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I have been constantly constipated on and off for 3 weeks now. I get a feeling to go but the stools are hard to pass. Drink plenty of water too.

I have been drinking a lot more water lately and going to the bath room more i have also gained a lot more weight what could this be?

I have been drinking a lot of water lately cuz i heard staying hydrated helps the skin?

I have been drinking lot of canda dry ginger ale is that what is making my urine sink and how do I get it back to normal?

I have been drinking water non-stop and still feel dehydrated. How do I make this feeling go away?

I have been eating a grapefruit everyday sometimes twice a day, for the past 2-3 weeks. Now experiencing ankle swelling. Can grapefruit be the cause?

I have been eating a healthy diet and I drink 80 to 120 ounces of water a day. I try not to eat past 6pm and in the mornings my hands are so swollen that I can not put my rings on. My hands are not red and they do not hurt. What could be the cause of this

I have been getting headaches and difficulty thinking for a couple of years, but if I drink water with electrolytes, my headache goes away in minutes.

I have been getting phlegm while working out at the gym. I Almost throw up.Over-the-counter meds don't work. I drink over a gallon of water a day.

I have been having feet cramps all my life i drink plenty of water and eat bananas as well but i still get them is something wrong with my feet?

I have been peeing alot today i drink loads of water & excerise?

I have been sick for like two and a half weeks straight. I can't hold down any food, i throw up minutes later, and i rarely am able to hold down water?

I have been sweating a lot for the past two weeks. I don't get very thirsty but try to hydrate myself. Also my fave has become very dry. Low appetite.

I have been urinating more than usual..Tired as well also crave water . What could be this be?

I have been very thirsty lately , wanting to drink something every 10 minutes. Which not normal for me. I am 19 and i live in boston.

I have been working out and drinking a lot of water, and now my stomach is huge but hard. How can i get rid of this as quickley as possible?? causes?

I have constant everyday headaches 24/7 and i drink plenty of water exercise and everything else i eat healthy bu i still have headaches why is this?

I have constant nausea coupled with dark urine no meter how much water i drink. Going on 2 months now. Tired all the time. Thoughts?

I have constant pain in left side kidney side at night .It aggrevates when i take protein based diet like meat pulses.i take plenty of water as routin?

I have excessive thirst but my labs came back perfect. I am celiac and lactose free. No matter how much I drink I feel like it's not enough?

I have extra water retention in my fingers and feet i've had blood tests done and i'm healthy should I use fluid pills to get rid of the selling?

I have fibromyalgia and now high bp.I feel bloated, tired and itchy. I have been on several meds but react to most by water retention and itching. I al?

I have found that I couldn't go to the toilet regularly, means very less. I eat alot, drinks a lot. Why is it and what should I do?

I have had 5 Bartholin's gland abscess. This being my 5th, could this be caused by not drinking enough water or am i getting these instead of a uti?

I have had braces for a year now&I just started to get lightheadedness. I eat regularly, drink lots of water. I went to the doctor&he says its nothing?

I have headache at lower sides of the head and very thirsty, been drinking water and coconut water and still thirsty. My hands feel very dry.

I have kidney pain what it cut be?I have recently stop drinking soda and star drinking water. When start drinking water is when the pain start.

I have large amounts of blood in my bm and urine like hooked up to bottle of red dye. No pain to speak ofonly a little in lower left which makes limp?

I have left testicular pain that has gradually increased over the last 24-36 hours. Otherwise healthy 40 yr old?

I have lower abdomen pain it feels like constipation but im regular and it cramps or hurts when I do go to the restroom or walk I am a male history of high blood pressure i smoke and drink regularly 36 yrs old no serious illnesses or surgeries

I have lupus and a water pill caused me to have less pain. Why is that?

I have m.S. And would like to find out which exercises i can do on my stomach to help keep it slim?

I have not drank water in 4 days and am extremely dehydrated I need to know how much water I can drink and how fast I can integrate it back in to my b?

I have pain at the base of my spine which gets worse if i sit or walk for too long I have also noticed small traces of blood in my stool this morning?

I have pcos & my blood circulation is really bad my toes hurt, and I have really bad water retention very fatigue what natural remedies cld u suggest?

I have pimples on my upper back. And also i drink less water accoding to what be need . Is that the reason of pimples or what?

I have plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water, and i constantly have dark puffy circles under my eyes. Why are they there and how can I avoid them?

I have poor circulation and when I squeeze them I get water like stuff? What is this should.I go to a doctor? I also smoke

I have problems in Digestion I don't eat alot of vegetables or drink alot of water and I'm sooooo lazy I also have great pain in my left side can you?

I have recently cut out soft drinks in an effort to live more healthy. After I did this my urine went dark yellow in the morning. As I drink water in the day it gets clear. Is this normal. No pain and I feel better than when I was on soft drinks.

I have restless leg syndrome most of the time. But if i drink i get my hole body go into sharp joalts nearly all night and can not sleep. Also ?

I have severe leg cramps in calves and knee area at night I drink plenty water and take no chol meds. I have a L5 problem. No thryoid disease.

I have spasm on my right eyelid for a week although I had full rest with 7hour for a day. Anyway I drink 2 cups of coffee everyday. Does this causes ?

I have swelling in both of my arms only when I sleep. Sometimes looks ready to pop.Also unusual salt craving and thirst. Any help?

I have thresh on my tongue. I have been on anti biotics for an abcess recently. Much stress. Painful, I've been eating yogurt alot. Comments? Advice?

I have thyroid disease since my birth. And I have a lot of spasms through the whole body. I drink European medicine from Ukraine every morning. can I keep drink this medicine? what can I do to make spasms less painful?

I have to run to the bathroom every 15 min .. I have been drinking a lot of water lately. Im just nervous that it's a sign of water intoxication.

I have to urinate more frequently when i drink more than 2-3 glasses of water an hour. Sometimes ill go 3 times an hour is this ok?

I have trouble passing motion. I have tried upping my fiber intake but still doesn't work. I go about 1s a week. As i've gotten older has gotten worse?

I have veneers, they are pretty and now about 8 years old. I can notice it, but it might just be me. How can I keep them from not getting darkened and keep them looking shiny? Are there any home remedies to try. I don't drink coffee or drink cola. But, on

I have very big calves and even when i lose weight they're always the same.Also my ankles are really swollen.Maybe it's water ritention.How to reduce?

I have weak ankles, most times they are swollen a little. I drink lots of water and have changed my diet. What am I missing? I don't like falling.

I haven't been getting thirsty, and I have to remind myself to drink, but if I don't, it feels like I have a UTI... What could be the cause of this?

I heard that you are supposed to drink 8 cups of water every day, but whenever I try to drink that much it seems like I pee it all out. Is that supposed to happen? Should I be absorbing it more?

I just drank 2l of water in like 40 minutes or 30 am i going to die?

I just fainted after waking up in the night to get a glass of water. I've never fainted before, what should I do? I was dehydrated, and had gone running in the morning, and had two glasses of wine in the evening with not very much food. Do i need to see a

I just got a treadmill and I was in it for about 20 mins and now I feel really dizzy even after drinking a bottle of water?

I keep constantly having lose water stools what is the cause

I keep experiencing painless stomach spasms. I'm told to just drink more water, but could it possibly be something more?

I keep feeling the need to drink.Loads of fluids could I be diabetic?

I keep getting cramp In my calfs at night , is this related to the amount of alcholo I drink ?

I keep getting fast heartbeat, hot cold flushes and but when i drink water i feel better. And I have a really bad headache?

I keep throwing up water with bubbles every morning and times i get to drink water alone and get headaches. What should I do? Thanks

I know i'm young and everything.. But when i drink allot, usually 50-70% alcohols, my joints are very painful. Usually my knees, why?

I m a little over weight. There is some psin in my knee fron last 5 years. Can I use amla or lemon water regularly? May it lead to arthritis?

I m drinking enough water these days just to make my skin looks healthy ! is its enough ...M also taking lemon . Any suggestions?

I m gaining weight quick, just my lower belly, if I drink water or milk it looks swollen and looks like I m 6 month preg. Also wheezing breathing prob?

I mostly defecate 2 times a day.First it comes out free. But the rest it takes like 10 minutes and little pain.Do I have constipation?

I nave excess urination, my urine gets diluted and can go as friquent as 20-30 mins. This happens when I am a bit on cold or airconditioning drafts.

I need some help please! why i feel dehydrated in the gym and dry mouth even if i drink lot of water ?

I never drink soft drink but when I do I feel sick I can't even get through a whole can why???

I never want fluids and in fact I have to make myself drink but I force myself to do it. Why is this? Is it common?

I often feel like I may pass out. I drink alittle orange juice and Im fine. No diabetes, no hypertension. What could this be?

I often feel the need to urinate 2-10 seconds after drinking water or other fluids. I have the ability to do so. Should I be concerned?

I often force myself to drink two large glasses of water after meals (my way to stay hydrated). During, I feel my stomach stretching. Is this bad?

I only drink 1-2 cups of water per day any more and it's forced I'll feel unwell I need to pee 15 minutes after drink and more than 5 cups=diarrhea ?

I only drink 2-3 glasses of water a day, but i never feel thirty enough to drink more than that. Is this bad? (i'm a 19 year old male)

I rarely get that "i must poop now" feeling. I just sit down and try. How can I change this? I don't like wasting 15-20 minutes at a time in the bathroom

I read that if you go 24hours with no fluid to increase sweating this can reduce swelling in tonsillitis... Winter &how we store water is different?

I recently donated a kidney and i would like to go back to work out. I´ve been told that i can´t eat too much protein. How can I add muscle mass?

I recently got dentures. Still getting use to them. They don't want to stay when I eat and drink a lot of fluids. I "glue" them in. What can I do?

I recently had a baby. I have never drink milk and I do not like to go outside very much. My calfs are way smaller and I do not exercise. Any advice?

I retain fluid esp my hands they can be uncomfortable I take green tea anything else I can use to get rid of fluid naturally and quick ?

I see hallows by the left side of my vision occasionally. It lasts for about 10 minutes. When i drink water it seems to reduce or stop. What is it?

I seem to always get facial "bloating" when I eat lots of sodium. Beside cutting back in sodium, any other suggestions besides drinking lots of water?

I seem to have started sleep walking after drinking alcohol (around 8 pints of lager). Also not making it to the toilet is there a cure for this.?

I shower everyday but i seem to get utis every now and then. I try to drink plenty water. Could it be because of too much masturbation?

I sit in an air conditioned office and sip water all day. Why am I still thirsty?

I sometimes drink 2 gallons of water and I feel good. I exercise a lot and have physically demanding jobs. Is this ok?

I spent 90 dais in flint jail and was forced to drink the lead tainted water and am now experiencing intense muscle cramps in my legs could it be lead?

I start having body pain and joint pain after I have something cold to drink or eat...Is that a health disorder.

I suddenly ve extreme sensitivity of all teeth, and drinking water [which is not very cold] hurts badly on all teeth, what may b the cause, ? Pls help

I suffer frequently from muscle cramps ( legs, feet, hands, stomach), even though I take a potassium supplement. What's wrong? How do I stop this?

I take high amount of animal protein,smoking, i have right lower back pain , i guess from kidney , which home fluids should i drink ?? soft or cold ?

I tend to drink water right before bed time which causes me to get up and pee once or twice before falling asleep. Could this be diabetes?

I think I accidentally urinated in sleep last night. I drank a good amount of water before sleep and was extremely stressed. Could that have caused it?

I think I have dehydration because my lips are very dry even when i drink 1 litter of juice istill feel i need more fluid and iam not thirsty what's it?

I think I might be pregnant cause my legs/thighs are swollen and I'm eating a lot then usual and also I'm peeing a lot, and also I'm having gas, am I?

I took some creatine this morning and my body feels Hot I keep drinking water. I'm also a little nervous and having anxiety?

I use to use meth and it ate up my mucle mostly on my legs how can I gain it back and what should I do?