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1mg arestin powder used on gums following a teeth cleaning. Will this have any effect on birth control?

2 weeks after wisdom extraction, dentist gave me Listerine mouthwash? Is it okay to go back to using these commercial mouthwashes?

Afraid to ask implant dentist but why should I put up with teeth staining using chlorhexidine gluconate? Does no more than anti-bacterial OTC?

Any harmful effects to placing peroxyl in a grind guard?

Are etching gels used for dental sealants?

Are the tooth sealents dentists use neurotoxic?

Are there any household items i can use instead of a mouth guard at night?

Are there any safe mouth guards for false teeth?

Are these little dental brushes you buy off the shelf safe?

At what age a person can put or use a brace on her/his teeth?

At what age should we switch from a baby toothbrush to a real toothbrush? Our daughter is 8 months old and currently has 7 teeth. I'd just like to know the appropriate time to switch to a real toothbrush, and not one of those kinds you put on your finger.

Been using a toothbrush for a few weeks that has been in a holder containing black mould, will this have damaged my teeth or gums?

Brushing your teeth with more natural toothpaste keep your teeth in better health then that of toothpaste people commonly use? If so why? And why not

Can a person use braces even if he has false teeth?

Can bleaching teeth work if you use tobacco?

Can cat litter deodorizer be used to whiten teeth?

Can docs explain what does the dentist use to numb teeth?

Can drinking soda after using teeth whitening products cause gum recession? i used 4 boxes where 2 of the boxes say to use once per year.

Can i be fitted for a new nightguard when pregnant? Not sure if the putty they put in your mouth is safe.

Can I chew on dried Belladonna to help with a toothache or is there a safe paste to make and use.

Can i still use sensodyne original toothpaste if its kept above 86 degrees? package says keep under 86 degrees. is it bad for gums and teeth?

Can i still wear my retainer after getting a deep cleaning for teeth with anesthesia and using a oralrinse 2x a day. it is chlorhexidine gluconate .12?

Can i store my sensodyne original toothpaste in the refridgerator to keep under 86 degrees? would it lose effectiveness and cause gum or teeth problem

Can i use 3d crest whitestrips supreme more than 1x a year? box says to use once a year. would i get gum recession or teeth problems if i use more?

Can I use a cheap sport mouth guard instead of an expensive night guard for my tmj?

Can I use a clamp to reduce gap in teeth?

Can I use cotton instead of dental wax for a poking wire of my braces?

Can I use dental wax temporarily to cover up to cavity, until i see a dentist?

Can I use glass inomer as filling for the teeth of a 3 year old child?

Can I use glass inomer for filling teeth for a 3 year old child?

Can i use mouthwash the day after having teeth extracted?

Can I use superglue to glue in my dentures to my gums? Nothing seems to be working.

Can it be possible for you to use mouthwash with braces?

Can mouthpieces keep porcelain teeth safe?

Can too much 20% benzocaine (anbesol) harm teeth?

Can using a mouthguard at night give you cavities? Because it drys out your teeth

Can using too much mi paste on teeth be bad, I am afraid i over did it, and rinsed with act in the evening before bedtime. Would this damage my teeth?

Can using toothpaste too much be bad for your teeth?

Can you explain under what circumstances do dentists use a rubber dam?

Can you explain what are the top toothpaste recommended by a dentist?

Can you still use sensodyne original toothpaste if the cap wasnt twist on properly for a month?

Can you tell me if i could use listerine, while having an inviaslign retainer?

Can you tell me if i don't have any dental floss handy, can human hair be used instead?

Can you tell me what a dentist do, how much do they get paid and the tools they use?

Can you tell me what dentists use now to take the place of novocaine?

Can you tell me what is the most efficient way in preventing cavities without using fluoride?

Chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse has no other side effect on me but tooth staining. Implant dentist said it would be $150 to remove it. OTC?

Colgate sells a toothbrush that has a soft seal on the back which is easy to break when they put it on the shelfs. is this toothbrush safe to use?

Could a dentist protect you with a lead cover when taking x-rays?

Could doxycycline in tablet form still stain teeth?

Could human hair be used instead of dental floss?

Could I use dental wax to cover up my cavity?

Could I use mouth wash if I have braces?

Could I use orajel before dental work?

Could it be healthy to use false teeth glue to keep my plastic retainers in?

Could use expert help with why are human teeth so fragile?

Could use expert help with why meth-heads teeth fall out?

Could use your help docs! my dentist does cosmetic stuff and i wanted to know can you add length to teeth?

Could you explain when using a dental sickle scaler, how do you clean it after every use?

Dental first aid kit

Dental Question: Is it ok to use Neem in toothpaste?

Dentist prescribed flouride to 13 month old and the box specifically says not to give it to them. Who do I listen to?

Dentist told me to use fluoride rinse when pregnant. Used it for a few weeks in first tri. Harmful to baby?

Dentistry: is there really any difference whether I use a denture cleaning paste/creme for my removable vs. A brand name regular toothpaste?

Do dentists put silver caps on baby teeth for a special purpose (instead of white ones)?

Do dentists use still use braces?

Docs can you explain, is it safe to floss, brush and use mouthwash after a root canal, or should one of these steps be eliminated to play it safe?

Docs can you explain, is it safe to use superglue on the part of your tooth that has a cavity?

Docs can you explain, is listerine powerful enough to kill tooth decay, and if so what is the minimum to max time it takes to work ?

Does vinegar truly work even if it takes a while to clean your teeth?

Does your bacteremia level increase if a disposable dental flosser is reused?

For a dentist, is mouth wash and toothpaste that has never been open still safe after the expiration date?

Gum erosion from oral piercings with cheap metal?

Has anyone died during cunnilingus using a dental dam?

Hello docs, is it harmful to use dental flosses everyday?

Hi i got teeth staining and dr recommended me teeth polish tell me its after risks n is there any differenc by cup polish or brush polish thanx regard?

How can I make it so i get used to a dental mouth guard?

How can I prevent my teeth from falling out after using meth?

How can I use colgate prevident 5000 booster plus?

How do dentists pull out a tooth without using laughing gas?

How do I use the fluoride my dentist gave me?

How does a dentist know how much to drill without using an x-ray?

How film and tv celeberities have such clean and shiny teeth. I regarly brush but still wonder. Do they use some special products?

How is the waterpik for dental health? Should I use peroxide in it?

How long after a dental implant can I use waterpick?

How long are you suppose to use proxy brushes between each tooth? do you rinse between each tooth? is it true you dont force if it doesnt fit?

How long before i can use mouth wash after pulling a tooth?

How many hours does a toothpaste effect on teeth whether I have brush in morning?

How often is recommended to do a teeth cleanse?

How safe are store teeth whiteners to be used at home? How often can I use them?

How soon after tooth extraction can I use listerine and act flouride rinse?

How to clean wisdom teeth properly? What kind of tooth paste should be used? What method?

How to use dental floss? I find it hard to use because it slips out between my teeth, or doesn't fit between others. My teeth are not in great shape. Is there something else i can use? .

How unsafe is it to bleach your teeth using household teeth by dabbing a cotton bud in watered down bleach and wiping it on front teeth only?

How will methamphetamine drug use cause tooth decay?

I accidentally threw away my retainers at the mall instead of buying new ones. Could i just use invisalign as my retainers instead?

I am 30 weeks pregnant and need to have a cavity filled. Is nitrous okay to use?

I don't know if 18 mo old should still use baby tooth paste or some with fluoride in it. Any suggestions?

I have 5 year old dentures that i've never worn. Are they still safe to use?

I have early periodontitis but can't afford dental care. What mouthwash, toothpaste, and other products should I use to help it until I can get care?