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Is it more healthy to mix whisky with water than coke ? Which is less damaging to the body? I know all alcohol is bad but this is only a 1 night thing

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Is it true invokana works harder when you drink regular soda.

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Is it true that there is no such thing as healthy lemonade?

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Is seltzer alright to drink when your on a diet?

Is soda really bad for a diabetic because when I drink it my sugar doesn't go up, and I drink a lot of it close to a 12 pack?

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Is sugar really all that bad for you? I drink a lot of fruit juices and caffeinated drinks with sugar in them. I am on 20 mg zyprexa.

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Lab tests, drinking diet soda ok?

Low fat alcoholic drink?

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Might drinking a lot of soda cause diabetes?

Might there be any negative health effects associated with drinking diet soda.?

My 50 yr old sister says all soda causes her diarrhea.And says its the color of whatever soda she happens to drink.What could be the cause? Diabetes?

My dad drinks 3- 4 cans of soda w caffeine. Is that as bad as alcoholic beverages?

My ketones are a little high doc says to reduce carb intake & drink water only that's all i drink & i don't eat many carbs at all what's causing this?

My protein drink contains so many ingredients that it ends up being 25 ounces. It makes me very full. It that unhealthy.

My skin is out of control all of a sudden. Think all the diet pepsi I drink has anything to do with it?

My wife drinks six alcoholic drinks a day, otherwise she is very healthy. Could this be ok?

Please explain if it is true that drinking a lot of softdrinks and eating junkfood can cause uti?

Please tell me if there are any proven techniques to drink in moderation?

Quit drinking nescafe is better for health ? I drink everyday one cup And I like to stop it if its healthier

Should you drink acid drinks with under active thyroid?

Simple carbs like juice are my addiction. How can I control it if i'm already drinking a lot of water?

Sir, I daily drink fruits juice . Is this bad for my health. Is there a chance of getting diabetes .

T1 diabetic with good sugar control. What is the max amount of water you should drink per day ? Been drinking about a gallon per day to stay healthy.

Taking much of carbohydrates, sugary food and drinks, can it call diabetes? Or is it just a myth?

Tell me if diabetics can drink coke zero once every few days?

Type 2 diabetic drink a lot diet mountain dew. Suger is up urine is darker with 12 cans per dayqueston is it the diet mountian dew doing this?

Typically drink water - just curious. What is more harmful over a few years - soda with corn syrup, or diet soda?

What alcoholic beverage can I consume and still diet?

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What are the health benefits of switching from diet coke to water?

What are the health benefits of switching from diet coke to water?

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What are the healthiest drinks for teenagers?

What are the risk of drinking alcohol and no water on a regular basis (but not everyday). Also with little food consumption?

What are things I should avoid drinking when having a urinary track infection? Is it okay to still drink sugary drinks?

What can be the harmful effects or benefits of drinking pepsi or other soft drinks after consuming fast food/oily food? Kindly explain in detail.

What can I eat or drink to reduce my acne... Some say water is good for acne?

What can people on a diet drink instead of coffee?

What can you do at a cocktail party if on diet?

What causes me to burp/gag up foam when drinking diet/"zero" sodas?

What crystals cause gout? Is there a particular food or drink I can avoid, to avoid eating or drinking whatever makes the crystals?

What do you suggest if I have constipation issue even though i've been watching my diet & drink plenty of water?

What do you think about the drink called "naked"? Is it really healthy for you to drink? Are the ingredients really pure like they claim?

What effects will drinking high energy drinks have on kids?

What foods are good to help keep. My blood sugar up i don't. Eat candy or drink soda?

What is the best alcoholic drink for someone on a diet?

What is the definition or description of: Sensitive to acidic drinks?

What is the healthiest drink for athletes?

What makes drinking wine better (healthier) than just eating grapes?

What should be the water drnking habits regarding meals. How MCH before and after we must drink water..?

What should I do if a 1year old drinks monster?

What should I eat or drink to counter the negative effects of sodas?

What to do if I have constipation issue even though i've been watching my diet & drink plenty of water?

What to do if I have to write a 3 page thing on how regular coke, diet coke and energy drinks affect your body. one of each. can anyone help?

What to do if i know you shouldn't drink sodas an eat candy and stuff but you need sugar right?

What will happen if i cut out alcohol and carbs from my diet?

What will happen if you consume a lot dry baking soda? I have a addiction to eating it.

What would be a highly effective kind of tea to drink when dieting?

What's a healthy alternative to concentrated fruit juice and fizzy drinks? Thanks.

What's better to drink daily, diet soda, or crystal light packets?

What's the best alcohol to drink if you want no or little calories?

What's the best thing for boating, cause from IBS and soda consumption?

What's the quickest way to get rid of stomach fat?? I don't drink and don't smoke. I do drink diet soda.

Whats kind of wine is healthy?