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I usually drink around 2 tall glasses of water a day, a can of soda, and usually a little more. Is it possible you can drink too much liquids?

I wake up with shriveled fingertips every morning. Why? (i drink lots of water, do not have aids...To rule out a couple reasons)

I walk early in the day along the ocean in Florida but feel close to sun stroke most of the time. In excellent health. Electrolyte drink barely helps.

I want to add to my very healthy diet by drinking a lot of water. But I constantly need the bathroom. I cant spend half my work day peeing. Help?!

I want to get a glass of water but im scared to leave my room how do I avoid this fear?

I want to go on a 45 day water fast and also workout while on it is this a good idea drink 8 bottles of water a day i was really looking into this?

I work in a warehouse for 10 hours, the last hour when it's 95 degrees I am getting weak and cold. Is that serious? I am constantly drinking water.

I work out daily and deliver mail. Recently I've been gettin bad cramps in my inner thighs and legs. Happens every evening. I stay hydrated. Thoughts?

I work outside in the heat & sun. I get so hot & tired quick. Make sure I drink Gatoraid & water. But I'll feel exhausted quick. What can I do to help?

I work with an autistic female who constently wants to drink liquids hot or cold or what fhe liquid is she goes to great lengths to even steal and she wont stop. Whats going on?

I would like to cut back on soda and start drinking more water but i get extreme migraines without soda. What can help me?

I'm 17 weeks pregnant & healthy. Is it safe to do squats and lift 3 lb weights? Or is it too harsh? Usually my legs are very sore the next day, but i soak my legs in warm water... Thanks

I'm 18 with really high BP and i've been eating healthier and exercising and i just tried to take a cold shower and felt my feet itch and i pased out!

I'm 25 years old and I am not married and never been in any problem is the sensation of water going into my left breast after drinking?

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and have had constant menstrual like cramping. I've tried rest and extra water intake with no relief. Should I go into the docs ?

I'm 8 weeks pregnant & have one-sided ha often triggered by standing and/or walking from sitting position.Why & remedies? Tylenol, (acetaminophen) water, caffeine not helping

I'm a 26 year old female who's been experiencing dry mouth with no relief after drinking water.My mom has diabetes but nobody else.Could I have it too?

I'm a diabetic. My lower half of my body gets jerking twitches when i try to rest. Is this something of a bigger problem?

I'm a t10 complete paraplegic full time in a wheelchair. I have been getting small pressure sores. What is the best way to avoid getting them?

I'm constantly getting really bad headaches, teenager, eat healthy drink plenty of water, exercised, paracetamol don't work, what's causing them?

I'm constantly thirsty even though i drink a lot of water. I also have a dry mouth and occasional bad breath. I don't take any meds. What is going on?

I'm constantly thirsty even though i drink a lot of water. My mouth is also always dry. I don't take any medications. What is going on?

I'm drinking 70 oz water per day and feel lightheaded. Should I increase my sodium intake to prevent feeling this way? Thanks!

I'm experiencing a charley horse about 1 night every 3 weeks. They last about 1.5 minutes and the pain makes me grind my teeth. How do I prevent them?

I'm feeling constantlyDehydrated & dizzy, so I have increased water intake; however that does not seem to help. What should I do to not feel this way?

I'm feeling really ill after drinking cloudy tap water. Can this be something serious?

I'm going to be hung in a few days. Is there a way to keep from urinating and defecating? (like if i didn't eat or drink anything for several days?)

I'm having difficulties with severe cramping in my legs, feet and hands after exercise despite drinking plenty of water and taking potassium. What next?

I'm having headaches everyday their mild last 20 minutes i don't drink water is it that i also cough up blood here and there?

I'm just wondering, if you have a bladder infection can you drink a lot of water to get rid of it?

I'm never thirsty. I have to set timers to remind myself to drink & still only drink about 20 oz h20/day. But I pee Constantly. Is this ok?

I'm out surfing, about an hour later or so in the water, i get cramps, mostly in my feet and legs. What can I do to avoid this?

I'm sensitive to sodium, my tongue swells and I have trouble breathing. I feel dehydrated no matter how much water I drink. My CBC is normal. Advice?

I'm sick & dehydrated. I keep trying to drink water but i can't drink large amounts. I either throw up or i sweat really bad. I don't know what to do.

I'm thinking of going on a water fast. Is it okay to at least chew gum?

I'm usually dehydrated but if I try keeping my pee clear (by drinking 1L+ a day) I get bad headaches and feel yuck?

I've always been able to handle decent amounts of alcohol. All of a sudden, having just a few drinks makes me throw up all night?

I've been dehydrated, increased urination, and feel way too hot since starting beta blockers. Can't retain any fluids, and will get faint if not guzzling water/Gatorade. What does this sound like?

I've been drinking water constantly and i used to pee like every hour and now i'm only paying twice a day.. Should i be concerned with that?

I've been drinking water constantly and urinating a lot and keep getting you have any suggestions on how I can stop this dehydration.

I've been extremely thirsty when I wake up. My mouth is dry and I usually immediately drink a 24oz water bottle. Is this a cause for concern?

I've been feeling randomly dizzy intermittently for the past week off and on. Should I be concerned? What could cause this? I drink plenty of water.

I've been getting thick saliva when i wake up for months now, sometimes its brown. I drink plenty of water too so that can't be it.

I've been getting thirsty every hour since last night. The thirst has kept me up all night. Is this normal or sound like dehydration?

I've been having sugar cravings increasingly over the past year and have gone from 49 to 55kg in 2 years. Very hard to shift. Also get hot flushes?

I've been having this issue for 6 months, Every time I poop, I bleed. And it hurts so much! I've been drinking tons of water but nothing is working. ?

I've been having trouble using the restroom. I can urinate but i feel like im clogged up. I drink plenty of water, what seems to be the problem?

I've been mildly constipated for a few weeks not but it's has become worse. I regularly weight lift lift and drink/eat water and fibre. I strained really hard the other day and found blood, I thought this might be piles but as the days have gone on I'm st

I've been trying to drink more water consciously, but it's making me feel bloated. I used to drink 4 cups a day and now about 6.

I've had a headache for 3 days. Hurts on the top. Off & on. Is this normal? Is it from not enough sleep or dehydration? I don't drink lots of water ..

I've had severe diahrea for 5 days goin at least 20-30 times per day I've lost 17lb in 5 days & feel dehydrated as I can't keep fluids in ?

I've had tender breasts for 3 months and break through bleeding for 3 months.Also bloating. Is it something to worry about? I don't drink soda ?

I've hardly drank much water over the last couple years. How long does it take for the body to recoup after you start drinking water again?

I've have headaches I've never had before and get dizzy when I stand up. I drink plenty of water and have normal blood pressure. What could this be?

I've just started warfarin and have severe pain around my kidney area. I've consumed 3liters of water today and urinated x2. Should i go to emergency?

I've lost a lot f weight eating acaii bowls 3 times a week for dinner..right now I'm itching like crazy bums all ver legs, back and arms. Is it acaii ?

I've never been able to get my weight above around 105-110 and I'm a 5'9 male. Why not? Also any time I drink water or eat I get nauseated n diarrhea.

If drank contaminated water, how can I make sure I don't get sick?

If I am having ankle surgery at 1 pm and am having a block, can I eat a little something early in the morning?

If i drink more than 1l of water i get an awful migraine.If i exercise and then drink water afterwards i get nauseous, shaky and have to lay down.Why?

If i drink water nonstop for two wks, will i notice a difference in my skin ?

If I eat a banana I get several muscle cramps and my I started having trouble soloing. Could I be allergic to potassium?

If i need to use bathroom short while after drinking bottle of water, does that mean im not absorbing it? Why does it seem to go to bladder so fast?

If i urinate every hour or so, am i drinking too much water? Can my brain have learnt to feel thirsty so often?

If im having UTI now and i feel the discomfort and i go to the toilet every while can I get rid of it by drinking water and how much water can I drink?

If my son drinks pool water, is this going to make him sick?

If someone has acute gastroenteritis and drinks prune juice. Would that get rid of the virus faster?

If the heat makes me really nauseous, should I avoid it entirely?

If you jump into water from about 25 feet. can the pressure of the water make your small intestine go into large intestine?

If your back hurts like all the time and your not lifting anything and you don't drink water could that be a sign of kidney infection?

If your hair is weak can drinking water help it get stronger?

Im 14 weeks pregnant and i have contractions, i feel hard bumps in uterus. Besides drinking lots of water what are the other home remedies for slowing down contractions?

Im 23, &have terrible "bathroom" issues-abdominal pain, difficulty going, &when I do its 3-4 days apart, small&painful.Drink water&good diet.Suggestion?

Im a 18yo male and I drink 4-5 litres water per day. I get often thirsty and sometimes i drink it just because it makes me feel kinda good.IsItHealthy?

Im a 49yr old male. I do cardio daily 60 minutes of power walking and running. Recently my bowl movements have greenish in color.I drink about 64ounce?

Im a diabetic and for paqst 10 years I have a boil behind lower part, if i eat unhealthy the food the boil backs. Please help!

Im always dehydrated.My dr puts an IV in me every couple of months when it gets really bad.I drink 3 liters of water a day.What can't I do to fix this?

Im drinking enough fluids and my blood sugar is ok, but why do I feel so dry?

Im finding antibiotics make me thirsty so i drink more and then lose weight, which i needed to do, will keeping that up keep infection from coming bac?

Im on antibiotics cause of some infection, possibly strep, been drinking lots of water, the anti makes me thirsty, did extra water make me lose weight?

In the last month I have noticed a depression on my skull situated where the fontanelle is. I am 40! I tried to drink lots of water but it hasn't hel?

In the past 3 days I have randomly gained 8 lbs in water retention. Organic water pills aren't working. What can I do?

Is 12 hours without water long enough to start feeling any effects of dehydration?

Is caffeine go to drink when you have a infection in your body?

Is drinking a glass of water right before going to bed bad for you?

Is drinking cold water after long hours of continuous talking bad?

Is drinking cold waterafter a game of heavey exercise gud or bad ?

Is drinking to much water causing me to become dehydrated? When i drink the rcommended amount of water i get swirls in my vision, nausious, and vomit. I only feel better after i vomit. I feel horrible when i drink that much water. I don't drink all at onc

Is drinking water with ice cubes bad? My cousin said its unhealthy because it shocks your system. I am always drinking ice water and i don't feel bad

Is eating ice bad for bladder or uterus? No issues at all just asking beacuse i eat alot of ice.

Is having a drink first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover, normal?

Is it dangerous to drink too much water right after intense exercise?

Is it harmful to eat several glasses of soft ice each day, to assisting getting enough water?

Is it ok to drink salt water to reduce painful period cramps and aches?

Is it ok to drink wAter immediately after a tiring exercise?.... They say it is bad for the heart.. Is this true?

Is it ok to drink water the morning i need to get bloodwork done?

Is it ok to fast during Ramadan if my kidneys hurt when I don't drink enough water and eat enough? I passed a stone 2 months ago.

Is it okay to drink a lot of water during your period? Or will it make me even more bloated?

Is it possible for drinking a lot of water to make it stay in your system and cause bloating?

Is it possible for you to get a rash from protein drinks?