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Why do i ALWAYS crave ICE-cold water? I have an extremely incontrollable urge to drink ice cold water, and it all started, after i started risperdal?

Why do I always crave milk? It's been like this for as long as I can remember. I usually drink 1 to 2 gallons every day. It's like I need it.

Why do I feel nerve pain in my knee more if I've had something to drink like a 32 ounze drink? Does the water in my knee causing the pain? I've had surg

Why do I feel the urge to urinate literally ten minutes after drinking water?

Why do I get diarrhea so frequently? A lot of things I eat or drink I have to go to the bathroom immediately after (including water).

Why do I get nerve pain in my knee if im drinking a lot of water? im on antibiotics and they make me real thirsty,ive had knee surgery 2 yrs ago.

Why do I get painful burning diarrhea after a sip or two of water? I did have RNY on 9/28/16 and I'm usually okay with liquids and food but NO water.

Why do I get pounding headaches after playing basketball. I am a 26 year old male and am very active. I also always drink plenty of water.?

Why do I get single hiccups throughout the day, mostly right after drinking water?

Why do I get such a craving for salt? Is it cause I sweat frequently and easily? I don't drink enough water so wouldn't need for salt lower then?

Why do I get tired 15-20 minutes after drinking soda?

Why do I get tired, weak, dizzy and get hand tremor after taking water, even a glass of natural water is able to put me down?

Why do I have these bouts of frequent urination most days I don't. I drink 4-5 cups of water a day and eat pretty much the same things everyday?

Why do I have to go pee every 30 minutes and when I do I only pee a little bit? It doesn't burn. Oh & i don't eat/drink healthy and rarely drink water.

Why do I keep getting colds, chest infections and kidney infections ? How can I prevent them. I drink loads of water and eat loads of veg ? Help

Why do I keep shaking and heating up I only binge drank 5 times or maybe 6 this week with a day in between each one maybe it's to do with eating littl?

Why do I not get thirsty? I urinate normally, drink only when throat gets uncomfortable or with meal (1/4 liter), feces are moist. I do not get it?

Why do my hands, knees and (sometimes) feet swell & hurt at night? I'm 24/f/ & a bartender. I don't eat a ton of salt and i drink plenty of water.

Why do my lungs feel on fire when I try running while pregnant (6-7 weeks pregnant) also tried doing abdominal workout and was really sore? Thank you

Why do my lungs feel on fire when I try running while pregnant (6-7 weeks pregnant) also tried doing abdominal workout and was really sore? Thanks

Why do people loose water when they diet? I lost a lot of pounds in short time but people say it is probably mostly water . Why?

Why do you get cramps when you drink water during exercise?

Why do you sweat so much the next day after having a few drinks the night before?

Why does caffeinated drinks make you hold fluid? Like bloating

Why does cereal make my feet cramp?

Why does exercise make small fiber neuropathy pain worse?

Why does it hurt when i pee it doesn't burn tho its been hurtin for a week but i thought it was because i dont drink enough water can you help?

Why does my face and body get significantly bloated if i drink any more than a glass of water at once? This has been an occurring situation for years!

Why does my heart beat faster when I pee also I pee a lot am I drinking too much water? I drink probly 12 glasses a day cuz its sumer

Why does my stomach sound like it's filtering water or making water bag noises?

Why does my throat gets very dry all of a sudden? I drink plenty of water. It happens for a few days and then goes away. Water doesn't help either.

Why does my vagina gets a warm.Feeling when i drink?

Why does only orange juice quench my thirst since I caught a cold? I doubt water isn't hydrating me, I just still feel thirsty when I drink it.

Why don't i pee when i'm hungover? Even though i drink loads of water and other fluids. I'll only go once for the full day.

Why dose my right big toe go num every ones in a while tried eating every time it happens and moving my feet to increes blood flow but im also allredy very active

Why every time i eat or ever water i was choking that's why I have a water every time. For past 10 years that's my experience. Please let me know .

Why in pregnancy the armit area swell up due to milk ?

Why is it important to drink so much water every day? I started drinking more water recently but I don't feel any different except that now I have to go to the bathroom more.

Why is it that i can drink water all day and not have to empty my bladder till i go to bed at night?

Why is it that whenever i'm about to receive my period or get a little tired, i get really black sunken eyes? I sleep all night and i drink water

Why is it when I drink Nestlé water it makes me feel sleepy and tired whether the water is warm or cold just give me a funny feeling?

Why is it when i.Drink a glass of water i burp repeatedly?Is this a sign of a serious condition?

Why when i drink cofee i get hot feet and thirsty?

Why would my legs become jello like out of no where. Had to use the wall to help me with balance while at work.

Why would regular ice water make you sick to your stomach? Without being pregnant thank you

Will drinking a lot of water make my face look bloated?

Will I go deaf if I drink water immediately after eating a banana?

Will STD symptoms go away from drinking water?

Will they give you enough morphine if you are at the end to keep you pain free?

Woke up with charlie horses in both legs three days ago. Legs still cramping throughout day. I eat plenty of bananas and drink lots of water. Help?