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10 years of physical labour. Have chronically over stretched upper back muscles. Can these muscles take years to fully heal ?

11 weeks after my hip replacement i still get severe tendon / muscle spasm in the inner thigh. I was told its because I've been over doing things ?

20y Ulnar, median nerves torn & surgically fixed, can't fully stretch elbow yet but I go to gym and can't strengthen my triceps muscle it it's very hard to work without weight!Any advice please thanks?

2yrs after 80mgkenalog injection into left adductor tendon, why does the left adductor feel permanently weaker/tighter?

30.5w pregnant 45 y/o. Been having groin adductor tendon pain weight bearing for 6wks phystherapy not helping, nor serola si belt. Awful pain! plshelp


A antibiotic shot gave my left buttox a dent and it is smaller and less muscular does this mean the muscle is damaged and cannot be fixed w/ exercise ?

A six year old puncture wound to the front of my right shin causes considerable pain in the back of my calf muscle from boxing training. Ideas?

Abs (abdominal muscles) tense/flex involuntarily when I enter a hot car or hot tub. Why could this be?

Acute burning sensation in lower abdomen when I move a certain way. No skin.abrasions so I'm guessing internal. I do lift weights. Pulled muscle?

After abs exercises noted tightness above left inguinal ligament. This is progressive & muscle remains tight on breathing. No urinary/stool problems?

After blunt trauma to a muscle how long can a tight knot in the muscle last? If it lasts longer than one week should I be concerned ?

After flexor tendon surgery on 1/21, muscle spasms on 2 of the fingers. Afraid of ripping the repair, should I use heatpad to stop the spams?

After I stretch, or lift my arms too high I have a severe tightening of the muscles around my ribs. It has happened today on both sides separate times?

After spraining a good part of my lumbar area I've relied on being on the floor throughout the day to take the tension out now my back is weak. Help!

After surgery on each side just above my hips in the thoracolumbar fascia is it normal for my glutes to be so tight and erector spinaes...............

Almost 2 years ago i tore the muscle in my left thigh. Last night i'm pretty sure i re-tore it. I have pain from my hip down and complete numbness?

Are pregnancy support belts a good idea for round ligament pain?

Are standing oblique twist, bar behind neck a good exercise?

Are the muscles responsible for twisting rotation the same ones responsible for body flexion (abs, sides)?

Are there muscles surrounding the hip joint? I have a bad hip & feel the need to stretch muscles (it feels like.) I'm unable to do so b/c of injury.

As a result of being at computer for 9 hours/day, I have developed patterns of muscle tightness/twisting, what is best way to fix, no time for yoga?

As stated in previous question reg overstretched upper back muscles, would it be common for muscles to be burning after exercise for around a week ?

Back pain. Vain blocking between L5 an l6, stiffness in waist an legs , can't bend. Help how to increase flexibility...

Basketball is getting much more serious and so are the workouts. I found out my pain is my pectnius muscle. Any suggestens on a stretch I could do?

Been out of the gym for a month due to left pec/intercostal strain. Now my left shoulder tires easily, is tight and burns w/ease when moved laterally.

Bent/squatted to pick object up, upon rising felt burn in back of leg, hamstring to buttox, outer knee. Any way to tell if just muscle pull vs. tear?

Can a blood vessel become entrapped btw spasming flexor hallucis longus and other muscles of the deep posterior compartment?

Can a clot cause a bulge exclusive to the hamstring? I.e., bigger hamstring but thigh/quads normal.

Can a colonoscopy cause damage to pelvic girdle. Hurts so bad . Been so long. Hurts in groin, where muscles (adductor (spell) are. Please help. ?

Can a groin pull show symptoms a week after the injury that caused it? Is a hernia much more painful than a groin pull? Heat or ice? Light stretching?

Can a growth behind the knee inhibit the strength of the muscles that insert into the knee?

Can a muscle in neck be reattached or sewn back together if torn? How is the muscle reattached or sewn back together? What about ligaments?

Can a one year old child pull a muscle or strain their leg? My daughter is very active and it pains her too walk? Any thoughts?

Can a pinched nerve in the neck and back cause all muscles to be weak and lose strength. And should doctors apporate emediatley to avoid further comp?

Can a slight deformity in the armpit region due to torn pec ever be evened out through muscle building?

Can a tear muscle in the back cause arm and leg weakness muscle astropy and also abdominal weakness.and can MRI find torn muscle and legaments.

Can a very bad back sprain cause tight hip flexors unable to be corrected?

Can a workout buildup my weak tricep because of spinal cord injury ?

Can anyone tell me what can be done to improve the muscle tone in my left calf and ankle?

Can both piriformis muscle become so tight it causes you to not be able to bend at the waist?

Can bursitis send off muscle pain in the rest of the body?

Can cronic piriformis sydrome cause Si joint dysfuncation?Can the pulling of the muscle put stress on the ligaments?Or is the muscle not strong enough

Can deterioration of the knee cartilage affect the whole leg? ( by way of muscle strain, cramps, or weakness when stepping)

Can ear lobes be stretched by pulling on them? I know heavy earrings can stretch the lobes but can manual pulling stretch them?

Can exercise like hill climbing cause strain in the upper part of the abdomen?

Can extreme tight shortend psoas muscle cause you to lose rotation in your waist?

Can extremely extremely tight leg aductors cause you to not hold your core in and not breathe correctly?

Can extremely tight chronic TfL muscle cause anterior pelvic tilt weak glutesand internally rotated legs?

Can extremely tight hamstrings cause postural problems?

Can extremely tight leg abductors put the pevic in a forward tilt causing you to be hunched over with weak back and. Tight pecs?

Can extremely tight leg adductors cause sway back and tight IT bands?

Can ginger ale help calf or muscle strains? I heard that somewhere but I wasn't sure.

Can I do hip and groin exercise daily ? Because i'm thinking since hip and groin are less to be tired after workout then biceps and etc.

Can internal scar tissue in upper back muscles caused from overuse, cause prickling burning sensations when it starts to heal when massaged ?

Can neck strain during exercise cause lhermitte's sign (sit ups, push ups, stair climbing).Began w/pulled muscle in lower back&spread to neck.

Can really tensing the stomach muscles when doing a pelvic tilt cause a disk bulge? Hope its not a silly question, just when doing them my foot buzzes

Can sleeping position cause a tight quad muscle? I see a chiropractor regularly for neck issues - he adjusts the whole body - and he works on my IT band as it is very tight on the same leg and it causes me knee pain

Can someone suggest sam excersises whic are good for spasp in legs? I have ms, .

Can the fact that your psoas muscle is tight be the simple reason why you have an anterior pelvic tilt? Yes or no?

Can the muscle that raises and lowers the scrotum based on body temperature be evaluated for pull or tear or inflammation by mri?

Can thigh crossing and squeezing legs and buttocks as a way of masturbating in a female damage the kegal muscles and loosen the vagina?

Can weaker lower back muscles (compared to abdominal muscles) cause an anterior pelvic tilt?

Can wearing heels tone your lower body at all ?

Can yoga help a person who has tight muscles, especially on the outer side of the legs?

Can you fully recover from a bad lower back muscle injury?

Can you please tell me how to do kegels. Which positiom is the best to do kegels. My shoulders and thighs are getting stiff.

Can you pull a muscle in your hip area from vomiting?

Can you rupture an appendix from pressing on it or jumping pulling your leg up to your stomach etc?

Cat scratched my abductor pollicis muscle 8 weeks ago. I still get deep muscle ache occasionally. Will it heal? What can i do to heal faster?

Chronic hamstring soreness where it meets the glutes, should I be concerned?

Coccyx pain when sitting, are there any excersises i can do to build gluteals?

Could a part of your missing calf muscle be replaced with cadaver muscle? Would you be able to walk again?

Could extremely large lipomas in lumbar region over each erector spinae group cause loss of range of motion and the abilitynot to engage abdominals in?

Could you use the crosstrainer with a messed up back but strong gluts and quads?

Deep lipomas removed from over each erector spinae set in the lower lumbar is it normal for glutes and ql muslce to be so tight

Dent in my rectus femoris from quad injury a month ago. Fully healed the dent is back but there's no pain and I can still run. What could that mean?

Do antipsychotic cause muscle damage or rewire them because of muscle tightening and stiffness? I have trouble crossing legs and bending bc lowerback

Do muscles nerves etc run down front and around circumfrance of body? If these get pulled and torn can they be repaired? What if pulled from spine?

Do you recommend that i contact a doctor about minor muscle weakness in the shoulder and knee area that's lasting for 10 days? What could cause this?

Does having twitching muscles in my back and elbow mean they are injured?

Does relaxin loosen all muscles / ligaments and bones in body during pregnancy as well as the pelvic area ? Thanks

Does swimming strengthen lower back muscles bc after comp. fracture they have been sore ?

Does the exhaust heat from laptop affect the quadricep muscles?

Does the spraind ankle affect on bulding my calf muscle ? Since i got injured i wasn't able to build it anymore & my right muscle bigger than left !

Doing pelvic floor exercises causes pain in Si joint, I know muscle is attached to tail bone could the pulling of muscle cause Si joint dysfuncation ?

Dr gave me 1cm heel lift for r leg. I wore for halfa have pain inner r thigh abductor muscle area when I walk. Muscle strain?Anything serious?

Effective stretches for strained pectoral/intercostal muscle? Injury occurred 3+weeks ago. Pain is back after light workout not involving chest.

Ever since I spraind my back at t 12, Down. I've lost my abdominal strength in. groin region and have become very weak in my Entire back as well. help?

Exercises to straight the uneven shoulder?

Extremely tight Legadductors and IT band for over two and a half years loss of strength weak back I don't know what to do?

Firmish lump on right calf muscle when flexed. Can move it around and it goes away when flexation ceases.

Following up for strained back questions. What type of exercises help to tome and strengthen muscles. I do light duties and rest when I have a strain?

For an anterior pelvic tilt, do the low back muscles get pulled inside the body?

For what reasons might the tip of my penis hurt when i stretch backwards after ab workouts?

Get extremely tight hip flexors cause difficulties breathing?

Had anterior labral focal depression operated through binocular surgery last year.Now while exercising (bench press)feel something hard in upper back?

Had multiple steroid inj into adductor tendon of hip. Now it feels like a seperate part of my body, is tight and sunken. What is this?

Have chronic lower back pain with swelling under skin but haven't fallen or injured myself don't know if it's bone or muscle?

Have had ache in low right back/gluteus medius for 3 weeks after wall squats, also tightness in back thighs now. Should I see a therapist?