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3yr old is vomitingv and unable to eat/drink anything. What do I do?

About once every two weeks I have vomiting which is black and lasts up to three days. Nothing i eat or drink will digest.

After I Eat Food stays in chest for long time even if i drink a glass of water it feels like it is taking very long time to digest.

Age :68 when should i. Drink water ?During meal or after meal? I feel full after normal meal.Why now?

Am alwayes constepated and have had hemoroids more than once , i drink water and eat fibers but not alwayes , what shall I do ?!

Are probiotic drinks like yakult healthy for kids?

Are sports drinks better than water for kids who have been exercising?

Are there any drinks or food that helps me sleep?

Aside from drinking lots of fluids, what foods should I eat or not eat to prevent my hemorrhoids?

Best things to eat/drink if you're throwing up?

Burp 24hours im worry i dont drink soda i eat healthy....

Can a person eat too much fiber and get constipated, even though the person drinks adequate water?

Can drinking too much h2o flush out nutrients from a person body. Ate dinner. Drink water. Feel like haven't eaten all day?

Can drinking water while you eat make you full faster?

Can I drink a whole 16oz of pedialite quicker then a sip every 15 minutes?

Can I eat or drink while in the emergency room?

Can i get the same benefits from eating cabbage versus drinking it?

Can i give my 2 month old water she won't eat formula?

Can not drinking enough (only drink 3 drink a day)cause stomach pain that eases when eat/drink plus food not being digested properly? Or it be my ibs?

Can someone get diarrhea from eating only one small meal a day for a few days straight and no other food, & drinking 10 cups water throughout the day?

Can someone have nausea if doesn't eat very well but drink a lot water?

Can the mixture of not drinking enough water and eating too many vegetables make you throw up?!? threw up last night my vomit was packed in! 2nd time!

Can you drink and eat ok when you have a picc line in?

Can you drink milk after 36 hrs of food poisining ?

Can you eat bananas when on water pill?

Can you give me suggestions if i eat healthy everyday , drink a lot of water and do cardio almost every day. Is vodka bad during diet ?

Can you say if it could it be okay if i stop eating for a while and only drink water?

Can you tell me a food or a drink that can me stay awake all night but doesn't cause harm into my body?

Consumed alcohol last night, empty stomach (I know!!) but now over 12 hours later cannot keep water down for more than 20 minutes.

Could drinking a raw egg keep you awake?

Could protein drinks make you sick?

Daughter just had tonsils removed. Eating yogurts and jello but won't drink. Will she still dehydrate without drinking. She is 2?

Diabetic. Any suggestions on appetite control at night? Eat 45 grams of fiber / drink 96 ounces of water per day, but still wake up at night.

Diarrhea, I get all the time. I rarely eat healthy and don't drink enough water.?

Do you know which is worse: drinking alcohol or eating fast food?

Does drinking diet coke dehydrate the body and make you hungry?

Does drinking milk every morning for breakfast make us get fat?

Does my body spend more calories when I have a fever?.What should I eat or drink meanwhile?

Does our stomach bloat when we drink water during meals? Should we take water before, after or during meals? Kindly advice

Does our stomach get fat/inflated faster if we drink water during meals? Should we take water before, after or during meals for best health results?

Does water help to digest food quickly? If i drink along with the meal? Or half an hour after meal? People says don't drink during meal. Drink later.

Drinking water after a meal. Is it ok? Or it can interupt my digestion.

During meals, is it better to eat food and drink water at the same time or drink water after eating your meal?

Each time i eat something slightly salty, i wake up very bloated. I drink water and exercise regularly. Is it something to worry about? Woman, 29yrs

Each time i eat something slightly salty, i wake up very bloated. I drink water and exercise regularly. Is it something to worry about? Woman, 29yrs

Eating a lot of fruit and drinking a lot of water daily (being healthy!) makes me really bloated, is this normal?

Every time i eat and drink anything it gives me diarrhea after ten mins. me and my have had it for three days.what do i do?

Every time i eat or drink dairy I have bad diarrhea soon afterwards. I am an athlete so is there anything i can do without having to stop eating it?

For about a month now I cant keep any food down consistently and all I can drink is water about 1/2 gallon and I'm still dehydrated. Advice?

Going on 3 weeks of not being able to eat even 600 calories. Everything i eat or drink makes me sick, including water. What's wrong?

Had diarrhea 2 days ago and have not went since i eat foods with fiber and drink plenty of water what's going on?

Have diaharrea.Get vomit if i eat or drink.What to do can't even take electrolytes.Not eaten in 2 days?

Healthy, don't smoke or drink. So, why am I so gassy during the day?

Hello I am a 23 years old female. Not overweight, healthy. And, have to go urinate every-time I drink water or eat something... Is this normal?

Hello i can't seem to digest everday after eating sometimes i poop once a week or i dont, and yes I've tried drinking water and eating fruits but nothing?

Help docs, is gatorade healthy when working out? Should I drink before or after

Help me with my liquid diet? To stay on it longer should I add more liquid or a solid snack?

Help please! what drinks are healthy for you if you are on a liquid fast diet?

Hey doc. I've been nursing my baby for 14 months my body's heat is always 35-36 is this normal or what I drink lot of water and eat healthy as much as?

Hi . I having fever this year like every month . How can I prevent it ? Like jab ? I have regular exercise & eat healthy food & drink more water .

Hi can you give me a list of drinks and foods my mom should prevent from eating or drinking, she has fibroids?

Hi doctors,can i drink water during a meal so that i would eat less and feel full faster?thank you for help.

Hi, doctors, am very much worried about my inability to eat well. I like to take in drinks, tea, and liquids. I find it difficul to eat solid food.

How bad is it to drink tea and/or eat fruits after meals?

How can I avoid having to clear my throat? Is there something I can take, eat, or drink?

How can I get more calcium without drinking/eating too much diary products?

How can I keep from getting totally constipated from medications. I drink tons of water. And I'm on a low oxalate diet. So greens veggies are out?

How can I move from a "one drink at a time" to a "one day at a time" mentality?

How come we have to eat why can't i just drink all my calories?

How do I control my eating problems? I only drink diet drinks, but still i'm eating.

How do I make sure I drink the amount of water I need to drink daily? Also, how do I make sure I get the proper daily amount of fiber in my diet?

How do you get an elder to eat and drink fluids?

How long after working out should you drink a protein shake and how much should you drink?

How long can someone live without food or water?

How long should i wait after having a UTI until I drink coffee and eat spicy foods again?

How many bottles in 24 hours should a 7 month old have he also eats puréeds food !? Doesn't drink water either !

How many cals in each flavor of soft drink?

How many ounces should a 4 month old eat in a 24 hour period? She weighs 12 lbs 13 ozs?

How soon before and after eating a meal should I drink water if don't want it to interfere with my appetite and digestion?

How to keep the body clear? Besides no junk food, exercises always, sleep early and drink more water...

I already drink a lots of water but still dehydration & after drink,less than 15 mins I want to pee & I already eat a lots of vegs & fruits?

I am 17 weeks and I have no appetite at all and if i eat or drink something after 2 bits or a drink i can't eat or drink anything else is this normal?

I am 30 weeks pregnant. I keep a tasting soap, no matter what I eat or drink. What could cause this?

I am always exhausted is it possible that's because I don't eat enough protein and drink enough water?

I am eaiting 1000 calories a day toast in the morning salads im the afternoon and evening. 2 cans of soda a day. 5 16oz bottles of water?

I am eating healthy and drinking water but I keep getting diarrhea. Why do you think I keep getting diarrhea?

I am excessively tired, loose a lot of hair, eat more than normal and drink a lot of water.?

I am feeling sick. I drink plenty of fluids. Could this be an eating disorder if so which one, what to do?

I am vegetarian and drink about 1 litre of water per day, I drink smoothies for breakfast and lunch sometimes, my urine smells of Apple juice.

I ate a protein bar this mornin, now I can't stay awake. i drink alot of water. This always happens after I eat nomatter what or qty. how to avoid ths?

I can not eat or drink have had hiccups for two days?

I can't eat or drink anything without vomiting. What should I do?

I didn't eat very much this last weekend and did consume alcohol but didn't vomit. How is it possible i lost 13 pounds in 2 days?

I drink a lot of water, I eat regularly, & I take multivitamins. I'm so lightheaded/dizzy & I cant figure out why?

I drink and eat healthily, and get a lot of exercise, but i always seem to have a headache. Why could this be?

I drink eight ounces of Enfamil 3 a day is that bad for me. Plus with my regular meals?

I drink lots of water . I exercise every day I eat a night fiver diet but still I am constipated . ?

I eat a cup of horlicks daily what will happen?

I eat alot of sugar regularly im very skinny i drink sugary drinks and dont really exercise no one has diabetes in my family could i get it?

I eat healthily and drink enough water but i still have really chapped and cracked lips. Why is this?