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Say I touched a genital wart (on me) then rubbed my eye or touched another body part. Can genital warts spread to other body parts this way?

yeast infection survive outside host? Touching door nobs, clothes etc or only through direct contact sex?

A month ago an aids infected person kissed my hand and there was a small wound on my hand. Should I worry?

Aldara (imiquimod) instructs to apply to affected area with clean hands. I use it for genital warts and I dont trust touching it incase it spread. Is this safe?

Am I at risk of transferring genital herpes to my lips if soap from washing my hands after using bathroom got on my lips?

An infected person with HPV touches her underneath and then touches my penis what's chance to get HPV. I washed with hot water and soap & dettol. ?

Any tips on how to clean vaginal area when infected with genital warts? With the towel touching infected areas, I think it is causing it to spread.

Are hep c and hiv able to transmit once they are on inanimate surface ? Even if that surface is touched by finger then the finger touches a membrane

Are there other ways to spread genital herpes besides oral sex and genital contact? (e.I. Your hands, sharing towels/wash cloths, soap bars, etc.)

Can a person get herpes if they touch a towel that a infected person with an outbreak just clean affected area with?

Can any STI or the HPV virus or infection survive outside the body for 2.5 months and the be transmitted to someone who touches that object?

Can common skin warts or plantar and palmer be passed through toilet paper if one of these warts touches it and then another person touches it?

Can counter lipsticks (displayed ones at beauty shops) cause and transfer Herpes when used directly on lips? Even when they're sanitized? HSV2

Can dry blood transfer viruses if it touches other objects?

Can enterobacter cloacae be transferred if a roomate is infected? Like from skin to skin or surface contact?

Can folliculitis be spread from bedding? I have it and I'm trying to avoid my 4 month old picking it up from me. How easily is it transmitted?

Can genital herpes be spread by hand to a penis that is not infected?

Can genital herpes or any STD be spread through sharing soap or a bottle of body wash? What about towels?

Can genital warts be spreaded by wasing with a towel during and out break. If so how long does the virus live on the towel?

Can germs on the carpet in frat house cause genital warts?

Can hand sanitizer kill the Herpes Simplex-1 virus when applied to hands or inanimate objects that are contaminated with it. Can disinfectant sprays?

Can hepatitis be spread by shaking hands with someone that has blood on his hands? Can it be transmitted through unbroken skin?

Can herpes be living and contagious and dry surfaces?

Can herpes be spread from hand to genitals?

Can herpes be transmitted directly from the urine stream of one person to an open cut on the genitals/anus of another person? ie "water sports"

Can herpes be transmitted directly from the urine stream of one person to another person via an open cut in their genitals/anus?

Can herpes be transmitted without making contact with a weeping sore?

Can herpes simplex affect other areas of the body, without direct skin to skin contact?

Can herpes spread from touching genitals then yourself?

Can herpes spread through clothing when scratching?

Can herpetic whitlow be contracted via indirect contact such as someone else touching a cold sore and then shaking my hand (which has a tiny wound)?

Can herpetic whitlow be contracted via indirect contact such as someone touching a cold sore and then shaking your hand (which has a tiny wound)?

Can HIV virus be spread from bottoms of shoes?

Can hpv be spread onto your actual butt cheeks, not just anus? If so can you spread it through the toilet, please please clarify.

Can HPV be spread through indirect contact? For example, if my finger touches a genital wart and I lick my finger with my tongue, can I get mouth wart

Can HPV be transmitted thru washing dishes if I had hand to genital play and the HPV that was trasmitted caused burning?

Can HPV infect someone even if there is no cut on the person's skin?

Can HPV transfer through inanimate objects? Lets say a person with HPV touches their genitals and then touches an object and then I touch that object with dry/cracked hands, an open wound, or I touch my own genitals afterwards. Is infection possible?

Can i catch aids by just touching the penis?

Can i get herpes if i fingerted a girl who has genital herpes? I do have a paper cut on my finger.

Can I get herpes on my neck from scratching an active sore on my gential and not washing my hands?

Can i get HIV if i touch a person with hand ulcers and afterwards pop a pimple on my face?

Can I get HIV through touching someones genitals over clothing. Has anyone ever been infected this way?

Can i pass non-wart genital HPV to my baby through cuddling, kissing his cheeks, changing his diapers with unclean hands, etc?

Can i spread gonerrha by touching a dry penis tip? No fluids involved

Can I spread my own wart to myself or to other people by contact (touching)?

Can i spread scabies even in areas that they have not spreaded i've been having sex for the past week now but some of my areas have not been touched with these mites ans i was wondering if i kan still spread them to him

Can just touching lead or have skin contact, harm you?

Can molluscum contagiosum be transmitted by touching the lesion and then touching others, if the lesion is completely intact and not been scratched?

Can mono be tranferred by sweat touching other peoples skin?

Can my finger warts spread to my genitals? I'm scared because I have to open ones on the process of getting rid of...

Can one contract HPV from skin-to-skin oral contact with someone's genitals or does there have to be an exchange of liquid fluids?

Can or does HPV burn if an infected person touched me arm?

Can rabies virus transmit by water while washing saliva from intact skin and water pass through broken skin?

Can someone get HPV by touching a doorknob and then touching mouth, eyes, genitals?

Can someone get infected with hsv2 just by touching the fluids with the hands or another skin area if there is any lesion at that time?

Can staph infection be transmitted by touching an infected wound then touching another persons mouth? 

Can STDs be spread by bathwater? Can they be spread by accidently drinking bathwater?

Can STDs bee transmitted to one's genitals from touching infected clothing?

Can STDs bee transmitted to one's genitals from touching infected clothing?

Can the HPV virus spread through sharing towels, bed sheets, etc?

Can touching a skin wart and then touching the genitals cause hpv?

Can u get genital herpes from sharing underwear that are clean?

Can u get herpes from a toilet seat, touching a sink or other object that a infected person touched after touching their infection?

Can unclean massage parlors spread genital herpes?

Can warts on my finger spread to my face?

Can we kill HIV with Dettol hand wash after touching infected person sweat?

Can you catch a uti/bladder infection from touching an infected person's hand sanitizer?

Can you catch an STD by touching a bathroom handle after someone didn't wash their hands, then touching your mouth or genitals or eating, etc?

Can you catch genital herpes and genital warts by using a infected dirty towel or wash cloth?

Can you catch herpes eczema from holding hands if you had a damaged cuticle?

Can you catch HIV from touching HIV infected urine with the palm of the hands? No breaks in the skin.

Can you catch warts from sharing objects such as key boards?

Can you contract common types of HPV from touching a surface, potentially exposed to the virus, with your hands and then touching your genital area?

Can you contract genital herpes by sharing a shower or bath with someone infected?

Can you contract herpes through skin-to-skin contact?

Can you contract HSV 2, if your hand comes in contact with an infected penis. After using hand sanitizer & lightly washing hands, then touching vagina?

Can you get an STD if the person touches their genital and then touches your mouth with the same hand ?

Can you get and std from touching the vaginal area of a woman who isn't infected and then washing your hands afterwards?

Can you get genital herpes by touching inanimate objects someone with a cold sore has touched and then touching yourself after?

Can you get genital herpes from touching a restroom handle on stall, then touching your genitals, if the person before you had infection on their hand?

Can you get genital herpes from touching handles and other things in public places/public restrooms and then touching genitals?

Can you get genital herpes from using a towel?

Can you get genital herpes from using someones bathroom that had a cold sore at the time you used their bathroom? Ex from surfaces they may have touch

Can you get genital herpes from wearing pants after an infected person wore them?

Can you get genital herpes from wearing pants that an infected person wore before you?

Can you get genital herpes from wearing pants that an infected person wore right befofe you?

Can you get genital herpes from wearing pants that an infected person wore right before you?

Can you get herpes by accidentally touching the clean underwear of someone that has genital herpes?

Can you get herpes form sharing clothes?

Can you get herpes from inanimate objects that people with cold sores have touched and then touching yourself after?

Can you get Herpes from licking the crotch of someone's panties?

Can you get herpes from touching a handle in a port o potty and then touching your underwear?

Can you get herpes from touching a handle in a public bathroom and then that hand touches your genitals shortly after while wiping?

Can you get herpes from touching a towel that someone that has herpes but no current lesion used to dry off with?

Can you get herpes from touching inanimate objects and then touching yourself?

Can you get herpes if someone touches there cold sore and then hands clean underwear and clothes to you? Is it safe to wear them?

Can you get herpes on hand from spit touching your hand ?

Can you get hiv/aid by touching pastic (chess pieces) and then scratching your female reproductive area?

Can you get infected with genital herpes if you touched your own urine and then touch your face ?