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Chlamydia Pneumoniae how serious is this, i have just started the Whelton protocol?

“my doc gave me 1g of zythromax to cure my chlamydia infection but i am worried that the bacteria will reproduce again in my system. I've done some re?

10 weeks pregnant tested positive for Clostridium Difficile. Needing second opinion on treatments recommended please.

10w6d pregnant when detected for Beta Streptococci, Group B <10,000 cfu/mL. Can I leave it untreated or Do I need antibiotic? Concern on side effects

2 yr old chr sinus infection, md treated for GERD (no change), did blood work (negative ie immune deficiency and cf), saw allergist. Any thoughts?

20 Pus cells in urine, taking antibiotic from 2 years but no solution, admitted to hospital twice when infection increases, prostate operation 3 yr back?

22y/of. Monthly vaginal yeast infections. This month hsv2 outbreak also. Superinfection? Low immune system? How2 treat? Ev coconut oil work?

27 yr-old started having odiferous very yellow urine 6 months ago, treated in Nigeria for a Dx of gastrointestinal infection; looking for a cure.....?

3 yr old dx with ~4 UTIs by ped & treated. Nephrologist advised not to treat if no pain. Current swab shows high concentration of bacteria, no pain. ?

31 yr-old woman diagnosed in China with allergic purpura (capillary toxicosis); is treating with OTC Transfer Factor Oral Solution. What is this.....?

35 weeks pregnant, recommended to take antibiotics because a family member has a staph infection, is it really necessary?

3mo ago hospitalized for broken pelvis, catheter caused uti. Then rehab for a month, another uti. Two more. All 4 treated. First ones in my life. Why?

4, 000ml neg rods.10, 000 entercoccus species. 06/26/13 was diagnoised w/esbl ecoli.12mo history of infections, uti, kidney infections esbl hard to treat should this new result be treated aggressive?

4/13 -mrsa infection on face, given i/m rucephin at clinic - dr prescription doxycycline -after 4 days - intense diarrhea, dr stopped rx, MRSA cleared-now acute epididymitis, no STD activity/ relation to mrsa?

48 year old female bladder infec.What can I do fore it sence im allergic to all antibiotics. Dr sending me fore allergy testing?

5.My wound did not heal for 5 months after surjory.Cultural test rapidly growing a typical becteria.Akt 4 was prescibed how long drug to be taken.

5yr old diagnosed with pro had recurring pneumonia coughing up blood. On long term antibiotics has blue lips a lo. Could this be linked to the pro?

73 yo male suffered bad uti infection 105 fever down to normal, in ICU. Prostate was removed 1.5 yrs ago. Doc says infection entered blood. means what?

87-year-old mother sleeps 90 percent of the time; recuperating from pneumonia, c diff and uti. Is this sleeping problem normal?

88 yr old mother has suffered numerous uti's and attendant confusion. Resistance 2 bathing appears 2 b the current cause. Help, please?

8mo old has mrsa. Is it only contagious while he has sore? Pretty upset @ dx. Any advice for treating/containing it? Worried about infecting others

90 year old woman has another UTI with e coli (4th since hospitalization 7 mo ago). Resistant or recurrent? Need treatment every time if no symptoms?

92, mild chronic renal failure, on lisinopril. 2wk keflex to prevent recurrent ecoli UTI (also treated w/ceph) now getting weak and confused. Stop it?

99%sure family has broad tapeworm infection. All 9 showing symptoms. 10+ diff. Drs in oklahoma don't believe us. Help! 3 are infants. All ate same fish?

A male patient asked if dysuria could be due to male thrush. I answered yes. But has anyone seen a case of urethritis from candida? Dose of Diflucan (fluconazole)?

A used Foley catheter from a male patient touches my skin for seconds. Can i get STD ifxns?Dont know the history of patient.

Adult male, Chronic(2 years)consistence low lymphocytes % around 12% ,tested negative for all possible infections , what's common cause & treatment?

Advice for someone with group b strep 33 weeks pregnant allergy to penicillin?

After 3m ATT & persistent fever, turns out fever caused by rifamycin.what other effective treatment can i use to continue ATT successfully?

After 6 months of enduring a sinus infection, I am wondering why my wife's reg. Dr or her ENT has not taken a sample for accurate diagnosis when muliple antibiotics have not worked? Wouldn't it help?

After a root canal treatment, I am worried about using clindamycin. There are warnings about intestinal problems and clostridium difficile. Symptoms may occur weeks after use.Should I use it?

After how long of being on antibiotics or how many diff ones of failed attempts to treat kidney infection before being admitted in hospital for IV med?

After oral surgery there was an infection in the bone of my mouth and then I became deathly ill with esbl ecoli. How did this happen?

After recovery of h pylori infection, what is a chance of reinfection (in % please) if one goes to an area with higher epidemiology prevalence? Thanks

After respiratory infection my daily 02 stats stay below 88. What could be causing this?

After root canal treatment, iam worried using clindamycin.Warning about intestinal problems clostridium difficile. Symptoms may occur weeks after use?

Am very upset about spontaneous chlamydial reinfection from GI tract. Does this mean my partner's health will never be safe? it can resurface any time

Amoxicillin 3gms for Dental Scale clean after mitral valve repair due to risk of IE Dose twice a year should i be concerned of antibiotic resistance ?

An X-ray said i had a slightly collapsed lung , my gp said just a bacterial infection , to repeat X-ray in 6 weeks i was not given any medication ?

Any Dr know a parasite(p) that goes from sinus/eye to pubic region via a path that was bored by the p and/or its larvae.Not in gastrointestinal tract.

Any GI specialists in ohio that will do fecal transplant to restore normal flora after cdiff. My intestines are overgrown with klebsiella serious issues with gut function and kleb utis. Need ft.

Any recommendations for 4-year ongoing bladder infection (e-coli). Antibiotics slightly help, but never fully cure.

Any suggestions on which organism causes middle ear infection in HIV patient when CD4 cell count is 800?

Apart from the use of antibiotics, what can be done to treat a patient with hypostatic pneumonia?

Are all cases of c. Diff something to worry about even if on treatment. Does it make difference if your healthy or not?

Are antibiotics good for you? I heard this rumor if you are on antibiotics and you do exercise you can damage your kidneys?

Are antibiotics targeted toward certain illnesses or do they generally fight off whatever infection is in your body? I am currently taking an antibiotic for a UTI and caught a cold, wondering if this medicine will fight it off at all or only treat the uti

Are C diff bacteria part of the intestinal flora of the average person, or does is it rare and have to be acquired? Question asked in context of needing to be on combination of antibiotics for two-three months.

Are prophalaxis antibiotic stil regularly used for bronchiectasis?does recent evidence suggests not to use them any more,or is this false infor I got?

Are there any differences between streptococcal a and streptococcal b?

As child had c diff. ulcerative colitis from antibiotics for urinary infections. Could this be reason I get painful stools that bleed now as adult?

Aspergillus/Penicillium mold in home fort past 15 years. what health effects should i be concerned about & can it be treated & are any fatal?

B.P.150/100.Ecg normal.Age 56 female.Probable reason and treatment?

Bacteria in the nose (Klleibsela pneumonia) It is dangerous ? It shown sensible to all antibiotics . Whats the right treatment for it?

Been to 5 doctors with no help. positive i have cns parasite. anything besides albendazole you can reccomend i do? i have to treat myslf at this point

Been treated w multiple oral antibiotics and even IV rocephin via pic line and that was the last treatment i had 2 yes ago, now my Lyme test comes back w IgM 23, 31and 41 positive, iggs negative , doc says to do IV rocephin again... What r the thoughts ?

Been w/ 1 guy b4. now 3 yrs later, I found out he may have given me a STD. If it has been left untreated this long could it have caused infertility?

Beta streptococcus group b 10.000 to 100.000/ml in urine test -it is need to be treat with antibiotic?

Beta streptococcus group b 10.000 to 100.000/ml in urine test -it is need to be treat with antibiotic?

Blood culture after surgery yielded moderate growth of staph aureus.(ap, tet, cam, stp, fortum =r)(gent, flox, ctz =s++)s=sensitivity +=degree r=resistance?

Blood infection, treated w/ antibiotics. Platelets low end, 81-100 average for months. Once treated went to 200's. Can infection have made them low?

Blood positive for streptococcus pneumoniae, treated with meds, but wonder if this infection could have been cause of any hair loss?

Bronchoscopy indicates basidiomycete fungus (6 wks); sputum indicates streptomyces (after 5 wks). Is this rare? Treatment?) Currently clarithromycin.

Can 3 month old get b strep from my milk.what r the symptoms?

Can a 38 year old get a gum ulcer and it not mean anything serious? Worry a lot since completing Breast cancer treatment & CDiff treatment 1.5 yrs ago

Can a blunted kidney caused by intercourse heal on its own? B4 my diagnosis i had a uti. Other organs are fine. Will i be able to have more children?

Can a fullterm baby get neonatal pneumonia from group b strep?

Can a throat swap high in psuedomonas be a sign of cystic fibrsis?

Can an STI such as Chlamydia be present for a significant amount of years (e.g: 8+years) with no symptoms but silently cause detriment to health?

Can antibiotics be taken prophylactically for salmonella if you strongly believe you've been exposed?

Can any doc explain if you can contract beta strep from sex?

Can babesia deformed your blood cell? If I have babesia I have strong herx on artemisinin?So strong that i can't take it? Thanks!

Can balanitis kill a man if he doesn't has any major problems like HIV etc.

Can bronchitis be cured w/out antibiotics. I've heard 2 points of view: 1)antibiotics are necessary, 2) they don't really help a lot. What is true?

Can ceftum 500 (twice daily x7) will cure urine infection for a patient who was discharged from icu 2 weeks back from sepsis & uti?

Can chlamydia return, even after antibiotic treatment, because it survives in the stomach (R.Rank - CDC, 07.02. 2014 ) or that remains for mice?

Can chronic bilateral epididymitis for 1 year damage fertility? Doctors unable to cure me. No antibiotics work. Lab tests normal. Please help

Can clarithromycin cause long qt and sudden death in a healthy person 250 x2 daily for 7days for possible sinus infection?

Can coag negative staph infection carried for over a year in your body undetected cause memory loss?

Can collection fluid and very little tissue reminant be treated with cefuroxime, nospa and metronidozole ?

Can either vancomycin or sepsis cause sudden peeling on my buttocks? I'm on 1.5g of I.v. vanc, 2/day, due to sepsis and/or from an infected port.

Can fowl cholera be treated by oral rehydration slts?

Can GBS in cervical smear, which has to be treated with antibiotics, be found as a result of living with a dog or not well washed hands?

Can group b strep cause UTI symptoms? Have had symptoms of UTI with culture positive for gbs. One doc says yes, could be the group b. Another says no.

Can I have a missed period from over exercising or from treatment for BV & yeast infection? Note: I have 3 small kids & teach 7-8 fitness classes.

Can i take augumentin penicillin antibiotic for bladder infection if I have gilbert's disease? Total bilirubin stays between 2-5.0.

Can I use "factive " to treat urinary tract infection(pharmacist tells me that) or it's very strong ? I read about "factive" and i'm afraid of use it

Can multip infect.from a sinus infect to a yeast a Garden Spiderbite infect cause your liver enzymes to go high bc I don't want a liver biop?

Can someone that is infected with the tetanus bacteria, be treated if it is progressed moderately and is tetanus disease slow growing or rapid. Is there a blood test to detect tetanus to see if you are infected? The last time I had a tetanus shot was 26

Can streptococcus agalactiae found in ejucalate be cause of my pain during ejucalation and blood in ejucalate?

Can systemic candidiasis infection be considered if the person doesn't have diabetes cancer HIV etc? Person with high sugar diet, heavy antibiotic use

Can you give me suggestions if i was diagnosed simultaneously with group b strep and chlamydia - what to do?

Can you have sex if you've had your membranes stripped and are positive for group b strep?

Can you please discuss group b strep and how do you get it?

Can you tell me how dangerous is 100, 000 col form units in a urinalysis?

Can you tell me in disinfectants. it causes infections in cystic fibrosis patients. it is a gramof female crabs and shrimp?

Can you tell me what to do if i found out i was positice for group b strep. I don't really understand what it means if its bad?

Cell-wall-deficient bacteria possible cause of basal cell carcinoma/ cantwell: after positive, my consult is soon. Antibiotics or tetanus recommended?

Colonized with gbs. Do I need antibiotics before, during and after cvs? Should I choose amniocentesis instead?

Concerning my never ending issues with typhoid and amoeba?