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getting a sharp popping pain in my head when i go to bed at night i have 2 discs implants on the top of my spine would that be causing it ?

10 days before the 40th birthday I could not move out of bed. Something was wrong with my back in the upper region toward my neck.....?

13 year old with extreme lower back pain and when she stretches she fells like part of her spine pops back into place. why is this?

2 lumps on either side if my lower spine which big they move when pressure is applied to them and hurt when standing less painful when bending foward?

2 months I fell and landed on my wrist. at the time moving is caused pain. Now squeezing and rotating is OK. But fully bending it back or forth hurts?

20, my neck hurts after sitting in the same position for a long time and not moving neck pain now gone after moving it. Will this cause arthritis?

27f.Bad pain in back, right arm, neck and collar.Hurts to move and i'm walking like a hunchback if I do only comfty when i sit still help!

38 weeks pregnant and my back is clicking when I move my hips round an round for comfort. Is this ok?

4 days now I've had severe lower back pain (L4 - L6) 2 painful to sit, stand or walk. Cannot bend. What is it and what can be done to correct it?

4 mths ribcage pain toward my back. grinding sound in ribs when I raise my shoulders. X-ray, physio, chiro, massage no help. back looks discoloured ?

4 years have pain on back left of spine about at bra strap. Hurts to press on as in massage, to breathe deeply, and to curve back like a cat. concern?

A localised achey feeling in upper right back near the spine. Worsen when pressed on it. Come and goes. Caused by bad posture? No curve spine though.

After bending my back always feels stiff so that it takes me a few seconds to straighten up again?

After lifting dresser bent over with right hand. Pain and swelling in mid lower back. What do I do. It's been 5 days.

After playing volleyball I feel pain at the bottom part of the neck on the back side where the spine starts. Pressing the spine bone is painful. Help.?

After standing for while feel tightness in back relieved when I bend over I can hear it crack and feel stretch. No surgeries/ injuries. Is this normal?

Are there any good ergonomic chairs for low back pain?

At the top of my spine where my back and neck connect a bone stands out especially when i look down. What is this?

Avertebrae feels like its sticking out and the area hurts mid back about bottom of ribs have been limping due to ankle injury, pain is about a5, HELP!

Back hurts when i'm laying down belly up? Its the lumbar region and i haven't bruised or injured it. I crack my back a lot, could this be the problem?

Back injury d/t pt pulling me forward & leaned back against force. Hernia L5-S1(MRI L3-5). Mid back sore 3 months later.Called strain but not healing.

Back is really stiff and painful after 3 posterior rib fractures. Is this common?

Back muscles move with bow of head and front part of both hangds atr tingling?

Back of my heel gets a sharp prickly feeling when bending over & leaning forward at the waist feels really weird could it be Achilles' tendonitis ?

Back pain & urge to crack/click my back all the time. Is this just compounding the damage?

Back pain if I lie down on hard surfaces. Can't do sit ups because it causes pain. Its mid to lower back.

Back pain when bending backwards after bending forwards?

Back pain-it's where they took bone from my pelvis to place in my right femur, back in 1972. The pain now is so bad that i can only stand for about 5 to 10 minutes before I have to sit down.

Both sides of face tingle after rode on motorcycle and also have alot of back/neck pain, can strain from the riding position be pushing on nerves?

Can a dislocated big toe be the cause of lower back pain?

Can a tilted uterus make round ligament pain worse?

Can back pain be from scoliosis? How do you know if scoliosis is getting wore? Is there a way to tell at home? Back pain isbetween lower back and butt

Can bending too far forward cause serious back or butt damage?

Can cervical & lumb spondylosis cause u 2 walk sideways . Feeling like walking 2 the left ?

Can cervical stenosis cause upper back pain for 2 years? It is deep i'm right shouldr. Not present at rest. Only when when I am sitting at desk job.

Can computer posture (leaning in, slouched) cause chest and upper back sensations/pain/discomfort? If so, how to fix?

Can cracking backs lead to hunched backs?

Can long walks help a back or make it worse my hips are out of alinment and left shoulder higher than right and herniated disc middle old fracture?

Can my matress be the reason behind my back strain?

Can pain from a back injury radiate or move to the front?

Can sleeping on a hard surface help with back pain?

Can sleeping on your back if your back has heavy internal bruising and possibly bruised back rib make it worse?

Can the curve in my back make my pelvis tilt?

Can u have gout in the upper back part of heel?

Can whiplash occur in a side to side motion or only front back motion?

Can you feel a bulging disc under your skin? I have a bump on my spine i can feel and have been having back pain for almost 2 months.

Carrying 2 tires above head,knelt to put down,back went out.Severe pain mid bk, can't straighten up,move arms much or lower head.Disk, muscle?ER?

Cervical spondylosis,can it give you a sharp pain in each side of the ribs of the back?Worse moving,twisting

Chiropractor didn't fix my right low back & groin pain. No kidney stones. STILL hurts to sit, bend, & breathe! Now,+ shocking pain. What now? Pls help

Constant neck/back pain. Tried sitting sideways but no help. Should I take breaks to stretch on the floor?

Constant need to pop back shoulder blade area to stand straighter?

Constant pain near base of spine and top of glute?

Could bench pressing someone damage their back?

Could bumping back against door cause spinal fracture if afterwards, pain is very minor/local and only present when back is bent in certain positions?

Could you tell me what happens when you have cartilage damage in your upper back?

CT shows bulging disc & nerve pressing at L5 ,have sever upper back pain, making it hard to get up or bend. Been walking with backpack, should I stop ?

Curved spine. Shoe lift. been told by doctor that I have twisted ribs. I have immense left trapezius pain and daily exercise has not helped nor meds.

Deg. Disc, hern. Disc, when i sit, stand my mid back goes numb roughly the radius of a cantaloupe. Neck pain that pulls a muscle in head leaning forwd?

Dimple in my back at the bottom of the spine has been painful for 4 straight month.What is the cause of this?

Do shoulder presses with an arched back stunt growth?

Doc said my spine bends back 65%.normal is 40% or degree.Everything else ok.This was why it hurts to bend sit breathe.Is he right?What does this mean?

Does bucky pillow or massaging chair help back pain?

Does everyone with a fractured back need a neck brace and a back brace ?

Does kinesio tape help if you have a herniated disk in the lower back? Why does my knee hurt and burn just as much as my back?

Does RA affect the back? First it was my ribcage, now my lower back is hurting too much, sometimes is difficult to be straight or sitting for long

Dull but persistent pain (6/10) in mid-back, 2" to the L of spine, below bra strap. Radiates horizontally. Worst when lifting/maintaining one position?

Dull, pulling pain in low back when hunching or bending forward. If pain were constant, I would classify pain as a 7. Is it a strain? What can I do?

During last barbell biceps curl workout I felt pain in the lower left back area and after that I only feel pain when bending forward. What it could be?

During yoga I heard a pop in my lower buttocks area while doing a seated straddle, bending forward.No pain or bruising, just sore. What is this?

Every now and then i get this pain in my hips and my lower back both my parents think that I have a pinched spinal nerve it hurts when i breath deeply?

Every time i lay down and flex my butt upwards my tail bone pops and sometimes it relieves pain and then it wont do it again for while. What is it?

Every time i lay on my belly i feel this pressure in the middle of my back pushing down on my spine ..what could this be?

Every time i raise and lower my shoulders it seems that my bones are colliding. What could it be?

Every year just before winter I have had lower back pain, goes after one or two weeks. Forward or backward leaning causes sore pain. No issues walking?

Everytime I do crunches the end of my spine hurts?

Fell flat on my Back.a sore neck at the top below my skull,the too of my spine&my tail bone hurt,half way down my back my spine hurts there is a lump.

Fell on my coccyx 1 yr ago.accentuated angulation as MRI.cant sit straight.numbness in the end of tights.lower back reduce pain but no heal?

Fell on my R side back on camera lens. Now have trouble bending,laying,walking. Worsens with pressure. Hurts upper spine, neck + r shoulder. Help?

For a few months I've been feeling like the vertebrae in my lower back are moving. Today I lifted my backpack & my lower back painfully locked up. (?)

Going to a chiroprac for 2 mon from upper back, shoulder and neck pain. After adjust; i tend to crack my back from habits. Could this be y no relief ?

Had a somersault fall from galloping horse yesterday. I feel severe pain from cervical to thoracic spine with coughing only on left side. Is it spasm?

Had scoliosis surgery 10 months and my body is still leaning and my left shoulder is sometimes lower than my right. When will this stop or go away?

Have L-4 L-5 herniated discs. Now stuck in bent over position and can't straighten up. Lots of pain. What should I do?

Have lower back pain when I bend forwards towards my toes or to pick something up, do have minor tingling in toes at times possibly herniated disc?

Haven't injured/fallen. Had tailbone pain for more than 2 months.Now feel stressed to sit for a long time.Lower vertebrae strains more than pains?

Haven't injured/fallen.Had tailbone pain for 2 months.Now feel stressed to sit for a long time.Lower vertebrae strains more than in pains.What to do?

Having back pain and when I bend head forward I can feel something pulling and painful. Have s pped discs and pinched nerves. Could this be the cause?

Having lower back pain, mostly in the morning. Hurts to straighten back or bend forward.. bowels are small & soft. Feeling slightly bound up.

Having thrills on my neck.. right in the lower midline.. with congestion while bending or raising my arms ?

Hello sir I am facing severe sharp back pain from last 5 months body bent towards left. Sometime i can't even bend an inch forward. 5th time in 5yrs?

Hello, have lower back pain after doing standing bar twist. (metal bar on top of back shoulders) twisting at waist like propeller. What?

Hello, Is sleeping on a hard floor beneficial for my back. I have a pinched nerve in lower back that effects right hip.

Hernia.....My right hydroball bulging sometimes & if i press gently its going back?

Hi For the past 4 months now I find it really painful when I Bend my wrist backwards and forwards. The pain is unbearable.

Hi I have been working out and about a week ago i squatted very heavy weights and pushed myself now I have this lower back spine rib pain. Will it go?

Hi my name is Kaitlyn and I noticed this a few years back that my left ankle is always facing inward and it creates a lot of pain and it rolls a lot ?

Hi. I was in a car accident in 2013. Sustained 2 cracked vertebrae in my lower back and 2 stressed vertebrae in my neck. Going on 2 years, Im having a constant, burning, hurt in my upper back and shoulders. And my balance is very bad. Doctors i have seen

Hit my tailbone about 3 weeks ago. Naturally curved tailbone that points inward. No fracture. I get lower abdominal cramping and discomfort. Normal?

How can I deal with a painful, arched back?

How can I tell the difference between a pulled muscle and a slipped disc in my back lower right side of my back. Hurts to move in certain ways