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My 11 year old son doesn't feel the urge to pee, he may go twice a day. He drinks 4-5 glasses of milk a day. He doesn't drink anything else...

On average, thrice time I have to go for toilet. Sometime, whenever I intake spicy food or hot drinks like coffee and tea! What are the remidies?

"my 60 year old male friend wakes with extreme cramps in his right thigh and leg its so bad that he cries and screams i buy him bananas avocados cherry juice and he drinks lots of alkaline water what can this be?

1 day last week i had dark urine color and now it is back with lower back ache i drink plenty of water and take no perscriptions, consider myself healthy

17yr old had an iron infusion 6 days ago, still extreme tiredness, nausea has only been able to eat small amounts and sore joints . Is this normal?

1molar pulled 1 wk ago. No blood days 3 - 6. This morning woke w/ "old blood" taste & saliva color; none thru day. Mild ache OTC advil (ibuprofen) fixes. Normal?

2 yr toddler. Drinks alot and pees alot also. Wake in the night screaming for water or juice. Normally don't give it. Is this habit or something else?

2-3 weeks ago got water in ear. Put alcohol in to evaporate water. Now get dizzy when I lay down or get out of bed. Female-taking hormones. Allergies?

23 yr old female: the past 2 months I feel like there is something blocking my poop from exiting. No blood, no pain, I drink lots of water and fiber.

25yodiagnosed w pots syndrome by tilt table test. When I get hot or move positions I keep feeling faint & pass out. I drink lots water and eat healty?

28 years old ,,,chest pain,,,normal catheter just spasm while inject,,,worsens some times by drinking cold water,,,improve a little by burp?

3 times in last month pain in between breasts gradually getting worse like a really tight band lasts for hours exercise or food doesnt bring it on las?

3 yr old with fever 101.1. In Disney. Could it be related to not enough rest, too much sun, not eating and drinking enough? She doesn't seem sick.

32 weeks pregnant sometimes my baby be do low feel like my water about to break and it be alot of pressure?

33oldman healthy, not on meds, has rectal pain, feels like he always sit on something, for 5mon.Tried hemmor.Creams and supp for 2mon slight relief, hurts more in mid day while walk, sitting, no constipat?

35, I drink 8 glasses of water, try to stop drinking about 2h before sleeping, eat healthy, train 6/7. Why I wake up about 4 times to pee every night?

36 weeks pregnant and have tightness around my stomach and drink plenty of water what could be the problem?

39wks pregnant and have swollen painful leg. Too big to get shoe on and very painful to touch. Not DVT. Drink lots of water and low salt diet. Why?

5 days post gallbladder surgery hardly any pain no meds and everything great other than cloudy yellow urine. Not enough water? Stool is normal also

66 yr male - I wake 4-5 am every am go pee then get tingles in the upper body - chest and shoulder. Then no sleep for hours. Overheating is related. ?

6yr/old vomiting can't even keep small amount of water down also fever 103 what should I do and watch out for?

9 year old daughter had pain while urinating after swim practice particularly after doing the breast stroke. Anything to prevent that?

A friend have C H F notice his stomach is getting big is that normal he is on medication should he cut down on salt and do push up excise ?

A lot of the time when I cashier at work I get hot flashes, light headed and feel like I'm going to pass out. Even if I eat and drink water it happens?

A not is on my sphincter muscle it is as big as a grape do i need to go to the ER it just happen an hour ago -

A severe flare of as started on prednisone and seems like I have dry mouth or just thirsty can't drink enough water so i'm peeing lots is this common?

After 2 hard weight workouts this week, my arm is swollen & tight with fluid. This am i had a urinalysis and rhabdo was negative but I am still nervous. Should i go to ER tomorrow if swelling not down?

After a few sips of hard cider, I feel tingly, particularly in my arms and legs. Why? Not a heavy drinker, maybe 1-3/wk. Wine doesn't do this.

After a night of drinking alcohol the next day my feet swell for 24hrs then goes back to normal?? Also get night sweats and lack of sleep since uni

After C-section my feet are huge and belly still big when will they shrink back I am drinking a lot of water to help flush out?

After drinking n smoking sides hurt relly bad, running low fever,can't hold down even water, slight headache. been sleeping all day still nothing.why?

After eating.. some food comes back up for 1-5 minutes afterwards or the same thing when I'm drinking water or fluids. Is this normal? Suggestion?

After i drink a water I feel like thirsty again? What does it mean? This is my only symtomps that ive seen in diabetes other symtomps are not.

After I've been on a night out next morning when I pee I get blood in it! But after a few cups of water it goes away?

After overeat, i feel like drinking tons of water and i do. But then i don't know where all the water goes because no need to pee for longer hours (6+?

After swimming in the sea sometimes feel lower back pain and red stools. Do I have to refrain from swimming in the sea?

Age 23,wt54.4kg ht 5'2 inches,eat veg and chicken,drink water alot.I sometimes have constipation with jelly like fluid secretion abit,what causes it?

Age 69. Lately when i start. Eating I have to wash it down with water.Then it is o.K.What is the cause ?

All i can consume is water, everything else makes me puke. How do I treat this?

Almost a week since I haven't gone to the bathroom, I've tried sitting down but I can't. I drink cold water alot, mornings, HELP.

ALT 76 U/L. Have joint pain and mild itching too. Should I wait for a month & try to reduce some fat to see if it lowers or see the doc immediately?

Am urinating more than 4 times an hour. Am worried. After losing the fluid, I feel dehydrated, I drink more water and urinate even more. I can't sleep?

Any explanation for why i get the shakes for a whole day after drinking?

Any idea why, 30 minutes after drinking coconut water, I feel gross for about 15 minutes ? Nausea, trouble reading, urge to lie down, mental fog, etc.

Any ideas of why im retaining water lately? I don't eat much so its not salt, i don't have kidney or heart problems, its not meds cause i tried going of

Any problems caused by drinking underground hard water for long time?

Any tips on how to deal w/ dry mouth from paxil/paroxetine? Dr. Said its bc of that i forgot to ask what to do? I drink plenty of water & eat healthy.

Anytime i menstruate am not able to eat well ;walk,or even drink water and also there is always clots in my blood what should i do DOCTER?

Approximately how much water should I drink to get rid of pimples?

Are "water pills'' okay for me to lose the excess water in my body. I feel bloted sometimes...And can I get water pills over the counter?

Are sodas like dr p. Hard on your kidneys?!

Aside from water, which I drink plenty of, I feel like there is nothing healthy. What can I drink, aside from water, that would be okay for my health and easy to get?

At the past month I am having a daily dried mouth escorted by a slight headache and sickness, generally healthy.I drink water every day! ? Help !

Back of legs and thighs feel tingly for a week now, pee is dark and smelly, no matter how much i drink water wise, could my kidneys be failing?

Bad low back pain - feels like there's a lot of pressure, can't get comfortable laying down. Also with constipation. Traveling in SE Asia. What to do?

Bad migraine for 3 days. Pain killers aren't doing anything. Got enough sleep, eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise regularly. Still hurts.

Been stressed and haven't really slept much and haven't been able to eat for 7 days.. Drinking very minimal water, sometimes none at all for the day ?

Bf is 2 mos. S/p r hemicolectomy (open). Severe leg cramps wake him several times nightly. No leg swelling. He hydrates & eats fruit. What can he do?

Bloating, itchy hands and feet, slight abdominal pain. I own a bar and live a terrible lifestyle, smoke and drink nearly everyday. Could it be liver?

Blood sugar has been running in the 300-500 I called my doc. And he said if I start feeling bad to go to .my kidneys hurt confuI've Eyesitchy ?

Blood clot in urine. Keep drinking water and going a lot it seems to be fine. If i stop for 2 hours or so it seems to happen again. Whats going on?

Bubbles always in my spit and my mouth keeps making bubbles been three days what could be casuing this i drink ALOT of water so it cant be dehydration?

But I get headaches when I exercise but I do drink plenty of water. What should I do or do you want me to talk to my regular Doctor?

Can a compressed vegus nerve cause digestive and urine retention problems? Things seem to get worse when i put on weight. Is that added pressure?

Can alcohol and bulimia recovery cause water retention that makes you blow up like a balloon?

Can anything other than sitting or straining prolong or inflame hemorrhoids? Stress? Back Pain/Arthritis? Even if you drink water and fiber, why stay

Can atheromatous aorta also caused by drinking underground hard water for long time?

Can chapped lips be a sign of being sick? My brother said he's been drinking water all day.

Can drinking a hot guiness get rid of a week old pregnancy?

Can drinking honey and warm water every morning be the reason for softer and slightly more frequent than usual bowel movements? As it makes more mucus

Can drinking instant coffee cause lower right back pain? I have bought a new brand and notice after 2 wks of drinking this reaction. I have 2 cups day

Can drinking milk right before bed make you fatter?

Can drinking too much water make ur mouth salivate alot? I drank two 50.7 oz water bottles today and i feel like i'm making too much saliva

Can drinking water actually cause excess phlegm rather than thin mucus? Seems to be happening to me.

Can drinking water get rid of a headache? Thank you

Can drinking water make your vision better?

Can drinking water really make a difference in how you feel? Recovering from big illness, notice i start to feel worse when i forget to drink enough

Can i drink nutrilite protine powder while I have a dibetic foot and also left leg is cut off?

Can I drink water after a hard working? Somebody told me that I should wait one or two hour.

Can i give my 10 months old baby carrot and beet root juice? I want to bring it to your notice that till 3 days back he had severe chest congestion!

Can I keep taking isotretinoin during Ramadan? I'm afraid u won't be getting enough fluids during the night?

Can i make my skin beautiful by drinking brezzer soft drink?

Can not drinking enough water and being stressed all the time my your tounge sry?

Can not drinking enough water cause stop and go and painful urination?

Can not drinking enough water cause you to have severe itchy skin.

Can not drinking enough water raise my body temp? And is 99.1 bad

Can showering in well water with a lot of lead or sediments make you sick or feel sick? It stains everything rust .

Can soaking in bath water cure/help anxiety/lower back problems? Anything I should do?

Can soft drinks make one seriously ill? What are the chances of cancer from soft drinks?

Can staying hydrated and healthy diet help keep sinuses lubricated thus less irritated? (I notice i'm stuffier when i dont drink fluids)

Can stress keep or inflame hemorrhoids? I've drank a lot of water, ate/drank fiber and whatnot. Not nearly as painful but still has slight pain.

Can the same tap water make some people sick and not others? I'm getting diarrhea from it but not my roommates. There is no fluoride added here btw.

Can water make u feel fat?

Can you feel your water bag when you first get pregnant ?

Can you get diarrhea from not washing fruit well enough?

Can you get necrotizing fasciitis from drinking water?

Can you get really bad stomach pains if not drinking enough water?

Can you overstretch bladder by drinking too much liquid? Thought I had UTI, but all tests neg & Dr said symptoms due to overdoing it on liquid. Said to cut back & would see improvement w/in a wk.

Can you please lay out the issues someone can face if they don't drink much water?

Can you tell me about neurological stuff if I just stop buying beer today cold turkey and get bedrest, rehydrate with water and gatorade?