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= What teas can I drink to help me sleep better?

2/3 weeks now, every morning I have been nauseated I work the morning [email protected] and its getting worse. Usually drinking cola helps and it doesnt?

26 years old mom, used 2 drink 2 cups of coffee aday;now i get shortness of breath from the 1st sip- sometimes i find myself holding my breath?

4 days lightheaded and dizziness after binge drinking. I only drink once a did blood work ,ekg everything clear. What can be causing this?

5 hrs ago had coffee, rarely have caffeine got shaky. 30 minutes ago had a couple sips of water now moderate pain around naval. Could it be from caffeine?

A cup of coffee used to wake me up now it makes me sleepy . Why ?

After drinking a lot of soft drinks i get really sick; nauseous, shakes, heavy heart beat, dry mouth and anxious. It last 1 hour. Very worrying?

After i consecutive drank 2 cups of coffee (1 before and 1 after meal) i felt heart palpitations and dizziness, is this the effect of coffee?

After I drink or eat something with sugar (soda, cookies, etc) about 15 -30 mins later I get fatigue, headache, hearth palps, and no energy.

Am I caffeine intolerant? Every time I drink even a bit of coffee I get limited symptom attacks for hours and feel very sick & nauseous the whole day

Am I overdosing on caffeine right now, if I drink energy drinks nonstop?

Any suggestions on why i feel sick after caffeine intake?

Been drinking energy drink called g fuel for the passed few days today the time I normally drink it, I couldn't focus n I was a dizzy/light headed.

Been real heavy drinker. Quit drinking been 7 days & started running. Have no withdrawals other than being extremely tired, but seem to sleep at night?

Besides drinking coffee, what can I do to stay awake during school?

Body always feels restless and hyper for up to 8 hours after drinking espresso coffee. Rarely drink it but feel this way when i do. Normal?

Caffeine overdose cause constant lightheaded all times? I drank 3-5 cup greentea/day and now i get lightheaded almost 3 month. How to treat?Anxiety?

Can a person with vasso depressor syncope drink too much gatorade?

Can caffeine cause shortness of breath? (like 2 starbucks coffees is the morning.....all tests fine)

Can caffeine extreme energy drinks cause dyspepsia?

Can caffeine make you have a bm? What triggers or ingredients in coffee makes you go?

Can coffee cause dehydration . My friend has COPD . And has a hard time breathing and always wants coffee . It this good for him ?

Can coffee make a person dehydrated?

Can drinking alcoholic drinks make symptoms of the common cold worse?

Can drinking amp energy drink cause shaking and anxiety?

Can drinking coffee in the morning make ur heart pound really hard all day and nite?

Can drinking one ice coffee in the morning and nothing else be the cause of my horrible anxiety today even hours later?

Can drinking TOO MUCH diet coke make you tired instead of awake? I drink a LOT! (at least 12+ daily) sorry I know that's bad! I'm addicted.

Can energy drinks make insomnia worse?

Can have red bull at midnight and be fine. Caffeine not an issue. Coffee (drink or in food) after 6 pm will end up as severe migraine next day. Why?

Can heavy drinking cause dizziness?

Can I get some tips besides drinking coffee to stay awake?

Can many of the dysautonomia symptoms be stopped by drinking a lot of water (10 liters/day)? I get palpitations and dizzy if I don't drink that much

Can the coffee and soda i had yesterday make my GERD worse today?

Can two cup of coffee with vanilla make a person feel bloated?

Can u get sick from mxing energy drinks with achool?

Can you drink alcahol with coronory heart disease every night ..Drink to unwind like i get some sleep drinking about 8 cans a night ..Most nights .

Can you drink alcohol if you're wearing a Holter monitor?

Can you drink with a z pac?

Can you give me a list of drinks that are caffeene free. Im not drinking energy or cafenated dribks anymore. Help?

Could drinking 2cups of coffee every morning be affecting my thyroid levels and making me feel so tired?

Could drinking coffee in the morning make you need to urinate more 16 hours later as you are trying to sleep?

Could me drinking energy drinks excessively be making my heart beat feel more prominent? I drink upto 5 cans of monster a day.have previously been hos

Could the caffeine in the Excedrin and the ice tea be enough to cause me to feel dizzy?

Could you tell me why I am feeling giddy every day between 11:00am to 12:30pm? I don't drink coffee.

Day by day headaches. Is this withdrawl symptom? I was getting them when i was drinking. I cut down on drinking and then i stop drinking all together. I am still getting headaches. Sometimes once and sometimes 3 times a day. Occasionally it makes me feel

Do some people feel very horny when on caffeine?

Do you think is bad to drink neuro sleep?

Does 5 hour energy and other similar energy drinks cause bad sleep patters and panic attacks? I drink coffee and coffee never gives me those symptoms

Does caffein really boost ur energy? Some days when i feel tired i get coffee and it seems like it has no affect. I drink coffee every day too.

Does caffeine make anxiety/ocd worse? If so, how much would be safe to drink? Would 1 or 2 cans of coca cola or Pepsi a day be ok?

Does coffee make you short?

Does consuming a lot of caffeine make my bladder "weaker" in a sense?

Does drinking alcohol affect sinuses,? Even if you were to take a couple sips of wine ? feeling pressure near my ears & its a struggle trying to nap

Does drinking lots and lots of of water and coffee supress your appetite enough to skip lunch?

Does too much coffee make you exhausted?

Drank one cup of coffee today and now i feel dizzy and lightheaded? Its been about 2 hours no. Is this unheard of. Been off caffeine for one month

Drank strong coffee all my life never had an issue.Havnt drank any in a year and my heart still skips.If i drink it again will it make it worse?

Drink a lot wether thirsty or not! All diet soda & 1Powerade qday NO alcohol!!I have mg/anxiety/anxious/tired/weak/bloated/inactive. All labs normal?

Energy drink, and sarcoidosis my disease make me soooooo tired I am thinking in drink energy drinks to just keep working, bad or good idea?

Everday morning a cup of coffee, without which i feel more lethargic than normal if i don't drink..Am i addicted?

Everytime i drink coffee i get heartburn why?

Feeling really out of breath after drinking half a beer and running for about 60 seconds. What is going on?

Feeling very sick to stomach after just one glass of wine or less. Heart also races. Doesn't seem to happen with other alcohols. Is this normal?

First time you drink X amount of coffee you feel good energy, but after a while you start getting adapted to it, and you need to increase it, why?

For 3 months now I have had a feeling as if I'm buzzed (with no alcohol in my system) 24/7 what could this be from?

For the last 2 months I've been having heart palpitations. I do drink a 5 hour energy shot each day, and drink a lot of soda. I am very worried about it?

For the past 3 days I feel sleepy all the time although I sleep from 6 to 8 hours per night and ways yawning even when I drink loads of caffeine?

Get constant weightless head. Too many drink caffeine. Totally stop drinking it. Almost a month, the lighthead still there. What to do?

Getting missed heart beat that's takes breath away I am on propanolol for anxiety but I do drink a lot of fizzy drinks and I smoke should I worry.?

Had coffee at about 8+pm. Tried to sleep at 12am but felt my heart race and is wide awake. Can the effect of coffee comes on hours after I drank it?

Headache lasting 3 days gets cured only by drinking fizzy drinks like coke. Not even by painkillers. Lots of gas during headaches. What can be cause?

Hello how can I stop the rash i get from consuming caffine?

Hello, i had bppv..I sometimes feel dizzy when i smoke ..I wanna ask that will affect me if i consume alcohol...Does alcohol worsen bppv?

Help plz! Can drinking too much soda make me have fatigue?

Help, I can't stop salivating when I talk after having energy drink?

Hi every morning, only on a morning I feel sick after a cup of coffee only been the last few weeks this has been happening why could this be? X

Hi, iam tiered all the time from waking up and the all day, all the year, under all conditions.Coffee, energy drinks effective for half an hour only.

Hi,I'm having a bad feeling in my stomach when I'm drinking the coffee,maybe there is a lactose in the coffee?

How bad are energy drinks for you? Usually every weekday, i drink 1litre emerge with caffeine content of 30mg/100ml. How bad is this?

How bad is it for someone with dilated cardiomyopathy to drink energy drinks?

How bad or good is drinking coffee every day? What if you have anxiety or depression?

How can drinking decaf coffee make me feel ill? Just an overall ill feeling . I quit regular coffee 7 months ago.

How can I enjoy in cola and chocolate, and not get sick?

How can I stop feeling so sick after drinking energy drinks?

How come i always feel like i'm sweating to death when i go to sleep after drinking jagermesiter mixed with monster energy drink? Is it dangerous?

How come I feel as though I drank three shots of espresso, although I never drink coffee?

How do I prevent myself from getting dizzy if i want to drink a lot when I am out partying?

How I can stop the coffee addiction . I always drink coffee . If i am stop in one day , i feel headache in this day .

How long after stop drinking bottle wine almost daily 2 yrs, would withdrawal happen if it were going to? Few days, feel ok, no shakes, sweats, etc.

How long until I can drink caffeine after a concussion?

How much is my brain damaged if I have been addicated to caffeine for 10 years? Ex. I drink energy drinks and pop on a daily basis if I don't I can't think or wake up

How should I cut back on drink coffee (caffeine consumption). I feel like I can't function without my coffee. ?

How soon after a concussion can you drink coffee?

How to get rid of sleepiness? I work at a warehouse and i need energy. I refuse to drink coffee because it can get addicting but i can't seem to get energy. Should i take iron pills?

How to relieve chest pressure after drinking caffeinated beverages?

I am addicted to coffee. Is it bad for you? How do I quit? I feel I get anxious when. I drink it. I am on antidepressants. No drink=withdrawal

I am always tired and have no motivation most days I drink coffee however it does not seem to work I take iron everyday for amenia what is wrong with me?

I am experiencing feeling anxious (worsened by: psychological stress, caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, soda, etc.)) .

I am experiencing feeling depressed and feeling anxious (worsened by: caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, soda, etc and feel dizzy and heavy headed?