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Im 39 weeks pregnant. Can i drink cinnamon tea?

14 week 4 days can you drink orange lucazade in pregnancy ?

17 weeks pregnant. Is 1 cup of coffee a week ok? Prior miscarriage in June. 35 years old. Healthy.

26 weeks pregnant, I drink two or three cocoa per day, is it harmful drinking cocoa in pregnancy??? Thanks

Am pergnent 12wks but am craving for lemons, is it good to drink them?

Am pregnant can I drink wine?

Are cold drinks bad for pregnant women?

Are malt drinks adviceable when pregnant?

Are malt drinks good with pregnancy?

Are non-alcoholic malt drinks ok when pregnant?

Are pregnant women supposed to drink cool water?

Are some teas dangerous to drink while pregnant?

Are you allowed to drink coke cola if pregnant ?

Before i take a pregnancy test i drink a ton of tea that way i generate a lot of pee can that effect the answer should I drink water before i take it?

Can a pregnant woman can have a carbonated drinks like lemonade?

Can a pregnant woman drink a bottle of heineken?

Can a pregnant woman drink malt?

Can a pregnant woman drink non alcoholic beer?

Can a pregnant woman drink pickle juice?

Can a pregnant woman drink sparkling grape juice?

Can diet drinks be harmful during pregnancy?

Can drink fiber during pregnancy?

Can drinking 1 bottle water during the day affect the pregnancy test?

Can drinking an energy drink cause a miscarriage?

Can drinking caffeine cause my baby to have any defects? How much caffeine is safe durin pregnancy?

Can i consume alcohol if I have a molar pregnancy?

Can I drink 1 cup of coffee per day if I'm trying to get pregnant? What about when pregnant?

Can i drink a malt drink while pregnant?

Can i drink beet juice in early pregnancy?

Can I drink carbonated drinks while pregnant?

Can I drink chai tea during pregnancy?

Can i drink chia seeds water while Iam pregnant.? I know that it has may good benefits, but dont know if is ok when pregnt Please help

Can i drink chocolate milk when pregnant?

Can I drink cinnamon in boiled water during first trimester of pregnancy?

Can I drink cinnamon pills while pregnant?

Can I drink citroma (magnesium) if I'm 2 months pregnant?

Can I drink coffee in my 12 week of pregnancy?

Can I drink coffee while pregnant?

Can I drink diet drinks while pregnant?

Can I drink espresso and coffee while i'm pregnant? Will my baby feel it?

Can i drink gatorade during pregnancy?

Can i drink ginger ale during pregnancy?

Can i drink goya malt during pregnancy?

Can I drink Goya Malta while pregnant?

Can i drink hot cocoa during pregnancy?

Can i drink lemon and cucumber water everyday on the first trimester of pregnancy (three weeks) pregnant?

Can i drink malt goya during pregnancy?

Can i drink mango juice during early pregnancy?

Can i drink metronidazle 500 while being pregrant?

Can i drink milk tea every morning as im pregnant?

Can I drink pregnancy tea I'm 4 weeks pregnant?

Can I drink the Naked Green Machine Juice while pregnant?

Can i drink tropicana mango an lime in early pregnancy?

Can i drink vitamin water zero while pregnant?

Can I have one coffee on the morning when I'm pregnant?

Can i take malted drink during pregnancy?

Can my wife has prunes juice as she is about 13 week pregnant?

Can my wife have baking soda in water as she is 32 week pregnant? Is it safe to have?

Can pregnant woman drink champagne ?

Can pregnant woman drink hot water?

Can pregnant women drink a glass of wine?

Can pregnant women drink any type of tea?

Can pregnant women drink apple cider?

Can pregnant women drink grapefruit juice?

Can pregnant women drink milk tea or not?

Can pregnant women drink prune juice?

Can pregnant women drink sea coconut syrup?

Can pregnant women drink sleepy time tea?

Can we drink rice water that is starch during 7 th month of pregnancy?

Can you drink coffee during pregnancy?

Can you drink energy drinks while pregnant ?

Can you drink ginger tea when pregnant ?

Can you drink red bull while pregnant? I am 5 weeks pregnant.

Can you drink rubicon juice when pregnant?

Can you drink some wine while pregnant?

Can you drink Starbucks green tea when you're pregnant?

Can you drink sweet tea while pregnant?

Can you drink wine while trying to get pregnant?

Can you drink yerba mate during pregnancy?

Can you have alcohol if pregnant?

Could pregnant woman drink coconut juice?

Could pregnant woman drink malt or maltina?

Could pregnant women drink coconut water?

Could pregnant women drink shave grass tea?

Didn't know about pregnancy. Have drank wine moderately on what could've been my 5th week of pregnancy. Could have i hurt the fetus?

Do drink vinegar an energy drinks make u have a miscarriage?

Does drinking hot water during pregnancy affect the baby?

Does drinking maroccan mint tea while pregnant have a bad influence on my unborn baby?

Does drinking soda and juice harm the baby if you are pregnant ?

Dr. Is it ok to drink caca cola when am 2 weeks pregnant?

Drinking milk tea okay for pregnancy?

Drinking sprite during pregnant is ok or not ?

During pregnancy i was drinking tea with 2 spoons of sugar twice per day, one chocolate bar, every second day or third, i worry could it harm baby?

Hello iam 15 weeks and 3days pregnant is it ok to drink one cup of yogi bedtime tea? I heard not in lg amounts but is one cup ok?

Help! I have just found out im 28 weeks pregnant and been drinking about 5-6 drinks a week at weekends during the whole time. Will it harm my baby?

Hi ! im 11weeks pregnant i would to know if its ok for me to drink ginger ale since im obsessed with it ?

Hi doc! I am 9 weeks pregnant and i love to drink lipton tea with milk, is it safe for my baby?

Hi doctor I just wanted to know weather its ok to drink eno during pregnancy?

Hi I am 4 month pregnant, how much water should we drink daily, the woman who did my sonogram today told me like 3 to 4 liters? Is it not too much ?

Hi in 29 weeks pregnant is it ok to drink a lemsip?