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??had a shoulder injury 2years ago arm got pushed back goin for tackle xray negative but still pain and weakness wen reaching up or picking up 20± lbs

. I recently had endometrioma surgery. Today is day 7 of recovery. Today I'm in massive pain. The pain is a constant burning sensation and a feeling of pulling deep inside. I'm breaking out in cold sweats. The incision itself looks fine. But I'm concern

“i fell from 2m height 2 days ago got xrays done evey thing seemed ok this morming I felt something pop in the back of my ribcage and now its painful ?

1 broke 3erd metacarpal last month. it feels worse, pain with burnin & numbness(is this normal). 2 turned down by local ortho (uninsured) what do I do?

13wks pg, having pretty severe round ligament pain (i think), I have a small frame, but it's outright painful. Dr. Appt in a wk, should I go sooner?

18 Y/O girl. Went running, from my hips down I experienced bad bone pain for 2 weeks as well as arms. The pain has died down. Possible causes?

1wk post c section. Forgot and lifted 40lb toddler down from truck. Slight twinges of pain and a little sore now. Would bad damage be obvious?

2 buttock injections/B-12/Fentanyl, severely bruised/hematoma/left with 2 painful lumps, cant walk, pain shoots down leg/1 yr already?

2 mnth after ankle orif shock like tingling pain go into ankle were the break was. It happen if i yawn, take a deep breath in quicky and sigh out why?

2 weeks after ahtroscopy, knee cracks but no pain. Is it good or bad? Due to the healing?, is what im thinking.

2 weeks ago a stereo fell on my knee, it's been painful since and locks often but today I've been having a pinprick sensation. Any idea as to why?? ta

2 weeks ago i fractured my fibula (dw type b2) calf was tender & had hematoma & swelling. Today chest pains started. I am a smoker. Should i be worried?

2 weeks ago I was thrown from My wheelchair & my left elbow has been hurtin quite a bit since I thawt it may be bruised should I get it checked out?

2 years agoI had a femeral nailing put in my left legI have had great discomfort in my upper thigh/hip recently. Is it possible It could have dislodge?

22 years old female suddenly got bullae on back of her ankle followed by minute by another on the other side no pain not itchy what diagnosis?

26 yo fe having sharp quick pain in the center of arm between elbow an wrist happens every few mins What could be the cause? Ibuprofen didnt help

29y female with bone pain x 1 wk pain travels to different areas e g isolated to side bones of feet toes 1 day and maybe thigh bone another sides of hands or arms maybe cobo of any or all of these another day worse night no fever but tired a lot started p

2yr old was jumping on bed, fell &suffered a greenstick femure fracture he showed no signs of distress or pain.He even took a2hr nap after then woke up with discomfort.How is that possible?

2yrs chest pain,doc says pulling from cartlidge in ribs,heal in 6-8mo.same pain past 3 days doc said should been gone,but happens evry few months why.

3 months post total davinci hysterectomy. Felt like something snapped inside yesterday when standing up, now pretty intense pain. Is this typical?

3 surgerys few cortisone shots. MRI ,ex rays, cold weather hurts my finger. And hit to it or just random shooting pains. It's 10times worse. ortho doc?

3 weeks ago, displaced rib plated, returned home from the hospital, I shot up from bed and felt severe pain, now I feel popping could a screw be loose?

31-34 wk preg, 48 hrs of achey leg muscles, hard tummy, back strain, hip/ligament pain from spreading, but reg baby movement. Normal to feel like this?

32 Weeks pregnant with twins, bad swelling in one foot more than the other, horrible hip and pelvic pain, swelling slightly pitted but not severe?

35 wks preg with severe joint pain when I wake in morning and limbs get numb easily. Normal?

3yrs ago i had pain in my [email protected] front tooth out pain went 4 8months and pain has now returned in my palate any answers please.. Thanks?

4 days ago, a metal clipboard fell on my toe its still slightly swollen, bruised & starting to get itchy w/ limited bending pain w/ prolonged standing

4 weeks post knee surgery. Doing well, except today my knee is sore and hot to touch. No color change.

5 days ago i fractured the pubic rami in 2 places an today my thigh an foot are very swollen im bleeding when i pee i had a hystoectomy 8yrs ago ?

5 wk postpartum c-section, suffering from a 5 day intense migraine, pain in my ankle and two spots on my legs that feel like wasp stings. ?

5+ yrs ago I had a bad biking accident and blew off the elbow pain but now have a strange hard lump on it and tenderness, should I be worried?

6 wks - puffiness on R foot only behind middle toes. Dr. said pulse strong, not clot or infection. Went way, came back today. No pain or discoloration?

64 yes old. Can torn rotate cuff cause funny feeling onface. Slight burning some pain. Or sinuses?

6ft drop on concrete hurt cocsix xray show no break 1week later terrible pain in right hip even worse when take a deep breath pain in every position?

7 weeks post distal fib orif. Feels hot around site. No pain. Been checked for infection. Is this normal?

8 yr old- frequent short deep acute needle like pain going to mid back, stomach, legs, and hands. No visible marks?

A fall caused a crack in my kneecap while out-of-town. I waited a week to see the doc. I have extreme muscle cramps in my thigh. Is that a concern?

A few days ago I fell and busted my lip. Now it hurts bad. Can I speed the healing or alleviate the pain?

A lump above my left ankle has formed since i started working out on the eliptical. Is this a muscular problem?

A male friend who is 26 & a mixed martial artist got kneed to the ribs on the left a week ago, its bruised, what can we do at home to relive pain fast?

A police officer applied force to a pressure point in my left wrist . It has been 1 week, i still feel pain and can see bruising. Should i be worried?

A screwdriver went into palm almost a week ago. It went deep to the bone. No infectiom from what i can tell. The pain is still intense it goes up arm.

A strange spot on my right ankle doctor said its melanoma cystitis and its no need to worry about.Now there is swelling and aching,ur comments pls?

A swollen right thumb extremely painful and throbbing. No known injury. Gardening yesterday possibly got something in it but no sign of anything.

A week ago, i was getting a deep cleaning done. The anethesia touched a vein and i got swelling. Now the swelling is gone but there is pain at the end of the jaw. I can't open my mouth as the bone hurts. What should I do?

About 2 months ago i went out for drinks. Felt immediate pain in neck from collar bone to under ear. 34 male. What could be causing me this pain?

About three months ago I was kicked in the vagina with a steel-capped boot. Since then I have had problems urinating. What is the likely damage?

Above eye cut from fall 3 day. ER glued and butterflyed it. Knocked out not sure how long. Now severe pain around eye and numb area. Help 4 pain??

Ac separation? Or other shoulder injury? Someone, tackled me three nights ago while i was not looking. I felt 3-4 "pops" and thought it was just my neck. My shoulder hurt immediately and has not stopped hurting. I went to an urgent care. There were no

Acl reconstuction was over 2 yrs ago no problems til now the knee was fell on and caused a knot to come up right under the incision there is a lot of stiffness and a little swelling how serious is this ?

Advice please? My 10 yr old son, lifted a heavy object & now has swollen testical & pain, what to do next?

After 3 collision chain car accident, i develop such symptoms but gradually it is worsen instead improved over days. My forehead keeps poundind badly. The above orbit area gave me a soothing pain. The right eye also gave me a pin and needles pain over an

After 3 glasses of wine/7 hr period, I got excruciating pain in both arms from my shoulder down to my wrists - lying down made pain worse. I'm 32/F?

After having foot surgery three weeks ago I began feeling soreness/pain on the hard palate of my mouth. Just figured it came from some type of tube?

After having sex on the 2nd week of the pill, i took Plan B one step. Days after, i woke up with severe knee, elbow pain and finger swelling! why?!

After moderate exercise my rt knee occasionally swells a little and gets stiff. Rest and ice usually resolve it in a few days but it reoccurs occasionally. Should I be concerned?

After performing jump and hearing single crack I have dull chronic pain and one of the vertebrae is painful to touch and maybe a little bit inflamed.

After ran half marathon, my arms & face were swollen. Had strong pain in kidney area in my back. Not muscle pain. What can you think of? Thank you

After5 mounths of my 2 right TMJ arthroscopy I have experienced pops pain but also like a pice of something blocking in the joint. What could it be?

Alif 3 mos ago. Fell hard to my knees today, headache, blurry vision, numbness in feet increased & back hurts. Can i wait til mon (3 days) to call dr?

Am80yr fell down from scooty and hurt my back bone but not fracture am using acetiamnophene for pain but its still very painful so please suggest some rx?

Ankle fractured 2years ago.. Since in pain , feeling numbeness, cramping and I keep hearing a cracking soun. do I need surgery?

Annoying painful tickle under right collar bone area that goes to ear and down arm. When I did planks today for p therapy it it got worse. Causes?

Are veins visible in a normal x-ray? Injured lower arm while doing heavy labour in my yard a few years ago. Lower arm swelled up very badly and pain was awful. It's very hard to use hand for normal activities. Finally went to family doctor and she took x-

Ashley has osgoodschlatter. She also plays vball. She has been in pain for awhile. She also has little bone pieces that chip off wht should she do. ?

At what point should I see a dr or get x-rays over mid inner shin pain ? No bruising or injury but not active been going on for about a week

Awaking from hysterectomy 9-26-12 i had severe uretha pain & begged for cath to be pulled. When pulled i began painful convulsions that shot 2 neck?

Back and knee pain have been diagnosed with degenerate disease in lower back doctor says its not bad and he don't understand why I am in pain. My left knee goes out all the time xray shows nothing, I have fallen down the stairs, an 4wks ago i fell and twi

Back cracked from doing squats, arms numb for 2-3 days(off/on) w/ lil pain. Can i return to workout once I feel no more pain or wait a little longer?

Back in 2004 i got reconstructive surgery on my finger. Is it normal for ir to be really sore on random days and swell up? Ice packs make it worse. :(

Back in the Fall I experienced intense gastro pain and at that time I started getting horizontal ridges in my left big toenail. What can cause this?

Back near tailbone cracks sometimes & feels jammed. Saw chiro, didn't help. No numb legs, incontinence, have rotten egg smell wafting out, weak pfm. ?

Back pain for three days hurts to breath deep or when i turn my neck, have done nothing strenious or physical strain, bruising appeared on 2nd day?

Bad headache sick to stomach joints hurt broke on bumps but only in a small circle on right bicep 2o year old male ?

Banged knee 1 1/2 weeks ago. Constant pain & swelling now. X-ray showed nothing broken. What could be wrong?

Basically ever since i broke my arm its been killing ive had MRI scan on it and i can barely lift much because it hurts so much. What should I do?

Been in hospital with pnemonia (now nearly gone). But now when i wake up hips/lower ribs ache in a morning but wears of during the day?

Been resting and doing what was told, but still in pain after spinal tap. Poked 2times, both red & swollen?

Bent over to pick up a heavy crate and shortly after picking it up felt a sudden severe pulling-like pain L lower back. No leg n/t. Best at home tx??

Bf 42 swollen from knees to feet. Not retaining water, not in pain, hard as a rock to the touch. Symptoms periodical over 6 mo, persistent 3 mos?

Bit pain in arm joint. got this pain when threw a ball with full force long ago.that pain came again not much just feels when i use my arm.wat to do?

Blood in urine from injury.. Should i take my son to the ER or to the doctors office? My 14 year old plays baseball and was hitone in the lower spinal area and then again in the left back rib area by bad pitches from a 16 year old pitcher (pretty hard).

Both knees hurt when walking, having a hard time bending at times. Sort of like it's twitching. Xray shows no fracture and uric acid is clear. 25 F?

Broke 4th &5th metcatpal, bones displaced. 5/3 awaiting surgery on 5/20. Bumped it on floor rolling over. shooting stabbing pain 2 hrs now. Am I ok?

Broke R WRIST 10+ yrs ago. Very weak, can't do push ups without pain. Gets very sore and painful. Had X-rays nothing. What could it be?

Bruising by tailbone but no injury? This has been happening for a couple years. But it's very bad right now. What should j do?

Can arthritis cause a burning pain and make the joint sore off and on? I slightly broke a finger by shutting it in a car door about three months ago. Since then it has gone through spells of burning pain, sore pain, and no pain. I am no longer able to p

Can scoliosis be corrected at 19 years old? I discovered it a year ago and lately it got uncomfortable and painful. Are there any exercises i can do?

Can you develop tailbone pain a year after giving birth? Tailbone hurts even to the tough. Had MRI and it looks fine. No falls. Very painful.

Clots size of golf ball during period normal? Had a baby 4 1/2 months ago. Pain is severe. Goes to my hips. Feels like I have to push something out.

Could I have arithritus? I am 19 and about 15 years ago i broke my elbow and just recently I have noticed a crunching or grinding in that elbow along with an ache. I went to get ex-rays at the orthopedic office but the doctor had no clue what is wrong.

Cracked #2 2 years ago, now mostly gone. If chewing or press my finger against it, feel a little pain. Can I assume the nerve is still alive and well?

Current bulges in L3/4 and 4/5, S1, usual symptoms are pain. Woke up in bed with left heel numb as if "fallen asleep", when i moved it was ok. Why?

Daughter 9 years old has pain on four particular places i.E. Upper side of elbow (both) and back of knee (both) not in same time always changed.

Dear sir One of my aunt got collis fracture to right hand,we consulted a local orthopedic applied POP told to come back after a week. I would like to?

Diagnosed golfers elbow, took a new blow to the elbow today, causing intense shooting sharp pain through entire arm, should I see a GP?

Dislocated knee/pooped back in last Saturday.yesterday dislocated again and not popped back fully. Help?pain is severe and meds aren't is

Doc put me on progyluton to regulate cycles. Is it possible to have sore muscles and achy joints due to this? I'm a walker and now it feels painful

Does a bilateral release on your knee ever heal up? its been almost 4 yrs and the last 2 wks ive been feeling less sore, so is there hope it will heal

Does anyone know what can cause pain in hands one day, then in neck the next day, then in legs on the third day friend of mine woke up this way and has went to dr. They said she has infection and inflammation throughout her body, she cannot support her ow