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i peed on a public toilet.i needed to pee badly so when i squatted, my pee splashed onto the toilet seat to my undies, making it wet.can i get preg?

when I clean my boys bathroom there seems to be pink stains from their urine under seat. Should I worry about blood or is it normal rxn with seat?

? After a good bowel movement & clean myself well in an hour or so I'll begin to burn down their , I wipe and its dirty again. Bowel leakage ??

10 Weeks pregnant used the bathrom to urinate after whiping myself i saw a white warm about half an inch moving in the water could it have ben from me?

15 year old brother rarely has "bm" and found out he is using pads in his underwear, which are covered in feces, to help with mess. What's going on?

3 yr old girl toilet trained with 5 mths still wets her underwear and does not tell me she needs to use the toilet? Could there be a medical reason?

9 year old has almost like diaper rash on inside of bottom cheek...Been using a&d but still there. She uses flushable wipes to wipe after bowel moment?

92 new to nursing home. Pvt room but share bathroom with woman with c diff. Aides dump commode contents in my toilet and touch stuff there with gloves?

After a bm I shower. After several showers still a strong fecal smell. I clean inside & outside anus & butt. Visually clean. What kind of Dr do I see?

After a bowel movement I then have to re-wipe a hour or two afterwards as i then become unclean.

After I have a bowel movement, I smell bad for the rest of the day supposedly. How? I clean until TP is clean, then shower. I do have an internal hem.

After I wipe my behind alot using toilet pap or wipes I start to see specs of blood I must wipe like 20 times because I can't get clean. How do I stop?

After i wipe myself after a wee, i often find almost black or dark merone stained toilet paper, i sometimes pass clumps of this also. ?

After making a bm in the morning, I have to intermittently wipe during the day.Never defecated in my pants, just have to repeatedly wipe. Problem?

After pooping on the toilet some urine drips out but if i dont get up and hover over toilet one more time to pee it will get on underwear. why? soluti

After sex, should the girl wipe her vagina using a washcloth and water from front to back? Or are using wipes to wipe ok as well.

After urinate y my panties are getting wet even though i wipe with the toilet paper?

After using toilet, 4 to 5 hours later, only 1-2 drops of urine come out from my penis without knowing me. What is the treatment for this?

After wiping with toilet paper following a bowel movement, I found a green pea on the toilet paper, which made me wonder, do we get any benefit from veggies since they're not digested?

All I have are mushy stools. I soil my paints ,and have to clean up all of it at least 3 times a day. This is a very embarrassing and hard to clean up?

Almost every time I use the restroom #2 i wipe and there is blood I am a 20 year old female and i don't think this should be happening to me. Please he?

Anal fissure comes & goes.Poop not too hard or soft, but I do wipe a lot and use non alcohol wipes.Can frequent/ harsh wiping re aggravate fissure?

Anal mucous everytime I use washroom. What is wrong with me?

Are "bleach" automatic toilet bowl cleaners (the little discs you drop in the back) safe to use? What if water splashes on your legs/butt after flush?

Are colored toilet soaps harmful?

Are there really medical benefits to using a squat-style toilet or one of those foot stool add-one like a squatty potty?

Ate red,oily rice paste Pink colour on side of toilet bowl unaffected by flushing Easily removed by paper Blood?( common toilet, didnt look before use

Been having diarrhea for almost 2 days now and now it really burns. Can diarrhea be to acidic? What would be causing the burning? Using wipes not tp.

Been seeing a little blood from my reckdom after I use the bathroom and it burns?

Best way to clean a cut with things you would normally find in a bathroom?

Bleeding only when I use the washroom, what could be wrong?

Blood on toilet paper occasionally about thirty minutes after using restroom. It itches and feels wet, seems to happen more when I'm active. Thank you?

Bowl leakage in underwear after going to the bathroom and wiping.. 56 year old. Is this normal ?

Can a toilet be blocked by flushing just one used tampon?

Can chlamydia if you use the toilet right after someone who has it?

Can ecoli travel to other objects in the bathroom if someone flushes the toilet with the lid open?

Can fecal matter be pushed out through flatulence and start dissolving through underwear and clothing? Is it acidic?

Can I get AIDS from masturbating with toilet paper and a ziplock bag? Ziplock bag and toilet paper did not contain any blood. Still worried.

Can I pregnant from a few precum on my hand and accidentally absorbed by toilet paper which I use to wipe after I pee?

Can I push when using the bathroom without mmaking hemroid worse?

Can I use dilute dettol water on anus after coming from washroom?

Can I use which hazel wipes in place of alcohol wipes in a pinch?

Can the anus pull in something from the outside, like 3 square toilet paper to protect the underwear?

Can the anus pull something in like folded toilet paper in between butt cheeks to protect underwear? Asked this a few min ago, more details on ? Now

Can u get pregnant from using toilet paper in a public restroom like if someone who had semen on their hands touched the toilet paper that i wiped w/?

Can urine flake as it dries. Was cleaning young sons toilet seats and it looked like urine almost had shiny crystals in it. Should I worry?

Can water or pee be used to re-wet baby-wipes or sanitary wipes that have dried out?

Can you get a UTI from toilet paper?

Can you get any diseases if you use a toilet and the toilet paper has dried blood and you didn't notice and you wipe yourself ?

Can you get hepatits if we use toilet roll that had blood on it ?

Can you get HIV from someones feces in the toilet? The toilet water with feces hit my eye and it was about a minute after the person used the bathroom

Can you please tell me the best way to keep my rectum clean after a passing a motion? I have tried wet toilet wipes, but to no avail.

Constantly over wipe vagina after going to the toilet and after a shower? What can this cause?

Could it be bad to take dumps in public toilets often?

Could not smell poop in diaper so baby butt got burnt when i was cleaning butt with wet wipes there were blood dot onsomeares.can be infected ?

Dear Doctor, I hate using public toilets, hence I tend to hold my bowl to find a convenient toilet. By the time the urge disappears. Is it bad? How?

Do hemorrhoids possibly cause a little bit of light red when wiping after going to the bathroom? Usually Vaseline helps the dryness and no red the next day if I use Vaseline the day prior.

Do you have to use bathroom a lot with panreatitis?

Does a small bleeding tear inside anus when pooping constipated stool increase chance of catching disease from using public toilet (e.g. water splash?

Does kirkland toilet paper cause UTI in women?

Emergency cerclage at. 20 weeks. Can I do laundry or light bathroom cleaning?

Everytime I use the toilet 1-2 balls of stool exit &when I wipe the tissue is covered w/a watery brown (almost mucus like at times)substance.Serious?

Family member touched my arm after defecating (they wash their butts with water and hands instead of toilet paper after defecating), could I get sick?

Fecal incontinence while asleep, did not wake up from incident. Also dried blood in nostrils?

Flushed toilet before peeing on airplane and strong chemical smell. In for 2-3 min. 27 weeks pregnant. Ok?

For weeks now when I pass a stool it burns (similar to putting alcohol on an open wound) and minima streaks of blood on paper when I wipe. Ideas ?

For what length of time do facial wipes and baby wipes stay moist for?

Frequently going for a poo and wind. In my poo was a 2.5 inch string. What is this? Whats the cause? Am I indanger?

Girl gets semen on her right hand, wipes off immediately w/ tissue. hand dry, goes to pee, grabs toilet paper w/ both hands, wipes w/left. preg risk?

Go to bathroom pee or bm I wipe I get poop on paper constantly wiping to get clean fill toilet with paper not in underwear 53 yrs old How to stop it ?

Have anal fissure. Dr said to not wash with soap. Also said don't use wet wipes after pooping. Will feces going over fissure cause infection? Nervous!

Have anal fissures and cream I use. But when I have a BM, they can bleed from wiping. Was curious if feces or bacteria could get into blood stream :S?

Having orange oily substance when going to the bathroom, help?

Having poo with foam and sleepry like oil. Also i need to visit toilet 3-4 times a day?

Healthy diet, no straining at toilet, stand a lot, drink plenty of fluids and water, why would i find pink on toilet paper if i see no lumps?

Hello. I am having difficulty using the bathroom. Every time I try there is blood on the toilet paper. I have pain in my front and back.

Hi Docs, thanks for ur help and advice, sorry to ask u this, but is a healthy stool ment to sink or float in the toilet water. Thanks?

Hi doctor I think I have piles. When I use thetoilet sometimes my stool has blood and toilet paper when iI force. It itches sone time and burn. Thanks?

Hi i just changed my tampon and instead of blood on the applicator there was what looked like water droplets what could this be please read my info?

Hi, i am a 17 year old boy and i want to know if it is normal to wipe after i pee? Do people shake or wipe? I use to use the urinal until 7th grade???

Hi! while i was trying to fix the toilet i felt a splash of the water into my eye. im worried about dangerous bacteria! What should i do?

Hi. I am a girl. I had a bowel movement earlier and a little bit of the water splashed onto my vagina. Am I at risk for a uti?

Hi. I have white roller paper discharge and it stings when I pee. also when I use toilet paper sometimes there's a hint of blood on my sheet.

How bad is it to use flash anti-bacterial bathroom wipes on my face?

How can BM stick the toilet when there is water inside of it? Wouldnt that happen to only low flush toilet? I understand sticky stools is from fat

How can I avoid germs in bathrooms?

How come after I wipe my butt it still itches, even when I use baby wipes?

How do you clean the sensitive area of an elder after the defecation?

How long can sperm survive in the toilet bowl /toilet water?Chance of pregnancy from toilet splash when taking a piss/poop or from flush?

How long does ecoli live on paper? Or on toilet paper rolls?

How long does it take for sperm to lose motility on toilet seat/in the bowl?I ejaculated in the toilet bowl and my sister used it about 30 sec.Later:(

How long does squirrel feces/urine inside walls decay? i have been sleeping in a room for 11 years without cleaning the inside walls of urine/feces

How long would HIV infected semen live in the water of a toilet bowl that's been mixed with urine and feces? And the toilet is flushed frequently?

How much dirtier is old urine compared to fresh saliva? My roommate pours 1-day old urine down the bathroom sink. I'm too disgusted to use it. Legit?

How often should you use the toilet?

How to clean the menstrual cup if you had to "change" it in a public restroom?

I am 44 year old black male, i bleed a lot when I use the bathroom, what can that be.

I roll up tissue paper/ toilet paper to a point ,cleaning out the mucous /snot in my nose . sometimes I hit the sensitive tissue will it regenerate ?

I am 36 weeks pregnant. Web to use restroom last nite and noticed that my bowels had leaked a little while i was sleeping. Is this normal? If so, why?

I am 5 months and used caster oil to go to the bathroom after a week of no bowl movements did I just put my baby at risk?