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19 weeks pregnant. I saw a bug on the couch, maybe first bed bug. freaked out and sprayed the couch with rubbing alcohol. Strong smell, is it safe?

A friend had scabies 7 months ago and he sat on my couch for about 3 hrs. 7 mnths later, if i still havent vacuumed that couch can scabies mite live?

After a lice infestation, what is the best way to clean your floors, curtains, clothes etc.?

After getting bit by bedbugs i threw away my bedding and moved one of my pest repellers into my bedroom and never saw them again, did that get rid of ?

After seeing bedbugs on tv, is there a way to prevent them?

An unknown bug is biting me in my room I need to treat room or call exterminator I am pregnant what can I use or they use?

Are vacuums able to get rid of pet hair/dander?

Bed bugs: what seems to be the most effective and reasonable way to protect a mattress when business traveling?

Bedbugs in september or october of last year we got bedbugs. It was only in two of our bedrooms. I got the itchy bites from them. We called an exterminator, we paid nearly $3, 000 to have our house fumigated. We had to leave our home for about a week

Been having night sweats, pretty significant, soaking my fitted sheet top sheet an leaving a spot on my bed. Was talking seroquel, (quetiapine) tapered that off?

Been on perm and Eurax (crotamiton) nothing is working scabies outbreak at kids school washed everything in hot water,clorax the whole house now what?

Before this, thanks doctor! I have itchy red spot gathered on my body. I cleaned my bed in case it's bed bug but it's not. Its already been a week.

Besides bedbugs, what sort of itching/biting tiny creatures might one encounter in a hotel room?

Can an insect or any pest enter my vaginas while sleeping? How does it feel? Also can they reproduce? How harmful is that? Please help.

Can ants get into the brain from the nose if there are some biscuits in your bed ?

Can anyone tell me what chemical is used to treat bed bugs?

Can bed bugs bite through clothes or crawl up long sleeves and pants to bite also will the cold kill them?

Can bed bugs live in sponge/soft toys? Will washing kill the bed bugs?

Can bed bugs live on you and the clothes you are wearing? Can they live on objects? (Makeup, cell phone charger)

Can bed sores form if you slept on carpet?

Can bedbugs live on your hair? I feel them walking and itching

Can bird mites stay on human skin a period of time even if away from the infested area? Can you see them crawling on the skin?

Can folliculitis be spread through bed sheets?

Can it bleach items like pillow cases befote bed?

Can keeping the grass round your house cut very short stop mosquitoes coming to your house?

Can lighter fluid kill lice & how long do you have to leave it on your head?

Can nh bed bugs crawl inside your body?

Can pinworms get on mattresses?

Can scabie mites fall off your body?

Can scabies live off dead skin cells deposited in carpet or mattresses longer than 72 hours without human touch? will Leaving house 3/4days help?

Can tapeworm survive on bedding or fabric?

Can there be a way to get rid of bed bugs from a home with out breaking the bank?

Can u get scabies from sitting on same couch?

Can u send pictures of allergic reactions to wool? I been thinking bed bugs and dust mites but no signs of either?

Can you catch any stds from a tanning bed? What if you touch the bed and then your privates?

Can you catch pubic lice by wearing short shorts and sitting on carpeted floors with others?

Can you get trichomoniasis from sleeping in the same bed with an infected person?

Can you get anything if you lay in bed with clothes on that you wore outside ?

Can you get onychomycosis from shower floors?

Can you get scabies from bed sheets and blankets? My friend said he had scabies 2 yrs ago & went away in 2 days & that last time he washed his blankets & sheets were 3 weeks ago & I was just sitting on it. Can I get sabies like that?

Can you get sick if spider walks on your skin or clothes but does bite you, what if you wear clothes that a spider has been on?

Can you get tinea capitis from sitting on the sofa after a infected person sat there?

Can you kill scabies in heat room? Because if scabies are exposed to certain temp they will die

Can you see bed bugs with the naked eye?

Can you tell me about reliable insecticides can treat bed bugs beside pest control?

Can you tell me other than bedbugs, what sort of itching/biting tiny creatures might i encounter in a hotel room?

Could bed bugs spread through clothes or car seats?

Could contact with bed bugs cause trichomonas vaginalis?

Could you get anthrax from a couch, chair, hat any sort of furniture?

Difference between shaver burn and bed bugs?

Do health consequences result from lice bed spray and shampoo? If so, what happens?

Do I need to wear underwear in hotel due to risk of bed bugs?

Do scabies walk on furniture?

Do you know if scabies looks lime black specks on your clothing and sheets ?

Does a 24 hour bug weaken as its spread around a household?

Does having head lice mean the person is dirty with poor hygiene?

Expert opinion please: could spraying rubbing alcohol on my matress and couch kill scabies?

Family & I contracted scabies from our dog.Can we use sulphur soap to help get rid of them?How long should it stay on in the shower?Safe for 1yr old?

Feels like something crawling on scalp and at times on my body. No evidence - fleas, lice or louse. Began after dog began sleeping on floor next to be?

For how long can the pink eye virus live on bed sheets?

For what length of time do scabies stay in clothes?

Found a dead mouse in a blanket i was sleeping in and it was very old and flat and compressed. Can i get anything from an old dead mouse?

Have a rash on the inside of my arm, could it be bird mites that cause this?

Help i touched somone with scabies what shoud i do! Can taking a shower prevent scabies from happining? Can I prevent scabies from forming?

Help please! is gentrol good for controling a bed bug infestation?

Hi, during the day I'm fine, but once I pop my pj's on and get into bed I start to become itchy. I have changed bed sheets and clothing. No bed bugs.

Hi, when i lay down my bed( which is clean and fresh same as myself)what is the feeling that i think there are bugs on my skin crawling but is invisib?

House suffer from fleas infestation. Male 32 yo suffer from itching small wounds caused by fleas bite. Please advise how to ease the itch avoid wound?

How can I avoid getting scabies in an infested house?

How can I prevent myself from getting the stomach bug when others in the house have it?

How can you avoid getting sickness bugs and other bugs that go around and thrive during winter?

How contagious is ringworm after treatment has started? How does it live on clothing and sheets? Do I need to wash my sheets everyday? I am a very cle

How could i best remove bed bugs/lice, etc without an exterminator or flammable rubbing alcohol?

How do I deal with the blackheads i got due to bed bugs?

How do you clean a mattress if your child has pinworms?

How do you get rid of bed bugs from clothing without dry cleaning?

How do you kill trichomoniasis on clothing and bedding to prevent reinfection?

How likely is getting head lice in a movie theater?

How likely is someone to get them from laying on the sheets at a nasty motel?

How long do bedbugs stay burrowd under your skin?

How long does a room need to be left empty after scabies infestation?

How long does a stomach virus live on clothing or bed sheets?

How long does the mersa virus last on counters, clothing, carpet, etc and is there anything that will kill it?

How long does the norovirus live on surfaces like the couch? Carpet? Pillows/blankets and other surfaces?

How long does the stomach flu live on blankets, pillows, and couches?

How long until I can get in the bed with my girlfriend after my first treatment of permethrin for scabies?

How much disinfecting of the stomach virus do I need to do in my house to rid of it?

How to clean fabric sofa when infected with ringworm?

How to get rid of bed bugs in a hot country like indonesia?

How to get rid of bed bugs in hotel room in a hot country?

How to get rid of bedbugs from kid's dorm?

How to get scabies off furniture on a budget?

How to prevent bed bugs from getting on my things from guest clothing?

I am 11 weeks pregnant. My bedroom is being fumigated for bed bugs. What precautions should I use after treatment to keep my baby safe?

I am itching and feeling biting on my whole body at night when in bed and some during the day when not i don't have bed bugs and change my detergent?

I am sick and tired of head lice infestations of my kids and now grand-kids; solutions please?

I am waking up with what look like insect bites. Sanitized and vacuumed apartment. What is safe to try as an insect repellant in/near bedroom?

I applied permethrin 5% for two days straight all 48 hours for scabies is it still contagious if i hug hold hands etc?

I don't know if I have pinworms! slept naked in hotel bed?

I found one flat brown bug dead in my bed&Ive been getting bites the last 3 nights. I live on the 1st floor w/a patio. Is it bedbugs or something else?