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How much water do you need to drink if you are on lithium carb? And is it possible to drink too much?

24 weeks pregnant, how many litres of water I should drink?Currently I am drinking 3 litres of water. Am i over drinking ?Help out

After having any meal, i eructate too much. Even after drinking coffee or water.

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Approximately how much water should I drink?

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Are sports drinks more effective than plain water at preventing dehydration? I work out year round and sweat a lot, especially in the warmer months. I always drink a lot of water during workouts, but should I be drinking sports drinks instead?

Are there any drinks that are good for u besides water?

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Are you supposed to drink lots of water with biotin?

Baby is 9mth old, he drinks a lot of water, how much is too much? Is it not advisable to drink too much water?

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Can I drink milk after drink lemon water? Thanks

Can i drink pre-workout mix then drink one scoop of sports drink mix while working out? I work out 1hr and 30 mins everyday.

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Can i drink tonic water during pregnancy?

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Can we drink water or tea immediately after bcg? If not then after how much time can it be consumed

Can you drink alcohol when you have a water infection?

Can you drink energy drinks while on midodrine?

Can you drink fizzy drink with dry socket?

Can you go without drinking water? As long as you drink sodas, and coffee etc. I never just drink water.

Can you let me know how many ounces of h2o should I drink in a day?

Can you pee out the contents of Accutane if you drink alot of water/soda/juice or eating soup?

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Can you safely drink sewage?

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Can you tell me how I could enjoy drinking water?

Can you tell me if i work out every day for more than 30 minutes and drink as much cranberry juice as i can while drinking lots of water eating healthy clean me out?

Can you tell me is drinking 8 cups of water a day really better than just drinking 1 cup a day, or is it a myth?

Can you tell me is it really unhealthy to not drink at least a few cups of water per day?

Can you tell me when to drink gatorade when working out?

Could drinking water cut down sodium intake?

Could someone over hydrate?

Could someone possibly drink too much water in a day?

Could you tell me what happens if you drink too much soda?

Dear Docs Is drinking too much water harmfull? My urine is always as clear as water. About 4 liters/day

Do I have to drink more water now that I am pregnant?

Do you know which sports drink has the least amount sugar?

Does drinking 8 glasses of water a day truly help you lose some pounds?

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Does drinking sports drinks instead of water whilst exercising prevent wanted intoxication because sport drinks have electrolytes?

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Dr berg were you the one who said drink two glasses of water before dinner why is that?

Drink coconut water when having diabetes, it's ok?

Drink lemon water is good for health or not?

Drinking plenty of will water during exercise will increase the size of stomach?

Drinking water after eating bannana is good ?

Drinking water after meal..Is it bad for body? How to drink water before and after meal?

During meals, is it better to eat and drink water at the same time or drink water after eating?

Glaucoma-can't drink a lot of water?

Help please! is drinking 2-4 liters of water a day good?

Help please? How many liters of water per day should a 100 lb female drink?

Hi Doctors.Good Day..i drink very less water in a day and drink 3 to 4 cups of tea a to increase my drinking of water asit causes constipation?

Hi I was wondering if I could drink my daily amount of water(8 glasses) all at once or would i have to space it out through out the day?

Hi im cler how many liters of water x day do we need to drink to be thinner?

How bad is it to drink a 2 liter bottle of soda in a day?

How can I break my addiction to soda and drink more water?

How can makes one to drink more water as he/she prefers sweet drinks?

How can you safely go on a fast for a few days and drink only water?

How do I drink the daily amount of water without peeing all day?

How long does it take to get hydrated once you drink enough water? And how much water should one drink if dehydrated?

How long is it safe to drink bottled water after opening? Like I drink some water and maybe 30 minutes later drink more. Then hours later drink more.

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