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Does cerasse work to clean urine?

"paraffin blocks and slides will be stored for 3 years. the remaining specimen will be discarded after 3 months from the date of reporting" appendix ?

A lipstick was put on me at a makeup counter it was dipped in water, wiped with a tissue, and applied with a disposable brush. Could i catch anything?

An oral surgeon treated a hep c patient, no blood stain or anything on scrubs, used disinfected spray before/after taking off, do hot laundry sanitize?

Are all speculums packaged in sterile plastic before use for pap smear at doctors' offices? Otherwise how would i know it's really clean?

Are nurses allowed to have fake nails while drawing blood? She also didn't wear gloves? Could she have also reused a needle? Ethical questions/concern

Are the companies that sell and advertise them responsible that so many people use cotton swabs to clean their ears?

At what temperature are endodontic instruments sterilized at dry heat and in autoclave?

Been clean now from meth 5 months .Well I slipped up and ingested some How long before im clean .And the fastest home remedy plz?

Best way to remove steri strips from glued cut? Water? Or just pull?

Bought some Dynarex Blue Nitrile gloves. Would these be safe to use while washing dishes or handling utensils? The pack says non-sterile. Thanks!

Can dipping a brown paper bag in vinegar water and sealing a jammed finger overnight work?

Can I clean a new tattoo with chlorhexidine gluconate 4% surgical hand scrub?

Can i floss using a sewing needle?

Can I use a condom after it has been washed in the washing machine (still in wrapper)? If the answer is no, why not?

Can I use a paper towel if I don't have any more gauges and I do not have any tea bags.

Can I use a plastic spoon to scoop the stool my doctor didn't give me a scoop to collect it with?

Can I use expired bandaids? To the point where the paper pkging around each bandaid is falling apart on its own (not adhesive) and yellowed?

Can I use hibiclens to clean my bottom?

Can i use rite aid's first aid antiseptic to clean new ear piercings? it says 91% isopropyl alcohol.

Can I wash and reuse my catheters or not?

Can I wash plastic bottle which is made of 100% bisphenol free material with hot water?

Can i wear contacts if i dropped them on dust but have cleaned them with multi purpose solution?

Can I wear plastic/glass body jewelry (a retainer) during a laparoscopy? My piercing is out of the way but if I take it out it will for sure close.

Can the plunger be used with soft contacts?

Can there be pull-up bars i can install on trees?

Can unsterilized tweezers be used on a splinter?

Can we kill it with a “deep clean” of hospitals? 

Can you buy child safety proof containers for cleaning supplies?

Can you get aids from sharing a bottle of liquid bandaid in the same house?

Can you get Hep C from a public bottle of liquid band aid? A barber cut me and applied an open public bottle of liquid band aid.

Can you please tell me the best possible way to sterilize my asshole ?

Can you return unused/unopened medical supplies?

Can you tell me about procedure: the scalp was prepped with betadine scrub and solution, draped in the rountine sterile fashion. the?

Can you tell me how I could refinish cupboards that have a paper like veneer on them?

Can you tell me how is the proper way to dispose of a used syringe?

Cloth vs disp diapers what is better for the baby? Worried about polyacrylate in disposables. They were removed from feminine hygiene products

Considering only homemade options what is the best way to disinfect a wound?

Could I use regular household cleaning wipes to clean my yoga mat?

Could it be okay to put tea towel on top of cleaning chemcials?

Could you please tell me where is the best place to put the vacuum for self-liposuction?

Could you tell me what household items can I use to clean and stitch a wound in an emergency?

Dentures when not in use are kept in water. How to keep them in sterile condition, what to do?

Do active probiotics that are not individually sealed need to be refrigerated before opening the bottle, or only after opening?

Do dentists sterilize those suction hoses in their offices?

Do i haveto carry my syringe to clean my sockets out everywhere i go?Is it ok to eat and clean them when i get home hours after?What isa good practice

Do you know any directions to make a homemade face mask that help to clean the skin with house hold items?

Does anybody know how to keep an ostomy bag(with a drainable spout) from leaking at the seal around the spout?

Does Stevia Extract Powder expire? If so how long does it take. ( kept in normal room temperate and with lid covering container)

During blooddrawn,nurse put reused cotton piece in the surface above the nurve where the syringe is inserted b4 removing the syringe,this transmit hiv?

Ears pierced w/piercing gun & sterile studs in sealed box. parts of gun that touches skin wiped w/ alcohol, h2o, Benzethonium chloride solution. HIV?

Filling asanitary napkin in2-5 minutes is that normal?

Hi hi how can clean my teenth?

Home care for conjunctivitis, my eyes hurt even when I use wet paper towel to clean.

How are reusable and disposable gauze roll bandages different?

How can I clean my dirty sclera?

How can I clean toothbrush that fell in toilet?

How can I disinfect my child’s cut?

How can I dispose unused medications?

How can i keep my nails clean soft and health?

How can I know if i'm sterile?

How can I properly sterilize my eyeglasses without damaging them?

How can I properly store disposable propane bottles for emergency preparedness purposes?

How can I safely clean ear wax using household items?

How can we know whether it is sterile or not?

How can you clean an old mesh playpen ?

How could you X-ray a finge that is to be amputated, when covered in gauze. what percautions are needed?

How do I dispose of expired magic mouthwashes? Can I pour it down the drain?

How do I properly clean my contacts. There is eyelash and dirt that wont come out?

How do they sterilize the suctions tools in a dentist office?

How do u recommend keep asthma inhaler clean at work? If ur training for cna how do I keep germs off? Tips? Suggestions?

How do you clean the nosepads on your eyeglasses?

How do you clean your mouth properly after giving a blow job?

How do you disinfect a rag wheel and can you put it in a autoclave?

How do you properly clean out glass from a wound?

How do you properly sterilize a woman?

How frequently should I clean my stretcher and what could I use?

How frequently should I remove my pessary and clean it?

How I have to buy special wipes to clean prescription glasses?

How i may ensure that my dentists instruments, tools and equipments are well sterilized for hepatitis etc. ?

How is an intravaginal ultrasound disinfected?Or sterilized ?

How is the best way to change and clean an urostomy?

How long can HCV survive at room temperature ? I ask because I ordered a personal care item and want to know if I should disinfect it before use.

How long can you store urine in a container at room temperature? I have buddy's that have kept urine for over a month and used it and it still works

How long does ecoli live on paper or plastic? Hard plastic, Not garbage bags. I may have to wash his comforter depending on the answer :(

How long will semen stay viable, enclosed in a clean container at room temperature?

How to clean my act and clean myself up a little(it is long, sorry)?

How to clean retainers after it's been accidentally dropped into the wash basin, floor etc?

How to clean the inside of my penis? My gp told me to clean it and i don't know how, do I need latex gloves?

How to clean up a defacation (when a person hasn't used a diaper); I understand it's a biohazard?

How to clean X-ray lead apron and apron if patient has blood or vomit on it cause I know u can't put it in the washer What can you clean it with?

How to clean your breath properly?

How to sterilize used earrings?

How would I clean my stoma?

How would I be able to tell if I were sterile?

I accidentally put spring water instead of distilled in the CPAP & didn't know until replacing the 2.5 gal container. Should I be concerned?

I accidentally used ear peirce cleaning solution on my contact can wear them still?

I am down to 12.5 atenolol several days after 3 weeks on it. Doc wants me off I prep bags every two days one extra razor cut off. Finish in a week ok?

I am using finger to remove stool some times. will it create any problem?

I been using hypercare 20% solution 3x times a week and I have burning under my arms will that go away? Been on this for a week now