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second IVIG dose for a Guillain Barre patient with a poor prognosis. Any possibility to help him ?

2 year ago i developed acute pancreatitis with necrosis and fluid sacs following an ercp. I feel ill and my immune system is low, is this related?

37 yr old stroke victim caused by sinus infection; has been in coma for a week; lung collapsed. Prognosis?

92yo liver failure, severe jaundice labored breathing nausea emotionally given up dnr, likelihood of surviving the weekend? Doc wouldn't say

Acute epiglottitis? I was in hospital for a week with this what can I do so i will never have it again?

Acute hypersensitivity pneumonitis fatal?

After bowel perforation with entercocci in blood, how long before sepsis kills a person?

After partial recovery from secondary effects of near drowning, my kid, hospitalized in icu, flexes her body muscles every 30 seconds.Why? Promising?

Any recent developments in acute pyelonephritis?

Are brain infections usually fatal?

Are repetitive mild aspiration pneumonias, life threatening? Recovers fast with antibiotics and oxygen.

Are the amounts of deaths caused by sepsis better than they were in the past?

Are there any cases where muchausen by proxy lead to (usually) a childs death?

Are there any known ways to treat transfusion related acute lung injury?

Are there more one person auto deaths in us since 2008 than before?

At what age does a diagnoses of pneumonia have a great likelihood of being fatal?

Can a 16-year-old with severe untreated marfan's die due to too much exercise?

Can acute cystitis (requiring hospitalization) cause blockage of fallopian tubes in the future?

Can acute liver failure cause something that could kill someone instantly?

Can an 18 yr old healthy female have severe sepsis .Almost die. First be told it was due to an untreated UTI then told etiology unknown for the sepsi?

Can any doc tell me what's the difference between necrotizing facsiitis and gas gangrene?

Can being bedridden for several months lead to total cardio respiratory failure and destruction of major organs? I know it always causes DVT and PE.

Can chronic, severe malnutrition of a 56 yr old man cause coronary blockage.

Can churg strauss syndrome progress across organs or does it just progress within the organs it presents with?

Can egg allergy lead to death in case of babies below four months?

Can having severe abscess that's reappear over time lead to death? Or skin cancer ?

Can HIV lead to severe complications with scabies infestation?

Can induced coma helps in treatment with sepsis?

Can leaving hypersensitivity pneumonitis untreated for 2 years be potentially dangerous for the lungs? If so, how?

Can one get sepsis after surviving sepsis? If so what type of cancer can one get?

Can peritonael dialysis cause infection at abdomen then sudden death as acute coronary syndrome?

Can peritonael dialysis cause infection at adomen then sudden death?

Can severe gastroparesis kill you?

Can someone have acute kidney failure, not know it and die? Or would it eventually get severe enough to where they'd know they need to seek help?

Can the use of haloperidol (for delirium) or hydromorphone (for pain) mask an elderly pt's ability to respond to antibiotic treatment for suspected sepsis and probable pneumonia?

Can walking pneumonia be the cause death in someone with Crohn's disease?

Can you die from billiary tract disrase?

Can you die from mild auto trauma?

Can you die from renal trauma?

Can you please describe the effects and treatment for asphyxiation pneumonia?

Can you tell me if someone with severe dyspraxia should kill themselves?

Chance of fully recover after 1 episode of acute pancreatitis with unknown reason. And chance of recurrent?

Chances of survival of patient with severely septic and septic shock?

Chonic pancreatitis: how many ppl die in a year due to this? How many are diagnosed in a year. Can this shut down other organs?

Could an ARDS patient get ARDS again?

Could an implanted defibrillator develop infections?

Could either severe dengue fever and/or antibiotic induced anaphylactic shock trigger a chronic obstruction of hepatobiliary system? Thank you.

Could leaving SLE UNTREATED for over 6 yrs be risky and possibly fatal? The meds terrify me.

Cousin has lupus & diabetes, was taken to hospital with pneumonia & sepsis. Has now been on ventilator & in kenetic bed 4 days. What can you tell me?

Dear doctor will myocardial infarction occur a person suffering from normal fever (not rheumatic fever condition?

Death from sepsis perforations bowel infected cavity anastomosis site, yet autopsy said bowel unremarkable,how ? There wud be evidence of sepsis, yes?

Do a diagnosis of acute pneumonia require hospitalization to a otherwise healthy 43 year old female?

Do nocosomial infections lead to death in most cases?

Do people with sepsis have a lot of pain?

Do symptoms of septic shock in infants include hypertension?

Does a cure exist for acute myocarditis in infants?

Does acute liver failure cause some imbalance that can kill a person instantly?

Does acute stage of endocarditis produces fever ?

Does anyone have information about infants prognosis with viral pneumonitis?

Does anyone know about the recovery time of benign acute myositis?

Does HIV cause acute necrotizing gingivitis very often?

Does pneumonia mean fluid accumulation in the lungs? Does it happen in every case? How is it treated?

Does repeat dengue fever (hemorrhagic) cause vascular damage leading to initiating aortic dissection ?

Does sepsis cause heart damage in cancer patients?

Due to septic shock the patient is not recovering there is high amount os swelling?

Elderly incontinent diabetic paralysed from waist down - no cathethar develops sepsis then septic shock vomitting , cd it hve taken months to progr?

Family elder is in icu with pancreatitis induced ards. How did that happen?

Following recovering from ards, can ARDS happen again to the same person, what to do?

Heard of someone with infection and rupture of his appendix , organ failure and on life support, how did he get it?

Hello docs, is heart enlargement a deadly illness? Can it be treated?

Hello docs. I was wondering can tonsillitis leads to sepsis?

Help please? What is meant by acute typhoid?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is an injury/disease that would prove to be fatal?

Hi, my friend aged 31 has been diagnosed with sepsis which has lead to hypoglycemia, apparently been put in an induced coma - how severe is this?

How are you diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonitis and can it happen suddenly?What can I do if I have it

How can I treat peritonitis - dialysis associated?

How can we prevent aids patients from dying from pneumonia?

How can you prevent pneumonia in a victim with a chest injury?

How dangerous is a small pericardial effusion caused by pericarditis & how likely is that it will turn into tamponade & will ibuprofen help treat it?

How do you know the difference between acute and subsequent seizures?

How do you usually die when you have severe emphysema?

How does acute pyelonephritis attack and spread?

How does salmonella typhemerium spread and attack. What is the degree of damage for it.Is there any cure of it?

How fast does sepsis occur?

How frequently does cellulitis cause death?

How is acute bronchitis be fatal in an elder?

How is hhnks lead to stroke then pneumonia?

How likely are you to survive treatment for gangrene in the stomach?

How likely is it for a child to die of pneumonia nowadays in the u.S.?

How likely is it to die or have severe complications from breast augmention surgery? Such as cardiac arrest or blood clot ?

How long after a severe peptic ulcer perforation before peritonitis and sepsis will kill a person? (let's assume the person is in his sixties)

How long after battling foodborne botulism, clostridial sepsis, and ARDS will i begin feeling normal again, and regain strength?

How long are you hospitalized for having severe dehydration?

How long can a child go with appendicitis before he collapses from sepsis?

How long does alopecia areta last is cases that are not that severe?

How long does fussiness associated with sepsis last?

How long does it take to wake from a medically induced coma? There may still be some infection after a septic shock episode.

How long does severe hypoxia associated with bronchiolitis last?

How long does severe hypoxia associated with neonatal pneumonia last?

How long does severe hypoxia associated with pertussis last?