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i had my tubs burn for 9yr Can i have a child?

2 Boiling water burns, 5 days ago,above knee,size of index with thumb,blisters can i use Tegaderm &vaseline gauze and swim safely in pool and sea?

A pot of boiling water accidentally poured on my leg, where my new tattoos are and it burns, is there any cream to get rid of the burns?

Are the chemicals in hot cheetos cancerous?

Best way to treat a hot water scalding?

Boiling hot water spilled on my thumb fingernail its swollen and stings placed in cold water 10 minutes no improvement?

Burned my foot with cooking oil! so much pain. How do I treat this?

Burnt my hand with boiling water. What should I do to treat it?

Burnt myself with boiling water it split all over my good now it's burning and peeling help me?

By mistake I burnt skin whilst showering in scalding hot water. Had heat rash on breasts. showered briefly in cold water after. Should I be concerned?

Can burning your gums with hot water cause small blisters on the gum? What is a good remedy and how long do they last?

Can cleaning with bleach water make your throat sore? I realized my throat burns so much when I do clean with it

Can hot water cause nerve damage?

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Can you please tell me why it'sbad to put your hands in hot water when you were out in the cold?

Can you put steam on a mouth ulcer ? Will it sterilize it? Burn it down

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Dr can help with a surgery with burn with boiling hot oil?

For a burn, should one pour water or wrap the injury with a thick cloth?

Friend has burnt fingertips from soaking her fingertips in water, bleach, and lemon juice. No pain but it permanent? What to do?

Hello I burned my feet with boiling water i have 2nd and 3rd degree burns but i have no pain at all nor any sensation in my feet?

Hello docs! can you tell me what cream should be used for boiling water burn to heal faster?

Hi my husband burnt his face with hot water, been to the hospital and they said put vasaline on it. Will it heal properly?

HI! is toothpaste is good medicine for hot oil burn on hand during cooking?

Hot oil burn, aloe or er, what to do?

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How can I treat a steam burn? I got scalded by steam while i was cooking. What can I do to reduce the pain?

How can you tell if your corneas are burned from kitchen steam?

How can you treat a boiling water burn?

How do I heal my mouth internally from scalding water i used in tea?

How do you get rid of a chemical burn from an air bag on the hands? we used water, but she says its bringing really bad.

How do you treat a burn from boiling hot water on my arm? Do I need to go to the doctor? It's no longer painful, just read.

How long do you have to touch hot plastic to cause burns and how hot does it need to be?

How to avoid hard rough discolored skin after a scald from very hot water?

How to know what is best to remove dark scars caused from hot water burn?

How to prevent skin peelin after hot water injury?

How to relieve a pot pie burn on leg? My brother spilt his pot pie and has a burn

How to treat a hot oil burns on hands and leg?

I accidentally got battery acid on my lip. I flushed it with water for about 20 minutes now it burns and blistered how do I treat it.

I accidentally poured boiling water in my mouth and now i see a while like swell what to do?

I am trying to minimize this scrape on my face. Should i run hot or cold water on it?

I burned my arm on a hot pot lid. The burned part has turned greyish and wrinkled. I've been applying a cold compress. How else can I treat this?

I burned my hand on a hot pot handle. How can I treat the burn?

I burned my hand with boiling water and its burning really bad. If i put vaporub on it will it make it worse?

I burned my leg with boiling water three days ago blisters have burst . Should i keep it covered and what should I put on it?

I burned my lip with silver nitrate & spent 2 hrs scrubbing it off with salt water. It blistered the next day from the trauma. How do I treat it?

I burned my lip with very hot glass, what should I do?

I burned my lips with very hot drin .The area of the burn is small but its really hurting me what can I do or use as a medicine?

I burned my throat on hot soup. What heals it?

I burned myself on a hot water bottle in my sleep. Its on my leg. Its not blistered just a red mark. Is there anything i can put on it?

I burned myself with hot water 7 weeks ago 1 degree , now I have brown marks on my skin, how can I get rid of them , i'm using bio-oil 3 times day.

I burnt my face with built kettle water. I have tried cold water in the sink. And cold compress still but still burning what should I do now?

I burnt my fingers w bacon grease. It burns. I put in cold water for 4 min. Whn i took thm out it still burns. Sd i continue 2 keep in cold water?

I burnt my tongue on boiling hot water and now I have white bumps on my tongue, what can I do to reduce the pain?

I burnt my tongue with hot water. What should I do to help it?

I burnt the top of my leg about a week ago with hot soup and now its itching. Any creams to help?

I got a first/second degree scald from hot water. The blistered peeled off. What do I do?

I had a skin burn from boiling hot water a few days ago on my upper side of hand. Now it has started to shed off. Any medicine? Is it normal?

I have 2nd degree burns on dorsum of hand with boiling oil spilt.Skin scalded how to keep wound open or covered.48 hrs now.Serous fluid still coming?

I have a burn on my leg from a steam pipe what do I need to put on it?

I have a gasoline burn on my tricep that has caused blisters and peeling skin. I washed the area with soap and water and rinsed with cool water. Should I apply ointment?

I have burn on nose from heating blanket, what to do?

I have the runs and all it is is green fluids that burn and when I wipe it stings what is it?

I just burned my toungue with really hot soup, i'm drinking cold water, is there anything else i can do? I think i also burned my esophagus

I scalded my leg with very hot (near boiling) water about a week ago. What should I do?

I spilled hot coffee down my cast. How do I clean it?

I spilled oven cleaner on my skin and now I have a really bad burn. What can I use to help the pain?

I took a hot shower and the water was a little too hot that it almost burned my skin. Some hot water got into my vagina. Can it cause cancer there?

I was burned by hot water about 40 min ago. I'm pretty sure its a 1st degree burn. How to treat it?

If i burnt my foot, will the pool water make it hurt more?

If you have scabies and run your hands under really hot water, can you burn the mites alive so they die?

If your hand burn is fresh, from splashed boiling water, should you cover with a cold wet towel?

If your vagina burns a little is it bad to go in salt water?

Is hot water bad for your skin?

Is it a good idea to burn eczema with boiling hot water to stop it itching?

Is it a good idea to use salt water on an infected burn?

Is it a good ideal to bust a water bleaster from a burn?

Is it good that when you pour alcohol on your cuts it burns?

Is it possible for liquid butane to cause frostbite?

Is it safe to use salt water in your hot tub or will that damage your skin?

Is soaking your skin in hot water dangerous to your health?

Is there a rinse to use in your throat if it gets burnts by hot food?

Just burnt my hand baking, it's pretty bad. I can't take it out from under the cold water?

My daughter backed into a hot grill and burned the top layer of skin. What home products can I apply to the burned area?

My friend got burned by boiling water. What should we do?

My hand burn (size of an oreo) and swollen from boiling water, and what should I do?