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Soda isn't good for u, I only drink it on occasion, But when I do reach for a soda which should I reach for Diet, or regular?

After decades of drinking liters of diet soda, why am I still healthy? What should be wrong with me? Cancer? What specifically?

After the hCG diet how do you keep the weight off ? Can you drink alcoholic beverages on the diet?

Alcohol or soft drinks which is more harmful for health?

All i drink is diet soda. I drink both caffeine free and regular but most recently had regular diet. Was wondering if the soda itself or the aspartame is a diuretic?

Any tips? What should I avoid eating and drinking if I have gout?

Are Cascade ice sparkling water soda health to drink or should i am 32 year old who weights 160 pound ?

Are consuming little alcohol ok if someone has diabeties?

Are diet drinks actually healthier than regular sodas?

Are diet sodas worse than regular sodas for your health?

Are ensures carbonated?

Are there alternatives for drinking soda for a diabetic?

Are there any health benefits associated with baking soda?

Are there any health benefits to drinking sodas like Sprite?

Are there foods i can eat to counteract the effect of beer on my body. I want to stay healthy, i work out regurlarly and I do not want to quit beer.

Are there many common health risks involved with drinking powerade everyday without the exercize, as sport drinks are meant for exercizing?

Baking soda is safe for have a high creatinine?

Besides not drinking alcohol or eating fatty foods, is there anything i can do to keep my liver nice and healthy!?

Can a diabetic drink diet coke ? Thanks

Can a teenager drink syntha 6?

Can drinking 2 liters of soda (non diet) per day cause chronic frequent urination?

Can drinking a lot of soda cause diabetes?

Can drinking baking soda upset tummy or give acid or could it do harm to kidneys. Help.

Can drinking regular soda and diet soda or carbonated natural flavored drinks healthy?

Can drinking soda cause diabetes? or is the weight gain from soda causes diabetes?

Can drinking sodas cause me to have all these joint problems?

Can drinking too much caffeinated or sugary drinks cause manic symptoms?

Can drinking too much soda pop make people asthmatic?

Can eating noodles, staying up late, and drinking softdrinks can cause hypertension?

Can eating too much sugar or malt drink cause a miscarriage?

Can i drink diet soda during pregnancy?

Can i drink non caffeine sodas during pregnancy?

Can i drink sugar free drinks if I have a yeast infection?

Can one soda a day count towards your daily liquid intak?

Can soda/ pop drinks effect tests for diabetes?

Can sugar alone(from soda)cause diabetes type 2? I eat healthily and am 146 pounds and 6 feet tall, I drink 2 litres of coke over a span of two days

Can there be anything I should be drinking , eating , or consuming when ttc?

Can we drink soda regularly during pregnancy because I have gas problem.Soda ingredients is carbonated water, sodium citrate?

Can years of drinking 2 liters of diet coke a day lead to Parkinson's disease?

Can you benefit from cutting out soft drinks?

Can you drink a diet coke when the doctor has told you to fast before labwork is to be done?

Can you drink chi tea on the military diet?

Can you drink coffee before a metabolic profile?

Can you drink diet soda during pregnancy and still have healthy children?

Can you drink regular coke when you have been diagnosed with diverticulitis?

Can you drink Slimfast while breastfeeding? Or eat sugar free foods/splenda?

Can you drink sugars if you have mononucleosis?

Can you get diarrhea from drinking too much diet soda and coffee?

Can you please lay out the health problems that drinking too much soda can cause?

Can you tell me what could i tell a loved one that will make them quit drinking diet sodas?

Companies market light alcohol drinks as a healthier alternative. Is this true and do low alcohol calorie drinks slow down your metabolism.?

Completely cutting soda out my diet/ replacing w/ water, is this good for my health?

Could diabetics drink the flavor pack from noodles?

Could drinking to much kefir make you fat?

Could it be healthy to drink on tramadol?

Could you drink a lot of diet soda during pregnancy and have perfectly normal/healthy children?

Could you give some health advice with regards to diet soda? I currently drinking about 16oz of it twice a week. Is that excessive?

Curious: I drink a med ice latte, 1 pump of syrup, no whip from coffee chain. No health issue, normal weight. Can water flush the sugar intake after?

Dear dr i don't like to drink to much water and i prefer juices i know that juice can contain sugar and it is not healthy so how can I change this.

Do carbonated beverages lower cardivascular endurance?

Do I have to brush my teeth after just drinking 0 calorie vitamin drinks before sleep? They usually don't contain ''sugar, ' but have stevia extract.

Do I have to drink a lot of soda and sugary drinks to get kidney stones? Is there any other way?

Do you consider energy drinks much worse than sugared beverages?

Does a lemon mint cucumber detox drink only drinking it once a month and not eating really make you healthier and have a faster metabolism?

Does a small fountain soda from a fast food restuarant have the same amount of caffeine as a can of soda?

Does carbonated diet soda cause water retention?

Does coffee count towards daily water intake?

Does diet soda lead to diabetes? It can't be worse than regular soda can it? Some say yes some say no.

Does drinking a lot of soda cause belly fat?

Does drinking a lot of soda causes diabetes? Or any GI illnesses?

Does drinking caffeine contribute to weight-loss?

Does drinking diet Mountain Dew make increase blood sugar?

Does drinking excess soda cause diabetes?

Does drinking of milk without sugar also cause cavity?

Does drinking soft drinks daily causes any health problems?

Does eating or drinking sugar cause acne?

Does regular plain sodas give any health benefit or harm?

Eating fruits vegetables drinking water any effects on plaque on your teeth?

Every time I drink just diet soda in the day and no water my pee is really cloudy. Is this normal? Could this be from topamax (topiramate)?

From a hydration standpoint, does drinking non-caffeinated tea, such as chamomile, count towards a persons daily recommended intake of water?

Gave up diet soda a year ago. I drink 2-3 liters of water daily plus 2 Vitamin Water Zero daily with lunch one & dinner for flavor. Safe choice?

Give me a perfect daily diet & energy or fruit drinks for consumption?

Has it really been shown that diet sodas are worse for you than regular sodas?

Have acid reflux, dislike drinking water due to taste sensitivity. What are drink options? I drink apple juice but not all that healthy. Advice?

Heard diet soda is acidic...After every meal or drink, I drink water and swoosh it around in my mouth.. Safe from erosion if I do that with diet soda?

Hello i am on diet i want to ask if i drink a skim milk at night (8:30 pm) is it bad for my diet? please reply

Hello, I am diabetic and my question is... can i drink one special K protein drink for my snack?

Hello. Can I drink water with BCAA during the fasting time for a colonoscopy?

Help please! is diet soda a good substitute for regular soda as far as for trying not to get cavaties?

Help please! is drinking mio and water healthier for you than diet sodas?

Help please! is fasting for a week only on water healthy for a 16 year old?

Hi docs.I have habbit of drinking beer.Drinking this making me fat and my face is getting chubby is there any way to avoid inspite of drinking beer?

Hi...can I get same effect with coffee to burn fat if I drink hot cocoa from cocoa powder without sugar?

How bad for your health are sodas? And what's a healthy or at least sort of okay replacement for soda? I already drink lots of water.

How bad is it to drink diet tea? For example 1 gallon a week.

How can I cut calories from my diet if i'm a vegetarian that doesn't drink soda?

How can I cut down on soda consumption? I drink a soda it makes me feel good. How can I stop?

How can I get rid of my cellulite? Other than working out. I don't drink carbonated soda or anything

How can I reduce the amount of soda i drink?

How come when i only drink water for several days as opposed to other beverages my egfr is 97 and if i don't and have tea or sugary drinks it's 80?