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Is it possible to quicken or thin my period by drinking plenty of water in three days?

Is it possible you could tear your esophagus from taking too large of a vitamin with barely any water?

Is it safe drinking smooth move every other day ?

Is it true that drinking cold water always can make your belly big?

Is it true that drinking cold water always could make you fat? And could cause pain during mens

Is one night of extremely rare smokingtobacco/drinking/sitting outside enough to cause an irritated throat and earache over 24 hr later (fri night)?

Is there a medical name for someone who is always dehydrated? I find it very hard to drink during the day, and some days go by with only 0.5 ltr.

Is there an explanation for extremely frequent and extremely painful headaches (i drink water regularly so not dehydration)?

Is there any other drink/anyway to get hydrated other than water? I just can't drink as much as i should, i get so full and bloated! pedialyte or som?

Is there anything I can eat or drink that would make me wetter beside pills?

Is there anything i can eat or drink to get a deeper voice? ?

Is there such a thing as cleaning both upper and lower bowl if so what is a good laxtive to use?

Is they're anything that you can drink to help acid easily go away?

It is very easy gor me to get an UTI like drinking alot of water, juice or anything. What causes that? How can it be treated? Antibiotics don't work

It's like my boyfriend chooses to give her water over anything else that she's asks for to drink. I feel she's not getting the nutrients she needs.

It's my 4th day period and i feel lightheaded more than usual and i'm thirsty no matter how much i drink water. How can I over come it !?

It's said to take enough water in each day,but each time I take so much water I always feel the urge to urinate,which I don't like. Why is it so pls?

It's the second time in a month that my face tingles for a few hours randomly. What could it be? Don't think calcium deficiency, I drink lots of milk

Its been 13 days since my weight loss surgeryand i still feel weak i can barely get out of bed i only drink water gatorade an apple sauce is this norm?

Its been hurting on and off to pee but I hate wasting 12$ just to be told I need to drink more water. That I do. What should I do?

Iv been feeling very fatigue so close to passing out I drink allot of water I cut down to one 8oz cup of soda a day is there anything that will help?

Iv drank nothing but water for weeks and i feel so dehydrated i can't seem to get enough to drink?

Ive been outside for hours and its over 80 and I didn't drink a lot of water, now I'm nauseous, dizzy, breathing heavy even though I haven't been run?

Ive been peeing a lot lately. always right after i drink a bit of water. is it just the water? or is there a problem?

Ive been told to fast for 12 hrs before i get a lipid test. That doesnt include water does it? I cant do 12 hrs without water, food & juice no problem

Ive got some fluid on my legs and arms, especially after I eat. And I take a blood pressure fluid pill. Should I worry about this?

Jo was 27 years old . She was getting urinal infection regularly and also small water bubbles near vazina inside and out side please give her medicine?

Joints in my legs will hurt when i sit down to study with the fan on. I also drink ginger tea to help reduce the pain, but it doesn't work. Any tips?

Just curious. Why do doctors always say get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water? How do these help the healing process?

Lately every time i drink water i get nauseous what could this be from? I know I am not imagining this.

Lose weight from drinking wine and smoking cigarettes eat everyday, swollen neck glands, runny nose, pain in feet,swollen abdomen, frequent urination,?

Lungs feel on fire when I try running (6-7 weeks pregnant) also tried doing abdominal workout and was really sore? Why is this happening? Thanks

Many hours after drinking water i can still hear loud water sounds in my stumach when i move. I do not have any urine problems though. What is this?

Metformin suppresses my appetite so much it gets to the point i don't even feel like drinking water! what should I do? Just force myself to drink?

Might foods high in salt content cause leg cramps while sleeping?

Most food causes joint pain. I drink only water and avoid salt and red meat. Ankles and right elbow affected the most. Turmeric helps. Stomach bloat. ?

Most of the time I do have dry nose.. I drink water after that which makes things ok but after a while it again gets dry. Any suggestion plz?

Muscle cramps bad on new water pills. Eat banana to void it?

My 12 year old child is doing a 3-day fast, just drinking water. Will she get sick?

My 13 month old drank a couple sips of dog water that has been sitting out back. What r the chances he will get sick? What should I do?

My 13 yr old dgt is a competitive baton twirler and extremely active! after sweating profusely, she gets leg & hand cramps.She drinks lots of h2o!

My 14yr has been on protein shakes for a month now (only 1 after workout and small amount) today he has left back ache is he ok? Everything else norml

My 2yr had unexplained fevers which has stop molars are coming but is urinating less (hydrated) and overly tired could this be 2 different things?

My 3 year old son constantly drinks from wake to sleep. Water, diluted orange juice, etc. What are reasons he may constantly want to drink?

My 4 yr old is always extremely thirsty and is soaking through a pull up at night even when I don't let her drink after 6:30pm is their something wrong?

My 5year old boy's lower ribs stick out a little,the doctor said it's not harmful,just cosmetic.He also is sweating when sleeping, what to do, HELP...

My 6-year-old daughter often complains of tummy pain after drinking water. She only drinks boiled water at room temp. What's the cause and what to do?

My 77 year old mom has trouble getting to the bathroom in the morning. Should she stop drinking liquids after a certain time before bed? How long?

My 9yr old son does show jumping, and frequently complains of cramp-like pain in his bladder about 20-30 mins after he gets off the horse.

My abdomen swells by night and gets better by morn, had a cesarean 4 months bk, can this b water retention?what r the symptoms

My abdominal muscles feel like I just worked out but I havent. Was advised to try a heating pad but that made me nauseous and did not help. No$ No Ins

My baby is 5 days old. He prefer to drink from my right breast than left. He also drink only 10 minutes and then sleep for 4-5 hours. Is it normal?

My body temprature is always high. Its NT fever.I don't eat warm things like egg etc.It happens when i come from my job .I always stay in ac.

My calf cramped up an it's been sore an cramping up for a week now. Feels like someone kicked me.. People told me its from not enough potassium an water.. True?

My cat drinks from my water glass along side my bed at night. Can I get sick if I drink from it afterwards?

My chest feels tight and my jaw is numbing with my ear starting to ache. Would sitting still and drinking water help? Does sitting still and drinking water give my body a chance to change the symptoms in case it is nothing. If the feeling subside, does t

My dad, 45, has been suffering random cramping.He drinks plenty of h2o. He sweat s alot.He is on his feet all day under the sun. What could it be?

My daughter feels like a UTI might be starting. Aside from drinking water, is there anything preventative to do?

My daughter seem to have never ending thirst she is always thirsty. It this normal she only drink milk and water and very rarely juice ?

My doc just doubled my diltiazem to 360mg per day. On the second day I began to retain water, my legs were enormous, I hurt in every joint. Connected?

My Dr put me on thermotabs and my wrist on both arms are a bit swollen and I have pain is that normal with sodium pills cause I don't eat enough salt?

My dr. Says the 8 glasses rule is a myth and I should just drink when thirsty. True? How do I know i'm well hydrated, esp. In dry winter months?

My eye bags doesn't go away even though i sleep 7-9hours, eat 3meals a day, i don't drink alcohol and smoke too. Why and how can I get rid of them?

My face like burning specially my nose area, i feel like dizzy not all day long and I'm on low carb diet?

My face looks abnormal since a while. How do I know if it's water retention or fat?

My face looks like as if I'm starving! cheeks are very thin, eye sockets are sunken and its very pale. I eat well and drink adequate amount of water?

My feet and toes have been a little sweaty in the last 24 hrs. My diet and exercise have changed for the better, could this be why? Do i need to worry

My feet are swelling like crazy the last few days and i drink a lot of water and i'm always active. What's going on?

My friend drinks every day, occasionally heavily. Past couple of days, she has a few drinks and begins to vomit excessively. Should she see a doctor?

My friend had blood lactate 3.7, after drinking water feels cold chest cavity followed by full body prickles. ER found nothing. What could it be?

My friend id 39 weeks pregnant with her first baby, her hind waters have broken and since having really bad pressure and pains.No sleep what can dr do?

My gallbladder keeps getting really sore ,inflamed and tummy gurgly especially with fats and stones . treatment? Prevention?

My gallbladder keeps getting really sore, inflamed and tummy gurgly especially with fats and stones. Prevention? Treatment?

My girlfriend has been drinking more water, puking, peeing a lot, has dry skin, and has lost 13 pounds, fast heart rate, what is wrong?

My girlfriend is 6 weeks pregnant and is going through morning sickness and can't keep anything down, at all. Any tips to ease it this morning she had a glass of water when waking up, 5 minutes later she threw up, had a bowl of strawberries and about 10 m

My girlfriend vomited 4 times after drinking over the course of 3 hours so far. I've been making her drink water, but it doesnt seem to be helping. ??

My grandpa is 89. Now he is bed ridden. He is neither eating solid food nor moving. His palms & feet r swollen.Is it kidney prob? Can i save him?

My groins stink really bad also have severe body odour, I drink very less water and a lot of caffeine could that be the problem?

My gums tingle and hurt after moderate exercise. Is this normal and is there anyway to prevent this. Thanks?

My hands shake whenever I am doing something with it. Mostly when I am writing in crowd or drinking a glass of water. ?

My head starts hurting when i drink water. What is going on?

My hubby has trouble urinating. When I mention it he brushes it off as he didn't have to go bad/bladder is too full. He's healthy,30's & just 15lb o/w?

My husband back breaks out from our hard water. We have tired every body soap. What else can he do please help?

My husband constantly craves salt. What causes this?

My husband doesn't need to urinate in the mornings regardless of how many hours slept. (slept nearly 15hrs one sat.) i don't think he drinks enough water, but does have a lot of fluid intake. 26yr old?

My husband has a tooth that has a whole in it. He has no insurance and it is causing him pain. What can he eat and drink?

My husband has been told he has diabetes many years ago. Now, when he drinks a few drinks of soda, he gets a bad pain in his leg, it starts at the top and travels down near his ankle. Can this be linked to his diebetes? He has never followed up with his d

My husband sweats profundably. Drinks tones of water, hardly goes to the bathroom and he's very shakey. Pls tell me what's wrong with him?

My jaw was crooked and locked due to muscle spasms. 100 hours without food or drink, went to ER and they did nothing! How do I prevent this?

My leg muscles have been aching for a week. I can't have a decent sleep. Earlier in the week i swam in cold water. Is there a connection?. Howdo i fix

My lips is dry and bit painful. Is it bcs of dehydration? But i drank plenty of water

My migraines won't go away and no matter how much water i drink I'm still dehydrated and no matter how much sleep i get I'm still really tired?

My mom gets pain in her legs and her feet and they swell often. I thought maybe dehydration or just not enough water. What's wrong?

My mom has leg trouble she can't hold food down she is tired and week she is in her 60s or 70s she wore heals since age 13 she also has week bowls?

My mom has water retention in her body her face luks puffed up . watare the reasons and is there a cure for it. she is reluctant to come to a doctor.

My mom is having severe pain underneath both breasts. She says it feels tight and like there is pressure. On a scale of 1-10(high) she says its an 8. ?

My mom's hand has swollen for a long time. This happens when she eats rice. Doctors said that its because of the uric acid. What she has to do?

My mother, 62, gets really bad leg cramps after eating anything made with grains. What could this be?

My mouth waters a lot but I still feel thirsty what could be wrong or could it be nothing?

My muscles and joints hurt everyday along with strong smelling urine. I drink plenty of water eat 80 percent raw could sugar n fruit b hurting me?