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Sprite an Mountain Dew an otha light beverages.I hav fatty liver, r those okay? If not what liquids u suggest an I drink n moderation and tons of H20

the past 4 days i have only taken in around 10g fiber/day. Am I going to become constipated? I drink 80oz water. Is water or fiber MORE important?

2 yr old female.For the past week sudden large increase in thirst that continues even through the night. All drinks are either water or almond milk.

21yr old no diabetes or hypertension having frothy urine for 3yrs. No other symptoms.i drink 6.5l waters a day .What are the chances i have CKD??

22month girl often suffer constipatıon drinks plenty water pears apples exercise given syrup figs called doc offered lax could it be serıous?Any sugg

24 weeks pregnant, living in india. I drink 3.5 litres of water. Am i over drinking?What is the required amount to drink while pregnant? Pls help

26 year old male, drink about a 6 pack a night. Active, 6'1 200 pounds, non smoker. Can the beer I drink cause heart palpable and racing h.R.? No insu

29yo male; very healthy; freq (1-5) UTIs per month; cause is unk; 5-6 yr history; no doc consult; cranberry juice is most helpful; help appreciated!

3 mon dd stopped drinking milk(since 1 week)last chechup was recent so she gained overall.used to drink 600-700ml now only 500 by forcing?

3 mon dd stopped drinking milk(since 1 week)last chechup was recent so she gained overall.used to drink 600-700ml now only 500 by forcing?

30 yr old fit male. Would urinating 8 -10 times a day be normal if drinking at least 3 - 4 litres of water daily plus 4 cups of coffee? Diabeties tested for and negative.

31 weeks pregnant, 1 cm dilated, on meds to stop contractions. I was told to drink gallons of water. This isn't safe so how much should I be drinking.

32 oz of water too much to drink at once? I did after sex to prevent uti. then told this is unsafe?

5 weeks pregnant. Water has high level of nitrate in it. Haven't had any water since i found out. Is it still safe to drink?

6 month old bb, breastfeed, don't want to drink water, urate cristals, protein, mucus in urine, live in warm country(temp of 97) bb sweats a lot?

6'3" tall, weigh 165, work out briskly 90 to 120 minutes daily in a gym setting. Drink 2 liters of water a day. What is normal urine output.

61 yrs old , urinating a lot more than usual no matter what i drink water, beer, wine, all cause 10 /15 times a day. What to do?

64 year old female, always regular bm's. The last month: frequent marbles. Exercises and drinks lots of water. What's up?

9mo old fever of 2 days subsided, drinks all bottled and diluted juice throughout day, refuses solids, wet diapers considerably low still. Worry?

A liter is about a quart, but how big is a titer?

About 1-2x/week, I have excessive nighttime urination (and get up every hour and excess output). It's like everything flushes out. Is this normal?

Afraid I have alcohol poisoning,too ashamed to go to Dr/ER.How can I rehydrate and get electrolytes up? No food in 24 hrs, .5 gal 80prf Vodka in 12hrs

After an aspiration episode, why is it necessary for the person to drink thickened water?

After succesful operatio of ca rectum my father 59 starts farting every 10-15 minutes even when sleeping. He drinks more than 2 ltr water daily. Plz help?

After water dep test dr said I have polydipsia. Even after 1 day of water restriction still urinating every 2hrs. When will it stop? Afraid of dehydration.

After you switch to a high fiber diet and start drinking more water how long till my hemroides go away?

Alcoholic, 56 years old healthy male, eats healthy, exercises but his eyes are always red, he drinks nearly three litres of bear a day?

All my bloods are ok and iron level good. The problem is I am really tired. Help please. I do exercise few minutes each day and i drink water?

Alternatives to drinking bowel prep? I'm a 100lb male that can't drink very much liquid.

Always thirsty, drink excessive water amounts, general bloated feeling, low urine output and skin test says I am dehydrated. Causes? Suggested Tests?

Antibiotics +mixed drink =? How bad is that?

Any harm in drinking only carbonated water (i.E. Pellegrino) over the long term ?

Approximately how much thc is in the urine after 3 days since smoking.also I'm 6 foot 1 around 210 lbs and drink plenty of water?

Are any of the v8's really good for you considering the amount of sodium?Hate veggies & looking for another alternative.What if i drink lots of water?

Are there any foods/liquids/herbal supplement that help with retaining water/bloating? Anything that has a diuretic quality. My ring doesn't fit in am

Are there any over-the-counter drugs or vitamins/supplements you recommend to prevent altitude sickness (i'm an avid skier)? And yes i know all about drinking water and avoiding alcohol.

Assume I had the right amount of liquid to replace lost hydration how many hours would it take for re hydration to occur?

At what age can u give ur children juice? My boy is nearly 6 months! and also do u water the juice done ?

BAD diet soda drinker ( 12-14 qday ) that's all I drink. BUT when I do drink water in a.m. Or p.m. I get diarrhea almost bam! WHY? I want to rid soda!

Become dehydrated very quickly even drinking 4 liters of water a day. Iv fluids once a week (3liters in about an hr). Causes? Tips?

Besides water what is best to drink with hep c???

Bilirubin is 2.1. No symptoms. Doc not worried. But what can I eat/drink/take to lower it? I never drink/smoke. I exercise daily & drink lots of H20.

Bilirubin range was 1.3 doc said I am dehydrated . How much water /liters should I drink per day .

Cam u drink powerade zero and sprite zero with a panic disorder?

Can drinking 3 litres of water between 7am and 9am cause Headaches.Is this amount too much. Thanks?

Can drinking a bottle of coke after doing a long walk in high heat/humidity cause lightheadedness?

Can drinking a cup of beer with 2/3 of its 356 cm^3 volume filled with water once/week stunt your height growth? started drinking at 7 or 8 years old

Can drinking a cup of beer with a volume of 356 cm^2 reduced alcholic concentration with water from 7/8 year old once/week stunt your height growth?

Can drinking a glass of milk at least three times a day and eating yorgot and collard greens speed up the recovery of a broken ankle?

Can drinking an energy drink a day cause serious issues? I don't drink a lot of water. Once or twice a week. Stool just had a pinch of blood, 1st time

Can drinking lots of water and exercing more heal ur body from some sickneses?

Can drinking tons of water mean that you will never bloat from a high sodium meal?

Can drinking too much water make you I'll? I drink 3-4 litres daily and have nausea and acid reflux. Am I drinking too much? I'm 5ft 2in at 10st. 20yo

Can drinking water wash away electrolytes? My anatomy professor told us this, but I am not finding any on-line references.

Can energy drinks cause hairy tongue? My boyfriend drinks 4-5 of these energy drinks a day, and he's now developed a yellowish hairy tongue. I know the condition is harmless, but could these drinks be the cause? .

Can i drink liqour? I am a BP patient

Can I drink one litre of water 2 hours before doing pranayama like bhastrika, kapalabhati and anulom vilom?

Can I drink Special K protein drinks while pregnant?

Can i drink tea and eat ice cream? Or will i get a kidney stone?

Can I eat anything 3 hours before my gastrografin drink / CT test?

Can I give my 2 year old son glucose water for his constipation?

Can I give my 5.5 months old baby ,frequently drinking water? Pediatrician says no

Can my 3yr old drink ensure?

Can my baby fetus get dehydrated if I have a high salt diet?

Can not drinking enough water cause digestive problems? I am 32 yo male, 175lbs. How much should I be drinking?

Can salt water baths help a woman's pH balance? I am very sensitive so medications always throw my levels off after I am done taking them.

Can sjögren's syndrome affect my heart and cause irregular beats ? Bc they tell me drink more water well i drink a gallon a day!

Can staying hydrated(drinking plenty of water) prevent hamstring strains,,sprains and tears. Thanks?

Can stimulant laxatives be taken once a week without causing dependence? Yes, i eat plenty of fiber, exercise, drink water, etc.

Can the urea breath test for h-pylori cause diahrrea. I had to drink a citrus type drink. Not sure what it had in it.

Can you drink vitamin water [revive] while on zpac?

Can you drownd your self bye doing the water diet?

Can you get hypovolemic shock through normal dehydration (not drinking enough) and/or a heavy period?

Can you od on sleepytime extra tea? Bpm normally 75-85, dropped to just 60 after a concentrated cup of two bags.

Chapped lips for 1.5mo; various chapsticks & 2-3l of water (no soda/coffee/caffeinated drinks) daily, still no improvement. Possible causes & tx?

Could alcohol consumption cause a temporary decrease in urination in a diabetic? Moderate consumption one evening. Had 5 drinks over a 4 to 5 hour period and became unable to urinate.

Could drinking plenty of fluids show on face and improve the vitality of teeth?

Could drinking water help speed up the process and help it from becoming a migraine ?

Could high calcium in the blood and intake of levothyroxine for hypothyroid be cause of strong foul odor in urine? I drink ~3 6oz cups of water a day

Could use your help docs! a friend drank water with magnesium sulfate every day and she lost a lot of weight rapidly. Why?

Craving salt, very thirsty but adequate water intake plus gastrolyte, but not really peeing much. LBP, dizzy and fatigued. Thyroid normal, had Graves.

Cut down from daily drinking, to just one day a week, only 2-3 beers, also increased my water intake. Will this change be good for my body?

Daughter 32weeks pregnant dehydrated even after drinking plenty of water. Pulse running high 177 sometimes what else causes dehydration.

Dehydrated disc, bulge at c5-c6 will fasting in the month of Ramadan make the dehydration worse? Can I hydrate the disc?

Diabetes insipidus, best way to hydrate? Sipping fluid constantly or consuming large quantities at once (chugging). Not on any meds currently.

Diagnose: prostatitis. Don't like regular water. Drink 5 liters of Propel water per day. Is that too much artificial sweetner? Hurting my prostate?

Diagnosed benign fasciculation syndrome. Had it over a year. Can dehydration be the cause? I drink 64 oz water daily but maybe that isn't enough?

Diagnosed w/ blocked Salivary gland. Told to drink lemon water/sugar free candy. How long does it take to clear usually? when should I see doc again?

Diagnosed with chonic dehydration. Told to drink 2.3L min. of water per day.. how long should it take to rehydrate and stop heart palpitations 100%?

Did cocaine on July 4th with beer haven't done any more or drank beer I've been clean for 10days been walking,jogging,biking and drink lots of water?

Did my CT scan said to drink 6-8 glasses of water for the next 3 days to clear my system from iodine, what happens if i don't? Not a water person..

Do we take regularly tender cocunut water [everyday] ?

Do you really need 8 glasses of water a day? I only have 2-3 cups of 100ml juice a day as i don't like water. I'm always dizzy, am i dehydrated?

Do you think I can go blind from drinking home fermentised water with sugar and yeast?

Doc said to fast 12 hrs for blood tests, is it ok to drink just water if I get thirsty during my fasting? Thanks.

Docs keep saying i'm dehydrated, but i drink 1/2 gallon water per day, pee 12 times at least a day. I don't know what else to do? Egfr 57 bun/cre norm

Does a glass of lemon water every morning help wiht abdominal obesity?

Does drinking over 64 ounces of water a day reduce the effectiveness of vitamin supplements due to frequent urination? Prozac (fluoxetine)?

Does drinking pure juices increase blood pressure? Or just some supermarket brands? Thanks :)

Does drinking too much fluid/ water put strain on kidneys, making them work harder? In general what to do keep kidneys healthy?