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My partner is getting a lot of headaches. He thinks it is because he is dehydrated as he isn't drinking enough. Should he go to the doctors?

My skin breaks out extremely easy by something as simple as a touch. What can help? I eat pretty healthy and drink water yet still random break outs!

My skin seems very salty i mean more than normal? Why could this be? I drink lots?

My son is getting frequent cold since going to school.Is it due to drinking less water in school&stomach heats up.Wife gives him lot of water at home.

My son is three. He has a high fever, can barley keep his eyes open, in and out of sleep and he's craving water. What do I do?!

My throat is dry all the time even though I drink plenty of water. Seems to get better right before my period. Could this be estrogen dominance?

My throat is real dry even after i drink lots of water, what does this mean?

My throat is really dry all the time. last night i woke up atleast 10 times to drink water. and this has been a trend in the last few weeks. should i go see a doctor?

My tongue is white an dry. Im drinking water but still dehydrated. Do I need to go get IV fluids?

My urine has been smelling very strong and like sulfur lately. I drink approx. 200 oz. Of water a day but work outside on my feet in the heat. ???

My whole body is sore, i spit up blood, overheating, can barely walk, weak, and i can't sleep for more than a hour ?

My wife is 47 and bruise very easily on her legs.She walks a lot at work but drinks very little water throughout the day.Help!?

My wife is 47 and bruise very easily on her legs.She walks a lot at work but drinks very little water throughout the day.Help!?

My wife keeps vamiting don't know why nothing will sit instinly vamits. Only had water.?

Need 2 drink water however am unable 2 since i feel nausia or dryness of tongue after i drink water. Its becoming an issue.Why can't i drink water?Help

Need to know, why my breast get pain after i drink a pure marine collegen? Is that because to make it firm or have something else?

No all test fine like blood , urine , ultrasound , all things normal , but i slowly slowly feel swelling in my body and face , i m very much distrub?

No food for 7 days, little water, sometimes none all day, max 15 hours of sleep in the 7 days. What signs would suggest seeing an MD, what damages?

No matter how much water i drink, I am always dizzy for several days after spending some time in the sun even when it's not hot outside. Why?

No semen can out or body fluids it was only for like 5 10 minutes we did that for get back to me?

No sperm production from last 2 times, headache, feeling strain in eyes, little pain in left leg. What could be the reason? M drinking a lot of water

Nothing I drink quenches my thirst, no matter what i'm always thirsty. I also don't like water but I drink it ocassionaly...What's my problem?

On some mornings I wake up with slightly swollen hands.  i drink a lot of fluids but have little salt and urinate frequently. What could cause this?

Other than low fat, what are the other causes that can lead one to feeling cold easily in an air-con room, compared to others who feel warm instead?

Overhydrate? Ican drink a lot at times and void. Then with nearly everything after that have to void almost immediately again. Happens time to time

Pain after drinking water. Wat do I do to calm it down?

Pain in hamstring area with any movement no matter how small. I exercise but spend alot of time in bed. I also have really low fibrinogen. Blood clot?

Pain in lower back after a bowel movement, difficulty going to the toilet, long duration... drink enough water, eat healthily... any suggestions?

Pain when i lean to tie my right shoe but no other liver symptoms.What could that be?overweight and i drink 32 years old.Blood work clean 1.5 yearsago

Painful Urination in the morning. So I tried citralka and lots of water for four days. Though by evening it subsides, by next morning it again star...

Past few months, have been craving cold things, mostly ice like- drinks, ice chips. Side effect of something?Need to consult md?Watch for other symps?

Please describe the disorder called where you drink tons of water?

Please help doctor said i can't exercise for another week im scared of putting on weight will drinking water heal my leg muscles. 6-8 glasses a day?

Please help, how much potassium should I take to avoid getting running cramps?

Powdery pee as well as weak flow. Might be kidney problem. For 5 mnths I had water retention in lips. Any tips or ovr counter drugs to stop swell look?

Really sick and tired of hemorrhoids. Is there a way to rid them for good? I drink fluids and eat fiber (yes I'm overweight). Doc says no to surgery.

Recently I've been having the back of my mouth so dry. I do leave the fan on at night, can that be the cause or am I not drinking enough water?

Recently, have begun experiencing muscle twitches in both arms and legs more than 24 hours after consuming 1-2 alcoholic drinks. What could this be?

Running temperature, headaches come and go, could a kidney infection cause this, was having problems by not drinking enough water, now i drink 2 to 3 bottles a day, kidney has gotten better, but still running a slight fever about 99.5.

Several blood blisters that look black on my tongue, happens after eating ice cream, I also get flank pain after eating sugar is it related?

Sharp rectal pain when pooping. Hurts a bit 10-15 mins after then good. Common blood. High fiber diet. 1-2 times a day. 1st turd hurts then not somuch?

Should I be concerned if I can go all day without needing to use the restroom and a few days without going #2 I eat and drink a normal amount?

Should i be worried tht i drink at least 15 to 25 bottles of water a day and only output once or twice a day at the most and sometimes don't even go?

Since my abdominal surgery I've been retaining water horribly. What is the best/safest way to get rid of water retention and bloating? Can you?

Since starting xyrem my teeth are in an incredible amount of pain! any idea if it's the sodium or unrelated? Air even hurts them- what do I do?!

Since tea steals all the water out of you and makes you pee alot, could it help with being bloated?

Sir, can drinking of chilled water in early morning especially, can burn fat in our abdomen??

Skin rahses, bone and muscle pain. Digestion, feel full on small amount of food. Fatigure, , , nasal congestion, osa, lose joints on hips and arms,?

Small fiber neuropathy- How long does it take for small fibers to stop causing pain, when they "burn off"?

Smelly liquid comes out of my ears. Problem started after i spent a lot if time in sea water. I want to know more about this problem.

So the side of my mouth to say the least feels like I ha e fiber glass in my cheeks. (Not really fiberglass) it just started to feel this way.

So tired of being in pain and wanting a normal life.I'm very depressed.I keep getting dehydrated despite drinking a lot of water. What can I do/take ?

Some days I drink more water than other days? Why it that? It like I have more craving of it than usual

Some nights i feel a verystrong pain in my legs & it continues for 1-2 min, drs told me it's becuz of ca but i drink 2-3 glass of milk a day!

Some say drinking water before bed is good some say its not? which one should we avoid?

Sometimes i get really thirsty and my throat will get really dry so i'll drink a full bottle of water within 5 minutes but i will still be thirsty and?

Sometimes my toes become numb and I notice that most of the time it happens when I'm is because of lack of water or signs of uric acid?

Sometimes when I ingest large amounts of sugar I get a tingling sensation in my right foot/lower leg. had it since I was a kid. Negative for Diabetes.

Sometimes when I quickly drink a bottle of water I feel dizzy-nausea feeling also I have to urinate within 30min color us clear to light yellow?

Stinging pain on urination for 3 wks no other discomforts.It reduces on intake of good amounts of water but returns soon if amount is less.I am 33 & F?

Stopped all sugar/junkfood/pop three weeks now, on treadmill 20 minutes a day -three weeks now, butt and hip really sore thought I am used to it by no?

Suddenly become nauseous after sugar,don't like drinking sugary liquids anymore either?

Super sensitive breasts [mainly] & skin in general. Frustrating: fabric, touch, water... depends on the day. Doc has no ideas. Dehydration? Ideas? TY

Swallon feet, hands, dizzy, headache, skin feels like a hot dog about to burst, major hot flashes, shuffeling when i walk, slow moving have done blood test a month ago, have high colesteral, bladder ulrasound, stool sample and im getting really bad muscle

Sweaty and smelly scrotum..I wash scortum alot.I drink plenty of water.I keep it clean but after few minutes it start smell again.I want prmanent solu?

Taking sips of water randomly I noticed shoulder pain when I raised my arm to take a sip. Its not severe and only happens on movement I play basketbal?

The base of my spine sticks out since loosing weight, the skin is sore and broken what can I do to avoid it keep happening?

The last 3 years i get choked just drinking liquid. In the last 6 mts it had become more frequent. Is this something to worry about?

The last months i've been eating so much sweats and also didn't drink water is that the reason my face get fat ?

The last two of my fingers have been tingly and every now and again i'll also feel it in the corner of my lip. I heard that this could mean you are lacking something. Is this true? I started a diet in thurs eating 1260 calories a day?

The last two years I've noticed I get very cold after eating any meal and I usually shiver. Also, an hour after consuming two alc drinks I'll shiver?

The past couple days I've been dehydrated and always thirsty no matter how much water I drink. Didn't drink alcohol. Is this dry mouth? Cures? Thx

The past couple of months I've been waking up with a severely dry mouth. I drink lots of water throughout the day... what could cause this?

There is a cold colorless liquid flow out from my friend's anus, and he couldn't sit for long time, he is a smoker, may i know some ways to solve it?

This might sound funny - but I flushed my eyes with the water running at high pressure, would this cause any problems?

Throughout my period when it's heavy, sometimes if i drink a whole bottle of water, it's like i literally pee out the blood, is this good ?

Tingly and achey feet at night nearly everyday. 27 Fem. healthy weight nosmoke 1-2 drinks/month no medications ?

Trying to increase my water intake but it feels like half my day is spent in the bathroom! Will my body ever get used to it.

Twitching non stop in middle of lower abdomen. Some twitching in other parts of body. I take multivitamin. Drink water. What would cause this nonstop?

Very dizzy on period now for three days I keep drinking water but its not helping?

Very warm here no ac. My meds seem to dehydrate me I'm concerned about getting to dehydrated no one's home. I already drank 1 gal of water.

Violently throwing up over 12 hour period, mostly acidy water, can't hold down medicine, water or basically anything no none cause, has happened befor

Was in a car accident 3yr ago seen 30 plus dr.S but no one can explain why does my body still hve water retention (edema) that happens after movement?

Was very busy and realized i hadn't drank any liquids for almost 2 days other than a few sips water. Could any dehydration start at that point?

Water perspiration pours down my body whenever I expend minimal energy like getting dressed. This started shortly following a car accident..

Weak heart but otherwise healthy. Why do I get swelling in my legs and bottom? 66

Wen i wake up my bra fits big n after a couple hrs my bra is severely tight, i'm thinking i'm retaining water but why n what can I do besides diuretic?

Wet myself occasionally visit doctor and said reduce intake of caffine any more advice still wet myself?

What are reasons that would cause someone to have to pee often? Usually every hour. I dont feel like im drinking a ton of liquid.

What are some possible reasons that my head starts spin when I drink water?

What are the best ways to avoid getting sick from water?

What are things i can eat or drink to prevent clogged pores?

What can be causing me feel weak and shaky all the time I eat regularly an drink plenty of fluids been going on for a few weeks? 23 weeks pregnant

What can cause a cramp like felling in my calf besides dehydration? I drink juice, tea, water mostly.

What can cause mild calf cramping? I eat plenty of food with potassium/magnesium. Can back issues or bad shoes cause this?

What can I do about PMS bloating. Nothing I've tried works. If I drink more or I drink less nothing works. Fibre, exercise, everything makes it worse?

What can I do if I get severe cramps after physical exertion, yet drink plenty of water?

What can I do to deal with hot flashes? Are there any tricks to dealing with hot flashes? Things i can eat or drink to make them less frequent or more tolerable? Once I have then are there any ways to make them stop or get rid of them? Tricks to cooling d

What causes female pubic boils and how do I make them go away? Is it my diet or lack of water?

What causes me to keep wanting to pass water?