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How do you know if your child is sensitive to sugar in foods and drinks?

How does drinking a lot of Pepsi affect your health?

How is diet soda bad for you? I drink 2-4 liters per day, for the last 2 years. How would i benefit from kicking this habit?

How is it possible to make diet coke with 0 calories?

How many calories does a standard soft drink contain?

How much damage can drinking a litre of diet coke daily do to the body?

How often should I drink protein for it to be beneficial?

How to figure out why i can't drink diet soda while cutting?

I am 55 years old weight 41kg, I am not eating any solid food for 10 years . I only drink 2 -coffees & 3 glass of health drink. Give me a diet plan.

I am a 32-year-old male is drinking and cascade ice drinks healthy orange ?

I am thinking of doing reboot juice diet for 15 days. Is this safe?

I am trying to ommit softdrinks by drinking tea with milk (no sugar). Is it healthy for my teeth? Ps: I don't really like water

I can't go a day without drinking caffeine.I always drink 1 or 2dr peppers a day. I have always weighed90lbs. Why am I not obese yet? Can soda kill me

I drink 2 to 4 liters of (caffeine-free) diet soda each day as my primary/sole source of liquid in take. Is this a dangerous or unhealthy choice?

I drink 5 cans of caffinated soda a day, roughly, could that stop me from having a baby? Or is it myth?

I drink 6-8 drinks every Sat night (never on weekdays). Have been for 20 years. I'm health conscious & fit. Could the drinking cause pre-diabetes?

I drink about 4 160z cups a water a day and after i'm done drinking, chew on a lot of ice. Is it okay for my health?

I drink ALL types of soda/pop. why would, ONLY, cherry coke cause me to be feel hungry ?

I drink an energy drink that contains 60% rda of maganese. I drink 2 a day. So i get 120% rda. Am i overdosing?

I drink fizzy Juice 500ml of Coke or Fanta bottle a day Should I get my blood sugers checked?

I drink soda all day no water at all what are the health risks?

I eat lots, i drink 8 cups of water but i eat 120g of sugar a day. Will i end up with diabetes from this?

I enjoy a few diet sodas a day (2 or 3 occasionally 4). Is aspartame safe -10 weeks pregnant?

I gym 5 days a week and have a healthy diet.I drink alcohol once a week when out with friends, usually a few bottles of wine.Will this affect my weight?

I have a decent enough eating habit except I do drink a lot of tea with suger in it (an addiction really). Will this be a problem?

I have cut caffiene out and fizzy drinks and replaced with drinking three litres of water instead, aswell as normal 3 meals. Is that okay? No risk?

I have diabetes and I just bought a low carb monster energy drink, is it ok for me to drink?

I have fatty liver.I drink tons and tons of water already.Sometimes I have cravings for a soda. It is either Sprite or Mountain Dew. Are those okay?

I have gallstones. Is it ok to drink one cup coffee a day while keeping to a low fat diet?

I have low bone density for my chronological age. Can I drink coffee with milk? What about caffeinated sodas but drink milk too to offset the effects?

I heard my 22 month old may be drinking too much milk? He drinks 36 oz day .He has a healthy weight, and iron count, and does not get constipated. Not sure if I should limit his milk consumption?

I heard that if you are eating protein powder you cannot drink any type of alcohol. Is it true?

I know soda ain't good on you period but I'm wondering how many cans of soda is okay to drink a day?

I need help with concentration and focus. If I drink 1 diet coke every 2 hours, should that help?

I received gallbladder surgery 4 days ago and my doctor said i could resume a normal diet. Can i drink coffee, soda, tea, and eat chocolate & hamburgs?

I was wondering if drinking Diet Pepsi can harm you? I've stopped drinking soda and switched to diet soda will it help me out any in the long run?

I was wondering is carbonated water ok when on a diet?

I'm overweight and drink a lot of pepsi. Is the soda what's making me fat?

I'm wondering are gmo's, fluoridated water and bisfenol-a healthy to consume?

I'm wondering if i drink 10 to 15 alcoholic beverages a day am i healthy?

I've been getting into the habit of drinking honey and lemon water. Is that unhealthy? Will there be side-effects that negatively impact my health?

Id it ok to drink diet sodas while pregnant?

If I can't have sugar and can't have caffeine, what can I eat/drink for quick energy?

If I cut out alcohol, how much fat would I lose? Had 1 glass wine per day like recommended

If I drink 1 red bull everyday (0, 25 l) and I work out in the gym 2 times a week, will it cause any health problems, if I in addition drink 0, 75l soda?

If i drink 3 cups of sweet tea daily, will i eventually get diabetes?

If I drink 4-5 pints of 4.5% beer ONCE per month, am I at a big risk of health issues? I exercise daily, eat meditterenean diet, dont smoke etc

If i drink diet soda decrease the risk of cavities?

If you are always thirsty in the daytime, and drink diet sodas, but sleep all night, is there a medical problem or not?

Im 18yo male. I drink 4-5 litres water a day. Is it healthy?

Im a 18yo male and I drink 4-5 litres water per day. Is it healthy?

Is baking soda considered as a laxative?

Is caffeine free orange soda okay during pregnancy?

Is caffeine good to drink and healthy for a good diet plane?

Is carbonated water bad for health?

Is clear soda or sprite allowed in person with gastritis?

Is coconut water just a celeb fad or a healthy drink?

Is coffee considered as healthy drink ? If yes , how much is healthy !

Is crystal light bad for you? I drink several cups on a daily basis to replace soda and sugary tea

Is diet soda bad to drink for muscle building?

Is diet soda bad to drink once a wwwk?

Is diet soda better than regular soda for preventing diabetes?

Is diet soda harmful to drink?

Is diet soda really worse than regular soda? I see some of the same ingredients in diet Snapple but don't see the negative press for diet Snapple.

Is diet soda still bad for tooth loss? I've switched from drinking regular soda to drinking sugar-free diet soda, and i hope that it will be better for my teeth. Will i still have to worry about tooth from diet soda? .

Is drinking 7-8 cans of soda a day too much sugar and caffeine for one day (in general)? What can happen if it is too much?

Is drinking a dieters tea every other day bad for my health?

Is drinking caffeine free soda in moderation okay for a GERD sufferer or should I cut it out completely?

Is drinking cascade ice zero calories naturally flavored sparkling water healthier drink instead of soda?

Is drinking coffe without any add thing consider healthy or not?

Is drinking diet coke healthy if I have insulin resistance?

Is drinking diet pop really worse for you than regular?

Is drinking fizzy water healthy compared to non fizzy water?

Is drinking glucose-D powder mixed with water safe for people with diabetes?

Is drinking health drinks like women's horlicks good for health or diet? (i'm 20)

Is drinking milk healthy or unhealthy?

Is drinking reduce fat milk healthy? If it is. How often I should drink ?

Is drinking soda bevarages good for health after having a meal.

Is drinking sprite better or worse for you than drinking coke over long periods of time? Are darker or lighter sodas a better choice when having soda?

Is drinking stout safe for diabetics?

Is drinking vinegar unhealthy? Please advise!

Is drinking water until youre full unhealthy?

Is eating and drinking natural food and drinks better than artificail?

Is fasting for 3-4 days a week (drinking water only) unhealthy?

Is flavored sparkling water healthy to drink? Hello, i am a 17 year old who generally drinks a lot of soda and i mean a lot. Now i realize this isn't healthy and for a period of about 3 weeks i went soda free and i only drank water and i noticed my overa

Is gatorade considered a sugar sweetened beverage?

Is gin and (diet) tonic water healthy?

Is having fizzy drinks okay if you strictly fit it into your daily sugar intake?

Is it a good idea to use sweet and low in your drinks?

Is it acceptable to drink energy drinks and eat barley sugar during the 5 days you are doing the water diet?

Is it alright to drink diet sodas once or twice a week? I suppose they are better than those that actually contain sugar?

Is it bad for health to drink tea/coffee immediately after any meal? Or how many hours to give a gap after eating to drink hot beverages kindly advice

Is it bad for you to drink water during meals? Are there any studies that prove this is true?

Is it bad for your health to drink one diet soda a week?

Is it bad too drink alcohol & caffeine soda if you have osteoporosis in 30 year old male?

Is it considered unhealthy to eat a teaspoon of baking soda?

Is it effective to drink some type of nutritional drink to help me get some nutrition?

Is it generally no issue on occasion to drink beer and mixed drinks while on a ketogenic diet?

Is it good for a person with diabetes (type 2) to drink diet soda to keep hydrated?

Is it healthy for your body to indulge in 2 cups of coffee a day?