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Can you get pinworms from bathing in well water? Our house uses well water. We drink bottled water but the ice is from well water.

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Drank water out of a glass with some residue of rusty water. Danger? What should I do? Water was filtered rust on cup

For so many years i've been confused which water is safest to drink. Tap? Since it's regulated? Or bottled/filtered? But it's not regulated?

Hello docs, is all bottled water healthy for you?

Hi docs! what could I do to remove fluoride from my water?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is fluoride water and why we should be opposed to fluoridation?

Hi there Docs! I was told that distilled water leaches out Calcium from the bones. Is there any truth in it? Lots of distilled water on the market. TQ

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How many glass of water should I drink a day here in Saudi Arabia?

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I am pregnant & we filter our tap water but it doesn't remove flouride. (1 ppm)should i be concerned about how much flouride is reaching the baby?

I clean my neti pot with a mixture of distilled water + white distilled vinegar and rinse it out with distilled water. Is this ok? Risk of bacteria?

I do not want flouride in my water. How do I get purified tap water?

I filtered lukewarm water in the Brita filter jug. Will the chemicals in the plastic leach?

I have always given my 3 & 2 years old kids nestle bottled water . Do plastic chemicals get into such water? Is it safe?

I have been drinking/cooking with distilled water and recently heard this is not good for you...Please advise!

I have read a lot of conflicting information about "gripe water." is gripe water safe and/or effective for my newborn?

I heard that chlorine in tap water can cause fatigue, is there any tablets one can purchase to make that water clear of this[to nutralise chlorine]?

I just bought a baby bottle do I have to sterilize even if im living in the city with city water?

I live in the UK and use tap water my whole life ,never bottled. Will this cause cancer ?

I need to know what is your opinion on water fluoridation?

I prepare my baby's formula with bottled Spring Water. Is that better than nursery fluoride water? Do I need to boil spring water?

I was drinking some water. I saw a dead fruit fly floating on the water surface after I drank some of the water. Is it harmful to my health?

I'm wondering what is a good but cheap reverse osmosis water filtration system?

If city tap water usually has fluoride added to it for dental support, so if i never drink tap water do I need more additional fluoride?

If I 70kg, per day how many litter water must drink?

If I have well water for the house, should I use diluted water for my baby's bottle?

If i swim in polluted waters, what chemicals might my body absorb through the water?

If the city water does not have fluoride is it okay to give fluoride tablets to kids? Until what age this should be continued?

Is alkaline water good for your health?

Is alkaline water is good than tap water?

Is alkaline water, or kangen water, worth using? Are they safe?

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