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Can my hymen break by doing cardio workout? Can using a crosstrainer strech/tear my hymen?Plz do reply im 20 year old.

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Can straining duing during constipation break the hymen? There was red bright blood? Did my hymen break?

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Can tampons break the hymen?

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Can you tell me is hymen broken during first time sex?

Can you tell me what to do if i want to know that is hymen broken in first time sex only or can it b broken without ever having sex?

Can your hymen be broke in other ways beside sex an will your doctor tell you? An how do you know if the hymen is still there

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Crossing thighs and masturbating for years can damage the hymen? No penetrations. Can crossing legs together and masturbating break d hymen?

Does exercising on a leg press equipment break the hymen? Is it possible for the hymen to break this way?

Does first time sex is painful for a girl, i mean when the hymen is broken.

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Does it hurt when your hymen breaks?

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Exercising in the gym during periods can break the hymen?

Hey will rubbing the vagina on a pillow break the hymen ?

Hi docs, would any type of vaginal penetration break your hymen?

Hi. I am 22, I was molested when i was younger and i want to know if that can break the hymen? I went to see a doc who said that my hymen wasn't there

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How can I tell whether my hymen broke?

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How do doctors tell if someone is not virgin? I'm virgin but my "cherry" popped while doing the splits and my gymnastics competition

How do I break my hymen without having sex?

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How do you know if hymen is broken? Hav had intercourse but never bled...Is this normal?

How expensive can it be for a gyno to break a hymen?

How long before your girly parts heal after your Hymen is broken. I've had sex 3 or 4 times before But Hymen didn't break until most recent partner.

How long will it bleed if you break your hymen?

How to break virginity in a less painful way?

How to know if i've broken my hymen? And how long does the bleeding last of I have broken it?

How to know if my hymen is broken?

How to know that hymen break?

I accidently broke my hymen when i was 15 . now i'm 21 so i want to know if once the hymen is broken does it heal-back???

I am 22 and my penis' s foreskin is still not broken...? Is it compulsory to break..? If yes then how to break now...?

I do pillow humping regularly is my hymen intact or i break?

I fingered my vagina but i did not bleed. has my hymen already broken or not?

I had rough intercourse today and i been bleeding, did i just break my hymen?

I have been fingered many times with 3 to 4 fingers but does that mean my hymen broke as well?

I heard a pop from my vagina while i was rubbing it? Did i break/tear my hymen?

I heard doing sex for the first time is painful because of hymen. Can the hymen be broken before I have sex?

I never had sex,but i play sports& im not sure if i tore my hymen or not.So, if i go to the doctor, Can she tell that my hymen wasnt broken from sex?

I want break the virginity of my gf?

I want to know if my hymen is broken. Who could tell me that?

I was wondering if i could break my hymen myself without any pain or blood?

I was wondering is fingering possible without breaking the hymen?

I would like to know if my hymen is broken or not ?

I would like to know if my hymen is broken or not please help?

I've never broken a condom. How often do they really break?

If a girl has been fingering, would that break her hymen?

If a virgin girl have a kidney stone. Would it break her virginity once it passed?

If hymen has broken , can it be recovered again by medicasion? Can u suggest any medician?

If I break my hymen while masterbating does it mean iam not a virgin anymore? Also if your hymen breaks will it heal?

If you mastetbate with a dildo does it break your hymen?

If your hymen broke but you still never had sex will it hurt?

If your hymen is broken and your aroused and ready does it hurt the first time?

Im virgin could clitoral orgasm break the hymen what about contractions that happen after the orgasm can they break the hymen, never inserted anything ?

Intercourse, during the breaking of hymen, is it true that blood must gush out?