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I am a yoga practitioner and when i go into deep relaxation and stretching of the body a relatively large amount of ionized water comes out of my nose?

I am all fine & suddenly my throat gets dehydrated. I drink a lot of water but no help & that dehydration causes me coughing. What should I do? Help?

I am allergic to most sport drinks, and it takes a lot of water for me to feel fully hydrated. What is the best way for me to rehydrate?

I am almost 7 weeks pregnant. I am not having many symptoms. Is this ok? Also could drinking plenty of water help with this?

I am an active alcoholic and am experiencing extre,e water retention over my entire body over the last month.and my flesh is soggy ,is this permanent?

I am concerned every night i pee 4 times within 2 hrs. I only drink 1 water bottle. I also get chronic headaches throughout the day. I'm 16?

I am constantly peeing every 15-20 minutes. I don't even have to drink anything! what kind of doctor do I need to see to check it out, what to do?

I am constantly retaining fluid in my thighs and stomach. Always around my menstrual cycle but noe much more frequently. What is causing this and what?

I am feeling cramps in my hand and I have use blood tonic but it don't stop. What is wrong with me?

I am feeling very dry, so i drink lot of water and have to go loo once in every hour. Also I have low haemoglobin. Now I am afraid of diabities, ?

I am having fluid retention (most noticeable in my legs but present everywhere). I work out and watch my salt intake, take lasex. What cld cause this?

I am losing balance as soon as i get up or move my head sideways ... I've tried to avoid caffeine, energy drinks, etc, but the lack of balance remains?

I am on ideal protein diet. Now wherever I am slightly cold I start sneezing uncontrollably and my nose runs nonstop. Why is wrong?

I am pregnant in 23 weeks and i feel back pain and pain in legs too.. I don't drink milk that much.. Is there any calcium supply (bills) i can take?

I am pretty sure i drink enough water. I go to the washroom to urinate quite often. What else can I do?

I am six weeks prego. I have been throwing up for three hours now. I have not been able to keep water or anything down what should i do?

I aspirated a decent amount of water by drinking & I choked pretty severely but am better now. Is secondary drowning possible?

I ate a whole bag of doritos plus.After I sat in my pc chair too long.Morning had a bad blockage on left side for3 hours.Now I have fatigue.Leaky gut?

I breathed in water today, but nowhere near half a litre to make me drown. Can i get pneumonia?

I can drink water everyday but still have to take a laxative every Saturday nite to clean my self out what wrong. This been going on for years.. ?

I can't drink more than 1 liter of water in a day without getting a severe migraine. I tried spacing it out more but doesn't help. Any suggestions?

I can't stop drinking water as i still feel dehydrated straight after, please help? What could be wrong?

I cannot hold urine in, anything i drink simply goes right through me. What can I do to have more tolerance, even if its for a drink of water?

I consistently wake up after around 3-4 hrs of sleep with the need to urinate and drink water. Feelings of dehydration also happen during day. Why?

I do not drink often but when i'm drunk i shake badly and go cold, why is this, is it my health?

I do not ever drink water or really eat and it's gotten to the point to where i barely lift my head and i black completely out. Is this a problem?

I do sweat too much during morning walks. I do drink water afterwards. What should I do in addition? Plead advise

I don't drink a lot of water. I also see increase in acne on face and increase stomach pain and less hunger.I want to drink more but not

I don't drink enough fluids I just don't feel thirsty. But i'm worried my health is getting bad! what can I do to help me feel thirsty?

I don't get enough fluids because i'm not thirsty or am too busy to remember to drink. Is it better to drink unhealthy drinks than nothing at all?

I don't have any other issues, but after eating Schwan's brand ice cream, the back of my throat burn uncomfortably for about 30 minutes.

I don't like water. What is the worse that can happen by not drinking it?

I don't sleep but maybe 2-3 hours a night. Sweat like someone is pouring water out of bucket on me at the least amount of exertion. Joints swell & ach?

I dont drink enough water n got the 48 virus from my toddler. Im unable to hold fluids down when should i go in for an iv ?

I dont feel thirsty, I force my self to drink water although I dont drink lots of liquid , how to solve this ,I feel weakness with no energy.

I drank 7.5 cups of H20 in 2 hours (10 cups total on Monday). Urinated little bits in two days. Now swelling LF side head, orange spot in LF eye, headache, nausea, mild confusion. Water intoxication?!

I drank a smooth move tea before bed because constipated. I don't have smooth move tea often.Now 12hr later fever, back pain, can't keep water down?

I drank hot lemon water and now I run the toilet every 2 minutes my penis feels like im gonna pee without any control any ideas ?

I drink 4-5L of water per a day ! its not bad right ?

I drink a couple drinks on the weekend.Drank last night, but also didn't get a lot of sleep. My bottom lip keeps twitching.what is causing it?

I drink approx 3L water and work but still get really thirsty in the evening, feels like my throat 'sticks together'. Why would this be?

I drink enough water while exercise and i still get a pounding headache after . Even running out in the sun for a while . I also get tired quickly .

I drink lots of water milk smoothies during my pregnancy. I have to urinate every 30 minutes. Find it harder to hold it any longer. Is this a problem?

I drink maybe 400 mg of caffeine a day and pee maybe two times during the day and once at night. Is that normal? That doesn't include water and pop

I drink plenty of water and fluids daily and I find myself frequently bloated and constipated. What could be wrong?

I drink plenty of water but I have severe muscle cramps in my legs every night. Why?

I drink plenty of water yet I do not sweat much when I exercise. Could this be a sign that something isn't working properly?

I drink so much water but i still got constipation.Also,i got bad headache after my cold it triggers when i do some movement by my head especially when walking downstairs.Also,i got too much hair on my entire body!!!And when i masterbutate sometimes it ca

I drink water throughout the day, but since you usually don't drink during night while sleeping, does that start to dehydrate the body?

I drink(slowed) & take pills for several things/have a damaged liver(feeling numbness lower abdomen to thighs(outer skin), What could be the cause?)

I early drink water i drink lots of other juices and sweets and stuff. when i drink a good amount of water, my brain feels like it had a shock moment?

I eat & drink my daily water, however, why is it that being in the sun..even shortly..makes me feel weak and like I need to eat again. Any suggestion?

I experience vaginal burning right before my period and also during my period, however after drinking about 3-4 glasses of water, I feel a lot better?

I feel a few drops of urine left after I am done, mostly they drop when i put my pants on or walk out of the toilet. Any diagnosis? Any med / exercise

I feel a pulsing vibration coming from my prostate that travels up the urethra to the tip of my penis. I have a large prostate. I am in excellent health and eat and drink very healthy. The vibration is more annoying and can go on for a half hour. What

I feel feverish at certain hours & have a burning sensation at the tip of my tounge. Is the fever due to bms? Can i take alpha lipoic acid ?

I feel heat in my body like in my chest,liver, stomach. which diets or drinks should i take to minimize it or what else?

I feel like I gain 5- 10 pounds if I go off my water pills. I got these from a diet doctor. If I run out my hands and feet and whole body swell up pai?

I feel pain in my legs, it is due to the loss of salt from the body, bcuz of the warm climate here. Can i drink water mixed with table salt?

I feel sick after i drink water. especially in the mornings but also during the day. bottled water doesn't help either.

I feel the need to pee a lot this days maybe twice per hour with large amount even though i don't drink fluids that much it wakes me up in da night?

I feel very dehydrated even though drinking 7 glasses water daily. Have large gallstone. Bowel movements very slow. Wake at nite so dehydrated can har?

I find i feel dehydrated despite constantly drinkingwwater throughout the day. I avoid pop & having more than 1 coffee a day. Should i be concerned?

I find that if I drink water before flushes my systems and I feel hungry. If I have milk I'm better and can sleep better. Am I nuts?

I get acute severe edema of the hands, feet and face along with a tingling, burning pain within moments of eating certain foods and drinking alcohol?

I get bladder infections so often. I drink tons of water, pee very often but nothing I do can prevent it. Please help?

I get dehydrated too much.I sweat a lot normally&excessive sweating while exercising.No diabetes.Thirsty even after drinking water.How do I avoid it

I get frequent pain below the ribs immediately after I start walking. I did see a doctor and he told me that I should drink more water. I drink 3.5 L

I get fresh blood on tissue regulatly from left side of my nose, for last several months, i maintain humidity in home, can u advice of possible causes?

I get horrible migraines whenever i donate blood or have it drawn. i always make sure to eat before and after and drink water. could this mean anythin?

I get menstruation pain in the 1st and 2nd days of my period. I like drinking iced water. Is it true consuming cold drink is the cause of my pain?

I get occasional headaches from dehydration. As I rehydrate it goes away. Don't drink alcohol, do drink water all day, normal blood pressure. Food?

I get pain in my elbow bned alot i drink water have nt hurts it ilke its in my vein it 28 yeArs old female no drug use good health no heavy lifting ?

I get this heavy body sensation suddenly it's like I'm moving in water and can't even walk across the street? Thyroid,sugar,blood tests fine I'm having exams and my sleep schedule is messedmaybethis?

I get this small wet sensation, as if a drop of water is on my body, but there never Is. Does it have to do with anxiety/stress? That's what Ive heard

I get throbbing headaches after lunch. It starts from. The side and wraps around. I rarly eat raw meatsand i work in an office. No insurance help pls?

I get urine often after drink water and immediately lips become dry and thirsty why?

I get very painful period cramps and i always use the hot water over my stomach it makes the place numb does this affect the ovaries i was wondering?

I get woozy when i drink water--is this normal?

I give my 3.5 months baby Gripe water 10ml a day. noticed some shiver in leg? is gripe water normal? what is its side effects?

I go the gym on and off but recently both my knees are in pain for the first time 'm 22 and it really worries me. Should i increase my calcium intake?

I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage 7 years ago now every time I excercise I get really bad headaches afterwards. I drink lots of water 2lt a day, help??

I had an alcoholic beverage (pina colda). However, when I was drinking it, I could feel it going through my body (neck, back, arms). Cld I be allergic?

I had an l5-s1 large disc protrusion in 2009 and now my lower back is sore again (x5 days). What is the best treatment to avoid it getting worse?

I had an op2 years ago to remove a plate from my arm ever since can't eat rich foods and get cramps. GP said I have spastic colon but nothing helps.

I had clamps put on my tubes 11 years ago, I'm staying sick every morning my sugar is staying low my ankles swollen nasuhated all the time plz contact me lots more like no energy staying sleepy..back hurts the lower part had a three day period this month

I had eat chilled and sour thing for many days after circumcison .It lead to little pain in my knee or some joints.Now also, it lead pain after eating?

I had lap appendectomy 9 days ago i am still having sharp pains and cannot sleep glat in my bed. Also can only eat small amounts is this normal?

I had septoplasty done on 19 sept.Now small pimples over my back and on my face have come and not going eventhough I drink too much water?

I had small pimples on my scalp and they comes very frequently. i drink 3to4 ltrs of water per day.. but i cnt find the reason so plz help me ..

I hate water, it makes me gag. What can I do to ensure 8 glasses a day?

I have a 6 year old autistic son. He drinks plenty of water, his face and lips is dry all year round. What he may be deficient of.?

I have a bad headache and I sweated a lot right after I drank water. I have no fever. I also easily get thirsty. What could be the reason for this?

I have a dry throat every night what could be the reason? i normally drinks less water a day

I have a swollen abdomen due to water retention for years and take a water pill daily, but they do not seem to work that well of late. What to do next?

I have a teeth pain when i drink cold water or any colling ilem..What step I have to taken for solving this pain..?

I have a urea breath test and I can't eat or drink anything 6 hours before the test not even water. I've drank water because I get dehydrated easily?

I have acne but not severe. I have it on my back & very little on my face & now on my chest. If I drink ONLY water & MORE healthier, will it clear up?

I have bad muscle cramping. I do mot know what will make it go away, i drink a lot of water. Help?

I have become extremely sensitive to salt. I become dehydrated and have to drink a lot of water quickly .What could be causing this reaction to salt?