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12-months old baby, hospitalized 5 days for bacterial pneumonia. How long before coughing will disappear?

1yr/5mos had 2 pneumonia history. Had 1 shot synflorix & flu. Now another bilateral pneumonia occurs. Whats the cause?

5 y/o being treated for croup, cough is getting worse- but more bronchitis than croup. Is this to be expected? Croup 3X this year.

A child with pneumonia, is it ok to take them to a pool?

After recovering from chemical bronchitis will my lungs always be susceptible to coughs and infections?

Anyone know what is a type of pneumonia that sounds close to bilobar pneumonia?

Are the symptoms of bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia severe?

Been in hospital for a week with pneumonia and sepsis. Still very weak and ill, when should I return to work?

Been sick for 6 months.3 abscess , mrsa, 3x pneumonia, 2x bronchitis, flu, cold, vomiting, shingles. Could there be something serious, why sick all time?

Besides medications anything also i can do from home to treat my pneumonia?And what's the difference between walking pneumonia and just pneumonia?

Bronchitis. Is it possible for my mother to pass her asthmatic bronchitis on to her grandson?

Can a child recovering with pneumonia go swimming?

Can a child with bacterial pneumonia go swimming?

Can a child with pneumonia go swimming?

Can a cold turn into bronchitis/pneumonia? If yes, why and how? Thank you.

Can a newborn catch walking pneumonia from his dad?

Can a person die from pneumonia even if they receive antibiotics and get plenty of fluids and rest but the pneumonia is severe?

Can amoxicillin help with walking pneumonia?

Can bed rest cause pneumonia?

Can bronchitis be serious?

Can doctors usually tell if a person has bacterial bronchitis without an x-ray?

Can fatigue be caused by pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia?

Can getting a pneumonia vaccine cause a recurrence of pnemonia if you have just had pneumonia?

Can getting pneumonia/pneumothorax be the cause of cardiomegaly and tachycardia if there were no symptoms previous to the illness?

Can I still develop pneumonia even though I've had the vaccine?

Can i kiss someone with walking pneumonia although he's taking abx?

Can i possibly have bronchitis, how can I know?

Can I still have bronchitis with no cough, no wheezing? My previously diagnosed bronchitis was due to infection from general anesthesia 5 months ago.

Can my 8month old catch walking pneumonia from my 8yr old?

Can pneumonia happens 3 hours after aspiration?

Can pneumonia make you delusional?

Can rsv show up in adults as bronchitis or something similar?

Can someone get pneumonia that only infects one lung mainly?

Can the pneumonia shot make one feel better after a severe case of mono three months ago. Had very low immunity to streptococcus pneumonia.

Can usual interstitial pneumonia be cured?

Can walking pneumonia contagious before symptoms and present?

Can you be on antibiotics when you get the pneumonia shot. Because I am in stage 4 of sarcoidosis and copd?

Can you explain how pneumonia spreads and attacks the body?

Can you get acute bronchitis from kissing?

Can you get pneumonia due to pulmonary coccidioidomycosis?

Can you get the flu pneumonia rom someone that has it?

Can you have a 'clear' chest and have pneumonia? Or have a clear chest & a week later have a flu turn into pneumonia?

Can you please describe the difference between the flu and walking pneumonia?

Can you please tell me about lung infection, isnt it the same as pneumonia?

Can you provide some advice for someone who's had bronchopneumonia ?

Can you tell me about connection between pneumonia and teething?

Can you tell me about personal experience with BOOP (bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia)?

Can you tell me for years I suffer from repeated (and severe) pneumonia, strep, bronchitis, uti's, and more. what is causing?

Can you tell me what is d difference b/w bronchopneumonia and lobar pneumonia..?

Common symptoms of walking pneumonia?

Could a 88 years old patient get swine flu without fever if he is known asthmatic and had a respiratory arrest?

Could i be getting pneumonia?

Could my husband still have pneumonia, how to know?

Could my son really have "walking pneumonia"?

Could you please explain what right basal pneumonia is?

Could you potentially have pneumonia with out a fever?

Daughter has bacterial pneumonia and step bacteria was identified. Is it contagious? Especially if coughed on?

Develp sepsis treatd as chestinfection,days latr chest/lung cleared,sepsis ongoing,sepsis due to chest/lung infection?or how posible 4m anothr source?

Do people with aspiration pneumonia have a lot of pain?

Do you know if there are types of pnemonia with an incubation period of a month or two?

Docs, what does it mean by a "lung convulsive seizure" caused by pneumonia?

Doctors, can my 4 year old daughter with pulmonary tunercolosis still have pneumonia vaccine ?

Does amoxicillin help with walking pneumonia?

Does anyone know the prognosis of usual interstitial pneumonia?

Does anyone know what is empyema plus bronchitis?

Does aspiration pneumonia occurs for just 3 hours?

Does azithromycin work for typical pneumonia also?

Does clear plegm from lungs mean viral infection? I've been around someone who has bronchitis and i think i may have caught it.

Does fever comes frequently during hospital treatment of pneumonia?

Does having cidp put person at risk for opportunistic lung infx? Pt with cidp; dry cough, pleurisy x 2 mo after uri, afebrile. Not on immunosupprsnt.

Does it matter if you have pneumonia vs. Pleurisy?

Does one get pneumonia while on antibiotics?

Does pain from pleurisy return after you already recovered from pneumonia?

Does pneumonia turn toxic immediately or do you have pneumonia for a while? Please, need some answers?

Does xray show pneumonia/acute bronchitis/bronchiospasms? Already taken antibiotics for pneumonia/ bronchitis. No help. What is the next step?

Epiglottitis, pneumonia go together?

For what length of time do pneumonia symptoms last?

Fungal pneumonia from cats?

Grandpa put on hospice, his pneumonia has been off and on 3 to 4 months. Also has copd/aneurisms. Will hospice still fight pneumonia with antibiotics?

Had pneumonia 2x, bronchitis once & susceptible to cough/cold. Im not smoker. Aside fr taking flu & pneumonia shot, how how can I strengthen my lungs?

Had pneumonia 3 weeks ago. 10 day levaquin (levofloxacin). Pneumonia resolved on xray. Can I get sepsis now?

Have pneumococcal pneumonia with fever of 104, have been on antibiotics for 2 days. Is this still normal ?

Hello docs, is atypical pneumonia still dangerous?

Hello there Dr Pan,i have acute bronchitis but my fever has recovered but im still coughing. Does that mean im recovering soon?

Hello there if i a havr pneumonia should I not be working out at all?

Hello, Right tuberculous pleural effusion has been diagnosed and having cough with sputum. Is it contagious?

Hi. I have abpa. I have now been diagnosed with mai with a sputum culture and lung infections that are not responding to prednis...How should I treat?

How are flu and pneumonia different?

How are having a flu and having pneumonia different?

How can a person go a long without treatment, then all of a sudden get pneumocystis carinii pneumonia thrush and be in critical condition?

How can I know that my newborn is recovering properly from pnuemonia?

How can I tell if I have bronchitis or pneumonia? Today makes day 8 that I have been miserable.

How can I tell if I have pneumonia or common cold please respond?

How can I tell if my son pneumonia MRSA was given to him by the hospital?

How can newborn have symptoms of pneumonia?

How can pneumonia be prevented?

How can we differ from bronchitis and TB symptoms?

How can you tell if pneumonia has developed from a flu ?

How can you tell the difference between bronchitis and "walking" pneumonia? I've had pneumonia; over summer I got similar symptoms, no fever, for6weeks

How do I explain to my daughter what it means to have atypical pneumonia?