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What is the difference between Isotonic and Hypertonic eye washes? I need to rinse my eyes several times a day due to allergies?

Any risks from flushing IV with two saline flush twice in 5 minutes. Is there a limit on how much saline you can use?

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Are saline rinses for my sinuses a good idea to use periodically?

Are testes hypertonic hypotonic or isotonic?

At what % sodium does a solution become hypertonic? .9% is isotonic, 3% is hypertonic, but where does it change from isotonic to hypertonic? ...2%?

Can a saline solution of magnesium sulfate prevent blood clots?

Can i add anything to saline solution for nasal rinse?

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Can I use IV saline solution for nasal irrigation ?

Can i use Optical sterile normal saline drop solution in mixing Vebtolin nebulous 2.5mg for a 4yrs old kid inside a nebulizer or would water be better?

Can i use Optical sterile normal saline drop solution in mixing Vebtolin nebulous 2.5mg inside a nebulizer for a 4yr old or would water be better?

Can i use saline solution for my 1 month old baby for her congestion? And is it safe for her? Any recommendations?

Can i use saline solution to rinse out my daughters eyes?

Can I use vinegar solution to cure blepharitis pls?

Can my 2 month old use an nebulizer with albuterol 2.5ml? She sounds so congested and I've been cleaning her nose with saline solution for a month

Can saline contact solution be poisonous?

Can sterile saline solution isotonic, aqueous, buffered Sterile saline solution, with up to 0.005% w/v hydrogen peroxide be used in a NEBULISER - Cold?

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Can you tell me how to make burow's solution from domeboro powder for use in the ear?

Can you tell me if i could substitute my contact solution with peircing solution!?

Dangers of hypertonic solution? If someone with a chronic illness who may be underhydrated is put on 3% sodium chloride 500ml, what are the dangers?

Do doctors recommend those nasal rinse devices such as the neilmed plastic bottle that sprays a saline solution up the nostrils?

Do I need a prescription to get 3% nebulized saline solution. If not, where can I get it?

Docs, what's a saline solution that would be suitable to clean lobe piercings with? Any possible diy solutions?

Does silver solution really work?

Has anyone ever used salt water nasal spray?

Have any solutions to backpain ?

Help please? What is a saline solution that would be suitable to clean lobe piercings with, and can I make one?

Help! need to know if there's an antiseptic you add in if you want to do a nasal irrigation?

Hi can i use saline nebulizer solution to help break up my 1 year olds caugh?

Hoe does a saline solution assist in preventing rhinitis? Thanks.

How can a saline solution clean a wound?

How do you use sterile solution for eyes in a breathing machine?

How does normal saline correct alkalosis?

How many drops of concentrated albuterol solution should I use?

How much salt per liter of water for nasal lavage (nasal irrigation)?

I accidentally sprayed saline solution into my 3mo daughter's left eye trying to spray it in her nose (solution is a spray Simple Saline Baby). Harm?

I am reliant on humidifier in winter but am not allowed to use it in office-any alternatives please ?Repeated use of nasal saline causes more dryness,

I did septoplasty and tubinate reduction last week can I use a hypertonice nasal saline or only isotonic..Can i perform swimming and exercices(sports)?

I made home made saline drops for two month old 1/4 salt to one cup of water. Can it harm him in any way?

I was at the hospital , and I had dry eyes so I used a sterile saline bullet. Is that ok?

I was told i could use contact solution (saline solution) to clean my newly pierced ears. Is this a good safe idea?

I've been treating a keloid on my nose piercing for about a month. What can I try besides salt water rinses and saline solutions-they haven't helped?

If I use distilled water and neti pot saline mix and a dropper can I use them on my 11 month old and 4 year old instead of buying saline drops?

If we are given a solution that consists either NaCl or CaCl2 how can we determine which compound is in the solution ?

In what ways are dialysis and isotonic, hypertonic, and hyptotonic solutions related?

Is it a good practice to instill normal saline imto the trachea immediately after a tobramycin nebulizer treatment to rinse the trachea?

Is it a good practice to rinse the trachea with 2-3 ml of normal saline after a tobramycin nebulizer treatment?

Is it better to use isotonic or hypertonic saline solution when doing sinus irrigation? Does research say one is better?

Is it ok to use some simply saline for Nasal on my contacts as I'm out of eye solution?

Is it practical to dilute the blood with saline to avoid clog during hemodialysis?

Is it safe to clean a Flonase/Nasal Spray bottle tip with a sterile isopropyl alcohol swab?

Is it true that you can irrigate with your colostomy. What is irrigation?

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Is solu-cortef available in a 100mg/2ml solution?

Is there any solution for foot drop?

Is there anything wrong with me using hypertonic nasal irrigation 2x daily if i get significantly better results than w isotonic?(2 nielmed packs/8oz)

It is safe to use a dissolution of pure concentrate Chlorophyll into saline solution as eye drops?

My baby spits after each nebulizer treatment, is that ok? He's on saline solution.

My saline nasal spray has benzalkonium chloride in it, will i still be able to use it daily or is that a chemical that shouldn't be used often? Thanks

My smell sense has been decreased greatly after using neti pot & gse for my sinuses, what happen? I put 4 drop of gse +240ml water+incl salt bag

Need doctor's help! will ocean saline be used on a 6 month old?

One of my contacts is stuck and the saline solution is not working. What can I do?

Please answer me. Is a homemade saline solution sterile?

Please explain why is saline used for wound cleansing?

Please explain why urologists use glycerin instead of normal saline during urology surgery?

Please tell me, could I use normal saline(sodium chloride eye drops) for my ears?

Saline solution recipe? Need for home treatment. I know it needs salt and water only i need proper measurment please

Used sinus rinse and now I have pressure above my nose in my face. Will I be ok?. How do I relieve this pressure. used purified bottle water.

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What do you suggest if i had Otrivin saline sea water & aloe in my eyes.?

What does putting drop or two of solution on the lens before inserting do? Does it really help?

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What is the solution for that?

What is the best rinse for recurrent sinusitis? Xylitol, xylitol plus saline, manuka honey plus saline?

What is the difference between a saline nasal spray and salt water?

What is the difference between silicone and saline ?

What is the exact meaning of douching? What solutions, what bottles, how many rinses, etc.?

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What is the solution to rhesus compactibility?

What to do if i got Otrivin saline sea water & aloe in my eyes.?

What to do if i used well water to irrigate my sinuses, now I have an infection?

What type of water do I use in nettipot? How do I sanitize nettipot? Is it OK to use with allergies of sinitus?

What will happen?? I used pure moist opti_frre multi purpose disinfecting solution as nose drops on accident.

When treating hypernatremia why is normal saline preferred over ½ normal saline?

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Which is the optimum saline eye dropper on the market?

Why is cromolyn sodium solution for nebulizers no longer used?