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Accidentally touch toilet water wif bare hands.Wash wif soap,30min later wash 2 times wif water.2hrs later wash wif soap,took off lens.Eye Infections?

After i aply the prescribed cream for scabies, can I wash everything in hot water and spray my mattress and furniture with clorox disinfecting spray?

After you wash your clothes is all the germs off if them or if you even had blood on them can it effect you ?

Am i doing wrong to remove smegma with just water... Can you use facecloth to clean it? Because i always thought it would do harm!

Are alcohol wipes enough to clean toys/objects/surfaces of staph, streptococcus, flu, and the other major germs?

Are antibacterial body washes bad for skin? Because i've heard it also kills good bacteria that your skin needs?

Are soap free cleansers effective against germs like bacteria, stap etc when used as a handwash or used when bathing?

Are there bacterias & viruses in human feces of a healthy person? Is washing the anus with jet water enough in removing it?Is soap needed?

As cashiers in store touch items to ring up, such as drinking glasses i just bought, I worry of germs. Is washing with dish soap enough before using?

Can antibacteria soap harm my septic system?

Can any virus or infectious disease be transmitted through dettol 60% alcohol hand sanitiser gel applied directly to an open bleeding wound?

Can bacteria grow inside the filter of a baby's bottle if not was with soap?

Can bacteria live on a bar of soap? I cleansed my anal region with it and then the next day i kind of rinsed it off and cleansed the vaginal area.

Can betadine can be used to wash babies?

Can blisters and inflammation on the scrotum caused by cleaning it with disinfectant wipes/alcohol cause fistula of any kind?

Can cleaning the inside of your nose with hand soap remove bacteria?

Can clothes or bedsheets with bloodstains still be contaminated after being washed even though the stain is still there?

Can excessive handwashing with antibacterial soap lead to vitiligo?

Can germs live on a t shirt? If you air it out and it's cold and not warm or moist (suitable for germs) will it still have germs on it?

Can i clean thermometer with dettol?

Can i clean with lysol wipes when i'm pregnant?

Can I get contact dermatitis from chlorhexidine wash?

Can i get infected from an indoor jacuzzi in a rental house (in long island)? I did a basic wash with hand soap but did not scrub down with detergent.

Can i tell me how i can stay clean if you're allergic to soap?

Can I use a disinfectant containing benzalkonium chloride 80% to disinfect electric razor. If so, how much & how? Will it explode my shaver?

Can I use diluted bleach to get rid of ringworm in 2 days?

Can I use more than one kind of mouth wash?

Can I wash my pencils, eraser and plastic clipboard to remove/disinfect any amoeba (giardia etc) with liquid soap or benzalkonium chloride or alcohol?

Can i wash with tap water after chemical peeling?

Can i wash with tap water, 30 minutes after chemical peeling?

Can merthiolate be used to clean water?

Can mold spores survive on clothing after being washed in the washing machine?

Can putting bleach on my skin kill the ringworm?

Can rubbing alcohol kill norovirus on surfaces? I'm hearing regular cleaners like lysol aren't effective against this strain.

Can rubbing bleach on skin kill scabies?

Can spraying water in my anal area while cleaning can cause a fissure? I used actually a hose but not that kind of bidet spray.

Can STDs be passed through towels wash cloths toothbrushes (some bleed during then wash it off)eating utensils drinking off each other?

Can u drop dirty for spice?

Can u soak in a diluted bleach bath and kill scabies mites in your skin?

Can water destroy hep c on an object if i were to wash dried blood off an object with water if i scrub with dish soap and paper towel without gloves

Can you get dysentery from dishes that are not rinsed thoroughly?

Can you get raccoon roundworm from using soap to wash face from a soap dispenser used by someone who washed there hands after touching dirty dog paws?

Can you tell me how soap work to eliminate germs?

Can you use betadine scrub to clean after urinating or having a bowel movement to prevent bacteria that causes utis?

Conjunctivitis question: i thoroughly washed all my make up and dipped them in alcohol (vodka). Are they still contageous?

Could alcohol do any disinfecting to your insides?

Could antibacterial soap kill hepatitis c?

Could clorox bleach for laundry burn your skin?

Could it be true you can use clorox bleach to remove a wart?

Could liquid handwash(dettol) be used to clean denture?

Could soap and water kill the hepatitis C virus?

Do antibacterial soaps/disinfectants protect against viruses? Wondering if all this disinfecting is doing much against things like h1n1.

Do disinfectant wipes kill flu and norovirus germs . If not is there something that does work on surfaces?

Do I need to shampoo My hair after swimming to get rid of chlorine or just wash with water only will do??...

Do I need to use hot water to kill germs on clothes of dirty kids?

Do I need to wash my linens every single day for the whole 4 weeks until my ringworm heals?

Do products like antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers really help or hurt when it comes to preventing infections/sickness?

Do the lemon extracts in the soap kill hiv?

Do you get less of a clean and sanitation on the exterior of your clothing when you turn the cloths inside out prior to putting them in the wash?

Does 70% alcohol hand sanitizer kill viruses while it's still wet? Does it have to dry to kill them?

Does a bar of soap or liquid handwash kill all bacteria on hands or do you have to use antibacterial soap to do that? Which is better?

Does antibacterial hand gel still work if you accidentally rinse it off?

Does antibacterial soap for dishes kill semen on surfaces like the couch or the edge of a door ?

Does clorox disinfecting whips kill hep c?

Does clorox wipes or lysol spray help or kill HIV or hep c, b?

Does hand sanitizer with 70% ethyl alcohol kill bacteria in a wound?

Does it really help prevent germs to cover your mouth when you sneeze?

Does my skin "hold" more soap? Whether antibacterial / not, 200 times of thorough scrubbing hands w/ water won't get rid of it. Always can see residue

Does Normal Clothes Washing and Ironing kills Adenovirus(Conjunctivitis)?

Does pure alcohol 95 cleans and disinfect better than soap or hand gels ? And is totally safe on the skin (hands specially ) ?

Does rub 0,5% Benzalkonium Chloride kills Adenovirus(Conjunctivitis) from clothes and hard surfaces?

Does rubbing alcohol leave behind any residue after it evaporates? I ask this because i'm considering using it to sanitize certain utensils.

Does salt kill bacteria?is washing wattle bottle with salt enough instead of soap?

Does soap n water kills HIV virus if wash hands with soap ??

Does sulfer soap kill scabies?

Does the foam that soap makes when washing hands countains bacteria and dirty? If fall in my sleeves will be contaminated?

Does the use of antibacterial soap increase the risk for bacterial resistance?

Does vinegar help cleanse the vagina if applied tropically and washed off?

Does washing clothes rid of bacteria that could cause re infection such as underwear or mastirbating into a washed sock that was used before while inf?

Does washing hands with anti bacterial soap kill sperm?

Does washing hands with regular soap and water several times kill sperm underneath fingernails?

Does washing your clothes kill off the stomach flu?

Does washing your hands with soap (versus just water) really kill bacteria?

Doesn't all bacteria die from a toothbrush that is thoroughly cleaned with water after use and then left to dry for 15 minutes or so?

Doesn't antibacterial soap just kill bad bacteria?

Dr or no? Used brush handle to masturbate, sanitized with rubbing alcohol and rinsed with soap and water before use. Cut and slight bleeding.

Dry skin. Use vinegar to clean. When cooking organic and fowl, wash with liquid soap and dry with paper towels. Hands get rough and raw. What is cause?

Foam like bubbles around stool, reminds me of how dish soap looks after the dish soap has set for a while, cause for concern?

General Question: is Triclosan (found in Dial soap) an antifungal?

Glans below foreskin is very sensitive. Flowing water, soap and water are unable to remove the sticky smegma.How to clean smegma ?

Got soap from steel wool cleaner splashed in eye. Flushed with tap water. Optometrist said no damage. Infection possible? Acanthamoba? Antibiotics?

Got somones urine on hands then used antibacterial hand gel with water would the water have stopped the gel from killing bacteria as I have cuts?

Handled raw chicken while cooking with a small cut on my hand - washed afterwards with antibacterial soap and alcohol. Will I be ok?

Hello, i want to ask if it is enough to clean potentional rabies virus from hand(not from wound) with water or is it neccessary to use desinfection?

Home Toilet Paper is clean? I use to dry my face sometimes, but i read that may have bacterias that cause diseases.

How can washing your hands with soap and water reduce bacterial infections?

How can i clean foot fungus out of my washing machine?

How can I clean my hands to test my blood sugar if no soap is available? Can I use hand sanitizer and rinse it off with water from my water bottle?

How can I clean up. Mold spores without just stirring them around more and what if anything to use besides bleach?how can I kill mold spores?

How can I disinfect my baby's teethers? Is it ok just to wash with soap and water?