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Any suggestions on which electric toothbrush is better?

Are electric tooth brushes more effective than manual brushes? Is there any evidence of that?

Are electric toothbrushes better for brushing than regular ones? All of my friends seem to be getting electric toothbrushes, and i was just wondering if they actually make you brush better, or if they're just a fad? .

Are electric toothbrushes more effective than normal ones?

Are power brushes really better than regular toothbrush?

Can a person with mild dementia hurt his gums or mouth if using electric toothbrush?

Can a waterpik replace flossing?

Can an electric tooth brush do a better job of cleaning?

Can dental floss be reuse as well? Changing every 2 days.

Can i clean my teeth with harpic toilet cleaner ?

Can I get cooties from using someone's brush?

Can the ionic toothbrush really work?

Can the waterpik waterflosser both models of wp-900 /wp-100 help my braces better versus flossing my teeth?

Can toothbrush bristles get harder or softer with use?

Can using a soft toothbrush help to reverse receding gums?

Can using a waterpik damage a crown?

Can you tell me what is the best way to disinfect a toothbrush?

Can you use a battery powered electric toothbrush if you have a dental implant?

Compare quality of cleaning with regular and electric teeth brushing device?

Could a pink color on my toothbrush bristles be harmful?

Could i brush my teeth using scotch brite?

Could it be advisable for a 14 year old to use an oral b triumph 5000 toothbrush?

Dds/dmd: side-to-side (pockets better addressed) brushing in a gentle manner using a soft toothbrush is better than up and down brushing?

Dental experts: is there a particular sonicare powered brush you suggest for 92 yo with formerly good hygiene? Need timer so aides let her brush enuf.

Dental hygienist said the high end Sonicare electric brush, when used properly, will add to gum recession all the time vs. circular motion Oral B.(?)

Dentists--please tell us your preferred electric toothbrushes for people with plaque. Also any nonelectric toothbrush for people with grip challenges?

Do battery toothbrushes work better than regular?

Do electric toothbrushes work better than non-electric?

Do water picks really help dental hygiene?

Does a sonicare toothbrush work better than a manual toothbrush?

Does clorox use for flossing and brushing?

Does it hurt when using a dental ultrasonic scaler?

Does rinsing your colgate toothbrush under hot water to make it clean make it less effective? i did it twice. do i need a new colgate toothbrush?

Does the power tip with the oral b electric toothbrush really work?

Does the use a water flosser take the place of my using dental floss? (Forgot to ask the periodontal hygienist today).

Expert opinions? Which is better, flossing vs waterpik?

Expert opinions? Which is the best electric teeth cleaner?

Going to start using an oral-b electric tooth brush and aqua fresh triple protection toothpaste.Is that toothbrush and toothpaste okay together?

How can a waterpik be used to clean my tonsils?

How can I ask my dental hygienist not to use the ultrasonic scaler?

How can I ask my hygienist not to use the ultrasonic scaler?

How can you clean a toothbrush?

How do I keep dentures clean?

How is the new ultrasonic scaler?

How long should you change your toothbrush? every 3 months? its been 4 months and i just changed my toothbrush, is it ok?

How many times should you brush, floss and use mouthwash a day?

How many times to floss a day? I brush/floss at night. In A.M., I brush and do not floss til nighttime. I do use mouth rinse in A.M. Good enough?

How often do I have to replace my toothbrush?

How often should I replace my manual toothbrush?

How often should I replace my toothbrush?

How to clean dental implants using waterpik?

I am using a proxy-tip with its handle to better clean between my teeth to avoid tartar buildup. I also floss. Do I apply toothpaste to proxy-tip??

I am using a WaterPik water flosser with water and mouth wash instead of flossing string is this OK? the string never worked for me..

I bought 2 oral b battery operated toothbrushes. What is the proper care for a battery operated toothbrush?

I brush 4 times a day, floss once and use orabrush once but I use listerine after everytime i brush. Is this good enough?

I brush my retainers with a colgate soft total advanced whitening toothbrush for 3 weeks, should i switch to a NEW RETAINER because of abrasives?

I brush once a day. I just started using listerine deep clean mouthwash twice a day. What else can I do for good hygiene?

I brush twice a day using an electric toothbrush. As well as floss at night and use mouthwash twice per day. Why do my gums still bleed?

I brush twice daily, floss daily, use mouth wash, use a miswak, and sometimes use interdental toothbrush. Why do I still have puffed up gums?

I find the recommended Sonicare toothbrush difficult to brush gently around my lower canines. Should I use an Oral-B circular brush in those spots?

I have a lot of difficulty using regular floss but have recently changed to a water flosser. Is a Water Flosser just as good as string floss?

I have braces and don't know how to use the threaders i know its to help floss but how?

I have flossers (plastic disposable floss tools) bc I find it easier than traditional floss. What is the proper way to use it? I bleed when using it

I have those spin brushes and I have crest toothpaste and i brush my teeth every morning and night . But i want them whiter . What can I use?

I left my new toothbrush out for 30 minutes without rinsing it properly after using it. did it get enough germs where i need a new toothbrush?

I like my sonic toothbrush but cannot afford the brushes. What should I do?

I need to buy a new electric toothbrush, which one is best for teeth and gum health, Oral B or Sonicare?

I saw a new type of toothbrush for toddlers at the store, called a nuk "surround" toothbrush. Is this type better than a normal toddler toothbrush?

I understand that a gum rubber stimulator is not meant to clean out food from a 5mm sulcus? Would a sulcabrush be best with an oral irrigator?

I use a floss holder and it takes me over 10 minutes to floss all my teeth in a good night. How can I speed things up?

I use a soft manual brush with soft stroke, use niteguard, floss. What situation is grafting not an option when there is significant gum recession?

I use an electric toothbrush. I get cold sores frequently. How can I sanitize my toothbrush? At $22 per head i cannot afford to replace each time.

I use rembrandt toothpaste, and some floss. How do I put hydron peroxide on my toothbrush?

I use toothpaste on brush to clean my tongue, is that ok?

I was wondering is it ok to floss, brush, and use mouthwash after a root canal?

I'm thinking of buying an electric tooth brush but I have no idea which one to get. Any recs?

I've started to use a gentle toothbrush, but will it still help remove plaque?

If a person doesn't floss on a regular basis but you use a power toothbrush every day does the tartar still build up?

If i am already flossing regularly with the string floss, do i have to buy the waterpik water floss to get good oral hygiene?

If i have gingivitis and I am starting to use Waterpik water flosser, when will my gums stop bleeding when i am flossing with the water?

If most dentists recommend soft toothbrushes for us, then why are medium and hard toothbrushes even on sale?

If my tooth brush fells in the basin how can I clean it to use it further?

If you don't have dental floss, can you use thread?

Is a vibrating toothbrush effective?

Is a water flosser better than regular flossing?

Is a waterpik or electric toothbrush better?

Is an electric toothbrush enough for plaque or do I need a waterpik too ?

Is electric toothbrush better than manual for removing plaque?

Is floss first, brush second and then rinse, the new paradigm for home dental cleaning?

Is it a good idea to use a waterpik to clean ears?

Is it bad to keep your waterpik and electric toothbrush on bathroom counter all the time?

Is it bad to reuse dental floss pick? Currently Im changing a new one every 2 days. Is that okay?

Is it healthy to use peroxide with your waterpik?

Is it ok to clean a clear retainer for denture cleaning in dishwasher?

Is it ok to put orajel on my toothbrush?

Is it ok to use electric tooth brush when gums are sensitive/often bleed?

Is it ok to use my phillips sonicare electric toothbrush on a temp crown?

Is it safe to clean your retainers with a colgate soft total advanced whitening toothbrush? would the whitening harm the retainer?

Is it safe to clean your retainers with a colgate soft total advanced whitening toothbrush? would the whitening IN THE TOOTHBRUSH harm the retainer?

Is it safe to use an electric toothbrush on a 1 year old?