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Are cinnamon sticks antibacterial or antiseptic?

Are ovol drops safe for a 1 month old? I heard it contains hydrogen peroxide?

At work I'm only allowed to use hydrogen peroxide based cleaners and someone got bloody nose. With no other option is this enough to kill diseases?

Can a benzoyl peroxide wash be effectively used with saltwater to wash instead of freshwater for acne? I work on boats and freshwater is rationed.

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Can I use hydrogen peroxide on my penis I have little itchy on it I'm uncut?

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Can taking hydrogen peroxide be beneficial to your health?

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Can you clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide? What if it goes down into them?

Can you tell me if it's healthier to use a hydrogen peroxide water solution to lighten hair instead of bleach?

Can you tell me is it ok to put hydrogen peroxide on poison ivy?

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Can you use bleach as a antibiotics?

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Can you use carbamide peroxide on cuts/burns?

Can you use carbamide peroxide with an ear infection?

Can you use expired hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. Mine is from 2010?

Can you use hydrogen peroxide for boils?

Can you use hydrogen peroxide on a 5 day old ear cartilage peircing 3 times a day? Or how many times should u clean it?

Can you use hydrogen peroxide to limit the smell of your vagina?

Could i clean my ear piercing hole with baking soda?

Could I use benzyl peroxide to disinfect a wound?

Do gentian violet react with Hydrogen Peroxide? I first put some gentian violet on my wound and I wanna wash it by hydrogen peroxide. Is that ok?

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Does it matter if I swallowed benzoyl peroxide that is 10%? Basically enough to cover 3 pimples?

Does peroxide mess up pH of mouth?

Does using peroxide help clean my mouth?

Dr pierced earlobe said twist & use alcohol. Generation X pierced cartilage says not 2 twist, use Hydrogen Peroxide/Salt solution. Who do I listen 2?

Had tubes in ears, is hydrogen peroxide ok to use?

Have large dry socket, getting repacked by dentist every other day. What kind of mouth wash can I use if any? Sal water? Hydrogen peroxide ok?

Hi, my hand is dry, cracking, burns and painful. Can I spray it with hydrogen peroxide. Is aloe from the plant itself help?

How can I start oxygen therapy with hydrogen peroxide now?

How can I treat a head injury that had minor bleeding , is it safe to wash with hydrogen peroxide ? Or what is recommended ? Is it safe to shampoo ?

How do I get rid of black dermographism on my ear caused by cheap stainless steel earrings? Hydrogen peroxide didn't work

How does boric acid clean out your eyes?

How does hydrogen peroxide gargles act post tonsillectomy ?

How exactly does hydrogen peroxide work to heal cuts and infections?

How good is hydrogen peroxide for rinsing mouth? What if it mixed with listerine? I use h202 once a month.

How long is it supposed to it take for hydrogen peroxide to bleach your teeth?

How long should hydrogen peroxide be left in my ear when cleaning ?

How long should I wait before use 35% carbamide peroxide again?

How many times a day do I need to use ear piercing anti bacterial wash?

How often can I use peroxide mouthwash?

How often should I use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse?

How often should I use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash to prevent disease?

How should I apply hydrogen peroxide to a wound for the best results?

How to clear toe nail fungus? I've had it for years want to clear it up its white and does salt water help? Or rubbing achol or hydrogen peroxide?

How to take care of newly pierced ears? I was told no peroxide just antibacterial soap

How to wash out excessive earwax (cerumen) with hydrogen peroxide? What solution percentage should I use? Any better liquid for this purpose?

How well does hydrogren peroxide work as an anti fungal?

Hurts to touch my teeth, i haven't been even using the carbamide peroxide effectively?

Hydrogen Peroxide or Saline Solution with Povidone Iodine is better solution for cut, abrasion and wound?

Hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel on cuts, which is better?

I am doing a 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water douche. To relieve discharge and odor but it is not working that well. What else can I do?

I had ring worm infction(not clinically diagnosed), and cleansed it with hydrogen peroxide. 3yrs after there is still hyperpigmentation, is it normal?

I have an infected ingrown. Toenail and I am 5 months pregnant. Can I use neosporin and hydrogen peroxide?

I have seen people use hydrogen peroxide in their nose. Why is that?

I heard that if you gargle with hydrogen peroxide your laryngitis will go away--is this true?

I used peroxide 20 hair bleach as mouth rinse?

I used peroxide for a tooth ache will it help or not?

I was told hydrogene peroxide spray was good for pnuemonia is ths correct?

I work at a hospital and a PA told me to try rubbing hydrogen peroxide on it with a q tip. I did so. Then brushed my teeth. Its now bleeding profusel.

If i highlight my hair with hydrogen peroxide and let it dry, when I use my supplemental o2 afterwards, would it present a danger?

Inhaled 3% hydrogen peroxide with a little water mixed in through my mouth to lungs any damage about 12 pumps through cleaned afrin mist bottle ?

Is 6% hydro peroxide safe to use to bleach my teeth?

Is benzoyl peroxide a bleach?? Or a type of bleach..?? Does it contain bleach?? How does it really work??? Is it really harmful for skin like bleach?

Is cleaning the outer vagina with peroxide safe?

Is dipping lip piercing in hydrogen peroxide safe?

Is hibiclens equavalent to betadine solution, or is one more effective than the other?