliz. Thx?

Horrible back pain that won't go away--ice or heat?

How can a heat wrap therapy help my back pain?

How can I know when it is right to use heat or cold on pain?

How can I numb the pain of my infected insect bite besides a hot towel and advil (ibuprofen)?

How can I physically reduce pain of a needle?

How can I reduce swelling in arms after abg line removed? In lots of pain but don't want to take painkillers

How can you stop pain from ear stretching?

How do I alleviate neck pain from sleeping wrong? Pt said tennis balls in sock--icky

How do I soothe a painful sunburn on shoulders and back?

How do you get rid of dislocated shoulder pains, other then with medication and ice?

How do you releave twitching in the neck from stress I've already tryed pain pills, heat, ice, and a chiroprator nothings worked

How does aspercreme work? Is it just a pain reliever or does it help heal? Ankle tendonitis feeling much better with aspercreme than lidocaine patches

How effective is epsom salt for normal feet pain (from walking too much, nothing serious). Does it actually relieve pain or is it just for relaxation?