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After eating cheese toast I have inflammation on gums behind my front teeth for 4 days unabated even after use of benzocaine, clove oil, and peroxide?

2yo son. told to use flouride toothpaste. he can't spit out, on flouride chewable, no flouride in our water. concerned he is getting too much.

A dentist advised me ga tanic acid after scaling to wash mouth. Is it helpful?

About 15-30mins after I brush my teeth & use mouth wash, I get for a lack of a better term a type of film in my mouth. What causes it?

Adenoid/ tonsillectomy post, healing wounds with antiseptic sprays? Recommendations? Is Tom's alcohol free mouthwash ok?

After I use mouthwash, i would get blue things on my tongue. Is this normal?

After using toothpaste I brush a second time with cinnamon powder. Gums became sore and mouth hurt. Could cinnamon cause oral issues? Antibacterial.

After using alcohol free mouthwash, tongue feels numb and stiff? Not whole tongue, just the tip and only with alcohol free wash. Tongue is pierced btw

After washing my mouth out with Colgate Peroxide mouthwash a few times per day for past few days, my tongue feels burn pain when I drink liquid. I stopped using the mouthwash. Will the burning heal?

Always .. My mouth has smell but I use burshtooth twice a day (moring and evening) what should I do ? Such as using toothpaste ?

Any reason not to brush teeth with baking soda? I occasionally use baking soda with my electric toothbrush, and the results are impressive! it gives a polished feel, plus a lighter color, and it's dirt cheap. Any reason not to use it?

Any tips for post radioactive iodine treatment like using baking soda to brush teeth or sucking on hard candies to decrease salivary gland swelling..?

Anything over-the-counter to add to a water pik after scaling and having deep pockets that can help kill whatever's bad in there?

Are dry mouth toothpaste/mouthwashes like biotene / bioxtra safe for long term use even after having a dry mouth? Any possible harm to salivary gland?

Are there any neutral-flavored toothpastes for children? We've tried just about every kind of child's toothpaste that exists, but our daughter refuses to brush her teeth because she says they "all taste bad". Is there any type with a really mild flavor th

Are there any side effects of baking soda? My brother has been using it for about 2 weeks now and he has problems in his mouth / tongue

As a child I used to swallow toothpaste instead of rinsing it out. Would it have done any damaged to my body?

As long as the mouthwash had no alcohol products in it,, does that mean it's safe if I accidently swallow some?

Brush twice a day use a water pick and regularly use fluoride rinse. I hate my teeth! could i get white spots?

Brushing that area more rigorously since and have been using listerine, but it continues to hurt. What can I do?

Can anyone recommend a toothpaste for sensitive teeth which tastes alright, like normal toothpaste?

Can biotene pbf oral rinse help me avoid a deep cleaning? Help please?

Can biotene pbf oral rinse help me avoid having to get a deep cleaning?

Can biotene toothpaste and mouthwash make your teeth extra sensitive for long term use? Feels like toothache on all. Also had wore invisalign in past.

Can daily scope mouthwash cause problems?

Can herpes survive on toothpaste, NOT the tube, the toothpaste itself. So if I share toothpaste but my brush never touches the tube am i free of risk?

Can I drink alcohol while on the oral rinse form of nystatin? What are the risks?

Can I safely use diluted hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash indefinitely? My dentist recommended it to me for chronic halitosis & oral thrush.

Can I use cinnamon flavored toothpaste while pregnant?

Can I use listerine a week after i got my tongue ?

Can I use magic mouthwash then take ibuprofen?

Can I use mouthwash while taking moxifloxacin for tonsillitis? And is it better to use regular Scope mouthwash or Orajel antiseptic rinse?

Can I use scope mouthwash while pregnant?

Can I use toothpaste on styes?

Can it do any harm or any good to use mouthwash/brush immediately after eating sugary foods?

Can leaving a soaked listerine item in my mouth for too long cause any damage?

Can Mouth Wash containing Chlorhexidine gluconate be ototoxic and cause hearing loss?

Can mouthwash with peroxide in it cause your tongue to be yellow? Or basically discolor it from being normal

Can rinsing your mouth with Listerine (not drinking it!) be harmful if you are trying to lower your liver levels?

Can scope mouthwash contain alcohol?

Can scope white mouth wash mint splash contain sodium lauryl sulfate?

Can someone tell me what mary's magic mouthwash is, and how do you use it?

Can the prescription strength mouth wash cause teeth to yellow?

Can tooth cavities be reduced or eliminated using certain toothpaste or remedies?

Can toothache be caused due to excessive use of floride based toothpaste?

Can triclosan,used in face soaps and other soaps and is also still in some toothpaste, cause parotid gland tumors? Would more people have them if so?

Can using mouthwash with alcohol really cause oral cancer?

Can using OTC peroxide/whitening mouthwash cause dry mouth or "burnt" sensation on tongue? Have noticed that in past wk & just started using new rinse

Can using too much non-alcoholic mouthwash following a tongue piercing cause irritation and gum sores?

Can you really use toothpaste as a remedy for cleaning your genitals?

Can you tell me about the purpose of adding hard soap and calcium carbonate to toothpaste?

Can you tell me if i could use oral b 3d white toothpaste with braces?

Can you use both fluoride and alcohol mouthwash at the same time?

Colgate white is advisable for fiminine wash?

Contrast PM, 10% carbanide peroxide by prescribed by dentist - is for maintenance. Should I have gotten 20% ? No stains non smoker / white teeth? ✔️

Could it be healthy to drool so much when using sensodine toothpaste?

Could listerine total care stain remover mouthwash give you tender, sensitive gums?

Could using listerine eliminate food urges?

Dental: can you name me a brand of toothpaste, and type of, that contains xylitol?

Dental: why is it so difficult to find in stores a tongue scraper to rid the tongue of bacteria vs. Using a toothbrush to swirl bacteria?

Dentist dr.'s. After switching my mouth with over the countern hydrogen peroxide for a minute, how long shld i wait b4 i eat or drink something?

Dentists, is natural toothpaste an effective alternative to fluoride based toothpastes? Or will natural toothpastes like "Jason" be ineffective at fighting off cavities? I use natural because of a canker sore sensitivity to the SLS in normal pastes.

Do all the different listerine flavors have the same effect?

Do whitening mouth washes aggravate cavities?

Docs can you explain, is scope mouthwash better or worse than listerine?

Doctors can you tell me how often should I wash my mouth using a mouthwash?

Does a mixture of vanilla (or artificial vanilla extract) and listerine-type mouthwash decrease listerine's shelf life?

Does anyone know the baking soda treatment that equals 5 min teeth bleaching gel?

Does coconut oil disinfect the mouth and teeth?

Does cream of tartar have any health benefits?

Does listerine mouthwash work better than others or are they all pretty similar?

Does the sting of mouthwash mean it's working?

Does triclosan cause odontogenic tumors, or would it not be in toothpaste if it did? I have an odontoma. Used face wash for yrs with triclosan.Likely?

Does using mouthwash after brushing get rid of the benefits of the toothpaste or reinforce them?

Does using same toothpaste over and over blunt its effectiveness?

Don't know if i want to use this fluoride stuff my dentist recommended to get rid of the hard white plaque stuff. Is it safe?

Dr one year now with oral candida. When using button/dactarin, toungue becomes whiter. Uff, continuing with baking soda?

Everytime i brush mu teeth there is a ton of blood. What could be causing this? I use sensodyne tooyhpaste and non alcoholic mouthwash.

Experiencing tooth sensitivity after using Crest 3D whitening peroxide rinse. Best way(s) to alleviate sensitivity aside from discontinuing the rinse?

Fluoride really necessary to prevent cavities? so many mixed thoughts about fluoride or not especially if you want to be natural

For a dentist, is there any harm in using unopened toothpaste & mouth wash that is past its expiration date? Just found some travel size ones.

For DIY Salt Scrub for Dry Skin. Can sugar be used or only salt might be used?

For how long does it take for sensodyne toothpaste to kick in?

Glycerin USP bad for your teeth?

Good children's toothpaste? Are there any good toothpastes for children that don't taste like bubblegum or candy? I'm not really comfortable with how some of these are marketed. .

Good toothpaste to use when whitening to reduce pain?

Has anyone had any trouble being in pain with sensodyne toothpaste?

Head and neck cancer use mouthwash more than toothpaste?

Help please? What is the top rated mouthwash?

Hi docs, do you think it's bad that I use a mouthwash with alcohol in the morning and then one with fluoride before going to bed?

Hi I have tonsilstones i just taste it in my troat ?Noise air stinks too?What can I use?Does listerine antiseptic work?Its desroying me help please

How can people be addicted to eating comet cleanser and listerine mouth wash and not get seriously sick?

How can using mouthwash cool mint listerine(21.6% alcohol)as directed not drinking) cause a positive beathalyzer reading? Please explain in detail.

How come many mouthwashes use alcohol?

How come we let children use toothpaste with fluoride?

How concerned should I be about fluoride from various sources (water, tea, toothpaste, etc.)?

How do you clean a lip piercing besides nonalcoholic mouthwash?

How effective is baking soda/water mixture for oral thrush in babies?

How effective is mouthwash? Does it really do all that it claims with regular use? I use Crest ProRinse and it rebuilds enamel supposedly.

How likely is it that using coles mouthwash gave me cavities?