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What could cause a man to suddenly not be able to hold food or drinks down?

What could i drink or do to get of mucus, it has a bad odor and i'm to the point where i just want to drink mouthwash help?!

What could make you have heat flashes, im not at an age for menopause im 20 but i dont drink a lot of water could that be why its been getting worse.

What do I do for estreme leg, feet and hand muscle cramps? Kept me up all night--still spasaming. Tried diazapam that I have for occasional cramping and drank some tonic water for the quinine and drank gator ade for the electrolights.

What do you advise if i shower everyday but i seem to get utis every now and then. I try to drink plenty water. Can too much masturbation cause utis?

What do you suggest if i seem to get utis every now and then. I try to drink plenty water. Can too much masturbation cause utis?

What do you suggest if my feet are sweeling like crazy the last few days and I drink a lot of water and I'm always active. what's going on?

What does it mean if my 4 year daughter drink water then throw it up right after?

What foods if any will lower uratic acid in the body I've had goat for a few years and this year i can barely walk

What happens if an 17 year old boy drinks all out?

What happens if i don't drink anything the whole day? What would i feel besides dehydration?

What happens if I drink a lot of water, will the vein going up my bicep stick out and be visible?

What happens if I drink soda and some goes into my lungs?

What happens if someone drinks mosquito killer liquid?

What happens if you don't drink water for a long time, say, a week?

What Happens When You Drink A Bottle Full Of Water Right Before You Eat?

What if it's dehydration because when I drink water sometime I feel it going through my veins odd enough?

What if you drink a lot? Like a little more than 1/4 of a glass.

What is the area below my breasts called I've been drinking herbal life tea and I notice its not sticking out anymore its going flat and soft?

What is the best thing to drink (besides water) when you're dehydrated?

What is the best way for a type 2 diabetic to replace electrolytes after diarrhea when my legs are sore and feel like cramping?

What is the cause of cramps in legs at night?I do not smoke. Is it true that banana reduces cramps? Or what can I take?

What is the syndrome when you have to use the bathroom right after you eat?

What is the worst or worst likely case from my 2 year old daughter drinking some of her bath water?

What is thereason behind running stomach? I have to go to the toilet 4-5 times aday, and it is been for around two months... No everyday

What kind of bed is best for a bad back? Soft, medium, firm? Spring, air, water, or memory foam? Thanks!

What kind of bath water helps with anxiety/lower back problems?

What medicine to drink to make my men's heavy and to come fast?

What should i do if I am having a headache almost everyday? Usually feel more on left side of head. I have a balanced diet, drink water regularly.

What should I do to have like perfect skin? I didn't get enough sleep and drank soda lately. Can this be a problem?

What to do if I am pretty sure I drink enough water. I go to the washroom to urinate quite often. what else can I do?

What to do if i dislike water and nearly got myself sick over my refusal to drink it. What can I do?

What to do if i get constant dry mouth, resulting in much intake in water and bathroom trips, what's wrong?

What to do if I have stretch marks from gaining muscle. Some on my arms, my back it's gross.. Should i drink more water and stay hydrated?

What to do if I have to get a gallbladder ultrasound tomorrow. they told me that I shouldn't eat after midnight. is it okay to drink water though?

What to do if i look at the labels in the back and feel lost. I see x amount of sodium. How much should I have per day?

What to do if i was wondering does drinking a lot of water and i mean a lot make you have diarrhea?

What to do if I'm feeling a little bit more active is if I drink an energy drink do any of you know when this will go away?

What to do if your incomfortable on medicine you drink?

What to when throat becomes dry and continous even after drinking water , pl advis.

What will be happen if i don't really drink water everyday due to my working . Will that cause anything or illness soon?

What will I get from sitting all day and I only stand when I need to pee and get some water and food? I pee frequent bcause of the water intake.

What's reason for drinking alot of water lately?

What's the quickest way to get rid of it because i feel like I have to use the bathroom every 5 mins.. Cranberry juice?

When drinking cold water/ drink, i am getting vomiting. My doctor done endoscope, but no use. Please provide a solution?

When drinking water it comes out like 15 min later. I have normal glycose bloodcount thyroid CRP and renal function. Any thoughts? Coud it be normal?

When ever i exercise i get extrely dehydrated. I drink lots of water but it does not seem to matter. How do I stay properly hydrated?

When ever I play high notes on the trumpet directly afterward I feel light headed I practice breathing and try to drink water but it just keeps going ?

When flying, how much water should I drink and how often should I get up to stretch?

When I dont drink enough water my left kidney feels irritated. What does this mean?

When I drink a hot drink sometimes I get all tingles all over my body why is this even in my hair?

When I drink a lot of water, I tend to go to the restroom every hour. Is this normal?

When i drink alcohol my vagina feels warm within a few minutes then goes away whys that?

When I drink water from a bottle that is at room temp, I become nauseous & sometimes get mild stomach cramps. This doesn't happen with cold water. Why?

When i drink water it allways comes out white. Is that normal? Also comes out quickly!

When I drink water it goes up my nose. Why does this happen? Is this normal?

When i drink water, i always get severe gas and belching a few minutes after i drink the water. Its very uncomfortable. Why does this happen? Thank yo

When I drink, I never feel drunk. But the next morning - several hours later, it seems like it hits me all at once. Why? I eat & drink plenty of water

When i eat even one cup of ice-cream, i feel my tongue becomes heavy. I mean, i can't even pronounce most letters correctly. Is it normal?

When I get in water to go swimming and have only head out of water I feel short if breath just stood in water, have dusautonomia any relation?

When I get out of the shower I almost always almost pass out and start to shake. Is this because I'm weak?Or could the water just be to hot? or what?

When i get up i get lite headed but i start blacking out and mybbody starts to shake. I drink plenty of water. This has never happened before.

When I go out to clubs sometimes and have a coupple of drinks I get this thing were I have to sit if not my legs get weak and I loose my vision ?

When i go to the toilet, i always have to push or strain a bit to get things moving. I have a well balanced diet and exercise frequently. I have a bow?

When I jog, I sometimes get dehydrated by the sun and lose balance? I also get an ear ache. How can I prevent this?

When i take my socks off i notice an indentation as well as in my wrists. Like I am retaining water. Do i need to worry? How can I change it?

When i walk or sit, i hear sound from knee and ankle bone. May be due to deficiency of calcium but i do drink milk or take yogurt on daily basis.

When i walk, i hear sound from my bones. I do drink milk but not regularly. What might be the reason?

When i work out i get so tired and i just started lifting i drink water but i still get tired?

When i'm running my abdomen always hurt. Many said that i lack of water. But when i take enough of water, i still feel the pain? Why? How to prevent?

When should I stop drinking water before i go to sleep?

When will I pass this stone. It's been 5 days my creeatian levels are a bit rasen pain at times. bit tired...

Whenever i clean my teeth thereis always blood in them flowing .Always pillow cases are also soak with mostly blood so whay can I do ?

Whenever i don't drink a ton of water i feel like i have a UTI but test negative. What could cause this?

Whenever i drank a cup of water, i always feel that my breast has enlarged or increase please whst is the cause?

Whenever I drink more than a tiny bit of water, I get really nauseous?

Whenever i drink water it seems to go straight through me within 20-30 mins. I feel like i don't absorb much. Blood sugar is fine. I'm always tired.

Whenever i eat meat, i get more thirsty & end up drinking lots of water, yet i lose the urge to pee for many hours, like retaining all the water, why?

Whenever I lay down after I drink some water (any amount), my lower back (possibly around my kidneys) begins to hurt. It's just very uncomfortable.

Whenever I stand up I have a minute where I'm really dizzy and I have to stop and stand still for it to leave. I can't see properly and my head feels light. This is usually on a hot day, though I always drink lots of water, I always have a drink bottle. C

Whenever i take just a sip of a drink with alcohol i get a tingling sensation in my legs immediately. This always happens. Causes? Rarely drink.

Where can I get chloral hydrate?

Where does the water in tears come from and can you become dehydrated from crying enough?

Who can I see to help me to drink less or not at all?

Whole family peeing every 5min. Can't stop urge. I have IUD an PCOS. Only drink water. 1 glass a day. Can't stop peeing. We are all suffering?

Whole. Body hurts especially legs. Feel sick, fever. Drank a lot of alc this weekend and cycled pretty hard on a bike. Worried about rhabdo or is it regular sickness. Urine is normal?

Why am i always extremely thirsty during the night even though i drink plenty of fluids during the day?

Why am i constantly vomiting i can't keep anything down including water?

Why am I continually getting migraines after hard workouts? I've tried drinking more water & keeping my blood sugar high, but I still get them.

Why am I craving milk lately? I normally don't drink a lot of it but recently its been a daily thing.

Why am i dizzy my dr told me i'm fine but I have anxiety can it bee from not sleeping a lot or diet i don't drink a lot of water?

Why am i feeling. Movement an lower. Part of my stomach when i get up or eating something push evan when i drink something sweet it movies pt was nega?

Why am i getting up so much to pee at night? Like 4-7 times. I have tried stopping fluids at 8pm and still up at least 4 times.

Why am I not sweating when I work out? I'll be a little damp on my lower back but wont sweat a drop from the neck up. I am drinking plenty of water.

Why am i peeing a lot i get lots of anxiety i also eat lot of sugar my dr told me it was not a UTI but when i drink water i go right after and dizzy?

Why am I sometimes extremely dizzy after exercise? I work out frequently, eat well, drink more than 8x8 glasses of water a day.

Why are allergies bad during the winter months? It seems as if the more water i drink, the more dehydrated, i feel becasue the air is so dry at home.

Why are my hands always dry? I drink a lot of water and eat healthy, and yet my hands get so dry that they sometimes bleed.

Why are my leg and feet muscles cramping for over an hour even though I have had plenty to keep myself hydrated?

Why can't i suck in my lower abdomen, no matter how hard i try i just can't suck it in, i'm not fat, but I use to be able to?