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For YEARS, Ive had swelling in my feet & legs. Constant swelling. I drink lots of water, eat healthy, work out. Nothing helps. Is this a health issue?

Friend had full body massage yday drank plenty of h2o as told woke this morning covered in a rash that varied and didn't cover everywhere but all over?

Gi issues, lost 8lbs in 3-4 wks, dehydr.Sympts: dark urine w/ surface swirls, tension headaches, dry mouth, sour taste but drinking alot, high ketones?

Gm all ok I have experience really bad lag cramping and it's really bad when it happens I can't move and yes!! I drink enough water I am an diabetic?

Going to the bathroom every hour at night though I barely drink any water/caffeine. Also, strong odor when I pee daytime and nighttime. See a doc?

Had a filling and it feels sensitive when drink cold drinks. Will this pass in a few days ?

Had a lot of water today and i'm on my 5th bottle, and i'm trying to get to sleep but my mouth keeps drying up and making me thirsty. Why?

Had fillings 6+ months ago, just started experiencing pain due to hot food, and drinking room temp water. What could this be? No insurance currently

Had IV infus, approx 8 litres over3 days for gastroenteritis. Now home but weight has increased by 4 kgs and legs very swollen. Should i be concerned?

Had lower right ab cramping for months, nothing severe, comes and goes. Increased water/fiber intake which helped, but still there. Should I worry?

Had total celectomy gain green then 15inch of small intestine. I have chronic nerve pain in pelvis down my legs. I also can't feel hot water except on my hands,feet and face. What can I do?

Hallo I am on a water pill now for 3 months bud now i get cramps can it be the los of water? And what can I do to get rut of the cramps?Thank you !

Hard to get my fiber daily. Do we really need 25g/day? I find when I go over 10g I have harder BM. But I drink tons of water!

Has had dizziness when standing up and has been very cold lately. Is active in sports and intakes plenty of water.

Hav problem of doing things repeated twice due to this while bathing if i put cold water on head i make it twice but due to cold water i feel i'll die?

Have been having aches through out body and electric like pulses through out body for about 3 weeks. I eat good and drink plenty water. Whats wrong?

Have been taking antibiotics on and off for my right ear which frequently feels the presence of water. Unable to get rid of the water.

Have POTS syndrome I am on very high salt diet w/lots of fluids in order to not pass out.This sometimes makes face swell quite a bit.How to control?

Have water fluid on feet and legs pretty bad, already on water pills....Have a hard time sleeping and fine it hard to walk... Should i go to the er?

Having an abdominal ultrasound, recheck for chronic pain. nothing allowed after midnight sjogrens makes my mouth very dry. Why can't I drink water?

Head pain on the left side, drink enough water and protein, n the pain last for 2 days . What can be causing ot ? I wear glasses by the way.

Headache at my temples for three days. Water, sleep, food, exercise, meds won't make it go away. Not super painful, just annoying. Help?

Heavy and tingling thighs after eating lots of salt. Why?

Hello is there a problem when a person drinks hot tea and a few hours later feces ooze out of the anus?this happens to me a lot.

Hello doc I have stomach cramps and cramps everywhere i train hard twice a day i drink plenty of water around 4800 liters per day please help stil get?

Hello doctor I am 29 year old then i have15 year then water tap sex i feel relax doctor my question kidney defect and other body part defect.?

Hello i have the flu and a tempeture of 38.9 Im wondering is it normal for my legs and fingers to cramp every time i move im drinking loads of wwter?

Hello sir, i've a very bad digestion is very poor i'll go to toilet once in a two days and i drink good amount of water, please help me.

Hello, I really want to know what is wrong with me.At least for 10 day now after I spend a great amount of time in bed my left kidney starts hurting.

Hello, i'm a 15 year old male who never gets thirsty, but still gets dehydrated, is there something wrong?

Hello, if I have some throat swelling and it is hard for me to breath after 24 hours of having consumed weed what must I do?Rest and hydration sufice?

Hey doctor I would like to know is it okay to give my 2 month year old baby water is it healthy for him ?

Hey, so I have been having problems defeacating for months now. I defecate a few times when I drink water but attimez even if I drink it doesn't help?

Hi I am feeling like some drops slowly slowly comes out after pee every time. i am 24 years male smoking 2-3 Cigarettes / Day 1- 2 low sugar coffee /?

Hi can discharged causes burning all over the body and a thing move all over the body session heart burn and when seeing period is dark when urine ?

Hi doc I have a problem with fluids and i can't stop drinking water because i get so thirsty i drink 10ltrs a day is there any way i can get fluids mybody more quicker at the moment im taking lasix (furosemide)?

Hi doctor actually I had bad habit of eating salt now I feel I increase weight and slight swell in my neck what can I do now please help me out than?

Hi I am writing to ask how I get rid of yellow tongue I smoke and only drink tea or cola, I find it hard to stop drinking tea as it's more of a comfort thing please help as it's getting me really down and I cover my mouth when I talk?

Hi I been suffering from constipation for years now before I tought it was normal but not no more. I drink a lot of water and excersice every day ?

Hi I have a question I have been having dizziness for 2 or 3 days what is the reason for being dizzy.? i am not dehydrated i been drink lots of water

Hi I have issue with my urine i feel that I am not getting the pressure and the quantity which I use to get.And some time its slightly pain?

Hi Lauren, i'm 25y male. Its been 5 years i've been getting painless blood in stool. What I have noticed is that it happens when i dont drink enough water for few days. As soon as i start drinking water, no blood anymore in stool. During days of blood in

Hi, I work whole night in front of computer and i feel discomfort whilst sitting as i suffer from piles with not blood but itching problem, any diet?

Hi, my legs get chilled often.Sometimes thru out my body.Also find iritation when i pass urine.Please advise the practitioner I should visit and cause?

Hi, my mom 68yo, had endoscopy the other day. Last night she noticed her feet swollen. Can water retention be posibly caused by endoscopy? Thank you

Hi! After I drink too much soft drink or eat too much sweets, my back immediatley hurt. What does this mean? And Im just 15 yrs old. Thanks a lot!

Horrible head pressure and headaches after eating anything (including fruits and vegetables) and after drinking water. Keeps getting worse. ?

Hot weather,bathing in hot water,lying in the sun makes me feel sleepy & hallucinatory.feel weakness in my muscles and cant sleep.i drink enough water?

How can I alleviate little bit fat in my hands at home?

How can I care for my skin inspite the bad weather and my habit of drinking little water through out the day?

How can I get my 6-month-old to slow down when drinking from the bottle? He looks tense as he gulps it down. He gets plenty to eat - he's not starving

How can I go against the pressures of my friends to spring break diet?

How can I know i'm getting enough water? Cfs related nausea makes it difficult to drink "thin" liquids like water or gatorade. Any other suggestions?

How can I make my eyes whiter , they seem very yellow or pale . And i'm wondering is it because i'm not getting rest or not drinking enough water ?

How can you prevent blood clots if youre sitting often at work? Does jogging/marching in place for a period of time help?Also beimg hydrated?

How come everytime i think of soda or drink water and i lay down and when i get back up i can fill the water moving inside me.

How come I cannot poop everyday even though I drink 10 glasses of water a day, and do a lot of exercising?

How come if I stop drinking soda for a day, I get hot and sweaty?

How do I incorporate drinking 8 cups of water without having to go to the bathroom constantly at school?

How do I know if I have right balance in electrolytes? How to take in the right amount?

How do you get rid of really bad smelling gas? Started drinking Special K protein shakes. Could that be it?

How fast does Nasal Cilia move? How much Faster does it move after drinking Hot Liquids? How long after drinking Hot liquids does it stay that speed?

How fast will I dehydrate if I've had diarrhea for 24hrs. Whenever I drink Gatorade and water together I run bathroom. I have POTS so I need to drink?

How long can a person go w/o water?

How long can you go without eating or drinking and feel okay? Will I get symptoms? I went 102 hours without eating or drinking and wasn't dehydrated?

How long to get fully hydrated if you're drinking 2 litres of water each day?

How long will it take to get rid of a yeast infection if i keep drinking warm lemon water and eat plain yogurt everyday starting from today?

How many days can a person go without drinking any liquids?

How many times a day should I urinate?I wee twice a day that is after I get up in the morning and at 16:30. I'm also obese, is it water retention?

How much H2O is too much? I drink a lot daily, like 10-12 cups, everyday. Sometimes a little more. I get thirsty very often

How much water should I be drinking so i don't get dehydrated? I always heard eight 8oz glasses, but i've also recently heard that might be too much since food contains water too. I want to avoid dehydration, so which is more accurate? .

How much water should you drink in a day? I suffer with headaches and find water helps but I'm always dehydrated and thirsty yet my palms are sweaty

How to deal with leg cramps after vigorous work . I mean what should be taken and does drinking glucose is a good thing to deal with cramps.

How to prevent blotted belly, beside drinking lots of fluids?

How would I know if u have a swollen liver? Wen I tie my right shoe I can feel some pain there overweight. Drink. No smoke. Clear blood work 1.5y ago

Hubby has severe muscle cramps in his legs , stomach, sides. Potassium level fine. Drinks plenty if water. What can help? Usually every night.

HX of anemia, blood transfusions and bleeds what can help with the nightly leg cramps? Tried xtra electrolytes, water and heat- nothing helps

I also experience fluid build up in my legs and feet when i stand for a period of timewhat could cause this. Are there any natural remedies for this?

I always feel light headed , what could it be , it's not dehydration I drink water all the time?

I always get a headache afer i've been out in the sun the whole day. Why does this happen? I drink plenty of water everyday!

I always get a UTI after a long flight.I drink plenty of water but i can't avoid getting it and i don't know why i get it.How can i avoid getting it?

I always get urine burns, bad ones, yes i take a lot of water, what can I do to stop the burns and mostly they come when I have my periods?

I always have a ton of gas build up no matter the time of day or what i eat, i had a spinal fusion , 2 months ago but i don't believe its related!

I always seem to have gas. Soon after i release it, it builds up again. I don't know what's causing it. I eat regularly i drink water often. Help!

I always wake up with a heart burn. It only goes away when i drink a cold glass of water. What does that mean?

I am 16 and still wet the bed my doctor just told me to drink less liquids but that did not help,I will be in college soon and I am very nervous!Help?

I am 17 weeks pregnant and i keep having a muscle spasm type feeling when i take a deep breath. Also, I have a lot of extra discharge!?

I am 19 I am very active, workout 5 days a week for 2 hrs. I get 9 hrs of sleep drink plenty of water. Lately i've been feeling very fatigued why?

I am 23 weeks pregnant and I am very dizzy. I drink plenty of water and eat well. I am not getting up and down at work, I sit in an office. ?

I am 28 years girl whenever i drink small amount of water or juice, i directly need to go to bathroom after 30 minuts then again after 15 min, why dr?

I am 32 weeks pregnant and really shaky hot and light headed. I have been drinking plenty of fluids and eating what could be wrong?

I am 34 weeks but it's at the point I can't keep nothing down nt even water my stomach has been tighten up and having to urine more frequent What 2 do?

I am 34 weeks pregnant i've had bad sickness for the last 12 hours can't even keep water down also have pains in my back and hips what should I do?

I am 38 years old and if I am outdoors in the heat I CANNOT drink fluids or my body swells severely. If I dont drink fluids I become faint like thou.

I am a 19 year old male and I am wondering what could have caused me to get a uti. Could it have been caused by sitting on the shower floor to rest?

I am a 33 yr old male. No allergies, recently had full blood work and perfect health. Ever since I was a child if i drink water (even not during sports) my throat and mouth get very dry. I am a vocalist and this is a problem for me. Why is drinking water

I am a 37 year old male diabetic. Would like to know if i can drink? I usually have a pitcher once or twice a week. Is it ok?

I am a 45 year old male with herp angina, i can not eat or drink as it is too painful. I am getting worried about dehydration. Any suggestions?

I am a 48 yo female. I have wet the bed twice over the past 2 months. I don't feel any of the symptoms of a UTI and i drink water all day. Any ideas?

I am a 50 year old male.I have a problem with getting cramps in places all over my body.When i stretch, or roll over, etc. It even happens in my toes!