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Can you tell me how much water should a 2 year old baby drink in a day in order to have a clear skin ?

Can't have bm without lax. Drink 2-3 L of water a day. Body Retains water. Lax. don't always work but cause severe pain. Feel nauseated all time.

Can't seem to kick this my mouth seems drive all the time I can't quench my thirst.. I try other things to drink and it's the same .. Plz help thx you?

Cant drink water without weeing straight after. What is the problem?

Cant hold down food or water for weeks and not pregnant?

Chances of kidney disease at 16? See bubbles in pee, less when sitting. Have bad health anxiety. Possible swelling between thumb and index mostlyright

Chugged 2 huge classes of water, next morning felt pressure in my lungs. Could there be water in there?

Cold weather makes me wake at night with urge to urinate although I restrict water intake 4 hours before sleep? Nearly every day.

Complex w daughter cyst r ovary, hd l4-5 & l5-s1, now its hard to urinate. Cant when i get up, I have to drink then try later & push hard then i can ?

Constant muscle twitching all over body for 4 months. Abdomen, feet, shoulder, eyes. Tried cutting out coffee, taking daily vitamin and magnesium. ?

Constant thirst, yet i drink 90 or more oz of water a day. Possible non medication causes?

Constantly suffer with dry mouth and migraines/achy legs . I don't drink enough and cant force myself to wither what else can I do?

Constipated but now that it is passing, it severely burns when pushing. What can stop burn because i refuse to go to avoid pain...?

Constipated possible because not enough water?

Could IBS cause me to feel dehydrated? Even though i drink a lot of water i feel thirsty and have dry mouth

Could it be dehydration? Is it normal? I am about 25 weeks pregnant and I have this feeling in my stomach like there are pins and needles in there having a war! i haven't beeb drinking enough water either, could that be why?

Could not drinking enough water before going to bed lead to headaches in the morning? Sometimes it seems that i wake up feeling fuzzy, and my latest hypothesis is that I am not drinking enough water.

Could there be something wrong, every time i drink one glass of soda, i get major bloating and it cause un easy feelings.

Could you get cramps on the side of your stomach because you don't drink water or enough fluids?

Could you get diarrhea from lack of water?

Currently i sleep a lot and don't drink enough water throughout the day, is it normal to be thirsty all the time?Thanks

Cut three holes in my lip from glass. Didnt scream or feel pain. Was dizzy lost at least a pint of blood. Was this a type of shock?

Daily morning if i drink the water for the empty stomach it is get vomited (only water no food items) form last 15 days, & also have numbness is hand?

Daughters tell me to drink more water for mild renal dysfunction and feeling faint. Aides get upset if need to use toilet more. Trying to please both?

Dear Dr. I hate drinking water,makes me feel disgusted,I drink it any way but not much,this effected my kidney,as I force myself I vomit.What to do?!

Dehydration constantly normal drink water not doing anything to cause that maybe gained a few pounds?

Despite plenty of walk, i'm having my belly size increased day by day, though rest of my body is still thin, i'm worried about this. Please help me.

Diabetic,food poisoned,diarhea,fallen pulse and phased out for minute,vomit &irritation, all better but still all body has red irritation&fatigue?

Diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction.keep getting dehydrated despite drinking a gallon water a day. Why can this be?IVs are only thing that help.

Diorrhea.Continuous for five days, water like .Am drinking plenty of water , any suggestions as i feel awful?

Do I have diabetes? I drink more then 2l of pop a day & if i don't drink pop i get sick. Took a quiz & said i might have it. What are other symptoms?

Do I sweat out a couple lbs of water everytime i'm on the bike?

Doc I have another problem i seem to pee a lot . I go to the washroom like 5 times a day . I only drink one cup of coffee a day . No it doesn't burn?

Doctors , can drinking a lot of water cause wet brain syndrome ? And what are the causes ? Also what ages are likely to get get ? Thank you .

Does diabetes make you feel run down?My body just hurts, thirsty but mouth isn't dry, excessive urination.Feels like my kidneys hurt.Not diagnosed yet

Does drinking cold water makes your belly big?

Does drinking a lot of water make you feel sharper physically and mentally. Is this true?

Does drinking lemon water before you go to bed makes you wanna throw up?

Does drinking lots of water make it less likely that i'll get prostatitis?

Does drinking too much caffene and not enough water screw with your muscles and make them ache?

Does early menopause make you need to drink a lot more water?

Does everyone including healthy people get some cluster bubbles after urinating? Have them throughout the day but never the first urinationof morning

Does kefir water hurt divertilitus?

Does Metformin cause dryness in the throat? I feel thirsty post taking the pills. I always want to drink water, a lot of it which makes me wonder!

Does opiate withdrawal cause excessive urination? Trying to wean down my pain meds and even a small drink of water makes me urinate ALOT.

Does salt water for pimples make everything worse?

Does sea water have things in it that can make me or my kids sick?

Does smelling rubbing alcohol or putting pressure on your wrist for 30 secs cure nausea?

Does soda make your pee stream faster ? it seems like it when I just drink water it's slower and sometimes even sprays

Does your body when drinking juice automatically stop the liquids from going into your lungs?

Dont feel like eating in this humidity and heat. What can I do to get my liquids and minerals and vitamins?

Drink a lot of water through the day and before bd but my mouth felt dry when i woke up. Can i get dehydrated overnight?

Drink min 2 pitchers of water. Often w/cucumber slices.When I lie down I feel thirsty. Why am I dehydrated when i try 2 sleep even after drinking more?

Drinking a lot of water but still feeling very dry tongue and stools are hard. what could be the cause?

Drinking a ton of water and doing alot of cardio but cant get rid of cellulite? Im 19, surgery is not the answer...

Drinking plenty of fluids but allergies are in the way, feel like i an sucking in air more than water. Everything seems so dry? Normal?

Drinking warm water during early pregnancy is it bad?

Drinking water from a warn or cold water-botton will make puberty come earlier for girls?

Drinking water which has been left out in the sun all day. Water doesn't get "spoiled", right?

Drinking water while being lying down full flat ,can harm ears like in babies or not for adults?

Dry mouth after working out? I have incontinence. How much can I drink before going to the gym?

Each morning I wake up and my eyes are swollen.. I've been drinking enough water and sleeping enough. What could be the cause? Please I'm so worried

Each time am breastfeeding I do feel dehydrated. and takes more water,is it normal?

Edema ~ 3 mo affects all areas of body. pain in legs/feet prevent sleep. upper abdomen distended & tenderPCP unconcerned says drink more water?

Even the smallest amount of sodium swells feet hands/face etc. Alot of potassium and water has been only found short relief. Any diseases like this?

Ever since i had C-section 18 months ago I have constipation . I was fine before surgery. It's getting worse latly and I do drink lots and exercise?

Every 1or 2 months i have swelling and pain in my testicles and reduces when i bathe in hot water.What could be the reason behind it ?

Every month when my menstruation is finishing, it suddently gets very liquid (like water) and bleeds a lot, something like 80ml in a few minutes. Why?

Every morning as i wake up my mouth is very dry. I drink lots of water. nd past few days, my lips swell when i wake up.I drink lemon water 2 times.

Every so often I will get overheated, feel nauseated for a few minutes, drink water, then feel fine. Any ideas on what that could be?

Every time I drink a glass of plain water my stomach hurts and feels bloated and very full. Even if it was a small glass of water. What would cause it?

Every time I roll over or shift my body I urgently have to poop. I can't eat because of Severe upper ab pain. Am drinking fluids. Please help.

Every time play basketball, or any other sport that involves me sweating allot i get this clear little little water bubbles on my arms, chest.

Everytime I drink certain drinks like disaranno or eat tinned pears for eg, I get a really painful and tight chest that spreads to upper arms and neck?

Everytime i fall asleep my fingers swell. I'm on a low sodium diet.

Everytime I go in the shower, any day, the warm water makes me have to pee.. Why?

Exhausted 24/7. I work in phoenix, 140 deg warehouse, sweat profusely (salty) and rarely urinate at work though i drink tons of water. What can I do?

Experiences dizziness when she gets up from sitting, laying down, or getting put of the shower. Says she drinks plenty of water and gets enough iron.

External Hemorrhoids after the swelling goes down do I push it back in? Do I leave it. I eat a lot of fiber and workout. I do try to push out my stool

Extra watery saliva it gets worse if i drink caffine drinks? Why is this?

Fastest way to get dehydrated? Not asking so i can do it, i'm trying to avoid it! i play sports & am always busy on the go, also drink a lot of coffee

Feel a slight pressure in the middle of neck although not painful while fiber husk every night.wt=46,ht=5f'2 inch,Age 24?

Feel like I have a UTI but have no symptoms. It's all clear cuz of my gallon of water I drink a day.

Feet are swelling and legs, been drinking cranberry juice, taking b-6 what can I do left one is bigger, i work 6 days a week, hard to get boot on?

Feet starting to swell up on me when I eat lots of breads and sit all day at conferences without breaks. Any relationship?>

Felt puffy in feet, then some fullness in chest. Took diruetic with the same result--better in a day. So this must mean fluid retention, right?

Female, 26, my hand are totally numb espeCially when I wake up in the morning. Increases with salt intake and hot soup caused full body buzzing inside?

Find out that my sodium electrolyte balance is off and that they want me to go for a chest x ray. What the heck is going on with my body?

Fish odour from behind ears not usual about 9mos since notice oily happens ea day wash am and pm continues to return never eat fish

Foot cramping.I also have a head ache. Could this be because of not enough water?

For a month now, whenever I drink anything other than water I get slight UTI symptoms. But when I drink only water again they go away. ?

For about a month now I have had pain in the general stomach area about 45 minutes to an hour after eating. It burns but nothing ever comes out. ?

For awhile both my calves has been cramping really bad; I drinks lots of water. Help?

For last 3 mo can't eat or drink w/out vomiting, even water.Lost 50. severely dehydrated and very weak. urinating very little every other day and very dark. Tests ok so far but know something seriously wrong. What could it be and is this serious?

For the last 5 days every time i eat or drink i get nausea, even with water. By the worst part sometimes i also sweat and get dizzy.

For the last three nights I have been having cramping of my both hands during sleep. I have been being drinking water which is not helping?

For the last year I've been getting the worst headaches, I drink atleast 2 liters a day and they occur at any time of the day or night. Causes or help?

For the past 2 days I have been so thirsty. I drink water till im miserable. But i don't pee much at all.What could be ccausing this?

For the past 4 months I have been nauseous every morning, and it would go away as soon as I drink water. What does this mean?

For the past day or 2, I don't feel that thirsty & I forget easily about drinking water.What bad will happen if I barely drank all day? I'm concerned.