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How does gargling salt water help treat a sore throat?

"How" do I rinse my mouth with salt water after tooth extraction?After the surgery 24hrs,have put salt water in my mouth but didn't move it inside mouth to avoid dislodge the blood clot.Has been5 days.Can I move the salt water in my mouth&let it out?

7 day old lower teeth extraction.i have food stuck in the sockets what can I do to get it out? I am rinsing with salt water but it's still stuck.

Acid reflux does garling with warm water w. salt keep the acid down?

After 2 basic dental implants 12&13, which do you use: Peridex (chlorhexidine gluconate) or warm salty water wash and for how many days. Cons & pros please. Thanks.

After a tooth extraction, how long do I have to wait before i can stop rinsing my mouth with salt water?

After I use mouthwash, should I rinse with water?

After rinse with salt water, do we need to rinse with water again if dental work?

After rinsing with warm salty water, mouth feels salty. It causes htn patients to absorb salt.How long do you normally wait after rinse to wash it off

After using mouth wash should we spit out and wash with water? Or spit out and leave the remaining mouthwash in the mouth without rinsing out?

After wisdom teeth removed is salt water rinse helpful?

Anything I can use to rinse my mouth besides salt water after getting wisdom teeth out? It makes me really sick but i also don't want dry sockets.

Can dissolving the wrong levels of salt irritate my nasal cavities?

Can doctors tell me what does salt water do for sores inside the mouth?

Can I flavor salt water so I can gargle it?

Can i rinse my mouth with mouthwash after I do the salt water rinse for a tongue piercing?

Can i rinse with salt n water after tongue surgery? ?

Can i rinse your mouth with water after listerine? doctor your answer will be too helpfull for me

Can I use betadine throat gargle to rinse my around my mouth for herpangina?

Can I use salt water as an alternative to mouthwash?

Can I use salt water as mouthwash?

Can it get rid of bad breath if you use salt with a mixture of water?

Can rinsing with salt water too much cause a tooth abscess?

Can salt water prevent or eliminate teeth decay?

Can sediment in water cause mouth ulcers?

Can you help? Could salt water help an abscess?

Can you tell me if i could mix baking soda, salt, pimple cleanser, toothpaste and water to make a pimple mask?

Chlorhexidine 0.12% rinse vs warm salty water mouth wash. Which one is best used after tooth # 26 extraction and immediate implant placement. Thanks.

Could gargling salt water help the lumps on the roof of my mouth?

Could goggling with warm salt water help swelling and healing process of wisdom extraction?

Could salt water kill and clean germs in your mouth?

Could sea salt water clear up piercing infections?

Couldyou rinse with salt water while wearing dentures?

Dentist said it is canker sours, and a gum infection i hav been using salt water and antibiotics, should I brush my teeth during this, what else can I do?

Does a a salt water rinse contribute anything of value after dental work?

Does a salt water rinse really help postop wisdom teeth?

Does brushing your teeth in warm water make them yellow?

Does gargling salt with a mixture of water help with anything?

Does gargling with hot salt water really help mouth sores and pain?

Does gargling with salt water help TMJ pain?

Does rinsing our mouth with salt water, whiten teeth?

Does rinsing with saltwater help control infections in the mouth?

Does salt and warm water help clean a tongue piercing infection?

Does salt water gargling help mouth ulcers?

Does salty water (mouth wash) help with abscesses on tooth and gum infection?

Got a dental implant yesterday. My dentist told me not to spit for a whole day, and on the following day gargle with salt water twice a day. True?

Hi docs, do you think it's bad or good to rinse your hair with water everyday?

Hi, I have a really sore throat and after I gargled with salt water and spat it out, there was also blood. Why/what is this?

Home remedies that can help with tooth infection along with antibiotics provided by dentist? Other than salt water mouth wash. Thanks

How can warm salt water heal gums?

How can I get rid of the bad taste in my mouth after my wisdom teeth surgery? I rinse with salt water after i eat

How can salt water rinse make the hole where the tooth was pulled out feel so much better?

How can you do the salt water rinse after wisdom teeth are cut out?

How could salt and water help cure gingivitis?

How do you do a salt water rinse after wisdom teeth removed?

How does gargling with warm salt water help a sore throat?

How does using salt water on canker sores help it, if it does even help?

How long after extraction of a second molar should I rinse with salt water?

How long after wisdom tooth extraction can I gargle with normal mouth wash instead of salt water?

How long and often can you rinse your mouth with warm salty water. Any risk from long term rinsing. Would it eliminate good bacteria in the mouth. ?

How long do you rinse with salt water after a tooth extraction, before resuming brushing?

How long must you do salt water washes after a circumcision?

How long will it take for my mouth blister to go away using just warm water and salt rinses?

How many days you do Peridex (chlorhexidine gluconate) mouthwash after simple dental implant on 2 upper molar teeth. Would warm salty water wash be better.

How many times a day should I rinse with salt water if i just had 20 teeth pulled?

How much salt should I use to make a salt water rinse?

How much salt to how much water should I mix for a nasal solution?

How much salt water am i supposed to gargle for a toothache?

How often should I rinse with salt water after a wisdom tooth extraction?

How to get rid of a mouth ulcer on my soft palate? I've tried gargling salt water and medicated mouthwash. I get ulcers once or twice a week.

How to keep mouth wound clean? Is the best way to keep it clean (is it the same as with canker sores, using salt water?

Hydrogen per oxide or salt water is better for mouth wash for tooth infection and cleaning after wisdom tooth removal?

I had a molar extracted a week ago I've been rinsing with salt water when can I start using Listerine?

I had a sore throat last week, but it resolved within 5 days by warm salt water gargle and plenty of fluids.However, my palatoglossal arch on both sid?

I had a tooth pulled 2 days ago. For how many days do I have to rinse my mouth with salt water?

I had my tooth pulled out on Friday 6 pm by dentist, it says I can't rinse mouth for 48 h it's 15.27 pm can I rinse with warm salt water now ?.

I had my wisdom teeth removed and was told to rinse with salt water three times a day for a week. Is there anything else I need to do?

I have a sore throat. Is it good to gargle with a mouthwash like listerine advanced , or warm salty water is better ?

I have a tonsil stone I can't remove (and it's only here due to a cold), will it fall off on its own? I started mouth washing with salt water.

I have always got canker sores in mouth I have 3 now what's the best thing to do for them other then warm salt water?

I have always rinsed my mouth with water after I finish brushing my teeth. Is it better for me to just spit it out rather than rinsing with water?

I have an antibiotic resistant sinus infection and put salt grains and salt water up my nose. Will this kill the bacteria off?

I have been gurgling lots of salt water to help my teeth but i'm just woundering if it's bad if you have to much salt water?

I have been having trouble swallowing food. What could be wrong? My doctor told me to guargle salt water 4 times a day and prescribed me amoxicillin.

I have small mouth ulcer,after doing warm salt rinse,how long should i wait before washing mouth off with tap water to wash off salty taste & min HBP

I have tonsiloliths. Is it ok to gargle with listerine twice a day or will it aggrevate the condition?

I rinse my nostril 2 times a day with salty water for drainage will this cause infection.?

I tried, baking soda, salt, honey, yogurt, peroxide, mouth sore ointment, mouth sore mouth rinse. Nothing is working. I keep on having more out breaks?

I use Pulmicort in my nasal rinse-- should I gargle and rinse my mouth afterwards?

I'm wondering how long do you wait to rinse with salt water after tooth extraction?

I've a gum inflammation. When you are doing warm salt water rinses how much salt and water do you use?

If I am making a salt water gargle for a child who sometimes drinks the gargle. How much salt is safe to use?

If I am on antibiotics for a staph infection around my nose piercing, should I still be cleaning the area with non-iodized salt water?

If I have a healing dry socket no pain is it ok to rinse with warm sea salt water? I also use the prescribed mouthwash. Is that enough? What's best?

If I put water and salt in a cup and put it in my mouth will that help my swollen gum?

If you eat dairy while you have tonsillitis does this put you at risk for developing tonsil stones? Does gargling salt water prevent this?

In what order should I perform: brushing of teeth, rinsing/gargling with salt water, and use of listerine?

Iodized salf for rinsing extractions, does this work?

Is brushing your teeth with hot water more effective than with cold water?

Is gargling with salt water good for coxsackie?