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4 days I have been very nauseous . Every morning I wake up at 4-5am to vomit bile. Been taking tecta and not really working 21yr F. Not pregnant !!!

I am 36 female. 256 lbs. (Working on weight). I have randome brief stomach clinching in up ab mostly. Now diarrhea after taking Flagyl and nausea. ?

sensitivity to smells at ground floor of hospital. Stomach instantly cramps as I arrive for lunch (only cramps at hospital) No migraines. no preg?

1 mo. Postfundoplication I hiccup 50x day. Tx is gas-x, ativan, (lorazepam) full liquid diet. Soft food sticks at wrap. What can I do? When will hiccups stop?

10 month male child take solid food n collect in mouth n neck n then regurgitate all . Takes only some fluid. What should do?

10 month old w/ diarrhea for 3 weeks (only a few times/day), irritable & only drink formula. He is active. Gained 6oz in 5 weeks, but normally more.

13yr old son hasn't had a bowel movement in 8 days. On 5/31, food poisoned; he took Ondansetron 2 stop nausea; that was 3 days. He's not in pain. ?

14 month old vomiting Dirreah (since Monday) sugar levels 40 then 150 now 69. Could he be type 1? Very sluggish won't eat or drink He's at ER

16wks preg and headaches are getting worse and more frequent with little to no relief with Tylenol (acetaminophen). Hydrated, exercise reg, and eat frequently?

17 years old and I have stomach promblm it burns i tookmedicent for that i m fine know but i had another problem know i eat nd eat a lot and then vomit?

17yrs old. 11 weeks pregnant with severe migraine and been sick all night. Cant keep any fluids or food down. What should I do?

2 months ago i went to ER ... Daignose was gastroenteris and now it is flairing again. I can barely eat drinking water. Taking probotics&libraxs.Why?

2 weeks again i ate frozen yogurt & have had abdominal pain & gas everyday since regardless of what i eat. Anti-gas & antacid arent working. Thoughts?

21 weeks pregnant. Taking Flagyl for four days and now have diarrhea and nausea. Are these normal side-effects? Baby has good heart rate and I am drinking lots of water but difficulty eating.

22m, italy. Since tuesday has had bowel movement as soon as he'd start to eat. Tonight, sunday, he has diarrhea several hours after meal?

23 mo/f old born at 35 weeks has reflux/constipation issues is 22lbs/33" she vomits inconsistantly w/ whole days contents w/ pm bottle failed ges help?

26 weeks pregnant, unable to eat for past 3 weeks, tried 3 diff ppis, what to do???

3 days ago i too 8 of 200mg ibuprofen in like 8hours....For the past few days I've been mildly naseous and really haven't bren eating what should I do?

3 weeks ago after big meal felt nauseas. Has continued since so took antacids. Still feel symptoms. Alcohol makes it worse the following day.

32, m. Last night i ate a lot in dinner with some 1000ml of beer. After 8 hours i felt some inconvinence in my stomach with having 2 times motions.?

33 yr male had discomfort intesticals went to urologist stop eating hot spicy foods and cut down caffeine went away 1month later its back what's next?

39 w preg. Volmit food and liquids. Allergic to zofran, reglan, (metoclopramide) tums, etc. Not ate or drank for 2-3 days. Doc couldn't rec anything. Passed out sat. ?

39 w preg. Volmit food and liquids. Allergic to zofran, reglan, (metoclopramide) tums, etc. Not ate or drank for 2-3 days. Ob won't do anything. Passed out sat?

4 days after blastocyst transfer, is it normal to have nauseas and in general stomache issue taking food?

5wks pregnant I take forlic acid and preg vitamins but past 3 days been having loose stool and stomach pain what can I take to help ease it and stop?

6hr ago>ate food & felt sick, so took activ. Charcoal. 1hr ago>still nauseous & took 2 more. Now>urge to vomit every 15 min (holding in). Must vomit?

70 year old male. Taking lavitra for ed. Works great. When "finished" I have bloating sensation for about 6-8 hours. Feel need to belch but cannot. ?

8 month old severe diarrhea after MRI sedation no contast. Can't fart without it coming out. An he's. Been asleep since one pm had 24oz milk., normal?

8 weeks pregnant. Feel food is in my throat. Eat only a few bites. History of hesitant les. What to do? Try Zofran (ondansetron) that doc prescribes or else?

8weeks pregnant. Nausea is worse. Feel food is in throat. Can only eat a few bites and vomit. History of hesitant les. Should i try Zofran (ondansetron) or else?

8wks preg. About 1-3hrs after i eat anything, horrible pains in lower ab until I have bm or throwup. Always hungry, afraid to eat. Any safe meds?

8wks pregnant.wake up @5am everyday.horrible nausea&gagging w/ dry heaving all day until I eat but I get hunger pains even after I eat.why?Please help

9.5 wks pregnant w/ 3rd. Worst nausea of all. Can barely get any food or drink down and throw up (mostly bile) 3-4xday..should I call OB?

90yo-stroke. No food for 20days then ng tubes. Dietician prescribe continuous feed 70ml/h. Shouldn't it break up into into 5/6meals& let stomach rest?

9th week pregnancy .have sever nusea .cant eat or drink .and felling drowsy .how to mananage .and when symptoms decrease?

A mnth ago I believe sum1 put smthng in my toothpaste causing me to b sick drug like, but the feeling reoccurs everytime I now drink or eat anything?

A week in a half ago i had sex with my husband now he wakeing up in the middle of the night throwing up can't keep no food down what does this mean?

A while ago I been felling nauseous, dizzines, my BP is always around 105/64. I always gut my period on time. and I eat and drink pretty good. I'm 28?

Abdominal pain/cramping that happens an hour after eating sugars or carbs. Fine in the am, worse in pm. Eos WBC count was high. Dr. Suspects parasite or reaction to pepcid (famotidine). What else could it be?

About a wk I have had green bm.I haven't had a lot of greens or cnged my diet.Ihave had problems w/ my stomach 1 minute I am hungry the next it hurts?

Accord to scale I've lost 3lbs in under 48hrs. I've been sick w a cold. Trying to eat but little appetite. No vomiting or dirrhea. Sound safe?

Acidity(tablets not helping).Have to eat few hrs else feel lighthead n sweat.Checked sugar everytime this happens,its normal.CT/intestin biopsy normal?

Acute stomach pains after drinking room temp water. Need the water for breastfeeding. Recently started after 3months of bf. Possible problems?

After 3 days my diareah stopped, but came back later last night. I had an energy drink, milk, and a full meal, Now its back but without stomach pain.

After i finish a meal, within 2 hours I have bad diarrhea is this due to acid in the stomach?

After meals i feel heavy n lazy.Although try to eat good food .I take green tea but that doesn't work either?

An 30mins before travelling for some reason I get anxious and that causes diorreah so I'm going to the loo more than 3x in 15mins. How can I prevent?

Annoying heartburn feels like im hungry but IV eatn jus hr ago and taste like i'm regurgitating lemons why? Metabolism maybe? Thanks

Any suggestions for morning sickness? Trued snackng on bland food regularly but i'm constantly sick n usually vomit 6 times day +everything smells yuk

Appetite not good b/c of a bad cold, eating less than I usually do . Can this cause bm's to be delayed/constipated/off schedule?

Appetite small since I was diagnosed with ppd,lately after I eat my stomach immediately gets upset and sore followed by at least 4 bathroom trips?

Are clavamel 250mg/125mg hard on the stomach?

Ate watermelon last night. Now i get up with a huge pain(around 8hrs later) in stomach, vomited once & loose motions. Took a gastric med, but the pain?

Bad burning in gut bad pain under ribs. Taken antiacids. Drank bicarb. Feel sick. Never had this before. Start in my sleep. Woke me up. No eat b4 bed.

Bad heartburn for 12 hrs. Diarrhea 5x today. Feel bit weak. Think from another in home. Was virus. How should I treat this? Alkaseltzer, little effect

Been having diarrhearight after eating.(30mins or less of eating).This drains me. Used to reg diarrhea after surgery. Also seeing several new bruises?

Been taking 2 tsp coconut oil dayx3 days today huge amounts of worms coming out feel terribly sick. Any advice please to calm sickness.

Been trying to workout and diet. Stomach feels like a non stop boxing match. No vomitting but do get cramps at times.. Normal?

Being induced at 6am on the 23rd wondering what time I should stop eating anything, and if I can still have liquids?

Bit worried about all the POSSIBLE complications of finger induced vomiting. [Tried for 4 min, only acid, no vomit.] Chance of complic if I feel ok?

Bloated 2 weeks constantly w/black tary stools or none. Swelling stopped w 24 hr fast,started again after 1 meal. Gal bladder remvd/ No health ins?

Bloated and gasses in my stomach since morning and it's 9:45pm now. I feel heavy and it's annoying. What to do to stop it? I tried Anise herbal drink!

Bottom leaks sm amount of liquid. It is colorless and feels slimy. Motrin 800 3x/day for 9 months. Zantac (ranitidine) 2x/day. What could this be? Waiting on doc..

Breastfeeding Wife got over the stomach flu 48 hours ago - still not a great appetite, tired with back pain. Slow recovery or something else?

Caffeine here lately has been giving me diarrhea.. Why?? It's never done this to me before.

Can drinking a pill for nauses slow down my food poisoning recovery ? I still have a bit if diarreah i went to the doctor already .

Can hydracodene like 5-325 start eating ur stomach lining?

Can I give econorm to my five n half year old child on empty stomach as he is suffering from loosemotions(acute gastroenteritis)do I have to give h an?

Can I have any amount of caffeine while I am pregnant? Also what can and can't i eat? I have hypothroid dieses and have my first appointment on tuesday. I work as a server and have been experiencing nausea, without vaumitting. Also i was wondering if i sh

Can I take something for Diarrhea before a HIDA scan? I'm having one tomorrow but I stay sick even though I barely eat. Would meds to stop it be OK?

Can u give a pregnant women pepto-bismol? My niece is 12 weeks along and has been vomition eveytime she eats. Not a lot comes up. She can't even keep down the flintstones vitamins today. Would it be safe for her to take pepto-bismol for a couple days till

Can you say if it could lestric lovastatin causing vomit and dizzy?

Can you tell me what occurs if you don't eat with amox-clav?

Can't eat anything solid w/o throwing up or getting stomach pains. On 200mg provigil and can't function w/o it. What can I take to be able to eat?

Cipro (ciprofloxacin) makes my stomach upset even 15mins after taking. Making me have to poo. A lil lightheaded too. Im worried because i have a ski trip this week!?

Cold all the time, extremely tired all the time, stomach issues (diarrhea w/i 1 hr of eating anything), thyroid ok, not c.Diff, what's wrong with me?

Constant nausea for a month. Only feel relief when eat or drink. Comes back hour or so later. Not pregnant. No meds. No diet change. ?

Could taking (1) tramadol tablet (hcl) have coused .Bomitting , noucesness, weakness, sweatness, or could it be a stomach virus? His eyes were sucked in, ..Took alkaseltzer ..Bomitted ..Had soup..Bomitted..Please help what to do ?..Dont want to go to eme

Could this be gall bladder or pancress problems? Taking phenegran helps some, but still vomiting usually once a day. Has my sugar reading gone crazy. Can't see the dr.Who put me on phenergan until monday. I am continuing to have a hard time even to hol

Currently During the medication of mifepristone and misoprostol whenever my wife tries to eat she feel like to vomit. So she didnt had frm last 4 days?

Day 4 of Stomach flu, haven't been able to poop in 3 days--is this normal? I've been drinking water-should I get medicine? still having hot flash

Day 6 of 4yo puking on and off. Drs still think tummy bug but I think it's cancer or tumor. Gave couple more days of zofran (ondansetron). Pukes q36 hrs. Ur ideas?

Dear doctor everytime I masturbate (after a week and am unmarried) my digestion becomes sits in my stomach.a home remedy and meds please.

Dear doctor, I am pregnant for five months now but for a few weeks now I have been vomiting anytime I take dinner. I get indigestions and the food start to return into my mouth. Please what can I do ? A response to [email protected] will be appre

Dear sir, if stomach cramp do not be fine by medication . Is there any procedure for treat. Becuz i ate mebeverine for 3 years but i'm not fine.

Dear sir. my son has 5 time loos motion, he is 1 yr old. Dr. Advise me bifilac dry syrup 5ml 2 times a day. I am give 1dose. Bt loos motion not stop.

Diagnosed w/IBS Been hospitalized x4 in last 3 years. Last 3days as soon as I eat/drink anything I am doubled over in pain Bentyl (dicyclomine) & elavil do NOTHING.

Diagnosed with postpartum depressionFEB,2013. Appetite small,lately when I try to eat my stomach gets sore and irritated followed by 4 bathroom trips?

Diarrhea 4+ days and vomiting 4x over 1 day...Very weak and hard to keep fluid intake up...Can i take something like peptide bismol? Lost 7 lbs

Diarrhea, light headed, head ache & hot flashes. Could I b dehydrated. Or vitamin C interaction from 1 tablet last night? Didn't eat much today...

Did a Miralax/Gatorade(64oz) flush yesterday. Products were suggested by pharmacist. Still feels like there's a rock sitting there and nauseous now.

Dietician says portion control but if i eat even a bit less heartburn becomes uncontrollable, 60mg Nexium (esomeprazole) wont calm it down. D at a loss, what to do?

Digestible problem....bcz of that cant able to concentrate.....when I ate chapatti in mrnin time....stomach vil b like a balloon. ...cant go anywhe?

Diverticulitis, since 1/12/14 so hungry, i ate 2 boil eggs now a burning sensation from belly to mouth, can I take heartburn meds w/antibiotics?

Dizzy, and I have flight tomorrow. Treatment? Do you think this could be food poisoning?

Do slow releasing medicines like Nexium stay in stomach undigested untill fully absorbed by body and do not pass down along with food or what?

Doc has me on MOM & Citrucel for constipation for3days.Stomach just goes crazy.Am I not getting much out because not enough food yet or major block?

Doc put me on met (1500mg) and phen (37.5 mg twice daily) for PCOS it's causing me to be nauseous constantly and to have diarrhea at least 15-20 after?

Does homeopathic remedies have any side effects? My LO is 3 weeks old and I noticed that every time we give her a full dose or too for colic, she ends up having a and full of stool, spitting up and bad sleeping and feeding.

Don't know what is wrong. After donating blood I can't really eat, makes me want to throw up, headaches my stomach can't take much as usual.