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worried HPV transmission via hand job. There was a client before me , not sure about the masseuses a massage for 15 minutes prior to it?

! i'm having a genital herpes out break, i was changing in my room wen caughtmy ten mon. Old son wit my dirty underwear in his mouth!will he catchit?

. Lady put on glove then used that hand to pull the biohazard trash can close to her. Then took my blood. Chances of getting diseases?

22 weeks pregnant and found a brown slug on my hand. I immediately brushed it off and washed my hands and used hand sanitizer. Should I be worried about any zoonotic diseases being transfered?

22yo female. 1 mth ago,I swam in public pool. I hd wounds in my legs (dry) & that was my last day period. Will i get infected by Hivaids?thanks

76 yo mom has COPD was unknowingly exposed to someone with mersa in the lungs yesterday. She washed her hands when leaving. Should i be worried about her? She has no open sores on her hands.

7yearslod boy who came out from toilet with unwashed hands, touched babys bed i mean fabric around babys bed. Do I have to wash it?

A cashier as bleeding from opposite hand from which he cashed me out. Can i catch anything. I have not used the motor oil i had bought, should I thro?

A child I babysit came down with hand, foot, mouth virus, will Lysol wipes kill this virus? What is the best prevention?

A friend touched his feet blisters&put band aids on them.After that,he helped carrying my suitcase.Can I get diseases/infect. if I touched the handle?

A kid ran up and touched me after going to toilet and not washing hands can I get hep c or hiv?

A pair of sunglasses fell off head in urine then someone with bleeding hand put them on bench 2 days ago for me i gave them quick wipe with soap. Hiv?

A person has a cut in her mouth and bad teeth she uses the utensils that a HIV person used before her and washed?if the utensil is washed is it safe?

A person picked up a juicebox off the floor and squirted the remaining juice at me. It was around and maybe in my eye could I catch hiv? Please help!!

A pt of mine who tested positive for MRSA hugged and kissed me on the cheek unexpectedly. I immediately washed the area with sanitizer and again with ?

A strangers beer splashed in my eye should I be worried about std's or other infections?

A while back read that Brazilian nuts are radioactive.. Are they safe to eat/touch? Should you wash your hands after touching them?

A)Can I get Hep C if I sat on a toilet used by someone infected. (I'm female) B)If I drank from a pre-washed glass at her house but I had a cold sore.

Accidentally picked up a natural scabies treatment bottle and held a few secs. Could i catch scabies this way?

Active coldsore. Drop of spit falls on bag, the handle of bag touches spit, i touch the handle of bag, then touch my mouth.Risk of contracting herpes?

Afraid to let my kids play outside..scared of them getting ocular toxocariasis. If they stick hands in mouth, etc before washing. They're little. ?

After touching a metal thing in a public restroom, my son accidently put his fingers in my mouth. I am concerned that I could get HIV.

Am 16 and want to pick my own clothes. Mom says no but she picks clothes like old lady. Who wins?

Are all the usual disease outbreaks stoppable by wearing masks and washing hands, or is there one that will get you regardless?

Are there any documented cases of pregnancy through incidental/nonsexual contact with semen (I.e. touching money, doorknobs, other common items)?

Are you supposed to wash new bedsheets first before you use them if you dont will they hurt like give you hiv ?

Arm and shirt knocked mans walker handles if he touched it with body fluids and hands with open cuts or face touched arm or shirt HIV or hepatitis?

At work helped student with bloody nose. Got blood on sweater- is a regular wash and dry enough to kill hep c as I can't use bleach on my clothes?

Back of leg touched the bottom of toilet seat when sitting on it, I washed with soap in shower afterwards, will it kill the germs or will i get sick?

Bed sheets washed in apartment complex laundry facility. Can I get hepatitis C from masturbating/humping my pillowcase? Scared of micro-tears. Female.

Bedsidetable with baby's cloth is standing near the sofa, if someone accidentally will hit it with a shoe can germs and bacterias enter a cloth inside?

Brazilian nuts are radioactive.. Are they safe to eat/touch? Should you wash your hands after touching them? Would radioactivity stay on clothes?

Can hand sanizter give you womb cancer if u accidentally get into the vigina.If not treated .Worried?

Can a nail biter spread germs thru kissing My bf has the habit He washes his hands after the restroom I have a phobia of the stomach flu can I get it?

Can a person catch intertrego at another persons house buy using there bath tub?

Can a teen get hep B, C, D, E, or G from inserting his hand in a public toilet. Do these survive in water. Not sure if he washed hands. ?

Can HIV be transmitted from a bathroom sink or door handle then onto a cut in the skin?

Can HIV fluids which were on a stainless steel door handle be able to transmit by touching it with bare hands? Not a xerox machine! lol.

Can hiv transmit through surfaces like curtains or desk if an scratch comes in contact with it, Thanks?

Can HPV spread via formites? Im scared of going to public bathrooms and locker rooms after reading about how HPV could remain infective for a ~7 days.

Can hpv virous live out the bady on underwear ot toalit site and bathroom?? Dose hpv tarnsmita through washing clothes togather???

Can i catch something from my hair touching smeared poop on the bathroom wall and then the hair going in my eye & mouth?

Can I get an std or a deadly disease from a papercut. I helped a homeless man move items and I touched a towel, please help me cam my nerves?

Can I get HIV by using the restroom or drinking or smoking or showering in the same shower or sleeping in the same house?

Can I get HIV from wearing underwear that I have cleaned and washed before but left it in my closet for a long time?

Can I get hiv through hand job for 1 minute?

Can I get hpv if my penis tip accidentally touch a DRIED, Dirty panties stain? Please help! I'm worrying, just make the answer simple pls. Thank you

Can i get preg?man (who was touching his junk) and my friend accidentally touched hands with him in a bus to me when my friend spanked my butt?scared

Can i pass non-wart HPV to my son through diaper changes, contaminated hands, sharing towels, bathing, etc?

Can I really catch a nail disease from the shower at my gym?

Can I still keep my underwear after I have contracted trich? Or could I just wash them?

Can lizards in kitchen infect plates,cups and other utensils when on it?is it safe to eat in them or use them once lizard sits or climbs over it

Can money give you hiv or any other diseases if you dont wash your hands before eating or laying bed?

Can mono be contagious if someone who has it kisses you on the neck? I quickly used hand sanitizer on the area and took a hot shower.

Can my baby get HIV by touching semen in a car seat? What if it was dry?

Can pregnant person touch wet paint?

Can sharing a bar of soap transfer infectious diseases between users? I use a bar of soap to have a shower with that all family members share?

Can sharing boxing gloves cause any disease? I was a little sweaty and so was the other person during the workout? Worried

Can the hiv/aids virus live in liquid vaginal soap? There is a rumor that people put their "secretions" in soap at Wal-Mart.

Can the stomach flu be transmitted simply by touching a sheet of paper with the probability of the infected having washed their hands?

Can touching a specimen biohazard bag with no gloves cause infection if specimen is inside the bag? And have a few cuts on hand but washed off hands?

Can touching a specimen biohazard without gloves& have cuts on hands but washed hands off.. The guy that picks up blood brought it back from lab.?

Can touching a tire that may have been driven over roadkill infect an open wound several days later?

Can trich survive on your hands? Is it true it can live on towels and toilet seats? Can it be passed by simple touch?

Can u get hep c from stepping on blood w/shoes?Virus still on shoes on car etc,can u get it that way?even tho Shoes cleaned w/soap left cold outsde.

Can using unused gloves that were sitting on table transmit hiv?

Can vibrio vulnificus survive on cloth after contact with possible infected seawater? Clothes were wet and got in my car.

Can you catch a diease from someone laying in bed with you with only their boxers on no sexual contact or anything!

Can you catch an STI from using someone elses towel?

Can you catch anything from dried blood in clothes in a shop?

Can you catch hep b from poop or urine or if someone forgets to wash hands after using the restroom please help?

Can you catch HIV from wooden, plastic, metal or glass surface? Like, if someone with it touched something than you touched it, can you get it?

Can you catch HIV or a STD if you never take baths, she has a phobia she's scared of the tub and she's been like this forever?

Can you contract anything from saliva? Someone that served me licked thier fingers to open a bag right before serving me.

Can you contract anything from stepping on a cigarette butt?

Can you contract HIV from massage parlour having oily massage and then finishing with the masseur giving hand job masturbation and cleaned with towel?

Can you feel a person's colostomy bag when you hug him/her?

Can you get a disease if you touched stripper money and then brushed your nose?

Can you get a std from your vaginal area touching a possibly dirty comforter/cover . We had sex in a hotel not sure how clean covers were.

Can you get an STD any other way than being sexually active? For example using a dirty bathroom or scratching yourself down there over top clothes

Can you get an STD from sharing a bath towel that hasnt been used in a week?

Can you get any Infectious skin diseases (scabies or any other) from trying on clothes in a store, door knob, money, stairway handrail...etc.?

Can you get bacteremia (specifically strep pneumoniae) from picking at a sore over and over with dirty/germy hands? Or by having open cuts on hands?

Can you get hep c or HIV from using a bar of soap that was in a basin with used razors only option i had after going to the toilet?

Can you get hiv by accidentally touching a bin used to store used pads if you have a cut on your hands?

Can you get HIV from sharing drinks with someone? Or any house hold items.

Can you get HIV from sitting on wet seat (worst case example if it was HIV semen about 30 seconds exposed in air)? Liquid went inside butt w/clothes

Can you get HIV from touching a rag/paper towel/ tissue with period blood on it?

Can you get HIV from touching a used wet face washer?

Can you get hiv from? ;nail scissors ;Toilet ;Teeth brush ;Underwear

Can you get HIV or any other germs from pushing rubbish down in bin at mcdonald's?

Can you get HIV or anything else from an old scratch on arm knocking toilet bowl with faeces washed hands and arm asap?

Can you get HPV from inanimate objects? Like say a keyboard that you use behind them then touch your privates?

Can you get HPV from sharing a bar of soap?

Can you get infected with HIV or hepititus from door knobs or other outdoor surfaces such as car door handles or road surfaces.

Can you get scabies from reusing a towel from swim practice?

Can you get scabies from sharing dirty towel?

Can you get scabies from touching door knobs?

Can you give yourself an STD if your a girl and masterbate with a lot of house hold objects without cleaning them? But nobody in the house has a std.

Can you only get Ebola if you touched their infected blood or liquid? Can you get it from touching their arm because of sweat? I'm just interested