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1 YR old tested positive for strep throat. He has taken cefdinir for 6 days but symptoms still present: including fever (101-104) &blood count normal.

7 yo had a positive stool test for pseudomonas species a week after taking amoxicilin for strep throat. There are no symptoms, should he be treated?

9yrold. DX via nasal swab with influenza A. Is it accurate ?

A strep carrier shows no signs of infection, but could chronic joint pain result from being a carrier?

After how many days of antibiotic treatment, Typhoid test should be conducted?

An ENT did a culture which tested positive for H influenza bacteria in my sinuses. Is this a different organism than the one that causes the flu?

Any tests besides strep throat test that will determine viral v. Bacterial? Cough not going away after > 1 month and wondering if antibiotics may help

Are there home tests to see if you have a bladder infection?

Are there other tests to detect throat, and lung , infection other then x.Ray and esr, ?I get regular sore throats and allergy test was also negative

Are there tests to confirm the doctor's diagnosis of eye socket infection?

At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about rotavirus infection. Is that ok?

At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about salmonella infection. Is that ok?

Blood cultures done for swollen fingers/neck pain. 2 cultures drawn same site. Results " growth of coagulase negative staph" dr. Says contaminated? ?

Blood tests. If sent to a laboratory, can they detect infection if bacteria die on the way?

Can a bacterial infection affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test?

Can a bad viral sinus infection for 3 weeks cause an ANA test to be false-positive?

Can a CBC test determine a possibility of a STD or bacteria is the cause of burning during urine ?

Can a person "catch a bladder infection" from another person? Person has had a urine culture test positive with e coli. Has been on antibiotics and has had a second test show negative.

Can a person ve a longterm virul infection of the lungs/throat, if so, how it can be detected-cant give a sputum sample antibiotic don't help.Xray was ok?

Can a swab paternity test be affected if the child has a bad case of thrush?

Can an oral infection cause a herpes test to be positive? can the oral infection be found in the urine or blood? can you get rid of an oral infection

Can augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) or predinsone create a slight false positive lab result for an autoimmune test?

Can CRP blood be used to detect ear infection. Does low CRP exclude ear infection? What other tests are used

Can flumist cause a positive flu test (nasal swab)?

Can fungus on my to nail cause yeast to multiple in my throat. I had a throat culture done and it showed that i had over growth of yeast. Please help?

Can l have my regular blood test done if l am on antibiotics about skin infection. Thanks?

Can listeria infection be detected via blood culture if no symptoms present? If possibly exposed in pregnancy, should you be tested or wait 4 symptoms

Can the at home saliva test accurately diagnose a candida infection?

Can yeast infection and urine infection affect the pregnancy test results......?

Can you detect spirochete infections(leptospirosis, borreliosis, syphilis) via blood culture tests? If not, why?

Can you tell me if I am currently fighting an infection (such as herpes or gonorrhea), would that show up in a cbc?

Can you test positive for a bacteria(s) in the vagina and not actually be "infected" or have symptoms from it?

Cana yeast infection be diagnosed by looking down a person's throat?

Could a CBC miss a serious infection?

Could candidiasis/vaginal infection/uti affect aids & hepatitis C blood test results?

Could syphilis come back as a bacterial infection in a normal urine screening?

Could the presence of a non chlamydia caused UTI mask the presence of chlamydia if a test is then done for chlamydia?

Do We need pus in swab to detect steptococcus pyongenes in throat culture?or it could be done with saliva from back?

Do you treat a streptococcus carrier if there are no symptoms , only a positive rapid strep test ? When do you treat ?

Docs, could a bacterial culture be taken from a band aid?

Does a herxheimer reaction to nystatin confirm a gastrointestinal yeast overgrowth? Was on doxy for 5 mo. Sick ever since. All other tests negative.

Does candida always show on swab?

Does cbc, urinalysis, serology, and bacteriology be enough to test HIV infection?

Does culture and sensitivity test determine one's virginity?

Does it matter if strep swab was analyzed an hour after swabbed? MDs here don't do rapid strep test: pharmacists do. + result valid or doubtful?

Does the doctor need to do to tests to be sure if the diagnosis is a bacterial infection?

Does the HSV swab NAAT test conclude the site of infection? In theory, if a lot of discharge was on the swab, could it not detect infection elsewhere?

Dr said he suspects I've had Lyme disease untreated for 5 years. He will test soon, if positive, what's the treatment? Antibiotics?

Dr said viral meningitis poss diagnosis.I asked to have blood counts instead of spinal tap. Now I have rash but Blood test normal.Can it be bacterial?

FNAC test result says reactive lymphadenitis. Swelling is still there for almost 8 weeks. Have taken antibiotics. How much time it will take to clear ?

Follow up from previous question I can't wait a month due to pain to be tested Would bacteria be masked from a swab under microscope by antibiotics

Got a high swab vagina culture done for chlamadyia antigen,result is negative, is it possible still have lymphogranuloma venereum infection?

Gyno won't give Antibiotics for PID, because blood tests normal and I am pregnant. Says he won't treat blindly without sufficient evidence. Correct?

Had nasal swab done bc of stuffiness and sinus headaches. tested positive for strep a. Do I need antibiotics? Does this mean I'm a carrier?

Having pharyngitis for 4 months got throat culture sensitivity n CBC test show moderate bacterial growth had antibiotics doc gv me but still same?

Having throat infection for 4 months have done blood test and. throat culture showed some moderate bacterial growth and also occasional blood in mucus?

Hi dr, I have green discharge. Viganal swab test results are : scant gram positive cocci and bacilli. Do I have Bacterial infection? Thanks

How accurate are the results of a bacterial overgrowth breath test? Are antibiotics the best treatment?

How accurate are the results of Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome (SIBO) Testing? Are antibiotics the best treatment?

How accurate are water test resuls for detecting yeast or candida infections?

How accurate is a urine test for prostatitis? What other tests are needed to identify infection or inflammation?

How can CBC be affected by antibiotics ?

How do doctors test or treat sore intestines?

How do get to know I realy have prostate infection.I mean are there any tests which can correctly inform me about the infection?

How do I cure candida?! I test + for it and diflucan (fluconazole) clears it up for only 3-4 days and it's back. HIV test is negative. What could be causing this?

How do you diagnose a strep carrier ?Is ASO being -ve enough to say my child is not a carrier when he has +ve strep swab test without any symptoms?

How does one get tested for bacteria/fungus in the bloodstream does it get tested in a reg lab or does a pathologist in a infectious disease lab test?

How is a superficial swab for herpes infection test done?

How long after an infection can HIV be detected via lab tests?

How long after the antibiotic treatment is over should you wait to redo the lab test to see if you still have an ureaplasma ureticulum infection?

How long does Bartonella show in a blood test for, after initial infection?

How long will it take to confirm a yeast infection........vulval swabbing vs a urine test? Which one has the potential to be the quickest?

How many different strains of yeast infections are there? What are they called. What type of tests should I have my gyn run?

How many tests do you have 2 have before MRSA is confirmed?

How precise will the cytomegalovirus, chlamidia, toxoplasm and herpes virus analysis results be while having vaginal fungal infection and inflamattion?

How recent of a virus or infection can STD tests detect?

How to check for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth means what tests to check you are suffering from them?

How to know if I have prostate infections.?what tests should I take?

How to test for mold,actinomyces,fungis and your body? Name of test.

How would a culture of the scalp be performed if a fungal infection was suspected? Do they swab it or take hair samples, etc.?

I am 26 weeks pregnant i do urine test and show i have infection,can the infection affect on the baby?

I caught a yeast infection 7 years ago i took a WBC with differntial test a week ago my WBC are all normal could the infection be to a HIV infection?

I finished 6 weeks course of antifungal once a weeks And done with swab test no fungal seen.. But still my tounge is not clear.. what to do?

I got a culture test done the clinician said there were many white cells is that a symptom for hiv?

I had a bronchial scope done results were strep infection in my lungs. What does that mean?

I had a lab test and result is heavy growth of streptococcus agalactiae group b. Doctor said its a vaginal infection. Why it's happened?

I had an abscess, got a culture and was diagnosed with a bacterial infection. What exactly is tested in a culture? Will anything severe come up?

I had high vaginal swab test result is minimal candida species. Do i need to take medicines? What does it mean? Thanks

I had high viginal swab exam and result is minimal candida species.. What does it mean, should I need medication?

I had lab test done on my eye were i had a staph infection.. I receive the call that told me that i had mrsa... They didn't seem to concerned about it?

I have become prone to fungal & viral infection. Can you please suggest, which type of immunity test should be done to check it's strength?

I have become very prone to fungal & viral infection. Can you suggest which type of immunity test should be done to check it's strength?

I have had swabs and blood test and nothing has come back as any sort of bacterial infection or anything to do with my tonsils it's all like a mystery ?

I have uriniary tract infection i'm on antibiotic for 7 days i bought a home test to see if i still have it it said positive what should I do.?

I just had my pap smear and the result says that I have bacterial infection called coccobacilli. What treatment should I use?

I just received a throat swab result of streptococcus ovis. What is this from? And what are the treatments.

I suffering from throat infection since one year. My throat culture positive for pseudocomonas cocci. Still i used too many antibiotics. But still?

I suspect i may have fungal infection of scalp and waiting for culture, but they only took hair samples, not a scraping- will it still show anything?

I tested negative for staphylococcus at the obgyn what does that mean , i will never get this infection.

I tested positive for MRSA on a Pap smear.....I have no symptoms at all. I am on an antibiotic, will that take care of it??